1861 Directory of Virginia California

1861 Directory of Virginia California

Abbott A. J. livery stable
Aldrich E. S. clerk
Aldrich Geo. D. merchant
Anderson B. D. hotel-keeper, Mt. Pleasant House, Turnpike Road

Bell A. O. farmer
Betts G. H. laborer
Bake H. H. miner
Blankenship J. H. hotel-keeper, Main St

Colburn Thos. miner
Coleman Thos. W. miner
Cowen J. B. miner
Curtis, W. R. hotel keeper

Evans Ben.
Evertt G. merchant
Evertt P. merchant

Finley D. J. L. physician and surgeon

Haggard Martin, miner
Harrington John, miner
Hirst O. W. blacksmith, Main St,
Holcomb James, miner, Mugginsville,
Horn William, watchman

Jones Jno miner
Jackson L. clerk, Main St.

Keener E. miner
Kelly W. J. miner

Lyons R. W. miner

Magly P. butcher
Mankiney P. butcher
Marks M. merchant, Main St.
Marshall S. W. miner
Mayo U. blacksmith
McCray J. G. farmer
McGinnis G. miner
Means W. C. bar-keeper
Miller R. H. miner

Nickerson R. M. saloon keeper, Main St

Owens J. W. constable

Philips Theo. butcher
Philips Thos. butcher
Purdy J. E. merchant, Main st

Rainbean Chas. miner
Rattle Jno. S. miner
Reamer E. miner, Auburn Ravine
Renoer Wm. carpenter, Commercial
Rice Chas. farmer, Auburn Ravine
Richards H. R. miner
Roberts Henry, miner
Robinson C. W. miner, Auburn Ravine
Robinson W. B. saloon-keeper, Main St.

Sanders C. C. hotel keeper, Main St.
Smith C. barber
Stuart C. H. physician & surgeon

Teeter E. miner

Vance James, miner
Vanitta Isaac, miner
Vincent Chas. miner
Voidt Chas. miner

Wolford C. L. miner

Young John, miner


Steele, R. J.; Bull, James P.; Houston, F. I. Placer County Directory of 1861. Placer County, California: Placer County Historical Society. 1861.

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