Bell of Thirsk


A102 Robert, of Sowerby: 1615-1711.

A103 Ralph, of Sowerby: d. s. p. 1735. He was succeeded by his nephew.

A104 Ralph Consett, of Brawith Hall, who assumed under his uncle’s will, the surname of Bell : d. 1770.

A105 Ralph, of Thirsk: b. 1720.

(1) John, A106.

(2) Robert, of Kildale: b. 1768.

(A) Marianne.: m. Edmund Turton.

(3) Marianne,: m. 1798, Rev. Henry Gale, M.A.

A106 John, of Thirsk: b. 1764.

(1) Ralph: b. 1804, d. y.

(2) John, of Thirsk: b. 1809; d. unm. 1857, having devised the estate to his nephew.

(3) Frances ,: m. 1823, Rev. Wm. MacBean.

(A) Frederick , of Thirsk Hall: b. 1830; J. P. and D. L.; Capt. North York Rifles; assumed name and arms of Bell , by Royal License 1852, and d. s. p. 1875.

(B) Archibald: b. 1832; d. s. p. 1868.

(C) Alfred: 1833-1847.

(D) Frances : m. 1847, Rev. Henry Smith: d. 1859.

(a) Reginald, now of Thirsk Hall: A107

(b) Henry.

(c) Frances Elizabeth.

(d) Josephine Henrietta

(E) Elizabeth : m. 1859, Henry Robert Markham.

(4) Jane.

A107 Reginald, of Thirsk Hall, co. York : b. 1848; assumed the surname and arms of Pell by Royal License, 1877.

(1) John, J. P. North Riding Yorks : b. 1879; Ch: Robert (1907), Peter (1912).

(2) Frederick : Capt. Gordon Highlanders, b. 1881.

(3) Rev. Ralph: b. 1884.

(4) Violet Eva: m. 1902, Frederick G. Walker.

(5) Henrietta May: m. 1905, Ulick Roland Burke.

(6) Evelyn Heather.



Seaver, Jesse Montgomery. Bell Family History. American Historical-Genealogical Society, 1929.

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