Topic: Paspahegh

True Relations – Indians and Ambassadors

The next day came first an Indian, then another as ambassadors for their men, they desired to speak with me, or discuss what spades, shovels, swords or tools they had stolen, to bring home ( if not the next day they should hang ) the next news was they had taken two of our men, ranging in the woods, in which mischief the punishment will present hanging, and these they would and should redeem their own, sixteen or eighteen braving us to our doors, we advised the President and Captain Martin, that in the afternoon to fall upon them, but

True Relations – Approaching Their Town

Approaching their town, which was in six miles where I was taken and only made as frames and covered with mats, which they remove as the occasion requires. All the women and children being advertised of this accident, came fourth to meet them, the king well guarded with twenty bowmen five flank and rear, and each flank before him with a sword and a piece, and after him the like bowmen. Then I on each hand a bowmen, the rest in a file to rear, which care led fourth amongst the trees in a fashion, each with his bow and