1861 Directory of Ophir California

1861 Directory of Ophir California

Arkwell John, miner

Bickford D. lawyer
Broomley John, miner

Choate D.merch’t and Dist. Collector, Main St.
Choate M. clerk, Main st.
Choate N. miner, Main st.
Cory Isaac, blacksmith, Main st.
Crus A. miner, Schnable’s Quartz Mills
Cummings H. farmer,
Cunningham M. miner,
Curtis D. B. miner, North Ravine,
Curtis George, farmer,

Doig Thomas, miner

Earns J. miner
Eastman Stephen, miner

Foch C. miner, Schnable’s Quartz Mill, Ophir
Franks F. J. lawyer, N. Ravine, near Ophir

Hani C. miner, Schnable’s Quartz Mill,
Harsh George, miner
Hathaway W. watchmaker, Main St,
Heath A. water agent
Hendon A. P. preacher
Holden Thomas, miner
Hussey Capt. John, hotel keeper

Jamison Stephen, miner

Luchsingen F. miner
Lopez Jno. miner
Leaigh Jno. prop. Exchange Saloon, Main st
Lamphere J. miner

Kaiser F. miner
Kaiser John, cooper, Placer Quartz Mill
Kirk Frank, miner
Knight Geo. farther
Kirk John F. milkman

McCurday John, farmer
McKelvy L. clerk, Main street
McNeal John, miner
Moore James, merchant

Naeler E. miner
Perry Dr. W. physician
Pickens James, miner
Pugh C. D. miner

Reno Stephen, Justice of Peace
Ritche Frank, miner
Ritche Wm. miner
Robinson S. miner
Ross Edward, miner

Sanderson H. A. clerk
Schnable John, miner, Schnable’s Quartz Mill
Scobey J. W. lawyer
Shids Philip, miner, Placer Quartz Mill
Smith Frank, miner,
Smith Wm. miner, Main st.
Soufrane Frank, miner

Taylor G. W. carpenter, Main st.
Throp Thos. miner
Till Geo. miner, Ophir
Tize M. miner, Schnable’s Quartz Mill

Uwmon Wm. miner, Schnable’s Quartz Mill

Winters _______, farmer
Wright Thos. constable


Steele, R. J.; Bull, James P.; Houston, F. I. Placer County Directory of 1861. Placer County, California: Placer County Historical Society. 1861.

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