1832 Creek Census – Coweta Towns

By a treaty of March 24, 1832, the Creek Indians ceded to the United States all of their land east of the Mississippi River. Heads of families were entitled to tracts of land, which, if possible, were to include their improvements. In 1833 Benjamin S. Parsons and Thomas J. Abbott prepared a census of Creek Indian heads of families, which gave their names and the number of males, females, and slaves in each family. The entries were arranged by town and numbered; these numbers were used for identification in later records. This is the census for the town of Coweta.

1832 Creek Census - Coweta Towns

Coweta11Kotch ar Tus tun nuck ee1203principal chief
Coweta12James Island4408principal chief
Coweta13E far Tus ke ne haw1203principal chief
Coweta14Absolom Islands1102principal chief
Coweta15Jacob Beavers2303principal chief
Coweta16Tal marse Har jo2204principal chief
Coweta17Char lo Har jo Co cho ko ne3205principal chief
Coweta18E marth lar Har jo1203principal chief
Coweta19Joseph Marshall421692principal chief
Coweta 101Tus ke ne haw1203
Coweta 102Hath lan Har jo2305
Coweta 103Ho lar tar (alias Col. Blue)3205
Coweta 104Oke chun Ho tar te2201
Coweta 105Par hose Har jo3205
Coweta 106Ko wok koo che Yo ho lo1102
Coweta 107Yar te kar Har jo3205
Coweta 108Har pe koo che1102
Coweta 109Thomas Carr121013
Coweta 110Har har lok E marth lar1102
Coweta 111See har ye1102
Coweta 112Chock ko thle0202
Coweta 113See har par ye1102
Coweta 114Cho pokes kar1102
Coweta 115Ko we3205
Coweta 116Chis se1102
Coweta 117Sim mar1102
Coweta 118David Marshall (alias Ko we marth lar)4217
Coweta 119Yar har E marth lar1203
Coweta 120Lo toke ki che2305
Coweta 121Har par lar Har jo3407
Coweta 122O tul ke Har jo2204
Coweta 123Fose hatch Yo ho lo1203
Coweta 124E cho E marth lar2305
Coweta 125Pass cove Micco4206
Coweta 126Ko ti ley2103
Coweta 127Sak ko yo ho ke1304
Coweta 128Ho lar tar Har jo2103
Coweta 129Co quet te0303
Coweta 130Pe nik ke1102
Coweta 131Har lot har ye1304
Coweta 132Nanny2103
Coweta 133Me ter0404wife of Nero, free black
Coweta 134Che pun Thlock o2204
Coweta 135So lat lar1102
Coweta 136Le ni te1103
Coweta 137See ho kar1304
Coweta 138So sar ne1102
Coweta 139Hun char tee E marth lar1102
Coweta 140She nar ye??1203
Coweta 141Sal loom pe2002
Coweta 142Me tarth le1102
Coweta 143Sen nar chi ke1203
Coweta 144Mis se1203
Coweta 145Now kar (alias Polly)1304
Coweta 146Is kun ne2103
Coweta 147Char me li kay1102
Coweta 148Tim po e che1203
Coweta 149Ho spar ke0202
Coweta 150Klarse ho yile te2103
Coweta 151Ho po ye1102
Coweta 152Isaac Brown (alias Har so te)3104
Coweta 153Har lar se he ne2103
Coweta 154So me che0202
Coweta 155Ar tar we1102
Coweta 156Sar me0303
Coweta 157Chum Yo ho lo1102
Coweta 158Fose E marth lar3104
Coweta 159Nickey1102
Coweta 160No cose Yo ho lo2204
Coweta 161Spo key1203
Coweta 162See tin ho e ke1203
Coweta 163Kotch ar Yo ho lo2103
Coweta 164Te mar ke0303
Coweta 165Foo le chi che1203
Coweta 166To mor row1102
Coweta 167Sock peach key0303
Coweta 168Yarkey1403
Coweta 169Wun ne li kay1102
Coweta 170Char me li kay2103
Coweta 171Nun no1102
Coweta 172Tarse kar4206
Coweta 173Fose Hatch ee Marthlar2204
Coweta 174Ko wok koo che Har jo1102
Coweta 175Klarse har we1203
Coweta 176Chis kar li kar1102
Coweta 177Se me he chi che2103
Coweta 178Tar ho lar1102
Coweta 179Pa key1102
Coweta 180Ki mar me1102
Coweta 181Se ho par ye1102
Coweta 182Kun chart Yo ho lo2103
Coweta 183Polly2103an Indian woman
Coweta 184Polly1113a half negro, and having a negro slave for a husband, named John
Coweta 185Low sey1102
Coweta 186Loo skoo che1203
Coweta 187Kar pik char Yo ho lo1405
Coweta 188Benjamin Marshall2406US Interpreter
Coweta 201Henry Marshall1326
Coweta 202Matthew Marshall3205
Coweta 203William Marshall1113
Coweta 204Old Mrs. Marshall (alias Hits kar tay)0235
Coweta 205James Marshall1168
Coweta 206Lucy Marshall1113
Coweta 207Josey Marshall1102
Coweta 208Thomas Marshall1427
Coweta 209Cho fo lo war2204
Coweta 210Ya har Lar nee1102
Coweta 211Fix i co Har jo (alias Buck)1102
Coweta 212Kar lar3104
Coweta 213Is far ne Micco3205
Coweta 214Charse he He ne ar1203
Coweta 215Par hose Yo ho lo1203
Coweta 216Tuck ay jar2204
Coweta 217Ki se Lar ne2204
Coweta 218Suf fut che1102
Coweta 219Yo ke he ney??1102
Coweta 220Low ey2305
Coweta 221Klarse wi key1102
Coweta 222Wun ho key2305
Coweta 223Scis se1203
Coweta 224Kar sat tar1102
Coweta 225Wi ney0303
Coweta 226Yo ho loo che1102
Coweta 227Pull si che1102
Coweta 228Billy Reddick1102a free black
Coweta 301Ne har Yo ho lo3205
Coweta 302Thlar kar3205
Coweta 303Ho pi ye1203
Coweta 304He la se Tus tun nuck ee1102
Coweta 305Tul se Fix i co1102
Coweta 306Ar ful ho kar1102
Coweta 307Me char1203
Coweta 308Tom my1102
Coweta 309Tim fi yay1102
Coweta 310Sum hoo e che0202
Coweta 311Ko wok koo che1102
Coweta 401Charse Har jo (alias Mad Beaver)2002
Coweta 402Hi e poo che2305
Coweta 403Mock par Lar te3003
Coweta 404Ok ti ar che Har jo1304
Coweta 405Me lik ke1203
Coweta 406Me hechar2103
Coweta 407Se mar ho me1203
Coweta 408Tal o pe1102
Coweta 409Ar char ko2103
Coweta 410Choo lar Chop ko2103
Coweta 411No cose Har jo2204
Coweta 412Tun te1102
Coweta 413Fix i co3205
Coweta 414Kar pik char Micco4206
Coweta 415Sar lar ye2103
Coweta 416Fose Har Choo che3104
Coweta 417No cose Yo ho lo1304
Coweta 418Nar nok I ke2103
Coweta 419No cose E kar2103
Coweta 420Cho Har jo3205
Coweta 421Cho ko leet kar2305
Coweta 422Che was ti Micco2102
Coweta 423Parl har me che2103
Coweta 424Chok ko ke2103
Coweta 425Nit te1203
Coweta 426War lok e Yo ho lo1405
Coweta 427E lar1102
Coweta 428To ho ko ni che1203
Coweta 429Spe tar1102
Coweta 430Thlock pus war2103
Coweta 431Sock ar le1102
Coweta 432Ho spar tok Har jo2103
Coweta 433Sok soom ke1102
Coweta 434In che1102
Coweta 435Skar te1102
Coweta 436Ar li che che1102
Coweta 437Ko no ke1102
Coweta 438Char tee1203
Coweta 439Hi yoke chee0202
Coweta 440Ar chick il le0202
Coweta 441Ar lar ho kar1102
Coweta 442Atch e toke1102
Coweta 443Fis tuck ke2103
Coweta 444Nul cup poo e che0202
Coweta 445Cho tee1102
Coweta 446Se mo thli che3104
Coweta 447Sphi yi ke1102
Coweta 448Ho yi ne che1102
Coweta 449Futs har Har ke1304
Coweta 450Ste mar toom he1102
Coweta 451Che par ne1102
Coweta 452Lo se Chop ko1102
Coweta 453Wox e Har jo1102
Coweta 454Tol ofe Har jo1102
Coweta 455Mi he char ke1203
Coweta 456Sow war ke che1102
Coweta 457So ye ki che1203
Coweta 458Har ne1102
Coweta 459Har war si ke2103
Coweta 460Lo sey1102
Coweta 461In tul kar1102
Coweta 462Tus kar noong ke1102
Coweta 463Chow we chi che1102
Coweta 464Ar cho ko hay1102
Coweta 465Kus sar har me1102
Coweta 466Thlar fi e ke2204
Coweta 467So nar took e2103
Coweta 468Kus sum kar1102
Coweta 501E marth lar Co cho ko ne2204
Coweta 502Ar so mik Har jo2204
Coweta 503Stow wi ke4105
Coweta 504Pin Har jo2204
Coweta 505Ho sar Har jo3306
Coweta 506Sfar ne Fix i co2204
Coweta 507Tom my Har jo1102
Coweta 508Har far le Har jo3306
Coweta 509Ho tul ke Yo ho lo4105
Coweta 510Yar kin har Fix i co1304
Coweta 511Oke fus ke Har jo2305
Coweta 512Ko sis te E marth lar2305
Coweta 513No cose Loo che1102
Coweta 514Ar tus Har jo2103
Coweta 515Ko nip Har jo1203
Coweta 516Thlarse leet kar2406
Coweta 517In thlar nis Har jo2103
Coweta 518Charse Fix i co3104
Coweta 519Fose hatch ee E marth lar2204
Coweta 520Nar co ye1203
Coweta 521Pun we2204
Coweta 522Fi Yo ho lo3104
Coweta 523Mic co Nar he41510
Coweta 524Al pet ter Har jo1102
Coweta 525Fose Har Choo che1102
Coweta 526E charse Yo ho lo1102
Coweta 527Is wok e char1102
Coweta 528Ko nip Yo ho lo2002
Coweta 529Chock ho e thlar1102
Coweta 530Ar sar lar1102
Coweta 531He lis Fix i co1102
Coweta 532Ho thle har ye1102
Coweta 533Sof fin he che1102
Coweta 534Tol o war Har jo1102
Coweta 535E ne he Marth lar1102
Coweta 536O che Har jo (alias Johnny)1102
Coweta 537Pe thle ke1102
Coweta 538Char lo Fix i co2103
Coweta 539So yar kar pe2204
Coweta 540Oke chun Har jo1102
Coweta 541Futs har li ke1102
Coweta 542Cow e ta Har jo1102
Coweta 543Che par ne1102
Coweta 544Molly (or Mary)3104a half negro
Coweta 545William Powell (alias Cho fe Har jo)1304
Coweta 546Lucy Powell (alias Lucy Had ke)1102
Coweta 547Martha Powell (alias Lucy Lar nee)0202
Coweta 548Te ti che1203
Coweta 549Mitchel Kinnard (alias Top par Loo che)10910
Coweta 550Yar har Hoke te1102
Coweta 551Ho yun ho ye0202
Coweta 552E ne har Fix i co1203
Coweta 553Tun nar le2103
Coweta 554Se he che pe2305
Coweta 555Til li che1102
Coweta 556Hitch ho ye1102
Coweta 557John Island2002
Coweta 558Le koot hi che1102
Coweta 559E far Fix i co1102
Coweta 560Sat ti ko the1203
Coweta 561Che ko se1304
Coweta 562Sal tar we211013
Coweta 563Chis se Har jo1102
Coweta 564Cho full war1304
Coweta 565Choo le Har jo1102
Coweta 566Par lar che Har jo2002
Coweta 567Ok par lar tay1102
Coweta 568Se nich e1304
Coweta 569Cus se taw Tus tun nuck ee3205
Coweta 570Ko wok koo che Har jo2103
Coweta 571Star har ye1102
Coweta 572Chis se1102
Coweta 573Wat te1102
Coweta 574Thle nit kar2002
Coweta 575O soo che E marth lar1102
Coweta 576Toke thli nar2002
Coweta 577E ke sey0202
Coweta 578Low se Thlocko0202
Coweta 579Ho si che1203
Coweta 580Te ho pe ye1102
Coweta 581Ar sa rwe2103
Coweta 582Ki se Lar nee0202
Coweta 583Nar ho le1102
Coweta 584Noke sar war le0202
Coweta 585Is lot ke2305
Coweta 586See to tar li key0303
Coweta 587Is tin he thli che0202
Coweta 588Loos war0202
Coweta 589Hun ho ye0202
Coweta 590Se li che2305
Coweta 591Fe nar1102
Coweta 592No te po ke2305
Coweta 593Par lar luck ar1203
Coweta 594Hal ho ker0202


Coweta Georgia,

Hall, Lance L. Parsons and Abbott Roll.

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