Twenty-fifth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers – Company I

Roster of Company I, Twenty-fifth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, Civil War


Burritt Darcow,
Hiram W. Harkness.

First Lieutenant.

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Isaac W. Beach.

Second Lieutenant.

William E. Symonds.


J. Fayette Douglas,
Charles H. Allspress,
Charles W. Brown,
George H. Grant,
John C. Mack.


Elbridge Belding,
Wm. E. Bunnell,
Henry W. Buys,
Wm. Cocking,
Charles S. Cook,
John M. Francis,
Viette D. Hills,
Merritt Hubbell,
Edgar A. Norton,
George Schubert,
Orrin Tuttle.


Andrew J. Davis,
Cornelius A. Day,
Oliver A. Hitchcock.


Daniel S. Abbot,
Henry Adams,
Solomon Adkins,
John F. Bacon,
Wm. C. Bancroft,
Samuel Barton,
Amon L. Bradley,
Samuel Bradley,
Lucian C. Bunnell,
Alvinsa H. Case,
John Conklin,
Frederick A. Cowles,
Silas E. Coye,
Vitruvius D. Coye,
Charles Crittenden,
Ambrose A. Curtiss,
John Day,
Jules Dechamp,
Isaac Dozvier,
Wm. C. Elton,
Harcey R. Fellons,
Paul Corini,
Henry O. Hampe,
Wm. Hart,
Wm. W. Hubbard,
Henry D. Hunt,
Charles W. Hurlburt,
John Jacobs,
Richard Jennings,
Harry W. Judd,
Niles M. Keeney,
Theron D. Lewis,
Henry Low,
Charles Morris,
Wm. Morris,
Seereno S. Nichols,
Frederick Nightingale,
Patrick Nolan,
John Nolan,
Silas Parde,
Albert C. Peck,
Noble Peck,
Richard L. Peck,
Edward Pettibone,
Lucinen Philps,
Henry W. Porter,
Edward J. Pratt,
Francis J. Rathburn,
Gilbert S. Richmond,
Burton C. Richardson,
Henry Riley,
Henry E. Rockwell,
Herman D. Saul,
Charles B. Scoville,
Joel F. Shepard,
Philo Stevens,
Samuel Stocking,
Ira Taft,
John Tracy,
Edward W. Warner,
Wm. Webster,
John Wilson,
James Williams,
Charles Winterfeldt,
Henry D. Wright.

Civil War, Roster,

Bissell, George P. and Ellis, Samuel K. and McManus, Thomas and Goodell, Henry Hill. The Twenty-fifth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion. History, Reminiscences, Description of Battle of Irish Bend, Carrying of Pay Roll, Roster. Rockville, Connecticut: Press Of The Rockville Journal. 1913.

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