Twenty-fifth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers – Company H

Roster of Company H, Twenty-fifth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, Civil War


William W. Abbey.

First Lieutenant.

Dwight Ensworth.

Second Lieutenants.

Bononi E. Buck,
Charles Clapp,
John M. Brown.


Arthur W. Andross,
Charles F. Bevins,
Thomas A. Davis,
William Holden,
William M. Hollister,
Aaron Kinne,
Sumner Payne,
Thomas H. Robins.


Daniel W. Dimock,
George D. Fuller,
Oliver Hale,
John H. Hunt,
Theron I. Neff,
Willington C. Graves,
Julius H. Smith,
Justus R. Stevens.


William Hempstead,
George Robinson.


Burton P. Buell,
Edward L. Barber,
George E. Belden,
George F. Belden,
Lyman P. Bemont,
Horace E. Brown,
Egbert Chapman,
George A. Chapman,
George B. Clark,
Andrew Conly,
Nicholas W. Cotter,
Wm. Daley,
Joseph Dunbar,
John Eley,
John C. Foote,
Truman Foote,
Joseph Gould,
Joseph R. Gould,
William G. Green,
Francis Hale,
Frederick A. Hale,
Carey Holmes,
Henry C. Holmes,
Samuel T. Holmes,
Andrew Hollister,
David W. Huntington,
Newton B. Jacobs,
William W. Kellogg,
Charles Kolb,
Charles M. Parmelee,
Franklyn Parmelee,
William H. Pelton,
Thomas G. Porter,
Ambrose Reynolds,
Charles E. Rich,
Joseph A. Richardson,
Benjamin Rogers,
William Rook,
John Ryan,
George W. Simson,
Sylvester Skinner,
Edward Spencer,
George W. Spencer,
Wm. W. Stebins,
Albert E. Taylor,
Evelyn C. Taylor,
Christopher Walker,
Horace F. Walker,
James Wallen,
Marshall J. Warner,
Henry W. Webb,
Francis Wells,
George Whitman,
Norman Whitman,
Charles Wilson,
Wm. Wilson,
John Williams,
Lewis F. Wright.

Civil War, Roster,

Bissell, George P. and Ellis, Samuel K. and McManus, Thomas and Goodell, Henry Hill. The Twenty-fifth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion. History, Reminiscences, Description of Battle of Irish Bend, Carrying of Pay Roll, Roster. Rockville, Connecticut: Press Of The Rockville Journal. 1913.

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