Captain Evan Shelby’s Company Of Volunteers

A List Of Captain Evan Shelby’s Company Of Volunteers From The Watauga Valley in The Fincastle County Battalion.


Evan Shelby Captain (Assumed chief command on the field of battle after Colonels Lewis, Fleming, and Field had fallen)
Isaac Shelby Lieutenant (Took command of his father’s company, who had assumed command on the field)
James Robertson Sergeant
Valentine Levier Sergeant


James Shelby
John Sawyer
John Findley
Henry Shaw (Span)
Daniel Mungle (Mongle)
Frederick Mungle
John Williams
John Carmack (Wounded at Point Pleasant)
Andrew Terrence (Torrence)
George Brooks
Isaac Newland
Arthur Blackburn
Robert Herrill (Handley)
George Armstrong
William Casey
Mark Williams
John Stewart (Wounded at Point Pleasant)
Conrad Nave
Richard Burck
John Riley
Elijah Robison (Robertson)
Reece Price (Wounded at Point Pleasant)
Abram Newland
Richard Holliway
George Ruddle (Riddle)
Jarrett Williams
Emanuel Shoatt
Julias Robison
Abram Bogard
Charles Fielder
Peter Torney (Forney)
William Tucker
Benjamin Grayum (Graham)
Andrew Goff
Jonn Fain
Hugh O’Gullion
Samuel Vance
Barnett O’Gullion
Samuel Fain
Patrick St. Lawrence
Samuel Hensley (Handley)
Joseph Hughey (James Hughey)
Samuel Samples
John Bradley
Bazaleel Maxwell

– Total 49

Thwaites, Reuben Gold. Documentary History of Dunmore's War, 1774. Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Historical Society. 1905.

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