Towns of Baker County

The chief towns in Baker county all tributary to Baker City commercially, financially and socially, are Sumpter, Huntington, Bourne, Haines and Bridgeport. Sumpter and Huntington the most important and populous, have not unreasonable hopes of becoming of sufficient commercial and social importance to be soon classed among the quite noteworthy places In the great state

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Biography of John W. Wisdom

One of our most representative and best patronized drug houses is that of John R. Wisdom, which was established in 1867. The stock carried is a very large one embracing everything in the into of pure, fresh drugs, chemicals, patent medicines, druggist sundries, perfumes, toilet articles, etc., physicians prescriptions and family receipts are most carefully

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Owyhee, Idaho Mines 1865-1880

Mine Discoveries: Mahogany Stormy Hill South Chariot Illinois Central North Extension Illinois Central Belle Peck North Extension Poorman South Poorman Lucky Poorman Big Fish Boycott Glenbrook Clearbrook Idlewild North Empire South Empire San Juan Dubuque Silver Cloud Louisiana Ruby Jackson Silver City Ruth Sinker By Chance Potosi Rattling Jack St James South Extension Morning Star

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