True Relations – Indians Drifted Away

From Weramocomoco is but twelve miles, yet the Indians drifted away that day and would not by any persuasions going to our fort. But in certain old hunting houses of Paspahegh we lodged all night. The next morning at sun rise we set forward for our fort, where we arrived within an hour, where each man with the true signs of joy they could express their welcomed to me, except M. Archer and some two or three others who were then in my absence. Sworn Counselors, though not with the consent of Captain Martin, great blame and imputation was laid upon me by them. For the loss of our two men which the Indians had slain. In so much that they proposed to depose me, but in the mist of one of the miseries, it pleased God to send Captain Newport and who arriving there the same night, so tripled our joy and for awhile there plots against me were deterred, though with much malice against me, which Captain Newport in short time did plainly see. Now master Scriuener, Captain Martin and my self were called Counselors.

Within four or five days after the arrival of the ship, by a mischance, our fort was burned and most of our apparel, lodging and private provision were lost, many of our old men deceased and of our new for want of lodging perished. The Emperor Powhatan once or twice a week sent me many presents of deer, bread, raugroughcuns, as for my father, he had so much desire to see and as for me he continually imported messengers and presents, that I would come to fetch the corn and take the country their King had given me, and at last Captain Newport decided to go for him. Such acquaintance I had among the Indians, and such confidence they had in me, as near the fort they would not come until I came to them, everyone of them calling me by name, and would not sell anything until I had first received their presents, and what they had I liked, they deferred to my discretion after acquaintance, they usually came into the fort at their pleasure. The President and the rest of the Counsel they themselves not, but Captain Newport greatness I had to describe, as they consider him the Chief and the rest of the Officers and servants as his children. They had agreed with the King of Paspahegh to conducted two of our men to a place called Panawicke beyond Ronock where he reported many men to be appareled. They landed him at Warraskoyack, where he playing the villain and devil and bringing us for rewards. I returned within three or four days with out going any further. Captain Newport, Master Scriuener and my self found the mouth of the Pamauncks River some twenty or thirty miles northward from Cape Hendricks. And the channel was as good as expected.

Arriving at Weramocomoco and being jealous of the intent of this politick savage, to discover his intent the better. I with twenty shot, armed in jacks went a shore. The bay where he took bath in, it being three cricks and a mile and a half from the channel, all of it being towards the town. I found myself mistaken in the creek, for they all there were within less than a mile.

History, Paspahegh,

Panawicke, Weramocomoco,


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