Ann Taylor Love – Will

(4 May 1849)

Last Will and Testament of Anna Taylor Love, consort of Thomas D. Love, deceased.

I, Anna Love, being of sound and disposing mind, but weak of body, do make, ordain and establish this my Last Will and Testament:

First, I give my soul to God, to be disposed of according to his good pleasure, and my body to the Earth to be buried in a Christian like manner.

Secondly. I will that my Executor, hereinafter named, pay all my just debts, and that he raise a fund for that purpose out of the debts due me, and by a sale of any western land that I may possess as one of the heirs of Nathaniel Taylor, deceased, my Father, or any landed interest lying anywhere else, except, my interest in the farm I live on. If my landed interest will not pay my debts when sold, or if sales at a fair price cannot be effected, then and in that case my executor is hereby authorized to sell such of my Negroes, or Negro interest as will effect this object.

Thirdly. I give and bequeath to my son, Robert Love, my interest in the farm I live on till my youngest child comes of age, also the benefits of a bond I hold on N.K. Taylor for between twenty and thirty acres of his home farm for the same time, to be used by him in educating and supporting my children. But on the coming of age of my youngest child, it is my will that said landed interest and the benefits of said bond are the absolute property of my three youngest children(viz) Thomas D. Love, Evelina A.S. Love and Jno.I. Love, provided, however, that my said executor is hereby authorized and empowered to sell and convey said landed interest of the children and as they come of age or may pay to each child their proportion of the money with our interest.

Fourthly. I give and bequeath to my son, Robert Love, Saraphina Love, Thomas D. Love, Evalina A.S. Love, Jno.I. Love, and my grandson, Alcaney Robert Dulaney, son of my daughter, Mary, the Residue of my real and personal estate not specifically devised, to be used by my executor in the support and education of my children till they come of age, or marry, then as they come of age, each one to get their interest, provided, however, should either of my children, or Alcaney R. Dulaney, die before he or she comes of age, then it is my will, the survivors or survivor have such childs or childrens interest, provided furthermore, I except from this devise my Negro boy, Jesse, son Lucinda, who I give to my son, Robert Love, or an interest equal thereto out of my Negro interests. My executor is authorized to sell my household goods, stock, farming utensils, etc. All to aid in paying debts, or keep them if he chooses for the family, to be used in raising white and black, etc, etc. Should he keep those articles unsold then it is my will that the remainder on hand of such property when my youngest child comes of age be equally divided amongst them all as heretofore stated, grandson, included.

Lastly. I require my executor of my children will receive it, and if the hire of my Negroes and rent of my land is not sufficient, to sell any of my real or personal estate to educate my children(towit) Saraphina, Thomas, Evalina, John, and the residue to pay over to them, as heretofore directed. I do hereby constitute and appoint my son, Robert Love, executor of this my Last Will and Testament, and request the Court not to require security of him. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 6th, of January, 1843. N.B. Should I fail in my life to settle all my business with my Father’s heirs, the heirs and executors of James P. Taylor and my brother, A. W. Taylor, my executor is hereby clothed with unlimited power on the subject, and any adjustments he may make, shall be binding and conclusive on the heirs and devisees.

Signed, sealed and acknowledged inAnna Love, (Seal)

our presence.

A. W. Taylor

N.G. Taylor,

Admitted to probate this the 3rd,

day of August 1843.

State of Tennessee. #

Carter County. # I, James L. Bradley, clerk of the County Court for said County, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the Last Will and Testament of Anna Love, deceased, as appears now on record in my office. This the 4th, day of May 1849. Witness my hand at office.

Jas. L. Bradley, clerk, by-

Jacob Cameron, Dep. Clk.


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