John Bell of Londonderry and his Scottish Ancestry

Pamphlet on the genealogy and history of John Bell of Londonderry. Includes inserts. Free to search, read and/or download.

John Bell, the immigrant ancestor of the family, was born in the Parish of Ballymoney, near Coleraine, County Antrim, Ireland, in the year 1678. He emigrated to this Country in 1719 to join the just formed Scotch-Irish colony in Londonderry, New Hampshire.


Bell, Louis, John Bell of Londonderry and his Scottish Ancestry




2 thoughts on “John Bell of Londonderry and his Scottish Ancestry”

  1. I have a Bell from Ohio that I match exactly with dna. Though a Howard I am R-BY14603 and share the SNP with Musgraves. Supposedly my ancestor came from Londonderry, Ireland circa 1721. Aby thoughts on how this happened are appreciated. He settled Donegal, PA 1722, and that is in the same county as one of the Bell’s went to from Londonderry N.H.
    Joe Howard

    1. In genealogy we have to think of all to possibilities and eliminate those possibilities we can one-by-one. The most obvious choice, based on what you’ve said, is that there was a non-paternity event at some point in history. But I am not a DNA expert.

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