Obed Todd

Obed Todd5, (Joel4, Ithamar3, Michael2, Christopher1) born in 1778, died Feb. 21, 1811, married Mary Parker, who was born in 1782, died Nov. 19, 1867.

Obed Todd died rather young, as may be seen by the above dates, and left a widow with three small girls. He had built a house to make a home for his family, but at his death, his widow being without any means was obliged to sell the place and take the amount he had put into it. Being thus left without a home, the girls were sent to strange homes. Caroline was taken by a family in Middletown till she married and went to Providence, R. I., to live. Mary had a home with a Mrs. Lyman Allen, who lived in a small house opposite the Squire Eastman or Ward place in North Haven. Lodema lived with Mrs. Lyman Thorp. In her later days, Mrs. Todd made her home with her daughter Lodema.

510. Caroline, m. Henry (?) Yeomans, and lived in Providence, R. I.
511. Mary Ann, m. Dennison Yeomans a brother of the above. They too, lived in Providence, R. I., not very far from her sister.
512. Lodema Delight, m. Isaac Londsbury. They lived in Meriden, Conn.

Londsbury, Todd, Yeomans,


Todd, George Iru. Todd Family in America. Gazette Printing Company. 1920.

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