The John N. Henry Family

This small The John N. Henry Family genealogy book was written in 2019 by Wilda White and donated to the Allen County Public Library. Wilda utilized available resources to provide a brief genealogical snapshot of each generation in descent from John and Lida (Chany) Henry to the author. Using an old bible of the Henry family and various contemporary records Wilda showcases each Henry family providing numerous photographs of the family members.

John N. Henry was born Jan 22, 1788, in Kentucky, and Lidy Chany Henry was born in Missouri. They married March 4, 1813, and 13 children were born to this union. During their marriage, they resided in Kentucky and Missouri. John Henry was the great-great-great grandfather of Doug Henry. John died April 13, 1872, and is buried on the Thornton farm in DeKalb County, Missouri – there is no marker. Lidy Henry died April 13, 1862.


White, Wilda; The John N. Henry family including son Absalom Henry and wife Josephine Shannon; Cozad, Nebraska: self-published, 2019.

Chany, Grooms, Henry, Shannon,



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