The Hunt Coat of Arms

A Coat of Arms is an emblem which is displayed by titled persons; persons of royal blood, and their descendants.

Coats of Arms were originally used for purposes of identification and recognition on the field of battle, as well as in civil life.

It is claimed by some writers that Coats of Arms, in a crude form, were used by Noah’s sons after the flood. There are records of other Coats of Arms, in one crude form or another, at different periods of ancient history. Heraldry, however, as we know it today, did not become of much importance until soon after the invasion of
England by William the Conquerer, A. D. 1066. Heraldry became of general interest at about the time of the Crusades.

The Hunt Coat of Arms shown on the cover of this volume has been in use by the Hunt family for many centuries. It has been especially used by the Hunts of Devonshire (ante 1500), the Hunts of Longnor, co. Salop, and other branches of the family.

This is the oldest Hunt Coat of Arms in existence, and is the one that is most generally used by the Hunt family. Other Hunt Coats of Arms created since this one bear a resemblance to it.

The motto of the Hunt Family is Semper Fidelis (“Always faithful”). This particular motto was so pleasing and popular that it has been adopted by other families. It is also the motto of the United States Marine Corps.

This Coat of Arms is described in various works on heraldry (see list of References) as follows (in heraldic parlance)

ARMS: Per pale ar. and sa. a saltire counterchanged.
CREST: A lion’s head erased per pale ar. and sa. collared gu. lined and ringed or.
MOTTO: Semper Fidelis (always faithful).
Sir Bernard Burke, of Heralds College, London, said: “Heraldry is prized by all who can show honorable ancestry or wish to found honorable families.”
Many Americans are today displaying Coats of Arms which have been adopted by their progenitors in Europe.
Besides its family significance the Hunt Coat of Arms makes an excellent mural decoration and inspires the admiration and comment of all who gee it.

Being a member of the Hunt family, it is quite appropriate that you should display this Coat of Arms, in proper colors (silver, red and sable), on the wall of your home or office, and use it on your stationery. This would be visible testimony to your friends and to the world of your justifiable pride in your family history, traditions and standards.


Seaver, J. Montgomery. Hunt Family Records. American Historical-Genealogical Society. 1929.

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