Brush Harbor Revival Meeting

There was a Brush Harbor revival meeting going on 3 miles east of us. Henry WATKINS was holding it [in charge of it and the preacher too]. We were going and we were going to ride with my wife’s brother, Jim YARBOROUGH, and his wife. We was ready to go and were waiting on them to come pick us up. My little grand daughter was crying. I had her in the bed room trying to get her quite. My wife and daughter was in the front room. My wife hollered at me and told me to come there. I went to the front room and she told me a man walked in front of the house and raked his hand across the screens on the windows and the screen door. It was a warm night the windows were up, the door open and there was a full moon. It was as light as day. I gave her the little girl and I went out the back door. As I went out I got my gun. I looked every where and there was no way any one could have got away. I went back in and I told her she must have been mistaken and that it might have been a bird. She said no she wasn’t mistaken  for she seen his hand and it was as plain as day. She took sick the next day and in three days she was gone.

I lived single 5 years and I married May McPHERSON. She had a little girl about 2 years old, Sharon Rae. She lives at Colcord Oklahoma now. She became a school teacher. May and I lived together for 5 years and then we separated.

I lived single 5 more years and then me and Gertie THOMPSON got married. She run a grocery store in Peggs and had a farm where she lived. It was about 3 quarters of a mile north of Peggs. I helped her in the store and took care of her farm. I raised and sold five thousand dollars worth of cattle for her. That would not be to many cattle now but cattle was cheap then. I had a few cattle of my own. I raised a few good horses. I raised a horse that Ray JARVIS a cousin of mine used to ride in rodeos. Me and Gertie lived together 5 years and we separated . She passed away 4 or 5 years ago.

As far as I know May is still alive and I think that she lives at Little Kansas. After me and Gertie separated, I had a house and lot in Peggs that I had managed to hold onto. I moved to it and lived there three years. I started to become sick a lot and I decided to sell it and move to town. I also thought I might buy a trailer house and move it out by my daughters out toward Woodall Oklahoma.

I sold my place at Peggs . I bought it back when places were cheap. I give 350 dollars for it. I sold it for 4000 dollars. I moved my house furniture over to my daughters and stored it. I had a grand daughter that lived in Tahlequah. Her and her husband was doing missionary work and they was going to be gone for a few days and they wanted me to stay at their place until they got back. I was down in town one day and Roscoe [unable to make out last name] ask me if I would buy a place. I told him I would if it suited me and the price was right. We went and looked at it and I bought it. I give 2250 dollars for it. It needed a lot of work done on it. I hired 2 Indian carpenters again.

I got it fixed and I had 4500 dollars in it now. I could have sold it for 8000 dollars but but was well pleased with it. I lived about 3 years on it and I was sick so much that the Doctor said I ought not live by my self any more. My daughter said they would sell their place and move in with me but they would have to build more onto the house. They had to take all my stuff out of the house to redo the house.


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Neel, Walter Alexander. Recollections of My Life.

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