History of the Churches of Del Norte County CA

“A Century of Life and Faith in Del Norte County” by Don M. Chase, published by the Del Norte Triplicate in 1954, offers a detailed historical account of the religious life and institutions in Del Norte County, California. Covering the period from 1854 to 1954, this book explores the development of various denominations and churches within the county, emphasizing their foundations and growth over a century.

The narrative begins with the pioneering journey of Jedediah Smith, a fur trapper and devout Christian, whose expeditions in the early 19th century played a pivotal role in opening California and Oregon to American settlers. Smith’s travels through Del Norte County in 1828 marked the beginning of the region’s recorded history and religious influence. Known for his unwavering faith and the Bible he always carried, Smith’s legacy is commemorated by the Smith River and the Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park in Del Norte County.

The book provides a comprehensive history of the Federated Community Church and other religious institutions in the area, documenting their establishment, challenges, and contributions to the community. Through its 54 pages, “A Century of Life and Faith in Del Norte County” serves as a valuable resource for understanding the intertwining of faith and community in this region of California.

Table of Contents

A Century begins in Crescent City, p. 7
The Methodist Church Comes to Crescent City, p. 7
Cultural and Social Affairs, p. 12
Protracted Meetings, p. 12
Hardships of a Traveler, p. 13
Other Churches in Crescent City, p. 15
Presbyterian Pioneer, p. 15
Roman Catholic Pioneers, p. 15
The Episcopal Church, p. 16
The Methodists (cont.), p. 16
Social Conditions in 1890, p. 20
The Presbyterian Church in Crescent City, p. 22
Leading Families in Church and Community, p. 25 – Anthony, Avery, Bailey, Beam, Beckstead, Berry, Campbell, Curtis, Eldridge, Filkins, Haight, Hamilton, Hendershott, Knox, Lane, Mason, McVay, Moody, Nickel, Walton, Woodruff.
Some Recollections by Old Timers, p. 29
Pastors of the Methodist Church from 1896, p. 34
The Churches Get Together Again, p. 36
The Federated Community Church in the Second Century, p. 39
Methodists Pastors in Crescent City, 1854-1934, p. 41
Pastors after Federation Begins, p. 42
Members of the Federated Community Church, 1954, p. 43


Chase, Don M., A century of life and faith in Del Norte County, Crescent City, Calif. : Del Norte Triplicate, 1954.


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