Genealogy of Thomas Baker of East Hampton Connecticut

Genealogy of Thomas Baker

1153 THOMAS BAKER: came from England in 1639 and was enrolled as a “Free Planter” at Milford, one of the original six towns of the New Haven Colony, on the organization of that town, 1639; in 1650 purchased property and real estate in Easthampton, a settlement that was begun in 1649; wrote his name “Backer”, and it was so written in both the Easthampton Patents and in many places in the early Easthampton records. His son Thomas appears to have written his name without the “c”, and it has been so written by the descendants of Thomas for at least a hundred and fifty years; Hobart House was built in 1682; 1618-1700; m. Alice Dayton, 1643.

  1. Thomas: 1654-1735; m. Ann Topping.
    1. Nathaniel: bapt. 1699.
    2. Micah: bapt. 1700.
    3. Samuel: 1702-1767; m. Mercy Schellinger.
      1. Samuel: b. 1729.
      2. Jacob: b. 1732.
      3. Jonathan: 1736-1820; m. Mary Barker; separated in 1770, and a divorce followed; m. (2), Sarah Morris.
        1. Samuel: 1763-1842; m. Elizabeth Daniels; captured by Indians in 1777, and sold to an officer on the staff of General Burgoyne; one of few Americans present at the formal surrender of Burgoyne and his army to General Gates at Saratoga; served in the Revolutionary War.
          1. William: 1791-1863; m. Eunice Conger.
            1. Azariah: 1819-1863; m. Harriet Kennedy.
              1. Hugh.
              2. John K. Ch.: Winfield, Harold, William Kenneth.
            2. Benjamin Franklin: b. 1823; m. Mary Brundage.
            3. Aaron Y.: b. 1827; m. Maria Dorsey.
              1. Frank Dorsey.
              2.  Walter.
              3. Frederick: attorney-at-law; Los Angeles, Cal.; m. Elizabeth Hooker. Ch.: Frederick Hooker.
          2. Samuel: 1795-1842; m. Catharine Hammond.
            1. John H.: b. 1836; m. Roxana Kingsley. Ch.: Samuel.
          3. Franklin: 1799–1832; m. Elizabeth Ford.
          4. Thomas Jefferson: 1801-1862; m. Sarah Boyd.
            1. Franklin: b. 1833; m. Matilda Blair.
              1. James B.: m. Josephine V. Le Clair. Ch.: Virgil P., J. Blair.
              2. Webster D.
              3. Thomas J. b. Samuel: b. 1837; m. Lavinia McCormick; Lieut. 164th Ohio Vols.
                1. Dugald Cameron.
                2. Henry Beecher. Ch.: Ralph Cornell and Howard Thomas.
          5. John: 1806-1876; m. Mary Eaton.
            1. George: 1835-1910; Serg. 8th Ohio Vols.
            2. William F.: 1837-1913; 164th Ohio Vols.
            3. Thomas Corwin: b. 1842; Lieut. 3d Ohio Cav.
          6. Richard: 1809-1889; m. Fanny Wheeler.
            1. Silas Wheeler: b. 1837; m. Delilah Brown.
              1. Robert Anderson.
              2. Richard. Ch.: Paul.
            2. Frank: b. 1840; m. Eliza Warner; 84th Ohio Vols.; Judge of Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, since 1887.
            3. Job: b. 1843; m. Eliza Nichols; 49th and 164th Ohio Vols.
              1. Monroe: m. Della Ashlock.
              2. Wheeler: m. Gertrude Lucile La Rue. Ch.: James Douglas.
            4. Grattan Henry: b. 1848; m. Frances Fleet.
              1. William Fleet: m. Catharine Paddock; m. (2), Anne O’Conor.
              2. Richard Guy: m. Jane Elizabeth Heinley. Ch.: Richard H., Frank Fleet.
            5. Richard Ward: b. 1858. Ch.: Richard Selden (d. 1913), Grattan Henry.
        2. William Pitt: bapt. 1722.
    4. Jeremiah: bapt. 1705.
    5. John: bapt. 1707.
    6. Thomas: the eldest son.
  2. Nathaniel: b. 1655; m. Catharine Schellinger; m. (2), Sarah Post.




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