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There were few among the early male population of Bristol that had not served in some capacity in the continental ranks. But as a town, it of course has no Revolutionary history. On the 7th of June, 1791, the first militia company was organized here, the “Tenth Company, Second Regiment, Sixth Brigade Vermont Infantry” Cyprian Eastman was elected captain and Benjamin Clapp lieutenant, positions of no little honor in those days. Another company, the “Light Infantry,” was organized June 1, 1808, which elected John Hilborn captain, and Jehial Saxton lieutenant.

At the invasion of Plattsburgh, in September, 1814, sixty-six volunteers were present from Bristol. Fifty-one of these served in Captain Jehiel Saxton’s company, under command of General Strong. Ten were in Captain Jewett’s company, of New Haven. Ezekiel Dunton, who was then a brigadier general, took command of a small company as their captain, and John Howden, who was the general’s aid-de-camp, served in his company as a private. Robert Holley and Henry Getman served in a company from Charlotte, and Oliver W. Burnham served in Captain John Moulton’s company.

In the late great war the town also bore an honorable part. The following list from the State records gives the names of all who went out from the town to serve in Vermont regiments:

Volunteers for three years credited previous to call for 300,000 volunteers of October 17, 1863:

J. M. Bacon, A. F. Baker, E. R. Bancroft, C. L. Bartlett, H. R. Beckwith, R. A. Bird, H. Bowers, H. Brooks, W. Brooks, N. Bush, M. Bushee, A. Butler, E. D. Chase, E. D. Chillson, H. Cook, A. Danforth, G. E. Drake, O. B. Drake, W. B. Dunshee, E. J. Foster, A. N. Gauthier, C. Grimes, B. J. Grinnell, J. Hagan, D. Hamblin, J. B. Hastings, B. F. Hickin, J. Hines, A. A. Leland, J. McVar, H. C. Myers, J. Moody, S. S. Morgan, F. Mullings, G. Mullens, R. Munroe, C. R. Myers, W. W. Needham, H. Noland, J. Oakes, C. O’Brian, H. O’Brian, L. Orcutt, H. L. Prime, D. C. Quimby, J. B. Quimby, C. J. S. Randall, H. Robbins, J. Scarborough, J. W. Shadrick, R. Sharlow, B. Sheldon, J. Sheldon, E. Tart, N. Tart, D. R. Thompson, N. C. Thompson, E. Vradenburgh, C. B. Warner, C. E. P. Wheeler, E. C. Wright.

Credits under call of October 17, 1863, for 300,000 volunteers, and subsequent calls: .

Volunteers for three years.–A. Bezner, J. Bezner, W. E. Bicknell, C. Bowers, H. Brooks, G. H. Bunker, F. Daniel, C. E. Dushon, D. K. Hamblin, E. R. Jacobs, U. D. Jacobs, H. D. May, C. E. Nelson, A. A. Peters, P. Phinney, S. Preston, C. Prince, W. T. Richardson, M. Roberts, J. Shadick, W. Shadick, L. Steady, jr., J. Weaver.

Volunteers for one year.–E. D. Chase, F. M. Dwyer, L. C. Finch, G. W. Green, N. McIntyre, D. Munroe, H. C. Myers, F. Strait, L. S. Walker, L. F. Weaver, E. Whittemore, G. Whittemore.

Volunteers re-enlisted.–J. M. Bacon, E. R. Bancroft, H. Bowers, M. Bushee, J. S. Chandler, E. D. Chillson, A. Danforth, C. Grimes, B. J. Grinnell, J. W. Hilton, L. Orcutt, I. B. Quimby, D. R. Thompson.

Not credited by name.–Two men.

Volunteers for nine months.–E. D. Barnes, R. C. Brown, H. Butler, M. Calihan, J. Clapper, N. F. Dunshee, N. Gravel, F. W. Grinnell, A. E. Manum, N. McIntyre, M. Melian, S. W. Palmer, D. Patno, I. Plain, H. C. Powers, E. Tatro, S. Vradenburgh, D. Whitmore, jr., C. Yattaw.

Furnished under draft.–Paid commutation, C. C. Abbott, W. T. Drake, C. Kendall. Procured substitute, N. Crozier, T. Rockwood. Entered service, S. Crozier, G. Q. Day.


Smith, H. P. History of Addison County Vermont: With Illustrations And Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men And Pioneers. Syracuse, N.Y.: D. Mason & co., 1886.

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  1. Now I know a man names William Briggs was with Capt. Jehiel Saxton’s Vermont Militia Company. He was even injured and hospitalized for 6 months in a Naval Hospital in New York. 1815-1816

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