Bell of Beltour

HENRY BELL of ASCHAM m. (2nd) Agnes Brogan (b. Cardiff , Wales ). Andrew Bell, his son, had two sons and a daughter, Hugone. One son, Hugh Bell, was knighted by Edward I in 1306 and appears in list of Knights as “Hugo filius Henrici” with his brother “Aungerus filius Henricri”.

Hugo was awarded the manor of Belne Broughton in Kingsnorton , England (Wigorne) and Arms “Blackgreve and Bells”. He had no crest or motto at that time.

He selected the Blackgreve to commemorate that his honors came through his signal service to the King, as he was chief of the Longbowmen and put the longbow on the map as an arm of offense and defense for the English Army. The three church bells were in honor of his grandfather, Henry Bell of Ascham, who was connected with the Consent and Priory. The blackgreve was bent to show that the bow was always ready to defend his King.

100 Sir ROBERT BELL , knight: Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer during the reign of Queen Elizabeth (1558-1603); married Dorothy Beaupree (12th in descent from Senulph “tempore H. apud Lyn Epi” in Norfolk ).

(1) Edmund Bell: His children were Robert, (B) Capt. Philip, Henry, Peter, Beaupre.
(B) Captain Philip: Governor of Bermuda , 1626-29; Governor of Rhode Island and Barbadoes. He was one of the company of Puritans in Holland with Endicott and Davenport . Mr. Elliston H. Bell, 161 Devonshire St. , Boston, Mass. , is a descendant of Philip.

(2) Robert: Captain of a company in the Low Countries .

(3) Synulph, of Thorpe in Norfolk

(4) Beaupre.

(5) Margaret

(6) Dorothy.

(7) Frances .



Seaver, Jesse Montgomery. Bell Family History. American Historical-Genealogical Society, 1929.

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