The Descendants of John H. Blackwell

Descendants of John H Blackwell
Descendants of John H Blackwell

The Descendants of John H. Blackwell is a 62 page manuscript typewritten on onion skinned paper by Julia Ann Blackwell Ketchum. In it Mrs. Blackwell provides the descendants of John H. Blackwell who was born in 1793 in Sumter County, South Carolina; he died between 1870-1880 and was buried at Boles Arkansas. He married in 1824 in Tennessee to Sarah ???. Sarah was born abt 1804 in Tennessee and died between 1851-1859. She was also buried at Boles Arkansas. John H. Blackwell married 2nd 1851-1859 to Malinda ???. Malinda was born abt 1810 in Kentucky, and was buried between 1861-1864 in Boles, Arkansas. John H. Blackwell married 3rd, in 1865, Nancy ???, born in 1822 in Missouri.

Issue of John H. and Sarah Blackwell

  1. Ambrose Blackwell, b. 1825 in Tennessee.
  2. Anthony Blackwell, b. 1829 in Tennessee.
  3. Anderson Blackwell, b. 1832 in Tennessee.
  4. James Blackwell, b. 1838 in Boles, Arkansas.
  5. Moses Melton Blackwell, b. 1840 in Boles, Arkansas.

Issue of John H. and Nancy Blackwell

  1. Laura I. Blackwell, b. 1866 at Boles, Arkansas.

Surnames found in the Descendants of John H. Blackwell

The following list of surnames can be found within the manuscript and have at least 1 family unit listed. There are many other surnames in this manuscript then just these (there’s an index at the back of the book) and researchers who had family in Boles Arkansas may want to peruse the manuscript to see if one of their ancestors is listed.

Alley, Backwell, Bailey, Britt, Brown, Ellis, Freeman, Geiger, Graf, Hubbard, Ivey, Jones, Knight, Lance, Lawson, Manus, McCullah, Morgan, Parker, Rogers, Ruth, Seale, Taylor, and Vernon.

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