Biography of Enoch Varney

Varney, Enoch, Bristol, was born in the town of Charlotte, Chittenden county, Vt., on October 5, 1808. His parents were Hezekiah and Elizabeth (Palmer) Varney. His mother was a daughter of Enoch Palmer, who settled in Monkton, Vt., during the early settlement of that town. Hezekiah Varney lived and died in Monkton, Vt., on the homestead which is now occupied by his son-in-law, Hiram Perkins, who married Judith Varney. Hezekiah died on the old homestead at the age of eighty-seven years. His children were Anna, Sarah, Rachel, Jacob, Lydia, Mary, Enoch, Hannah, and Judith. Enoch Varney was married in 1831 to Amanda Pease, a daughter of Obed and Lydia (Lamos) Pease. She was born in Starksboro, Vt., on August 15, 1812. Obed Pease, her father, was born on April 20, 1789, in the town of Weston, Windsor county, Vt. Enoch Varney has had a family of six children born to him. They are as follows: Noble L., born on December 15, 1832; Mervin P., born on August 23, 1836; Beulah S., born on September 12, 1841, now Mrs. A. C. Jacobs, of Massachusetts; Milo S., born on March 24, 1843; Watson H., born on January 7, 1846; and Carrie L., born on November 4, 1855. Merwin P., second son of Enoch, is engaged in the mercantile business at Bristol, Vt. He moved to the town from Salem, Ill., in 1870, where he resided for eleven years. He was married on July 31, 1861, to Eliza Gilbreath, a daughter of Robert and Elizabeth (Johnson) Gilbreath, of St. Lawrence county, N. Y. They have had three children born to them — A. Watson, born on July 5, 1863; Lucinda S., born on December 29, 1868; and E. Warner, born on November 27, 1877. Mrs. Varney was born November 8, 1837. Mr. Varney has been selectman of his town for about six years.



Addison County VT,

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