Prominent British Allens Of 1926

ALBERT GEORGE ALLEN: D.S.O., M.C.; solicitor; b. 1888; s. of Alfred; served in European War as Captain and Brigade Major 51st Inf. Brig. Add.: Wallington, Surrey REV. ALFRED: B.D.; Hon. Canon of Sheffield. Add.: Rotherham.

BRIG.-GEN. ALFRED JAMES WHITACRE: C.B., 1908; retired; s. of Maj. John Whitacre; b. 1857; won medals in several expeditions, including European War, 1914-1916, Victory Medal. Add.: Charing.

ARTHUR ACLAND: mem. L. C. C.; b. Prestwich, Manchester, 1868; s. of Peter; mem. several social organizations, including National Liberal. Add.: London.

REV. BARTEN WILCOCKSON: Hon. Canon of Worcester; Rector of Severn Stoke; s. of Barten Fletcher. Pub.: A Stepping-Stone to Reconstruction. Add.: Severn Stoke Rectory.

BASIL COPLESTON: C.S.I., I.C.S.; retired; b. Salcombe, Chislehurst, 1870; s. of A. J.; Commissioner Assam Valley and mem. Indian Leg. Assembly. Add.: Chislehurst.

BENJAMIN: I.S.O., 1903; late Chief Clerk, Pub. Works Loan Bd.; b. 1845. Add.: The Lees, Sidcup, Kent.

PAYMASTER REAR-ADMIRAL BERTRAM COWLES: C.B., 1919; M.V.O., 1912; b. 1875; s. of late Staff Com. G. H. Allen, R. N.; Secretary to Fourth Sea Lord. Add.: London.

COMMANDER CHARLES HENRY: D.S.O., 1910; R. N.; in command H. M. Submarine XI since 1927; b. 1890; s. of late Rev. A. H. Served in European War in submarines as First Lieut. and Commander.

CHARLES JOHN: F.R.B.S.; artist; b. Greenford, Middlesex, 1862; s. of Wm. E. Allen; among principal works is the Florence Nightingale Memorial. Add.: Liverpool.

MAJ. RT. HON. CHARLES PETER: P.C. 1912; M.P. (L). B. 1861; m. 1890. Educ., Oxford Univ. Traveled extensively, including Russia; served as Capt. and Maj., 1914-16. Add.: London.

CLARENCE EDGAR: Edit. of Machinery; mem of Insti. of Mech. Eng. and Insti. of Elec. Eng.; e. s. of Late David Allen. Publications, including The Modern Locomotive. Add.: London.

CLIFFORD: b. Newport, 1889; s. of Walter Allen and Frances Baker; m. 1921. Educ. included Cambridge Univ. Mem. of var. organizations, including Independent Labour Party. Publications include Putting Socialism Into Practice. Add.: London.

EDGAR JOHNSON: D.Sc., F.R.S., 1914; mem. of var. organizations, including Royal Academy of Denmark; educ., Univ. of Berlin; edi. of var. publications, including Miscroscopical Science. Add.: Plymouth.

LT.-COL. EDWARD: C.M.G., 1916; b. 1859; served in S. Africa, 1899-1902; dispatches twice; Bt. Lt.-Col., Queen’s medal, 2 clasps; King’s medal, 2 clasps, European War, 1914-18.

COL. EDWARD WATTS: C.B.E., Managing Direc., Civil Servs. Supply Assn.; one dau. Educ., Eltham. Add.; Elmhurst, Kent.

EDWIN HOPKINS: Edit. of Teachers’ World; Edit. of Child Educ., etc.; b. Newbury 1878; educ., British School, Newbury; taught in primary schools. Publications: The Room Without a Door. Add.: London.

ERNEST JOSHUA: C.B.E., 1918; M.I. Mech. E.; b. 1871; late Direc. Railway Materials, Ministry of Munitions. Add.: London.

SIR ERNEST KING: Kt., cr. 1924; C.B.E., 1918; b. 1864; 4th s. of late Robin. Had one s. and one d.; called to the Bar, Inner Temple, 1894. Publications: Stamp Duties on Sea Insurances. Club: National Liberal. Add.: Working T.

FRANK: F.R.S.C.; 1st Prof. of Physics; b. 1874; s. of Rev. John S.; educ., Uni. of New Brunswick; mem. of Council and Chairman of Univ. Publications: Touch, Taste, Temperature, Pain, Muscle, etc. Add.: London.

GEORGE: Author and Lecturer; b. 1866. Holds record for walk, Land’s End to John o’Groats; health and land reformer. Add.: London.

REV. GEORGE KENDALL: M.A., Headmaster the London Orphan School; b. 1883; s. of Rev. Dr. A.; educ., Wellington College. Add.: London Orphan School.

GEORGE THOMAS: C.M.G., 1913; I.S.O., 1904; b. 1852; educ., Melbourne Univ.; Commissioner of Maternity Allowances, 1912-16. Add.: Australia.

BT. LT.-COL. HENRY ISHERWOOD: D.S.O.; p.s.c.; Brigade Maj. 3rd Inf. b. 1887; s. of late Rev. Dr. George Cantrell; educ., Wellington College; life dedicated to military followings Add.: Jhelum, India.

HERBERT STANLEY: Prof. of Natural Philosophy; b. Bodmin, Cornwall; s. of late Rev. R.; educ., Trinity College, Cambridge. Publications: Photoelectricity. Add.: The Univ. of St. Andrews.

HERBERT WARNER: C.B.E., 1920; b. 1881; e. s. of Capt. George Woronzow; educ., Oxford Univ. Publications: The Unbroken Line. Add.: London.

REV. CANON HERBERT WILLIAM: Rector of St. Paul’s, Salisbury, 1917; s. of J.; educ., Trinity College, Dublin. Add.: London.

LT.-COL. HUGH MORRIS: C.M.G., 1916; D.S.O., 1908; Indian Army, retired; b. 1867; served N. W. Frontier, India; served European War, 1914-18 (C.M.G.). Add.: St. Andrew’s, Fife.

SIR HUGH PERCY: Kt., cr. 1920; K.C.V.O., cr. 1928; C.V.O., 1926; M.A.; b. 1869; educ., Kendrick School, Reading. Clubs: Athenaeum, Garrick. Add.: London.

INGLIS: B.A.; writer; b. London, 1879; 2nd s. of Philip F.; educ., Merchant Taylors’ School; wrote series of Varsity Stories in The Idler. Publications: A Varsity Man, 1901; A Graduate in Love, 1902. Add.: Sussex.

COL. HON. SIR JAMES: G.C.M.G., cr. 1926; K.C.B., cr. 1917; T.D.; mem. of Legislative Council, N. Zealand; b. 1855; educ., Royal School of Mines. Add.: Dunedin, N. Z.

REAR-ADMIRAL JOHN DERWENT: C.B., 1914; b. 1875; served Somaliland; retired list, 1924. Add.: St. Albans.

JOHN EDSALL: A.R.C.A.; Principal of St. Martin’s School of Art since 1892; b. London, 1861; s. of David Davis; educ., private school. Scholarship at Royal College of Art. Add.: London.

JOHN ERNEST: b. 1872; o. s. of late John; educ., Clifton Washam, Oxford. Publications: County Elections, 1906; War Debt. Clubs: National Liberal. Add.: London.

SIR JOHN SANDEMAN: Kt., cr. 1928; M.P. (c) Liverpool; b. Croydon, 1865; s. of late John Sandeman; educ., Edinburgh, Germany; enter. Marine Insurance, 1882. Add.: London.

COLONEL JOHN WOOLLEY: C.M.G., 1916; b. 1865; s. of late Sir Wigram; educ., Cambridge Univ.; called to Bar; served S. Africa, 1901-02. Add.: London.

COLONEL NEWTON SEYMOUR: D.L.; J.P.; b. 1857; y. s. of Seymour; educ., Harrow, Sandhurst; present at action of Kirkbekhan; retired from Army in 1904. Add.: London.

OSWALD COLEMAN: C.B.E.; Principal Clerk, Ministry of Labor; Barrister at Law; b. 1887. Add.: London.

PERCY STAFFORD: M.A.; D. Litt.; President of Corpus Christi College; b. 1869; educ., Clifton College. Publications: Selections from Erasmus. Add.: Oxford.

RAYMOND CECIL: C.M.G., 1917; F.R.G.S., A.M., I.C.E., F.S.I.; b. 1872; educ., Royal Univ. of Ireland. Add.: London.

LIEUT.-COL. REGINALD SEYMOUR: D.S.O., 1919; Staff in India; b. 1879; s. of Col. Francis Seymour; served S. Africa, 1899-1902. Club: Naval and Military.

RICHARD WILLIAM: C.B.E., 1918; High Sheriff for County of Bedford, 1921; mem. of var. organizations, including Insti. of Naval Architects of Marine Engineers. Add.: Redcroft.

RONALD WILBERFORCE: M.P. (L); South Leicester, 1923-24; b. Stamford Hill, 1889; s. of Rev. William H.; educ., Univ. London. Publications: Methodism and Modern World Problems. Add.: London.

COLONEL STEPHEN SHEPHERD: C.M.G., 1919; D.S.O., 1918; b. 1882; y. surv. s. of late Wm. S.; served European War, 1915-18. Add.: New Zealand.

SIR THOMAS: Kt., cr. 1919; mem. of var. organ., includ. Co-operative Wholesale Society. Add.: London.

SIR WALTER MACARTHUR: K.B.E., cr. 1926; C.B.E., 1920; b. 1870; s. of late Sir Wigram; educ., Trinity Hall, Cambridge; Bar. Add.: London.

WILLIAM: J.P. for Staffs; Barrister-at-Law; b. 1870; educ., Emmanuel Coll., Cambridge; Head of Agricultural Branch, Ministry of National Service. Add.: London.

MAJOR WILLIAM BARNSLEY: V.C., 1916: D.S.O., 1918; M.C., M.B.; Ch. B. late R.A.M.C.; o. s. of Percy; b., Sheffield, 1892; educ., St. Cuthbert’s Coll; entered Army, 1914; served European War, 1914-19. Add.: Hounslow.

WILLIAM EDWARD DAVID: Chairman of David Allen & Sons, Ltd., and var. other firms; e. s. of late William Edward; educ., Eton; traveled extensively. Publications: Turks in Europe. Club: Carlton. Add.: London.

LT.-COL. SIR WILLIAM (JAMES): K.B.E., cr. 1921; D.S.O., 1918; b. 1870; s. of Joseph; educ., Lurgan Coll. Add.: Armagh.

REV. CANON WILLOUGHBY CHARLES: Rector of Saham Toney, Norfolk; b. 1867; educ., Exeter Coll. Publications: St. Matthew in International Critical Commentary. Add.: Norfolk.

WILLIAMS, BRIG.-GEN. SIR ARTHUR JOHN: K.B.E., cr. 1920; C.M.G., 1918; M.I.C.E.; b. 1869; educ., Haverfordwest Grammar School and Royal Indian Eng. Coll. Add.: Littlehampton.



Seaver, Jesse Montgomery. Allen Family Records. American Historical-Genealogical Society, 1929.

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