Biographical Sketch of L. Crosby Barrows

Barrows, L. Crosby, Middlebury, was born in Middlebury, Vt., on September 29, 1826. His parents were Lucius and Matilda (Miller) Barrows. Lucius Barrows was born in Mansfield, Conn., on June 14, 1793, and came with his father, Eleazer Barrows, to Addison county, Vt., in 1796, and settled on the farm which is now the home of L. Crosby, and who now occupies the same old house built and occupied by his father and grandfather, which, with the improvements made, is still in a good state of preservation. Eleazer Barrows died on the place. Lucius Barrows was married on February 10, 1824, to Matilda Miller. They had a family of seven children born to them, five of whom are now living, three daughters and two sons. Lucius died on February 1, 1869. His widow is still living, and, although in the eightysixth year of her age, is still vigorous in both mind and body. L. Crosby was educated in the Addison county grammar school, and was brought up to farming pursuits. He was married in 1856 to Cornelia W. Mead, after which he resided in Iowa and Illinois for twelve years, and there was engaged in farming. After his residence here he returned to Middlebury and purchased the home place, where he has since resided.

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