Walter A. Neel

Recollections of My Life

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Walter A. Neel
World War 1 Photo of Walter Neel

Walter Neel was my great uncle. He was my grandfather’s brother.  He spent most most of his adult life in Oklahoma. He was known as the unofficial mayor of Peggs. He had very little education and you can tell that by the way he wrote.

The book was hand written by him in the last year of his life and is in my possession.   It is 90 hand written pages.  The original did not have periods or commas or quote marks. I changed a word or phrase here and there to make his meaning clearer. He was not very good at stating his ideas sometimes. I had to fix it to make it understood.  His hand writing was very poor and it was hard at times to make out some of the words.

This is my mother’s family. Her maiden name is Neel. I hope that everyone enjoys it as much as I did when I first read it.



Neel, Walter Alexander. Recollections of My Life.

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