Births, marriages, and deaths returned from Hartford, Windsor, and Fairfield CT, 1631-1691

Author:Welles, Edwin Stanley
Publication date:1898
Publisher:Hartford, Conn.: Case, Lockwood & Brainard Co.
Digitizing sponsor:Google

Births, marriages, and deaths returned from Hartford, Windsor, and Fairfield, and entered in the early land records of the colony of Connecticut : volumes I and II of land records and no. D of colonial deeds. These records cover the years of 1631-1691, and have been extracted from land records and colonial deeds of the time.

This publication is a welcome contribution to the genealogical researcher, comprising as it does the early vital statistics of several of the oldest settlements in Connecticut. The two volumes of Land Records referred to on the title-page were supposed to be lost previous to 1862, when they were discovered by Dr. Charles J. Hoadly, State Librarian of Connecticut, and restored to the archives in the office of the Secretary of State. Mr. Welles wisely states that it was the duty of the compiler to transcribe these valuable records “just as they were written.” The typographical appearance of the book is superb, being printed on heavy linen paper of antique finish, with uncut edges and rubricated title page. An exhaustive place and name index is appended.

Notes: Includes bibliographical references and index. While a search is available, since the language is Old English, it is better to use the index at the end of the book. Quality of scan is poor.

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