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A lamentable accident occurred here in 1834, which it may not be out of place to record at this point. A boat containing eleven persons, who were on a blackberrying excursion, was capsized just off the Addison line, nine of whom were drowned. Seven were members of Allen Smith’s household, and two were daughters of Joseph Eldridge. When the tide of internal war swept over the country and calls were made by the government for volunteers to aid in preserving the Union, this town responded with the same alacrity and patriotism that characterized all New England communities. The following list gives the names of those who enlisted from Bridport in Vermont organizations, as compiled in the adjutant general’s report:

Volunteers for three years, credited previous to call for 300,000 volunteers of October 17, 1863: W. Allen, W. Baldwin, E. Barry, F. A. Brainard, A. Bristol, H. H. Burge, D. Carpenter, jr., J. Carpenter, E. D. Carrier, O. F. Cheney, J. Clair, J. M. Clinton, A. A. Crane, C. R. Crane, G. W. Crane, J. Duckett, A. C. Fisher, G. S. Gale, A. H. Hamilton, F. H. Hathorn, W. W. Hathorn, H. Heitman, N. Herbert, F. H. Holdredge, J. Howe, J. Kennedy, H. Kerner, A. P. Legier, C. A. Lamos, C. N. Lapham, J. F. Lapham, J. Laverty, F. Little, N. B. Lucia, G. Macha, G. Madigan, J. L. Martin, J. McCormick, C. B. Myrick, P. M. Myrick, G. E. Norton, J. F. Olmstead, J. B. Rice, J. Ross, J. F. Russell, L. Russell, S. Smith, R. W. Swinton, C. H. Taylor, H. Towle, F. Tremble, J. Tremble, Z. B. Wickwire, A. H. Wilcox.

Credits under call of October 17, 1863, for 300,000 volunteers and subsequent calls:

Volunteers for three years.–H. H. Alden, W. Baker, W. C. Braisted, M. Brannan, P. Canada, C. W. Corey, G. H. Corey, R. F. Crossman, G. D. S. Drew, J. Dukett, J. Fernett, W. Fernett, H. A. Fields, T. Foy, E. Godon, E. Hayes, G. A. Holmes, J. H. Lucia, N. B. Phelps, G. W. Pratt, J. Sproule, H. Taylor, F. R. Tremble, O. Trickay.

Volunteers for one year.–S. Buffum, W. Buffum.

Volunteers re-enlisted.–O. F. Cheney, F. H. Hathorn, F. H. Holdredge, R. Hudson, J. Kennedy, J. McCormick, C. R. Shambo, W. E. Taylor.

Enlisted men who furnished substitutes.-A. A. Fletcher, J. O. Hamilton. Not credited by name.-Three men.

Volunteers for nine months.–H. Austin, L. S. Buzwell, C. W. Corey, B. W. Crane, H. P. Elitharp, N. V. Elitharp, G. B. Grovener, F. C. Howe, J. Kennedy, A. La Point, jr., H. G. Lawrence, J. H. Lucia, J. E. Moriarty, M. Randall, P. J. Shumway, J. J. Sprowl, A. A. Walker.

Furnished under draft.–Paid commutation, F. A. Brainerd, S. E. Cook, W. M. Grandy. Procured substitute, O. P. Lee. Entered service, P. Dakin, W. Hammett.

The comparative growth of the town and its fluctuations in population may be seen by the following table, compiled from the census reports for each decade since 1791:

1791, 449;
1800, 1,124;
1810, 1,520;
1820, 1,511;
1830, 1,774;
1840, 1,480 ;
1850, 1,393;
1860, 1,298 ;
1870, 1,171;
1880, 1,167.


Smith, H. P. History of Addison County Vermont: With Illustrations And Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men And Pioneers. Syracuse, N.Y.: D. Mason & co., 1886.

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