Church Records

Registers of the Parish of Michilimackinac

The records from the register at Michilimackinac are here provided as they were translated by Edward O. Brown back in 1889. His translation came from a transcript of the original, which latter is kept in the parish church of Ste. Anne, at Mackinac. Annotated throughout are Mr. Brown’s biographical knowledge of the events of Michilimackinac and the people within. Don’t pass over the footnotes for the record, you may find a biographical reference hidden there!

Byfield Massachusetts Parish Records

736 Byfield Massachusetts parish records recorded by a Rev. Hale from 1709-1743. These baptisms may include residents from Newbury, Rowley and Georgetown. The first pastor of the church in the parish was Rev. Moses Hale, who died Jan.16, 1743-4. The following are all the records of baptisms in the parish from the founding of the church to the time of Mr. Hale’s decease.

Old Ebenezer Church, Effingham County GA – 1771 Burials

Phoebe, a baptized Negro child belonging to Mrs. Lemking, died Feb. 18, 1771, and was buried the next day. John Michael Bohrman died Feb. 17, 1771, and was buried on the 19th here at Ebenezer. Matthias Schubdrein, 5 months old, died% 9 1771, and was buried in Zions Church. Anna Eva, daughter of John Scheeraus, …

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