The Descendants of Daniel and Hannah Edwards of Coventry CT

The following short genealogy has been transcribed from The Descendants of Rufus Edwards and His Wife Ruth Huestis Edwards: A Genealogical Record, by Jennie Melissa Patterson Davidson. In the actual manuscript Rufus is the 5th generation, so I’ve titled this page The Descendants of Daniel and Hannah Edwards of Coventry CT, which is more reflective of the entire manuscript. Also included in this book was a brief genealogy on the descendants of Robert and Ruth Huestis, who are the parents of Ruth Huestis.

Daniel1 Edwards, Son of ______ and ______ (_____) Edwards, b. 1673, at _____; d. December 3, 1756, in his 83rd year; buried at Coventry, Conn.

Daniel2 Edwards, Jr., Son of Daniel and _____ Edwards, b. — at_____; m. Hannah . Lived at Coventry, Conn. Children (10):

  1. Lucy Edwards, b. March 7, 1726.
  2. Elijah Edwards, b. September 12, 1727.
  3. Joseph Edwards, b. September 22, 1729.
  4. Beniah Edwards, b. March 14, 1731.
  5. Lurany Edwards, b. May 7, 1733.
  6. Samuel Edwards, b. July 27, 1738.
  7. Jobe Edwards,, b. September 4, 1740.
  8. * Adonijah Edwards, b. August 28, 1742; d. in 1831.
  9. Thomas Edwards, b. July 13, 1746; d. April 29, 1751 buried at Coventry.
  10. Daniel Edwards, b. April 21, 1748.

Adonijah3 Edwards, son of Daniel Edwards, Jr., and Hannah his wife, of Coventry, Conn.; b. August 28, 1742, at Coventry; on February 28, 1765, at Coventry, Mary – called Polly – Searle or Searls. Adonijah Edwards served as a private with Stark’s Green Mountain Boys at the Battle of Bennington, in the Revolutionary War. Their two children, Rodolphus and Ralph, were born at Coventry; the others were probably born at Haddam, Conn. He d. in 1831 at Cleveland, Ohio, and is buried there. Children (9):

  1. Rodolphus Edwards, b. January 26, 1766; m. , Anna Merrils; their son Rodolphus II m. Sophia Musson.
  2. Ralph Edwards, b. May 27, 1768.
  3. Rufus Edwards, b.
  4. Elisha Edwards, b.
  5. Adonijah Edwards II, b. —, m. Abigail Dodge.
  6. * Ariel Edwards, b. September 7, 1781, at Haddam.
  7. Lavina Edwards, b.
  8. Mary Edwards, b.
  9. Lois Edwards, b.

Mary – called Polly – Searle or Searls, whose parents, Elisha and Mary (Acley or Acly) Searle, were married June 5, 1740, at Coventry; Mary (Acly) Searle d. December 18, 1767, in her 50th year, and is buried there. Children (7) of Elisha and Mary (Acly) Searle 1

  1. Abigail Searle, b. June 15, 1741.
  2. Mary Searle, b. July 28, 1744; m. Adonijah Edwards.
  3. Elisha Searle, h. December 29, 1746 ; d. Sept. 26, 1749.
  4. Marthew Searle (a daughter) b. April 2, 1750.
  5. Phebe Searle, b. September 17, 1752.
  6. Elisha Searle, b. July 12, 1754.
  7. Lydia Searle, b. January 13, 1757, at Mansfield, Conn.

Ariel4 Edwards. Son of Adonijah and Mary (Searle or Searls) Edwards, b. September 7, 1781, at Haddam, Conn., where he remained until the spring of 1802, when he migrated to what is now known as Rodman, in Jefferson Co., N. Y. He took up a farm on the north side of Sandy Creek, where he spent the summer of 1802 clearing land, return­ing in the fall to Connecticut. He came back to Rodman the following spring.. On September 25, 1805, he was united in marriage with. Lydia, daughter of William and Lydia (Nicholls) Dodge, prominent citizens of Rodman. Ariel and Lydia Edwards were the parents of four sons. In 1813, Lydia,, his wife, died. On February 9, 1814, Ariel married Jemima Hurlbut, a widow with two daughters, by whom he had four children. He continued to reside in Rodman until 1835 when he moved to Pickney, Lewis Co., N. Y., where he died in May, 1853. Children (8)

By 1st wife:

  1. Daniel King Edwards, b. May 10, 1806.
  2. * Rufus Edwards, b. 1807.
  3. Nelson Edwards, b. Dec. 9, 1809, at Rodman, Jefferson County, N. Y m. Jan. 1, 1838, Harriet Dorris, who was b. Feb. 11, 1815; she d. July 5, 1893. Nelson Edwards was a farmer and lived at York, Livingston County, N. Y. He was a Methodist and a Republican. He d. Dec. 24, 1863 buried in the Edwards plot in the York Cemetery. near the village of York. Children (6):
    1. John Nelson Edwards, b. March 20, 1839; d. May 26, 1879; buried in York Cemetery.
    2. Alvah Dorris Edwards, b. Dec. 7, 1842,; d. June 4, 1873.
    3. Harriet Elizabeth Edwards, b. Apr. 17, 1845; d. Dec. 9, 1917.
    4. George William Edwards, b. Feb.. 26, 1849; d. Nov. 8, 1885.
    5. Martha J. Edwards, b. May 24, 1851; d. March 5, 1852.
    6. Mary Alice Edwards. b. Sept. 24, 1854; d. Nov. 12, 1929; m. James Hugh Simp­son, at York N. Y., by Rev. Isaac Harris, Dec. 9, 1880. Her husband, James Hugh Simpson, was b. in 1854; d. in 1927; buried in the Bradford plot, York Cemetery. Children (2):
      1. Alvah Edwards Simpson, b. Nov. 22, 1883 m. Jennie M. Davies, July 29, 1908, at Denver, Cob. Address: 156 Ross St., Batavia, N. Y. Children (2)
        1. James Russell Simpson; b. March 22, 1911, at Passaic, New Jersey. Graduate, U. P. I., Blacksburg, Virginia, 11 C. E4, 1934 commissioned 2d Lieut. in the Reserve Officers; also won a fellowship at the same time in the same school. On Jan, 8, 1935, he m. Brennus Miller Clower, at Christiansburg, Virginia. They were married by a Methodist minister. Address: Blacksburg.
        2. An infant daughter, b. Dec. 1, 1913, d. at Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Dec. 2, 1913.
      2. Ruth Edna Simpson, b. June 6, 1886; d. Feb. 29, 1920; m. Mace Dodge Bradford, Dec. 4, 1907; buried in Bradford plot, York Cemetery, York, N. Y. Her husband, Mace Dodge Bradford, b. 1883; d. 1919. Children (3):
        1. Kenneth Simpson Bradford, b. July 15, 1909. Attended Mechanics Institute, Rochester, N. Y. about one and one-half years. He m Beatrice Brundage, March 14, 1931. He is a farmer and lives at Penn Yan, New York. Child (1):
          1. 1. Janice Eileen Bradford, b. Nov. 18, 1931.
        2. Alvah Nelson Bradford, b. Sept. 22, 1913; graduate of high school; also graduate of New York State Merchant Marine Academy, 3rd asst. Marine engineer.
        3. Dorothy Mae Bradford, b. Oct 27, 1915. After the death of her mother, in 1920, she lived with her uncle, Alvah Edwards Simpson, in Batavia, New York Is a student (1935), at Rider Col­lege, Trenton, New Jersey.
  4. William Alonzo Edwards, b. January 3, 1813; d. December 9, 1891.

By 2nd wife:

  1. Lydia Edwards b.
  2. Ariel Edwards, Jr., b. 1816, d. March 23, 1874, m. Harriet who d. January 7, 1884 Pickney, N. Y.
  3. Paul Sheldon Edwards, b.
  4. Charles L. Edwards, b.


6.32 Rufus5 Edwards. Son of Ariel and Lydia (Dodge) Edwards, b. October 15, 1807, at Rodman, N. Y., in. ca. 1837, at Rodman, Ruth Huestis; prior to 1839 moved to Diana, Lewis Co. N. Y. where he farmed; in 1853 moved to LaFayette Co., Wis., and settled at Center (now Darlington); d. March 4, 1867; buried in Union Grove Cemetery, Darlington. Ruth (spelled Reuth) Huestis, daughter of Michael3 Huestis and Margaret (called Peggy) Gordinier; b. Feb. 11, 1816, at Rodman d. Dec. 17, 1890, at Darlington, Wisconsin. See: Descendants of Robert and Ruth Huestis

After the death of her husband, in 1867, Ruth Huestis Edwards made her home with her oldest daughter, Mar­garet (Edwards) Johnson, of Darlington, Wis. Her beautiful handiwork, quilting, is still in the possession of her grandchildren—as is also her “open-end” thimble, and her little brown-leather “snuff-box”. She was a member of the M. E. Church.

Children of Rufus and Ruth (Huestis) Edwards:

  1. * Margaret Antometta Edwards, b. 1839.
  2. * Jennie Melissa Edwards, b. 1842.

6.321 Margaret Antometta Edwards .Daughter of Rufus and Ruth (Huestis) Edwards; b. June 16, 1839, at Diana, Lewis Co, N. Y. m. December 27, 1857, Benjamin Johnson, at Center (now Darlington), Wis.; d. of Bright’s Disease, October 27, 1909; buried in Union Grove Cemetery, Darlington. Educated in public schools of Diana and Center; became a mem. of M. E. Church when fourteen years of age.

Her husband, Benjamin Johnson, b. July 28, 1830, in Sweden; landed in U. S. August 17, 1854; was a Lutheran but joined M. E. Church when married; farmer; d. March 3, 1910; buried in Union Grove Cemetery, Darlington. Children (2), surname Johnson:

  1. Nellie Melissa Johnson, b. September 7, 1860, at Darlington, Wis.; m. Henry Knautz; d. of consumption, December 22, 1888; buried in Union Grove Cemetery, Darlington. Educated in Darlington public school; mem. M. E. Church. Her husband, Henry Knautz, son of John William and Augusta (Hayden) Knautz; b. July 7, 1854, in Lippidulmolt, Germany. Children (4), surname Knautz:
    1. Nettie Knautz, b. September 26, 1879, at Willow Springs, Wis.; m Thos. Bryson, address (1934), Darlington. Wisconsin. Children (3), surname Bryson:
      1. Lloyd Bryson; b. Dec­ember 2, 1902; m. January 9, 1924, Myrtle Jacques; ad­dress (1934), Darlington, Wis.
        Child (1), surname Bryson:

        1. Esther Marie Bryson, b. August 9, 1927.
      2. Merle Bryson, b. Au­gust 11, 1905; m. March 11, 1930, Edith Ward; address (1934), Darlington, Wis.
      3. Sylvester Bryson, b. April 6, 1911.
    2. William Knautz; b. April 29, 1882, at Willow Springs, Wisconsin; address (1934), Yale, South Dakota. Farmer, unmarried.
    3. Leda Darling Knautz, (twin); b. April 13, 1888, at Willow Springs, Wisconsin; m. March 11, 1911, Frederick Fiecke; address (1934), Oseola, South Dakota. Farmers no children.
    4. Lester Edward Knautz (twin); b. April 13, 1888, at Willow Springs, Wisconsin; d. August 13, 1888; buried in Union Grove Cemetery, Darlington, Wisconsin.
  2. Rufus Edwin Johnson, (called Eddie), b. June 29, 1863, at Darlington, Wis.;m. February 13, 1889, Minerva Richardson; d. of consumption, January 30, 1893, buried in Union Grove Cemetery, Darlington. Educated in Darlington public school; mem. M. E. Church. Child (1):
    1. Mary (?) Johnson, b.

6.322 Jennie Melissa Edwards. Daughter of Rufus and Ruth (Huestis) Edwards; b. November 8, 1842, at Diana, Lewis Co, N.Y m December 31, 1859, David Patterson, Center (now Darlington), Wis. d. of Bright’s Disease, February 16, 1904; buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Pasadena, Cal Educated in public schools of Diana and Center; taught school before marriage; mem. M. E. Church.

Her husband, David Patterson, son of Jesse and Frances (Drake) Patterson; b. August 12, 1828, at Alex­andria, St. Albans township, Licking Co., Ohio; m 1st, October 23, 1851, at Center, Wis., Eunice Samantha Spencer, daughter of Willis and Nancy (Ayres) Spencer; she d. June 9, 1857; buried in Riverside Cemetery, Rice­ville, Iowa; they had (2) children:

  1. Braisted Benjamin Patterson, b. June 3, 1852; d. March 22, 1934. Braisted m Edith Herring, by whom he had (5) children;
  2. Lillian Rosella Patterson, b. May 13, 1855. Lillian m Walter Wheeler, and had (2) children.

After the death of his first wife David Patterson then m. Jennie Melissa Ed­wards, and moved to Riceville, Iowa, where he farmed; in 1885 moved to Gallatin Co., Montana, and settled near Manhattan; retired in 1901 and moved to Pasadena; main. M. E. Church.

Children (10)

  1. Margaret Isadore Patterson, (called Dora), b. October 9, 1860, at Riceville, Iowa; d. of typhoid fever, June 119, 1878; buried in Riverside Cemetery, Riceville. Educated in Round Grove public school; mem. M. E. Church.
  2. Effie May Patterson, b. August 26, 1862, at Riceville, Iowa; d. of diphtheria, October 11, 1864, buried in Riverside Cemetery, Riceville, Iowa.
  3. David Huestis Patterson, b. September 9, 1864, at Riceville, Iowa; in. Nov­ember 24, 1896, at Riceville, Katherine H. R. Weaver; address (1934), 1411 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach, Cal. Graduate Breckenridge Institute, Decorah,, Iowa, 1886, graduating with high honors; Chicago Homeo­pathic Medical College, 1890; Rush Medical College, Chicago, 1893; practiced medicine in Gallatin Co., Mont.., at Manhattan and Bozeman; retired from active practice in 1919 and moved to Long Beach, Cal. His wife, Katherine Helen Radcliffe Weaver, dau. of Gideon and Elizabeth Craig (Smith) Weaver; b. March 11, 1875, at Fort Atkinson, Iowa. Children (2):
    1. David Weaver Patterson, b. August 22, 1905, at Bozeman, Montana; m. June 22, 1928, Dorothy E. Huff, at Long Beach; address (1934), Long Beach, Cal. Educated in Long Beach public schools; graduate Long Beach Polytechnic high school, and post-graduate of same; Real Estate Extension course of University of Southern California; mem. and past president of Kappa Alpha Phi. No children. His wife, Dorothy Elizabeth Huff, daughter of Dr. William F. and Fanny Elizabeth (Shilish) Huff, was b. November 4, 1907, at Long Beach, Cal.
    2. Elizabeth Gertrude Patterson, b. June 15, 1912 at Bozeman, Montana; m. October 20, 1933, Carl J. Eltiste; address (1934), Santa Ana, Cal. Graduate Theodore Roosevelt Grammar school; George Washington Junior high school, and Long Beach Polytechnic high school, all of Long Beach, Cal, mem. Sigma Alpha. Her husband, Carl John Eltiste, son of Michael and Kuni (Bayerlein) Eltiste, was b. February 5, 1911, at Orange, Cal.
  4. Ruth Frances Patterson, b. October 10, 1867, at Riceville, Iowa; m. June 2, 1886, at Riceville, Frederick Bradley Chamberlain; d. February 13, 1905, of tuberculosis; buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Pasadena, Cal. Educated in Riceville public schools; mem. M. E. Church. Her husband, Frederick Bradley Chamberlain, son of Iris Clark and Emma (Seeley) Chamberlain ; b. February 12, 1862, at Saratoga, Iowa; mem. Pentecostal Church. Children (5), surname Chamberlain:
    1. Leta Inez Chamberlain, b. October 25, 1887, at Riceville, Iowa; m. November 5, 1908, at Alamogordo, New Mexico, Eber Robert Edwards; address (1934), Cane Beds, Ariz. Educated in public schools of Missouri and New Mexico; mem. Pentecostal church. Her husband, Eber Robert Edwards, son of William and Mary (Walton) Edwards, was b. October 31, 1886, at Denver, Cob.; farmer; mem. Pentecostal church. Children (7), surname Edwards:
      1. Muriel Joyce Edwards; b. August 15, 1909, at Nara Visa, New Mexico; m. October 1, 1927, at Compton, Cal., Walter Raymond Marshall; address (1934), Cane Beds, Arizona. Graduate Compton high school, no children, farmers.
      2. Lowell Norman Edwards; b. February 21, 1911, at Alamagordo, New Mexico; address (1934),. Los Angeles, Cal. Aviator, mem. Pentecostal church.
      3. Wilfred Eber Edwards, b. September 29, 1915, at Floris, Okla.
      4. Ira Chamberlain Edwards, b. March 13, 1917, at Liberal, Kan.
      5. Irma Eileeen Edwards, b. October 16, 1921, at Liberal, Kan.
      6. Neva lone Edwards, b. November 26, 1924, at Korbel, Cal.
      7. Paul Wesley Edwards, b. October 13,, 1928, at Compton, Cal.
    2. Iris Clark Chamberlain, b. March 22, 1889, at Bozeman, Montana; m. October 26, 1922, at Milwaukee, Wis., Vance Irene Chambers; address (1934), 2509 Ninth Ave., So. Milwaukee, Wis. Educated in public schools of Missouri and New Mexico; enlisted in World War November 26, 1917, 158th Ambulance of 40th Div.; served as Sergeant in France and Belgium; honorably discharged August 2, 1919, at Camp Presidio, San Francisco, mem. M. E. church. His wife, Vance Irene Chambers, daughter of John Waiter and Anna (_____) Chambers, was b. May 23, 1899, at Chicago, Ill. Children (2):
      1. Virgilee Fay Chamberlain, b. July 26, 1923, at Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
      2. Iris Carol-Jane Chamberlain, b. April 30, 1934, at Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
    3. Bertha Melissa Chamberlain, b. March 18, 1891, at Man­hattan, Montana; m June 16, 1917, at Devil’s Lake, N. Dak., Creed Maskell Lane; address (1934), Loma, N. Dak. Educated in public schools of Missouri and New Mex­ico; mem. M. E. church. Her husband, Creed Maskell Lane, son of Garret Lewis and Susan (____ ) Lane, was b. April 6, 1878, at Morristown, Tenn. He is a farmer. Children (4), surname Lane:
      1. Eugene Hugh Lane, b. April 7, 1918, at Loma, N. Dak.
      2. Garritt Lewis Lane, b. December 30,, 1920, at Loma.
      3. Eileen Frances Lane, b. March 3, 1925, at Loma.
      4. Creed Maskell Lane, Jr., b. August 13, 1931, at Loma.
      5. Bertha Jeanette Lane, b. July 6, 1934.
    4. David Hugh Chamberlain, b. July 31, 1897, at Riceville, Iowa, m. June 24, 1924, at S. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ruth Edith McKenzie; address (1934), 409 Marshall Ave., S. Mil­waukee, Wisconsin. Educated in public schools of Missouri and New Mexico; enlisted August 21, 1917 in 2nd North Dakato In­fantry; most of army life spent in the 116th French Mortar Battery, did police work in France, Alsace and Belgium; honorably discharged at Camp Dodge, Iowa, on March 18, 1919; rank prvt. 1st class; mem. M. E. church; chemical operator for E. I. DuPont. His wife, Ruth Edith McKenzie, daughter of Alex­ander and Edith (Taft) McKenzie, was b. June 17, 1906, at St. Paul, Minn. Children (5):
      1. David Hugh Chamberlain, Jr., b. April 14, 1925, at S. Milwaukee.
      2. Edith Margaret Chamberlain, b. November 10, 1926, at S. Milwaukee.
      3. June Mildred Chamberlain, b. June 30, 1928, at S. Mil­waukee.
      4. Frances Ruth Chamberlain, b. August 26, 1929, at S. Mil­waukee.
      5. Paul Bradley Chamberlain, b. April 9, 1932, at S. Milwaukee.
    5. Esther Margery Chamberlain, b. March 2, 1902, at Riceville, Iowa; m May 4, 1919, at Liberal, Kansas, Darl Jerome Chamberlin; address (1934), 1310 E. Indiana Ave., South Bend, Indiana. Children (4), surname Chamberlin:
      1. Dan Jerome Chamberlin, Jr., b. in August, 1921.
      2. Ruth Mae Chamberlin, b. in August, 1925.
      3. Martha Jane Chamberlin,, b. January 10, 1926.
      4. Mary Jo Chamberlin, b. May 25, 1933.
  5. Clarence Rufus Patterson, b. February 9, 1870, at Riceville, Iowa; m. March 9, 1890, at Riceville, Minnie Elizabeth Tyrrell; address (1934), Arroyo Grande, Cal. Educated Riceville public schools; farmer in Mont., later moved to Alpaugh, Cal., where he had a seed ranch ~ now retired. His wife, Minnie Elizabeth Tyrrell, daughter of Samuel and Marianne (Lawfer) Tyrrell; b. August 23, 1866, at Riceville; d. September 6, 1934; buried Arroyo Grande, Cal.; mem. Congregational Church. Children (3):
    1. Evangeline Montana Patterson, b. July 26, 1892, near Manhattan, Montana; m. June 2, 1910, at Alpaugh, California, Jesse Clinton Goodrich; address (1934), 1739 W. 43rd Place, Los Angeles, California. Graduate of Alpaugh high school mem. Congrega­tional church. Her husband, Jesse Clinton Goodrich, son of George W. and Mary A. (Catlin) Goodrich, was b. May 23, 1888, at Kearny, Neb city fireman. Children (3), surname Goodrich:
      1. Gladys Marie Goodrich, b. July 5, 1912, at Alpaugh, California; m January 13, 1934, at Los Angeles, Fred William Bern­ing; address (1934), Catalina Island, California. Her husband, Fred William Berning, son of Charles and Josephine (Merson) Berning, b. January 14, 1910.
      2. Robert Patterson Goodrich, b. November 30, 1914, at Alpaugh, California Musician.
      3. Mary Elizabeth Goodrich, b. November 9, 1916, at Shafter, California; graduate, (1933) Manual Arts high school, Los Angeles, California.
    2. Lela Melissa Patterson, b. October 2, 1894, near Belgrade, Montana; d. of diphtheria, January 22, 1900; buried in Meadow View Cemetery, Manhattan, Montana.
    3. David Virgil Patterson, b. February 10, 1901, near Belgrade, Mont. m. March 1, 1924, Mabel Blanche Tanner; address (1934), 6084 Pico Street, Los Angeles, Cal. Graduate Alpaugh high school; enlisted in World War November 6, 1917, at San Francisco, Cal.; sailed for Russia on the U.S.A.T. “Logan”; participated in “Ussuri and Suchon Campaigns” and “Baikal Engagement,” and “Train Patrol No.27 ;“ honorably discharged March 21, 1922, at Letterman General Hospital, San Francisco; dis­abilities occurred in line of duty. Is an orderly (1934) at Sawtelle National Military Home, Los Angeles, Cal. His wife, Mabel Blanche Tanner, daughter of Harry and Olive (Olsen) Tanner, was b. October 19, 1904, at Sergus Falls, Minn. Child (1):
      1. Shirlee Camille Patterson, b. April 6, 1926, at Los Angeles, California.
  6. Irene Beatrice Patterson., b. June 21, 1872, at Riceville, Iowa; in. Oc­tober 7, 1890, at Moreland (now Manhattan), Mont.,Samuel Henry Perks, decd.; m. 2nd ——-Johnston; divorced; m. 3rd, July 26, 1930, at San Pedro, Cal., Jasper Hansen; address (1934), 1259 Island Ave., Wilmington, Cal. Educated in Riceville public school. Her husband, Samuel Henry Perks, son of William Isaiah and Ann (Young) Perks, both born at Bristol, England; b. October 23, 1856, at Salt Lake City, Utah, farmer and stockman of Mont.; d. December 3, 1920, of Bright’s Disease; buried in Meadow View Cemetery, Manhattan, Mont. Jasper Hansen, son of Hans and Regina (Christinsen) Jespersen of Norway; b. November 7, 1880, at Tonsberg, Norway; came to America in 1901; landed at Brooklyn, N. Y., May 15, 1901; seaman. Children (4), surname Perks:
    1. Blanche Mildred Perks, b. August 25, 1891, at Moreland (now Manhattan), Mont. m. 1st, Clifford Ashley, divorced and m. 2nd, Miguel de la Pena, October 30, 1931, at Hollywood, Cal.; address (1934), Long Beach, Cal. Educated public schools in Mont. No children. Her husband, Miguel de la Pena, son of Miguel and Amalia (de la Rosa) de la Pena of Mexico City, was b. December 10, 1888, at Mexico City, Mexico.
    2. Alys Ellen Perks, b. October 12, 1895, at Logan, Montana; m. January 18, 1915, at Bozeman, Monte, Robert Francis Acheson; marriage ceremony performed by Rev. Frank B. Lewis, rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, who in 1890 had married her parents; address (1934), Wilming­ton, California. Graduate of Manhattan high school Manhattan, Montana, 1914. Her husband, Robert Francis Acheson, son of William and Katherine (Brannigan) Acheson, was b. January 30, 1887, at Marshall, Minn. Child (1), surname Acheson:
      1. Vivian Beatrice Acheson, b. February 13, 1916, at Manhattan, Montana. Graduate Phineas Banning high school, 1934, Wil­mington, California. mem. Job’s Daughters.
    3. Perry Patterson Perks, b. April 3, 1898, at Logan, Mont.; m. November 25, 1920, at Springfield, Ohio, Nola Marie Rush; address (1934), 1214 Pursell Ave., Dayton, Ohio. Graduate of Manhattan high school, Manhattan,Mont., 1918; enlisted June 18, 1918, in World War, U. S. Naval Reserve, Great Lakes Training School, Ill., served as 2nd class Fireman thirteen months, on S. S. Margaret, a mine sweeper at Hampton Roads, and on the Mt. Shasta and the S. S. Powhatan, provision ships; received honor­able discharge, from Headquarters, 13th Naval District, July 30, 1921, at Seattle, Wash. Supervisor in electrical mechanics. His wife, Nola Marie Rush, daughter of Byron Hart­ley and Florence (Warner) Rush, was b. July 22, 1894, near Georgetown,, Ohio. Children (2), surname Perks:
      1. 1. Doris Eloise Perks, b. December 31, 1921, at Dayton, Ohio.
      2. 2. Donna Ilene Perks, b. March 29, 1925, at Dayton, Ohio.
    4. Jacque Enid Perks, b. March 29, 1900, at Logan, Mont.; m. January 28, 1919, at Long Beach, Cal., Henry A. Escobar; address (1934), Wilmington, Cal. Graduate Manhattan high school, Manhattan, Mont., 1918. Her husband, Henry A. Escobar, son of Antone and Jenny (Selva) Escobar, was b. May 1, 1895, at Los An­geles, Cal. Children. (2) surname Escobar:
      1. 1. Mildred Shirley Escobar, b. September 16, 1921, at Gar­den Grove, Cal.
      2. 2. Jack Henry Escobar, b. February 25, 1923, at Long Beach, Cal.
  7. Charles Stuart Patterson, b. June 22, 1874, at Riceville, Iowa; m. 1st, Octo­ber 12, 1908, Lena Belle Newell, at Lewistown, Mont. divorced; in. 2nd, July 16, 1917, Mabel Eiois Tiiford, at Los Angeles, Cal.; address (1934), Oakdale, Cal. Educated in Riceville public schools; attended Upper Iowa University and Montana State College; graduate Chicago Coil, of Dental Surgery, 1903; degree D. D. S.; Spanish-American War veteran; enlisted Company C; First Montana Infantry, U. S. V.; mustered in May 9, 1898, at Fort Harrison, Montana; transferred to hospital corps July 22, 1898; sailed for Philippine Islands on U. S. A. T. “Pennsylvania”; served during entire Span­ish-American War, and Philippine Insurrection, in Luzon Island; honorably discharged at Camp Presidio, San Francisco, October 12, 1899. Dentist. Children: (5) By 1st wife:
    1. Samuel Bruning Patterson, b. May 23, 1909, at Lewis-town, Mont.
    2. Sidney Newell Patterson, b. October 16, 1910, at Moccasin, Mont.
    3. Aline Belle Patterson, b. May 20, 1912, at San Diego, Cal.

    By 2nd wife:

    1. Marcia Medora Patterson, b. July 16, 1919, at Los Angeles, Cal. Graduate of Los Angeles Junior high school, 1934.
    2. Budlong Patterson, b. October 18, 1920, at Lan­caster, Cal.
  8. Harry Clayton Patterson, b. May 10, 1876, at Riceville, Iowa; m. November 4, 1903, at Bozeman, Mont. Zoe Angelique Monforton; ad­dress (1934), 17 North San Marino Ave, Pasadena, Cal. Educated in public schools of Riceville; graduate of Preparatory Course, Montana State College; Chicago College of Dental Surgery, 1903; degree D.D.S.; enlisted in Spanish-American War, 1st Montana Volunteers, Com­pany C; mustered in May 9, 1898, at Fort Harrison, Helena, Mont.; discharged due to disability, September 30, 1898, Camp Presidio, San Francisco; mem. Catholic church. His wife, Zoo Angelique Monforton, daughter of Henry and Annie Isabel (Boyle) Monforton; b. Sep­tember 10, 1878, at Bozeman, Mont.
    Children (2):

    1. Harry Clayton Patterson, Jr., b. August 1, 1907, at Bozeman, Montana.
      Graduate of St. Andrew’s Catholic Academy, 1921, and of Pasadena high school, 1925. both of Pasadena; College of Dentistry of University of Southern Cali­fornia, 1929; honorary mem. Alpha Tau Epsilon; mem. Psi Omega; University Club of Pasadena; Knights of Columbus; Catholic church; address (1934), 185 North Hill Ave., Pasadena, Cal.
    2. Kenneth Gordon Patterson, b. August 3, 1911 at Bozeman, Montana. Graduate of St. Andrew’s Parochial School, Pasadena, 1925; San Diego Army and Navy Academy, 1929; School of the Theatre, Pasadena Community Play House, 1933; attended Pasadena Junior College one year; mem. Kappa Alpha Pi; Catholic Church.
  9. Blanche A. W. Patterson, b. April 13, 1879, at Riceville, Iowa; m. March 25, 1903, James C. Campbell, at Bozeman, Mont.; d. of tuberculosis, December 30, 1921; buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Pasadena, Cal. Educated in public schools of Montana; attended Dillon State Normal College, at Dillon, Mont., and Mont­ana State College, at Bozeman; rnem. Episcopal Church. Her husband, James Calhoun Campbell, son of Robert and Jeanie (Traquair) Campbell; b. March 7, 1870, in Helensburgh, Dumbartonshire, Scotland; came four times to the U. S. before locating permanently in Galla­tin County, Mont., in 1898, where he farmed; mem. Pres­byterian Church. Children (4), surname Campbell:
    1. Melissa Madeline Campbell, b. May 13, 1906, near Bozeman, Montana; address (1934), 1823 No. El Paso St., Colorado Springs, Col. Educated in, Colorado public schools; attended Colo­rado Springs high school; mem. Episcopal church.
    2. James Traquair Campbell, b. 1908, at Bozeman, Montana d. infancy; buried in Bozeman Cemetery.
    3. Donald Stuart Campbell, b. July 1, 1910, at Bozeman, Mont; ad­dress (1934), Yosemite National Park, Cal.
      Graduate of Cogswell Polytechnical High School, San Francisco, 1928; attended Leland Stanford Jr. univ., two years; book-keeper for Yosemite Park and Curry Co. mem. Theta Delta Chi.
    4. Jennie Isadore Campbell, (called Dora), b. October 25, 1912, at Bozeman, Montana; d. July 20, 1916; buried in Bozeman Cemetery.
  10. Jennie Melissa Patterson, (called Jeanette E.) b. December 5, 1882, at Riceville, Iowa; m. May 24, 1903, Lyman Crittenden Davidson, at Pasadena, Cal.; address (1934), 3060 North Meridian Street, Indian­apolis, Indiana.Educated in public schools of Montana; attended Bozeman High School and Montana State College three years each; mem. Episcopal Church.Her husband, Lyman Crittenden Davidson, son of Edward M. and Mary Gertrude (Crittenden) Davidson; b. May 23, 1879, near Belgrade, Montana; educated in Mont­ana public schools; attended Dillon State Normal, Dillon, Montana, and Valparaiso College, Valparaiso, Ind.’; exec. dir. Citizens Historical Association, Indianapolis; mem. Pres­byterian Church.
    Children (2), surname Davidson:

    1. Winnifred Huestis Davidson, b. March 13, 1905, at Greenville, Miss.; d. December 29, 1923; buried in East Lawn Cemetery, Sacramento, Cal. Graduate of Chicago public school, The Keeney School for Girls, Sacramento, Cal., 1922; mem. Kappa Tau; Omega Nu; Episcopal Church.
    2. Alberta Angelyn Davidson, b. September 22, 1906, at Bozeman, Montana; d. May 1, 1907; buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Chicago, Ill.


[box]Source:  Davidson, Jennie Melissa Patterson. The Descendants of Rufus Edwards and His Wife Ruth Huestis Edwards: A Genealogical Record. Melvin Gilbert Dodge 1936.[/box]Citations:

  1. From “Coventry Church and Town Records,” copied and compiled by Susan Whitney Dimock (1897).[]

Edwards, Searle, Searls,

Collection: Compiled Genealogies. Original sources listed on specific pages.

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