Arizona Census Records

Starting in 1790, the United States government took a census every 10 years. Census records exist for the territory and state of Arizona from 1860-1930. Arizona territory was separated from the New Mexico territory in 1863. As a result, those living south of the Gila River in 1860 were enumerated in New Mexico Territory.

It is often encouraged to substitute the great registers of Arizona for early research prior to 1910 as they provide an often yearly picture of the inhabitants of Arizona.

1864 Arizona Territory Census

Arizona Census Records by County

Arizona State Census Information

There were two distinct territorial census taken of Arizona at the bequest of Congress. The first occurred in 1864, the second in 1866. The genealogy community is fortunate to have available online the 1864 Arizona Territory census. While only the First Judicial District has been transcribed, the remainder is available for free in image format.

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