Genealogy of Henry Allen Family

V154 HENRY ALLEN: was b. about 1800 in Dublin, Ireland, and m. Mary Jane
     Haney, who was b. about 1814 in Germany (the exact place is not
     known). They came to America, settled in Pine Grove, Pa., and had the
     following ch.:
         (1) John Henry: b. 1836 and d. 1902.
         (2) George W.
         (3) William Potter.
         (4) Henry Clay.
         (5) David Bole: b. 1844 and d. 1915.
         (6) James Johnson.
         (7) Matthew Gregg: b. 1854 and d. 1923. Left an orphan at an
             early age, he was forced to choose a career and follow it, being
             unable to secure any very great amount of schooling. He m.
             Ora Craven, who still resides in Portland, Ore. They had:
             (A) Harry Clay: b. 1880, at Beaver Falls, Pa. He m. Henrietta
                 Maria Fowler and had two ch.:
                 (a) Ray Ballard, b. 1911 in Portland, Ore.
                 (b) Ora Lee: b. 1919 in Roosevelt, Utah. This branch
                     now reside in Los Angeles, Calif.
             (B) Ada Wilella: b. 1883.
             (C) Eva: d. y.
             (D) Frank Cleveland: b. 1890.
             (E) George Arbuckle: b. 1892 in Salt Lake City. He m. and
                 resides at Oakland, Calif.
             (F) Bertha May: b. 1895 and d. 1929.
             (G) Mabel: d. y.



Seaver, Jesse Montgomery. Allen Family Records. American Historical-Genealogical Society, 1929.

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