Genealogy of the Cherokee Smith Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information

1112Cabin Smith
2McCoy Smith*
111213Hominy Simth. Aky Fields and Peggy
2Oo-du-ski Smith. Tiger
3Tiania Smith. Scraper
4Go-li-si Smith. Turtle
5Gu-er-tsa Smith.  SixkilIer
6Archilla Smith. Agnes Fields
11121814Ta-cha-gi-si Smith*
11122314Ta-chi-chi Tiger
2Redbird Tiger
3Messenger Tiger. Celia Love
4Pelican Tiger
5Mark Tiger  Mary Thompson and Stidham nee Trott
6Ti-ca-no-hi-la Tiger
7Dirtthower Tiger
8Ka-hi-ta Tiger
9Wa-li-a Tiger
10Lucretia Tiger. Tony R. Gourd
11123314George W. Scraper. Louisa McIntosh
2Archibald Scraper. Malinda McIntosh
3Charles Scraper
4Otter Scraper
5Sallie Scraper. Watie Cummings
11125314Cricket Sixkliler. Deborah Whaley and Elizabeth Foreman
2Redbird Sixkiller. Pamelia Whaley, Nannie Foster nee Foreman and Elizabeth Proctor nee Foreman*
3Tail Sixkiller. Alie Keath
4Soldier Sixkiller. Katie
5Frog Sixkiller
6Delaware Sixkiller. Jennie Walker
7Blackhaw Sixkiller
8Susan Sixkiiler* Yellowhammer
9Peacheater Sixkiller. Sallie Foreman nee Rattlinggourd
10Lucinda Sixkiller. Samuel Cloud
11126314John Smith* Margaret Hendricks
2Rachel Smith. John Rider
3Charles Smith*
4Elizabeth Smith. John McFerran Fields, Thomas Adkins and, George Drum
5Samuel Houston Smith*
6Eliza Smith. David Grayson, Jackson Cozens and Francis Marion Seabolt


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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