True Relations – Indians and Ambassadors

The next day came first an Indian, then another as ambassadors for their men, they desired to speak with me, or discuss what spades, shovels, swords or tools they had stolen, to bring home ( if not the next day they should hang ) the next news was they had taken two of our men, ranging in the woods, in which mischief the punishment will present hanging, and these they would and should redeem their own, sixteen or eighteen braving us to our doors, we advised the President and Captain Martin, that in the afternoon to fall upon them, but they might now know what we plan to do, and at night we manned our barge, and burnt their towns, and spoiled, and destroyed what we could, and then brought our men and freely delivered them.

The President released one of the Indians and the rest we brought well guarded to morning and evening prayers. Our men all in arms, their trembling fear, then caused them so much sorrow, which until then scoffed and scorned at what we must do. The counsel then concluded that I should terrify them with some torture, to know if I could know their intent, the next day I bound one in hold to the main mast and presenting fire muskets with match in the cocks, forced him to desire life and to answer any demands he could not, but one of his comrades was of the counsel of Paspahegh that would satisfy me. I releasing him out of sight, I frighten the other first with the rack and then with a musket, which in seeing desiring me to stay, and he would confess to this execution and then Paister Scriuener came, and his discourse was to this effect. That the Paspehegh, Chickshamaniar, Youghtanum, Pamaunka, Mattapaient and the Kiskiack. These nation were all together hunting that took me, Paspahegh and Chicahmanya had intended to surprise us at work and to have taken our tools.

Powhatan and all his would see me as a friend until Captain Newport’s return and that he had again his men, which he called Namontack. Where with great feast he would so endangered Captain Newport and his men, as they should cease on him and the like traps would be laid for the rest. This trap for our tools we suspected the chiefs occasion was four days before Powhatan who had sent the boy to us, with many turkeys to Paister Scriuener and myself understanding I would go up into his country to destroy him, and he doubted it more, in that I so praised my men whose shooting he heard to his own lodging, and that frightened his wives and children In that we sent him word we intended no such thing, but only to go to Powhatan to seek stones to make hatchets, except his men would shoot at us as Paspahegh had told us they would, which if they did shoot but one arrow, we would destroy them, and at least this mischief might happen. He sent the boy to acquaint him this much, and request him to send us Weanock, one of his subjects for a guide, and the boy returned back with his chief and what apparel which we had given him, desiring another for him, the cause was, he was presently with the Chikahamanis, where the boy had suspected some violence by their extraordinary resistance and secret conference from where they would send him. The boy we kept, now we would send him many presents and the guide we desired he sent us and with all requested us to return him, either the boy or some other, but none he could have, and that day these Indians were apprehended, his son with others and had loaded at our fort, returned and being out of the fort, he relied on me to control our men and to be enemies to him and to the Chikahamanis long after Weanock had did with our existing. To have conducted us in our returned, and us secretly after him, Amoco’s the Paspaheyan, who always they kept amongst us for a spy, whom the better to avoid suspicion, and presently after they came to beat him away. These presumptions induced me to take any occasion, not only to try the honesty of Amoco’s the spy, but also the meaning of these cunning tricks of their Emperor of the Powhatan, whose true meaning Captain Martin most conveniently pleads.

Martin, Newport,


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