Early Records of Lee County, Virginia

This manuscript is a compilation of various early records of Lee County, Virginia. It is suggested that you use the index liberally for your searches which starts on page 152. Surnames will appear under a variety of spellings so be sure to check them all.

Deeds and wills are given here in abstract form, most of the recorded documents being quite lengthy.

Scott County, Virginia, was formed in 1814, from parts of Lee, Russell and Washington Counties. A copy of the petition for the forming of the new county was acquired through the courtesy of Mrs. Charlie Horton of Kingsport, Tennessee. I consider this to be a valuable addition to the book.

Miss Elizabeth Carpenter of Pennington Gap, Virginia, furnished names and dates for some of the unmarked graves among the Lee County inscriptions.

Inscriptions from the Ritchie Cemetery in Claiborne County, Tennessee, and from the Tyler Cemetery at Tyler’s Bend in Lee County, Virginia, were given by Mr. and Mrs. V. Irvin Ritchie of Firestone, Colorado. Also, from the Ritchies, information on unmarked graves in the Joseph Ball Cemetery in Lee County, near Mulberry Gap, Tennessee.

Early Records of Lee County, Virginia Digital Book

Table of Contents

  • Marriage Book 1, p. 1
  • Marriage Book 1-A, p. 5
  • Will Book 1, p. 10
  • Circuit Court Will Book, p. 16
  • Deed Book 1, p. 22
  • Notes of G. V. Sage, p. 65
    Notes of G. V. Sage, Stickleyville, Virginia, with identification of some of the persons named, by his daughter, Bonnie Sage Ball
  • Delinquent Lands, 1886, p. 68
    This tax list was given by courtesy of Mr. Carl Evans of St. Charles, Virginia. After the decease of his mother, Mr. Evans found the list among other papers in the store which his mother had owned and operated at Maness, Virginia, near St. Charles. The store dated back many years.
  • Tombstone Inscriptions, p. 80
    The Lee County, Virginia, inscriptions included in this book are mainly from cemeteries which do not appear on our maps, and which were located after publication of a book of inscriptions in 1966. Included, also, are inscriptions from other areas, many of them adjoining Lee County, some, such as Scott and Wise counties, in locations which were once in Lee County.
    • Tritt Cemetery, Near Woodway, VA
    • Flanary Cemetery, Flower Gap
    • Moore Cemetery, Blackwater
    • Orr-Wynn Cemetery (Cox Cemetery)
    • Slemp Cemetery, northwest of Seminary Church
    • Kelly Cemetery, north of Seminary Church
    • Jones (Ward) Cemetery, Turkey Cove
    • Cecil Cemetery, Pennington Gap
    • Bishop Cemetery, west of Thompson Settlement
    • Glass Cemetery, Wallen’s Creek
    • Lambert Cemetery, Wallen’s Creek
    • Wilson Cemetery, Possum Hollow, South of Rose Hill
    • Beside Baptist Church, near Highway, below Ewing
    • Littrell Cemetery, abt 4 miles west of Ewing
    • Willis Cemetery, on Knoll above Littrell Cemetery
    • Cemetery on hill near Speaks Chapel, above Possum Hollow
    • Moles Cemetery, Possum Hollow
    • Flanary Cemetery, in field, east of Dryden
    • Lucas Cemetery, Wallen Ridge
    • Olinger Cemetery, at Olinger, VA
    • Reasor Cemetery, Turkey Cove
    • Cemetery near Reasor Cemetery, Turkey Cove
    • Bailey Cemetery, Bigg Hill Community
    • Parsons Cemetery, between Pennington Gap and Dryden
    • Plaster Cemetery, Wallen Creek
    • Parsons Cemetery, Wallen Creek
    • Hinkle Cemetery, Wallen Creek
    • In Giles Hollow, on Dollard Surber’s Lands
    • Cemetery in Hancock County, TN on road to Ewing, VA
    • Cemetery near Lee County Va and Hancock County, TN, lines
    • Ely Cemetery, Pennington Gap
    • Cemetery Near Greenleaf Church, on Road to Mulberry Gap, TN
    • Cemetery on hill beside highway, west of Campground Methodist Church
    • Newberry Cemetery, Wallen’s Creek Area
    • Town Cemetery, Pennington Gap
    • Flagpond Cemetery, Scott County, VA
    • Catron Cemetery, Scott County, VA
    • Lawson Cemetery, Scott County, VA
    • Parsons-Smiyth Cemetery, between Pennington Gap and Woodway
    • Moore Cemetery, near Blackwater
    • Cecil Cemetery, at Homeplace, near Dryden
    • Pennington Cemetery, North Fork of Powell River
    • Bloomer Cemetery, Fairview, Scott County, VA
    • Bowen Cemetery, Scott County, VA, Horton’s Summit
    • Horton Cemetery, Scott County, VA, Horton’s Summit
    • Mulberry Gap Baptist Churchyard, Hancock County, TN
    • Burchett Cemetery, Pattonsville, Scott County, VA
    • Moore Cemetery, Beech Grove, Scott County, VA
    • England Cemetery, England Valley, Scott County, VA
    • Charlie Smith Cemetery, Lee County, VA
    • Robinette Cemetery, Scott County, VA (Blackwater-Pattonsville Road)
    • Bledsoe Cemetery, Scott County, VA (Pattonsville Road)
    • Bloomer Cemetery, Scott County, VA
    • Bowen Cemetery, Scott County, VA
    • Red Hill Cemetery, Claiborne County, TN
    • Rosenbalm Cemetery, Hancock County, TN
    • Bowen Cemetery, near Kyle’s Ford, Tennessee
    • Bowen Cemetery, Scott County, VA
    • Shupe Cemetery, Scott County, VA
    • Kane Cemetery, Duffield, Scott County, VA
    • Bowen Cemetery, Scott County, VA (near Pattonsville)
    • Sproles Cemetery, Scott County, VA (near Pattonsville)
    • Robinette Cemetery, Scott County, VA (near Pattonsville)
    • Cemetery near Duffield, Virginia on Pattonsville Road
    • Cemetery at Duffied, intersection of Pattonsville Road
    • Peterson Cemetery, Duffield, VA
    • Cemetery near Gate City, Virginia
    • Cemetery near Clinchport, beside new highway to Gate City
    • Gate City, Virginia, Cemetery
    • Cemetery at East Stone Gap, Wise County, VA
    • Norton Cemetery, Wise County, VA
    • Lyon Cemetery, Wise County, VA
    • Creech Cemetery, near Norton, Wise County, VA
    • Barker Cemetery, Crackers Neck Community, Wise County, VA
    • Salling Cemetery, Scott County, VA
    • Cemetery in Purchase Valley, Scott County, VA
    • Ocoonita Cemetery, Lee County, VA
    • Cemetery near Powell Valley Memorial Garden, Wise County, VA
    • Clark Cemetery, Appalachia, Wise County, VA
    • Bowen Cemetery, Hancock County, TN
    • Baptist Churchyard, Rutledge, Grainger County, TN
    • Cemetery in Martinsville, Henry County, VA
    • Cemetery in Lynnhurst, Knoxville, Tennessee
    • Beeler Cemetery in Powell Valley, Tennessee
    • Oak Grove Cemetery, Rockwood, Roane County, TN
    • Old Cemetery, Rockwood, Roane County, TN
    • Cemetery in Churchyard at Glen Alice, Tennessee
    • Mt. Pisgah Methodist Churchyard, on hill near Rockwood, Tennessee
    • Post Oak Churchyard, outside Rockwood, Tennessee
    • Cemetery beside highway, near Post Oak Springs, Tennessee
    • Cemetery at Cave Springs, Loudon County, TN
    • Ritchie Cemetery, Claiborne County, TN
    • Unmarked Graves in Josepg Ball Cemetery, Lee County, VA
    • Tyler Family Cemetery, Tyler’s Bend, Lee County, VA
    • Cemetery in Lutheran Churchyard, Crouse, Lincoln County, NC
    • Boone’s Creek Church of Christ cemetery, Washington County, TN
    • Pioneer Grave Memorial Marker, near Kesterson Mill
  • Petitioners for Forming Scott County, VA, p, 146
    A reproduction of a petition to form Scott County, Virginia, in 1814, as it appeared in the Gate City Herald, date not given on the copy available.
  • Index, p. 152


Catron, Ada Grace; Early Records of Lee County, Virginia: Volume II; self-published, 1972.


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