Robert Hunter

ROBERT HUNTER: Colonial Governor, d. in Jamaica 11 March 1734. He entered the British Army, and rose to the rank of Major General. He was appointed Governor of Virginia in 1797, but while on the voyage, was captured by a French privateer, and retained a captive till the end of 1709. In June 1710 he became Governor of New York, and the Jerseys at the head of 2,000 Palatine Colonists. He was commander of the ablest of the series of Royal Governors, but had frequent disputes with the assembly, which almost invariably refused to grant the required appropriations. He retired from the Governorship of New York in 1719, and was appointed Governor of Jamaica in July 1727, which office he held till his death. He was the author of the famous letter on “Enthusiasm,” which was attributed by some to Swift, and by others to Shaftesbury, and also was the author of a farce called, “Androboros.”




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