True Relations – Approaching Their Town

Approaching their town, which was in six miles where I was taken and only made as frames and covered with mats, which they remove as the occasion requires. All the women and children being advertised of this accident, came fourth to meet them, the king well guarded with twenty bowmen five flank and rear, and each flank before him with a sword and a piece, and after him the like bowmen. Then I on each hand a bowmen, the rest in a file to rear, which care led fourth amongst the trees in a fashion, each with his bow and a handful of arrows, a quiver at his back and grimly paints. On each flank a Sergeant, the one moving always toward the front the other towards the rear, each at true pace and in exceeding good order. This being a good time to continued as they cast themselves in a ring and a dance, and as each man departed to his lodging the Chief taking me to his lodging.

A quarter of venison and forty ten pound loaves of bread we had for supper, what I left was reserved for me, and sent with me to my lodging each morning a women presented me with great platters of fine bread, more venison then ten men could devour I had my gown, paints and quarters, my compass and a tablet which they gave me again. Though eight Indians guarded me, I wanted not what they could belief to content me, and still our longer acquaintance increased our better affection. Much they threaten to assault our fort, as they were so excited by the King of Paspahegh, who showed at our fort great signs of sorrow for this mischance. The king took great delight understanding the manor of our ships, and sailing the seas, the earth and the skies and of our God. What he knew of the Dominicans he spared not to acquaint me with. As of certain men clothed at a place called Ocanahonan, clothed like me, the course of river, and that within in four or five days journey of the falls, was a great turning of salt water.

I desired he would send a messenger to Paspahegh, with a letter I would write by which they should understand how kindly they had fed me, and that I was well, at least they could revenge my death. This he granted and sent three men in such weather as in reason was impossible by any naked being could endure. Their cruel demands towards the fort in which I had deviated in describing the ordinance and the mines in the field, and also the revenge that Captain Newport would take of them at his return to the fort. Knowing of their intent, the people of Ocanahonum and the black sea. After I entered the fort this report there after I found various Indians that confirmed this. The next day after my letter, a savage came to my lodging with his sword to have slain me, but being on my guard he was intercepted and with a bow and arrow he offered to have effected the purpose. The cause I knew not, until the King understanding thereof came and told me of a man dying, wounded by my pistol. He told me also of another I had slain, yet the most they concealed if they had any hurt. This was the father of the man I had slain, whose fury was presented.


History, Paspahegh,

Ocanahonan, Ocanahonum,


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