Tennessee Southern Claims Commission Index

Tennessee Southern Claims Commission Index: This index lists Tennesseans who filed claims with the Southern Claims Commission from 1871 to 1873. These 3,929 Tennesseans claimed their property had been taken by United States military personnel for use in the Civil War.

The claim files include interesting detail about people and about the Civil War period in Tennessee. Each claimant was required to describe his losses in detail, and to prove his loyalty to the Union. Witnesses gave testimony in support of his allegations. The paperwork in the files is often extensive.

All of the Southern Claims Commission files are located at the National Archives, but the disallowed and barred claim files have been microfilmed and are also available at the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Allowed claim files are available only by consulting the National Archives.

This index is based on volume 55 of Record Group No. 56, General Records of the Department of the Treasury, at the National Archives. It is duplicated on National Archives microcopy M-87, reel 13. The indication as to whether the claim was allowed, disallowed, or barred is based on the book Southern Loyalists in the Civil War : the Southern Claims Commission by Gary B. Mills (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1994).

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If you wish to order a copy of a barred or disallowed claim file, e-mail the Tennessee State Library and Archives and request a price quote. The cost will depend on the length of the file. Due to the number of requests received daily, they ask that you only submit one request at a time for a single record.

[box]If the status says “see note” it references the following note:
Note: found in geographical index but not in the book Southern Loyalists in the Civil War[/box]


Tennessee Southern Claims Commission Index

Name County Status
Abbay, Anthony S Shelby Disallowed
Abbay, Anthony S Davisdon Disallowed
Abbott, Emer G Shelby Disallowed
Abbott, Roger H Roane Disallowed
Abbott, S W Roane Allowed
Abel, George FG Loudon see note
Abernathy, James P Giles Disallowed
Abington, James B Shelby Disallowed
Abington, James B & Joseph H Shelby Barred
Abington, Joseph H Fayette see note
Acres, David Scott Allowed
Acuff, Rebecca Grainger Barred
Adair, James M Humphreys Barred
Adam, George W Weakley Allowed
Adams, David Hardin Barred
Adams, Edward Rutherford Allowed
Adams, George W Haywood Barred
Adams, James Dickson Disallowed
Adams, Jasper Henderson Disallowed
Adams, Joseph Marshall Disallowed
Adamson, Greenberry Madison Disallowed
Adcock, John Sevier Barred
Akin, George A Gibson Barred
Akord, Jacob D Washington Barred
Albright, J E R Shelby Allowed
Albright, W A Shelby Barred
Alderson, J B Maury Disallowed
Alderson, Jane Hamblen Allowed
Alexander, George A Loudon Allowed
Alexander, Hiram K Shelby Barred
Alexander, John H Carroll Barred
Alexander, Joseph M Loudon Disallowed
Alexander, Madison H Rutherford Disallowed
Alexander, Pleasant Rutherford Allowed
Alexander, Richard Sumner Allowed
Alexander, S R Weakley Disallowed
Alexander, Stephen H Bledsoe Allowed
Alexander, elias Jefferson Allowed
Alexander, William C Bedford Barred
Alford, John Hamilton Allowed
Alford, William C Bradley Disallowed
Allen, A J Dickson Disallowed
Allen, Andrew Loudon Allowed
Allen, Mary E Carroll Allowed
Allen, Matt Davidson Disallowed
Allen, W H Carroll see note
Allen, William J McNairy Allowed
Allen, Young W Carroll Allowed
Allison, Robert Bedford Allowed
Allison, Thos C Bedford Barred
Allison, William Madison Disallowed
Allison, William A Gibson Disallowed
Allmond, Aaron G Weakley Barred
Almarode, David Sullivan Barred
Alred, John Warren Barred
Alsobrook, James C Lauderdale Disallowed
Alsobrook, Nathaniel Shelby Barred
Ambrister, Joseph Blount Disallowed
Ament, Saml P Davidson Disallowed
Amis, James A Hawkins Allowed
Amis, Thomas J Hawkins Allowed
Anderson, Alexander L Sequatchie Disallowed
Anderson, George Sullivan Disallowed
Anderson, Isaac G Blount Allowed
Anderson, James Wayne Disallowed
Anderson, James & Est of Thos Warfield Wayne Disallowed
Anderson, Jesse Madison Allowed
Anderson, John F Franklin Allowed
Anderson, John M McMinn Barred
Anderson, Malvina Hamblen Disallowed
Anderson, Martin D McMinn Allowed
Anderson, Matilda J Shelby Barred
Anderson, Matilda W, Estate of Haywood Disallowed
Anderson, Sarah Rutherford Barred
Anderson, Thomas Hamblen Disallowed
Andes, Lorenzo D Jefferson Allowed
Andrews, Elbert Gibson Barred
Andrews, John M Hardin Allowed
Andrews, Mark L Williamson Allowed
Angell, Richard Loudon Barred
App, Matthias Shelby Disallowed
Applewhite, Jesse Shelby Disallowed
Arbuckle, Samuel T Henry Barred
Archer, Michael Rutherford Disallowed
Argo, Josiah B Warren Allowed
Armstead, Henry Davidson Allowed
Armstrong, Abel Franklin Disallowed
Armstrong, Edward Washington Disallowed
Armstrong, F B Knox Allowed
Armstrong, John Franklin Disallowed
Armstrong, Mary B Shelby Disallowed
Armstrong, Sally Bradley Allowed
Armstrong, William C Franklin Allowed
Arnold, Frank A Greene Allowed
Arnold, William Sullivan Barred
Arnold, Willis N Henderson Disallowed
Arrowood, Thomas Greene Allowed
Arthur, William Henry see note
Arwood, L P McMinn Allowed
Ash, James W McNairy Allowed
Ashford, Jackson J Giles Disallowed
Ashmore, David Jefferson Allowed
Atchley, Benjamin M Sevier Disallowed
Atchley, Joshua F Sevier see note
Atchley, Joshua H Sevier Allowed
Atchley, Welcome Bradley Allowed
Atchley, William Sevier Allowed
Atkinson, Ben H Shelby Barred
Atkinson, Frank M Rutherford Barred
Atkinson, Richard Davidson Barred
Atlee, E A, Estate of McMinn Allowed
Austell, Littleberry Coffee Disallowed
Austell, Samuel Coffee Disallowed
Austin, John C McNairy Allowed
Austin, William T Hamblen Disallowed
Avans, Isam Monroe Barred
Avett, William H Tipton Disallowed
Aymett, William Giles Disallowed
Ayres, Treadwell S Shelby Disallowed
Azbill, Allen Henderson Barred
Babb, Catherine Greene Allowed
Bachman, Samuel Sullivan Barred
Badger, E Carolina Shelby Disallowed
Bacon, Dana A Loudon Allowed
Baer, Henry H Cocke Disallowed
Bailes, Jesse Jefferson Disallowed
Bailey, Charles A Williamson Barred
Bailey, Charles M Jefferson Allowed
Bailey, Clinton Gibson Barred
Bailey, John C Jefferson Allowed
Bain, Abner, Estate of Bradley Allowed
Bain, James Madison Disallowed
Bain, John K Hardin Allowed
Bain, Joseph Bradley Disallowed
Bain, William Bradley Disallowed
Baird, James P Maury Disallowed
Baird, John Rutherford Disallowed
Baird, Louisa Shelby Barred
Baker, Elizabeth B Knox Disallowed
Baker, Isaac Knox Disallowed
Baker, James Sevier Allowed
Baker, John C Union Allowed
Baker, Joseph D Davidson Disallowed
Baker, Mary A, Heirs of Sumner Disallowed
Baker, Toliver Knox Barred
Baker, William Davidson Allowed
Bales, John Jefferson Disallowed
Bales, Noah Knox Allowed
Baley, William Monroe Allowed
Ballard, Andrew J Fayette Disallowed
Ballard, Charles Knox Disallowed
Ballard, Elizabeth E Loudon Disallowed
Ballenger, Aaron Jefferson Allowed
Balley, Jesse [Bailey] Sevier Allowed
Ballinger, Silas R Humphreys Barred
Banks, Elizaabeth Robertson Allowed
Baque, Louis Shelby Disallowed
Barbour, A M Sumner Barred
Barger, James J Henderson Barred
Barger, John P Knox Disallowed
Barker, J M & W G Sullivan Disallowed
Barker, Joel W Hamilton Disallowed
Barker, John II Hamilton Disallowed
Barkley, Ebenezer Washington Disallowed
Barkley, Lucinda Bradley Allowed
Barkley, William S, Estate of [William P] Washington Disallowed
Barnard, Joseph A Grainger Disallowed
Barnes, Alexander Hardin Allowed
Barnes, Jacob Hamilton Disallowed
Barnes, James Giles Barred
Barnes, James H Washington Allowed
Barnes, Henry C McNairy Allowed
Barr, Benjamin Madison Barred
Barrett, Richard S Tipton Barred
Barrett, Simeon S Bradley Disallowed
Barry, Peter L Washington Disallowed
Barry, Thomas Sumner Allowed
Bartlett, Seacil B Bedford Allowed
Bartley, Phebe A Greene Allowed
Barton, Henry M L Gibson Allowed
Barton, Robert Rutherford Barred
Barton, Robert A Gibson Barred
Bashor, Christian, Estate of Washington Disallowed
Bashor, Lucy E Washington Disallowed
Bashor, Peter Washington Allowed
Basket, John Washington Allowed
Bass, John Putnam Disallowed
Bass, Reuben B Hardeman Disallowed
Bates, Abraham Bradley Allowed
Bates, Benjamin Bradley Allowed
Bates, James P Bradley Disallowed
Bates, Mary E Shelby Disallowed
Bates, Parnell Jefferson see note
Bates, William B DeKalb Barred
Batey, Benjamin Rutherford Disallowed
Baucum, Wyatt Benton not listed
Baugh, Mrs. S E Williamson Allowed
Baxter, Squire B Franklin Disallowed
Baxter, William H Bedford Allowed
Beachman, Elijah Henderson Barred
Beals, Isaac H Grainger Allowed
Bean, Andrew Knox Allowed
Bean, Hazard Bradley Allowed
Bean, John A Bradley Allowed
Beard, J Saml Washington Disallowed
Beard, James S Washington Disallowed
Bearden, Flora A C & Matthew G Knox Allowed
Beasley, William M Giles Disallowed
Beatty, Susan Fentress Barred
Beaumond, Milly Dickson Barred
Beazley, Charles G Davidson Disallowed
Beck, Joshua Hamilton Barred
Beckham, Jeremiah Fayette Barred
Beckley, Jane Franklin see note
Beckner, Abraham Hamblen Allowed
Beckner, Perry Hamblen Allowed
Bedford, Julian Shelby Disallowed
Beeber, Max Davidson Barred
Beech, Matt Williamson Barred
Beehn, Charles A Shelby Disallowed
Beene, John Bradley Allowed
Beesley, Christopher Rutherford see note
Beets, George W Grainger Disallowed
Belew, Giles Gibson Barred
Belew, John G Carroll Barred
Belew, Thomas Carroll Allowed
Bell, Andrew, Estate of Jefferson Disallowed
Bell, John B Madison Disallowed
Bell, Robert F Davidson Disallowed
Bell, S W Carroll see note
Bell, Valentine Gibson Allowed
Belote, Jeremiah Sumner Disallowed
Belote, John L Sumner Disallowed
Bennett, A D Carroll Disallowed
Bennett, F M Franklin Barred
Bennett, James W Hardin Allowed
Bennett, John D Maury Barred
Bennett, John M Franklin Disallowed
Bennett, Saml H Carroll Disallowed
Benson, Wilkin Giles Disallowed
Benton, J M Carroll Allowed
Benton, Martha A Shelby Disallowed
Berrong, H N Monroe Allowed
Berry, William T Davidson Allowed
Best, Andrew J Blount Allowed
Best, Elias L Franklin Disallowed
Bettis, Aaron P C Jefferson Allowed
Bewley, John W Hamblen Disallowed
Bible, Christian [Bibb] Greene Allowed
Biggs, Henry Fayette Allowed
Bills, John H Hardeman Disallowed
Billue, Robert B Monroe Allowed
Binkley, Patterson Davidson Allowed
Binkley, William B Davidson Disallowed
Bird, John Grainger Allowed
Bird, William J Grainger Allowed
Bishop, Charles H Roane Barred
Bishop, Richard, Estate of Grainger see note
Bivens, Henry Sumner Disallowed
Bivens, L Rutherford Disallowed
Bivens, James Monroe Allowed
Bivens, William, S Hardin Allowed
Black, Leah Shelby Allowed
Black, Thomas Henderson Allowed
Black, William A Bedford Disallowed
Blackburn, Benjamin Jefferson Allowed
Blackburn, John Bradley Allowed
Blackman, Alfred Rutherford Disallowed
Blackstone, Hudson Shelby Allowed
Blair, David Monroe Disallowed
Blair, David B Shelby Disallowed
Blair, Hugh E F, Laura I, & William W Loudon Allowed
Blair, James, Estate of Loudon Barred
Blair, William, Estate of Loudon Allowed
Blake, George W Lincoln Barred
Blakemore, James L Gibson see note
Blakemore, James L Shelby see note
Blakemore, John A Bedford Disallowed
Blakemore, William B Weakley Barred
Blankenship, Blackburn H Blount Disallowed
Blankenship, F D, Heirs of Monroe Disallowed
Blankenship, Peyton Loudon Allowed
Blanton, Burrell Monroe Barred
Blanton, Meredith Bedford Allowed
Blanton, N C Rutherford Barred
Bledsoe, L Y & Simms, William Haywood see note
Blevins, Isaac Scott Allowed
Bogan, Margaret Shelby Disallowed
Boiling Ford Baptist Church Franklin see note
Boland, Martin Shelby Disallowed
Bolton, Rosanna Maury Allowed
Bolton, Samuel Washington Allowed
Bolton, Samuel A Davidson Disallowed
Bolton, William T Humphreys Barred
Bomar, Bibby B Bedford Allowed
Bond, Thos Haywood Allowed
Bone, Martha H Franklin Disallowed
Booker, William B Haywood Barred
Boon, Anderson Obion Disallowed
Boone, Daniel Bradley Allowed
Boone, Israel Bradley Allowed
Boone, John Bradley Allowed
Boren, Susan Henderson Allowed
Boring, Hartsell Blount Allowed
Bostick, Mary T Williamson Barred
Boudourant, E P Davidson see note
Boudurant, E C, Mrs, Estate of Davidson see note
Bounds, John W Knox Barred
Bower, Francis Rhea Allowed
Bowerman, G W Blount Disallowed
Bowers, Abraham Franklin Disallowed
Bowers, Bradford Davidson Disallowed
Bowers, Hezekiah, Estate of DeKalb Barred
Bowers, James C Hamblen Disallowed
Bowling, Henry C Rutherford Disallowed
Bowling, James A Haywood Disallowed
Bowman, Charles Knox Barred
Bowman, Daniel B Washington Disallowed
Bowman, George, Estate Loudon Disallowed
Bowman, James A Sumner Allowed
Bowman, James B Loudon Disallowed
Boyd, Abraham B Warren Barred
Boyd, Spencer B Bradley Barred
Boyd, Thomas Knox Barred
Boyd, Thomas J Bradley Disallowed
Brabson, Henry Sevier Disallowed
Brabson, Oscar M Washington Disallowed
Bradford, Virginia A Davidson Disallowed
Bradford, Wall C, Estate Shelby Disallowed
Bradley, George C Hawkins Disallowed
Bradley, John Montgomery Disallowed
Bradley, John L Monroe Allowed
Bradley, Martha W Shelby Allowed
Bradley, Robert Knox Disallowed
Bradley, William Knox Allowed
Bradley, William M Hardin Allowed
Bradshaw, Joseph C Loudon Allowed
Bradshaw, Thomas Grainger Disallowed
Bradshaw, William H Grainger Barred
Brady, Michael Davidson Allowed
Bramlett, Lunsford, Heirs of Giles Allowed
Branch, Benjamin L Shelby Barred
Branch, Needham Haywood Barred
Branch, William M Maury Disallowed
Brandon, H S Carroll Disallowed
Brandon, James M Carroll Disallowed
Brannock, Amos W Carroll Disallowed
Brannock, Mary Carroll Barred
Brannon, Joseph J Fentress Disallowed
Brannon, William Sumner Barred
Branson, Gen Grainger Barred
Branson, Saml D Grainger Allowed
Brantley, James, II Davidson Allowed
Branum, Alexander Hardin Allowed
Brasel, Jesse Morgan Barred
Brassell, Wiley Sumner see note
Brassell, William Sumner Allowed
Bratton, Argalus Franklin Disallowed
Bray, John Henderson Disallowed
Brazelton, Daniel Franklin see note
Brazelton, Green Franklin Allowed
Brazelton, Lanty A Jefferson Allowed
Brazelton, Mary Franklin Disallowed
Brazelton, William (2d) Jefferson Allowed
Brecheen, John H Marshall Allowed
Breeden, John Monroe Disallowed
Breedlove, Cloey Morgan Allowed
Brewer, Eliza V Shelby Barred
Brewer, Nathaniel Carroll Disallowed
Brewster, William M Claiborne Disallowed
Bridge, Nancy M B Rutherford Disallowed
Bridges, George R Shelby Barred
Bridges, John Union Allowed
Bright, Bartlett Loudon Allowed
Bright, James E Loudon Disallowed
Brimer, Thomas J Jefferson Allowed
Brimer, Vineyard Jefferson Allowed
Britt, Hiram Henderson Allowed
Britt, W Y Carroll Allowed
Broady, Joseph Blount Allowed
Brock, Isaac Rutherford Barred
Brockmore, Samuel & P H Porter Montgomery Barred
Bromley, David James Allowed
Brooks, A N B Williamson Disallowed
Brooks, Aaron T, Estate Shelby Disallowed
Brooks, Benjamin F Madison Disallowed
Brooks, Cannon L Shelby Barred
Brooks, James M Shelby Disallowed
Brooks, John Madison Barred
Brouder, John Loudon Barred
Brown, Aaron V, Mrs Davidson Allowed
Brown, Alfred F Washington Disallowed
Brown, Benhamin,H Hamblen Allowed
Brown, Charley Rutherford Barred
Brown, David Knox Allowed
Brown, Eli Loudon Allowed
Brown, Elizabeth Roane Allowed
Brown, Henry Bedford Allowed
Brown, James Greene Disallowed
Brown, James C Loudon Allowed
Brown, James W. Carroll Disallowed
Brown, Jefferson Rutherford Disallowed
Brown, Jesse A Henry Disallowed
Brown, John Hamilton Allowed
Brown, John Haywood Allowed
Brown, John Knox Allowed
Brown, John F Bedford Allowed
Brown, John P Bedford Barred
Brown, Margaret Greene Disallowed
Brown, Peter Polk Barred
Brown, Randall Davidson Disallowed
Brown, Robert Madison Disallowed
Brown, Robert H Bradley Disallowed
Brown, Robert H Knox Allowed
Brown, Thos, H Greene Barred
Brown, William Loudon Barred
Brown, William A Haywood Disallowed
Brown, William H Maury Disallowed
Brown, William N Estate Martin B & Reuben Jones Shelby Barred
Brown, Willie Rutherford Disallowed
Brown, William Greene Allowed
Brown, William & Thos, H Greene Disallowed
Brown, Woodson F Greene Allowed
Browning, John Carroll Barred
Broyles, Isaac Washington Allowed
Broyles, Jacob [Brayles] Greene Allowed
Broyles, Nile M Rhea Allowed
Brumley, A J Greene Disallowed
Brumley, Alfred Greene Disallowed
Bryan, Ahas W Sevier Allowed
Bryan, Peter L Bradley Allowed
Bryan, William H Gibson Allowed
Bryant, Eddy M Davidson Disallowed
Bryant, James E Maury Disallowed
Bryant, N A D Hardeman Allowed
Bryant, Zach Gibson Disallowed
Buchanan, Alexander & est. of Lucinda Davidson Disallowed
Buchanan, James B, Estate of Rutherford Barred
Buchanan, John K, Mrs, Estate of Davidson Barred
Buchanan, Moses R Rutherford Disallowed
Buchanan, Thomas W Bedford Allowed
Buchanan, William R Fayette Barred
Buckner, Melinda L Franklin Allowed
Buckner, William P Union Barred
Buford, Wesley Sumner see note
Bull, Elijah Sevier Allowed
Bulliner, George McNairy Barred
Bullock, John, Estate of Montgomery Disallowed
Bullock, Sarah S Shelby Barred
Bunch, Charles Maury Allowed
Burch, Lemuel Davidson Allowed
Burchfiel, James H Jefferson Allowed
Burchfield, Joseph R Monroe Allowed
Burchfield, Robert Monroe Disallowed
Burem, Margaret S Hawkins Disallowed
Burgner, Henry Greene Allowed
Burk, David Claiborne Disallowed
Burk, Herod Rutherford Disallowed
Burk, Nancy Hamilton Barred
Burk, William McMinn Allowed
Burnett, Chesley J Hamblen Disallowed
Burns, Jeremiah Maury Disallowed
Burt, John Coffee Barred
Burt, Susan Bedford Disallowed
Burton, J G Madison Barred
Burton, William P Loudon Allowed
Burwick, John M Rhea Barred
Busby, Mr. et al Montgomery Disallowed
Bussell, Mary Hawkins Disallowed
Bussull, William Loudon Disallowed
Butler, A J Carroll Disallowed
Butler, James A Giles Disallowed
Butler, P T Carroll Allowed
Butler, P T Monroe Disallowed
Butler, William B McNairy Allowed
Butler, William E Madison Barred
Butts, Martin Hamblen Allowed
Buttram, William Scott see note
Butts, Thomas P, Estate of Maury Disallowed
Byars, Henry Rutherford Disallowed
Byerley, Jacob Rhea Allowed
Byerly, James Knox Allowed
Byres, Nimrod Blount Disallowed
Byrd, Robert K Roane Disallowed
Cage, John O Sumner Disallowed
Cage, Mrs. S S Shelby Disallowed
Cagle, Henry Monroe Allowed
Cagle, Martin Monroe Disallowed
Cain, John W Hamblen Disallowed
Caldwell, Andrew Jefferson Disallowed
Caldwell, James A Jefferson Allowed
Caldwell, John C, Estate of Bedford see note
Caldwell, John H Jefferson Disallowed
Caldwell, Reuben Greene Allowed
Caldwell, Robert (Newmarket) Jefferson Disallowed
Caldwell, Robert (Strawberry Plains) Jefferson Disallowed
Caldwell, Samuel M Jefferson see note
Calfee, Jeremiah Monroe Disallowed
Calhoun, James F Bedford Disallowed
Calhoun Presbyterian Church McMinn see note
Callahan, Saml M Monroe Allowed
Callann, Thomas Gibson Barred
Callaway, William S Madison Allowed
Calvin, Michael, Estate of Davidson see note
Calzy, Mary [Calgy] Sumner Disallowed
Cameron, James Grainger Allowed & Disallowed
Cameron, James James Allowed
Campbell, Alexander Weakley Allowed
Campbell, Alexander, Estate of Giles Barred
Campbell, David C Giles Barred
Campbell, Eli Rhea Disallowed
Campbell, James Ross Giles Barred
Campbell, Jennie Maury Disallowed
Campbell, John Greene Disallowed
Campbell, John M Gibson Disallowed
Campbell, Mary E Franklin Allowed
Campbell, Robert Bradley Barred
Campbell, Robert Claiborne Disallowed
Campbell, Sarah M, Estate of Jefferson see note
Campbell, Thomas Henderson Barred
Campbell, Washington G Shelby Disallowed
Campbell, William Meigs Allowed
Cannon, Jane W Jefferson Disallowed
Cannon, Joseph Obion Allowed
Cannon, Lee Sevier Allowed & Disallowed
Cannon, Robert Marshall Allowed
Carden, Rufus M Loudon Allowed
Cardin, Robert H James Allowed
Cardwell, William Claiborne Allowed
Cardwell, William S Giles Allowed
Carey, Christopher C Jefferson Barred
Carlton, Obadiah Weakley see note
Carmichael, Hamilton Hawkins Disallowed
Carnes, Andrew W Monroe Allowed
Carnes, James A Estate & James C Terry of Coahoma Co Miss Shelby Disallowed
Carney, Alfred Polk Allowed
Carney, William J Rutherford Barred
Carothers, James Bedford Allowed
Carothers, John Bedford Allowed
Carothers, Joseph Sumner Barred
Carpenter, James M Claiborne see note
Carpenter, Richard Giles Allowed
Carr, David J Washington Disallowed
Carr, James M Blount Allowed
Carr, William M Claiborne Barred
Carrier, Thomas Sullivan Disallowed
Carroll, Clemuel C McNairy Allowed
Carroll, Peter Davidson Allowed
Carson, Alvin B Monroe Allowed
Carson, Caroline B Monroe Barred
Carson, E M Blount Allowed
Carson, J L Monroe Disallowed
Carson, James H Jefferson Allowed
Carson, John Monroe Allowed
Carson, William C Jefferson Disallowed
Carter, Allen E Humphreys Barred
Carter, Bellfield N Houston Disallowed
Carter, Felix Davidson Disallowed
Carter, Fountain B Williamson Disallowed
Carter, Henry N Carroll see note
Carter, James M Knox Barred
Carter, Peyton Knox see note
Carter, R H Carroll Barred
Carter, Robert Rutherford Disallowed
Carter, Stephen Madison Disallowed
Cary, Alexander, Estate Obion Allowed
Casada, William H Loudon Allowed
Case, Joshua F. Cocke Disallowed & Allowed
Casey, Samuel, Sr Davidson Allowed
Cash, Elizabeth Coffee Disallowed
Cason, Peter McNairy not in book
Cass, Benjamin E McMinn Allowed
Cass, James M McMinn Allowed
Cate, Anderson Jefferson Disallowed
Cate, Andrew J Bradley Allowed
Cate, Green B Bradley Disallowed
Cate, Joseph Sevier Allowed
Cate, Nancy Sevier Allowed
Cate, William Bradley Allowed
Cate, William C Jefferson Allowed
Cathcart, J G Monroe Disallowed
Catron, Hugh A Obion Allowed
Cavenaugh, Michael Davidson Disallowed
Cawood, Alexander Sullivan Disallowed
Cawthon, James L Cannon Disallowed
Cawthon, John B, Estate Henderson see note
Chadwick, John Y Claiborne Allowed
Chaffin, James B Maury Disallowed
Chafin, Thornton & Cyrus Webster Maury Allowed
Chambers, C L McNairy Allowed
Chambers, Jemima Fayette Disallowed
Chambers, John Scott Disallowed
Chambers, Thomas, Estate of Scott Allowed
Chambers, William A Scott Allowed
Chambliss, Seth H Carroll Allowed
Chandler, H R Davidson Disallowed
Chandler, Handy Blount see note
Chaney, Fleming W Haywood see note
Chaney, Henry Jefferson Disallowed
Chaney, William, Sr Jefferson Allowed
Chapman, John Bedford Barred
Chase, Walter J Washington Allowed
Chatata Christ Church Bradley see note
Cheatham, John Maury Disallowed
Cheek, Isaac Wilson Barred
Cherry, John Hardin Allowed
Cheshier, Pitser M McNairy Disallowed
Chesnult, Rodham Hawkins Allowed
Chesnult, Samuel, Estate of Hawkins Disallowed
Childers, Isaac Rutherford Disallowed
Childers, James James Allowed
Childress, Armand, Estate of Davidson Disallowed
Childress, Mitchell J Knox see note
Chilton, Thomas W Davidson Disallowed
Chitwood, John Franklin Disallowed
Choate, James Dickson Barred
Claiborn, James H Shelby Barred
Claman, Jacob L Hawkins Allowed
Clapp, Boston Claiborne Disallowed
Clark, Eli S Loudon Allowed
Clark, George Bradley Allowed
Clark, Harvey Knox Disallowed
Clark, HiramK Obion Barred
Clark, Jacob F Haywood Allowed
Clark, James W Haywood Allowed
Clark, John K Carroll Allowed
Clark, Robert S Bedford Disallowed
Clark, Saml P Gibson Disallowed
Clark, Thomas N, Estate of Roane Barred
Clarke, Edwards E Shelby Disallowed
Clarke, Job Sevier Barred
Claxton, John Bedford Barred
Clayton, Jesse McNairy Allowed
Cleage, David McMinn Disallowed
Cleaver, Alfred, Estate of Carroll see note
Cleer, Robert H Shelby Disallowed
Clement, Ann Henry Tipton Disallowed
Clement, Caleb R Gibson Allowed
Cleveland, Eli M James Allowed
Cleveland, Eliza A Claiborne Allowed
Clevenger, Elizabeth Jefferson Allowed
Clevenger, Thomas S Jefferson Barred
Click, William Monroe Allowed
Clift, Robert B Hamilton Disallowed
Clift, William Hamilton Allowed
Clifton, James W Hardin Barred
Cline, Joseph H Jefferson Disallowed
Clinton, John Haywood Allowed
Cloner, Andrew Grainger Allowed
Coatney, Martha Hamblen Allowed
Cobb, Daniel W. McNairy Disallowed & Allowed
Cobb, Elbert S Loudon Allowed
Cobb, Jessie B Giles Disallowed
Cobble, McKindric Greene Disallowed
Cobble, Sylvanus Greene Disallowed
Cochram, William Grainger Allowed
Cochran, John Monroe Barred
Cochran, Robert L Monroe Barred
Cochran, William J Maury Disallowed
Cocke, Thomas R Fayette Disallowed
Coe, Adam Davidson Disallowed
Coffee, Daniel McMinn Allowed
Coffin T T Loudon Disallowed
Coffman, Sterling Grainger Allowed
Cogswell, Anna M Shelby Disallowed
Cohen, W D Marion Disallowed
Coil, James C Jefferson Allowed
Coil, John L Jefferson Allowed
Cole, James E Monroe Disallowed
Cole, John R Monroe Disallowed
Cole, Martin Hamblen Barred
Cole, S G Monroe Disallowed
Cole, William F Giles Disallowed
Coleman, W F T Rutherford Disallowed
Collet, John E Greene Allowed
Collier, E L Rutherford Allowed
Collier, Thomas T Bradley Allowed
Collier, William Bedford Allowed
Collier, William R Madison Disallowed
Collins, D M Polk Disallowed
Collins, H M Bradley Barred
Collins, James Grainger Allowed
Collins, James E Meigs Allowed
Collins, James P Rhea Allowed
Collins, Pinkney Rhea Allowed
Collins, Sarah G Franklin Disallowed
Collins, William Franklin Allowed
Collins, William L Franklin Disallowed
Colman, Benjamin Shelby Disallowed
Colquitt, Hutson Hamilton Barred
Colson, Elizabeth K Shelby Barred
Colter, John Blount Disallowed
Colvin, William, Estate of Union Disallowed
Compton, Felix, Estate of Davidson Disallowed
Compton, Henry W Davidson Disallowed
Compton, Mangum Knox Barred
Conatser, Amasa Sevier Barred
Condon, S M, Mrs. Davidson see note
Conner, James Z Davidson Barred
Congill, Mary A Davidson see note
Conley, Calvin Giles Allowed
Connelly, Peter Shelby Allowed
Conner, Wesley, Estate Hamilton Allowed
Conner, William Lauderdale Barred
Cook, George S Rutherford Allowed
Cook, James Humphreys Allowed
Cook, James R Weakley Allowed
Cook, Mary M Shelby Disallowed
Cook, S M N Wilson Disallowed
Cooly, W G Obion Barred
Cooper, Bennett Bradley Disallowed
Cooper, Thomas McMinn Disallowed
Cope, Jennie Hardeman Disallowed
Cope, Jesse Hawkins Allowed
Copeland, George. Washington & Saml. Rutherford Barred
Copeland, W J Polk Disallowed
Copinger, John Monroe Disallowed
Coppedge, Thomas C Haywood Allowed
Coppock, William J Union Disallowed
Corley, John J Davidson Disallowed
Carmichael, Daniel L & James H Loudon Disallowed
Corn, George W Franklin Disallowed
Corn, John A Lincoln Barred
Corson, Alphonzo Shelby Disallowed
Corus, John W Shelby see note
Cossitt, Franklin D Fayette Allowed
Costner, Mary Blount Allowed
Cotter, Hugh E Greene Barred
Couch, Nancy Hardin Allowed
Coulter, Thomas J Rhea Disallowed
Courtney, John, Estate of Hamilton Allowed
Covert, Oliver C Davidson Barred
Covington, Daniel Sevier Disallowed
Cowan, A J Lincoln Allowed
Cowan, Dorsey Humphreys Disallowed
Cowan, Hiram, Estate of Claiborne see note
Cowan, Varner D, Estate of Rutherford see note
Coward, William Tipton Disallowed
Cowart, Cynthia Hamilton Barred
Cox, Caleb McNairy Allowed
Cox, Elbert S Washington Allowed
Cox, George Sevier Barred
Cox, Leroy Hamblen Barred
Cox, Moses Weakley Disallowed
Cox, Rebecca Rhea Disallowed
Cox, Sarah Hawkins Disallowed
Cox, Sarah Morgan Allowed
Cox, William Dickson Disallowed
Cozart, Abram W Loudon Allowed
Cozart, David Henderson see note
Crabtree, John Greene Disallowed
Crabtree, Rheas S Jackson Barred
Crafton, Mary Gibson Disallowed
Craigmiles, Pleasant M Bradley Disallowed
Craigmiles, William H Bradley Allowed
Cram, Ezra, Estate of Davidson Barred
Cramer, Ferdinand Shelby Disallowed
Crandall, Asa H Loudon Disallowed
Creekmore, Green B Scott Barred
Crenshaw, Thomas B, Estate Shelby Disallowed
Crenshaw, William E Gibson Barred
Crews, James M Gibson see note
Crick, Samuel Williamson Disallowed
Crisp, James & Mahala Loudon Allowed
Crisp, Joel Loudon Allowed
Crittenden, M A Madison Barred
Crockett, Calvin Rutherford Disallowed
Crockett, Catherine W Williamson Allowed
Crockett, James Williamson Barred
Crockett, James B Fentress Barred
Crockett, James M Sullivan Barred
Crockett, John T Coffee Disallowed
Crockett, Mary, Estate of Williamson Barred
Crokett, John Obion Disallowed
Cross, Joel J Lawrence Barred
Crow, Henry C Giles Disallowed
Crowder, Robert P Monroe Allowed
Crowder, Terrill T Giles Disallowed
Crowder, Thomas, Estate of Monroe Allowed
Crow, Isaac S Carroll Barred
Crownover, Benjamin Franklin Disallowed
Crox, Henry A Loudon Allowed
Crump, John Shelby Barred
Crunk, James J Marshall Barred
Crutchfield, William Hamilton Allowed
Culp, Benjamin Carroll Barred
Cummings, Joseph B Blount Allowed
Cunningham, Elizabeth F Shelby Disallowed
Cunningham, Elvina Rhea Disallowed
Cunningham, John W Coffee Allowed
Cunningham, Leroy Hamilton Allowed
Cunningham, Leroy T Davidson Allowed
Cunningham, Levi Hardin Allowed
Cunningham, Matthew T Bedford Allowed
Cunningham, Samuel A Carter Disallowed
Curl, Joshua E Grainger Allowed
Curlin, Lemuel Obion see note
Currin, Adele Rutherford Disallowed
Currin, Amanda Rutherford Disallowed
Curry, James Jefferson Allowed
Curry, James C Bradley Allowed
Curtis, Isham L Loudon Disallowed
Curtis, John A Franklin Disallowed
Curtis, Joshua Loudon Disallowed & Barred
Cuthbertson, David Blount Allowed
Cuthbertson, Mary L Loudon Disallowed
Cyrus, Virginia P Davidson Barred
Dabbs, E J, Mrs. Fayette Allowed
Dailey, John Grainger Allowed
Dailey, Sarah Grainger Barred
Daily, William C Bradley Allowed
Daley, Henry Grainger Allowed
Dallas, Henry C [Dollins] Shelby Disallowed
Dalton, David T Jefferson Allowed
Dalton, M B [William B] Grainger Allowed
Damron, Joseph Lincoln Disallowed
Danel, Connell O Davidson Barred
Daniel, Isaac B Jefferson Allowed
Daniel, James H Jefferson Disallowed
Daniel, Marcus L Grainger Allowed
Daniel, Ralph W Madison Allowed
Daniel, Rufus A Coffee Disallowed
Daniel, Saml H Coffee Disallowed
Daniel, Thomas, Estate of Coffee Barred
Daniel, William F Jefferson Allowed
Daniels, R W, Estate of Montgomery see note
Dardis, James B Franklin Disallowed
Darnall, James Bedford Allowed
Darwin, James M Franklin Allowed
Darwin, John, Estate of Franklin Allowed
Darwin, Thomas C Rhea Disallowed
Darwin, William, Estate of Franklin Allowed
Daugherty, Mathew McMinn Disallowed
Daughtry, John Hamilton Allowed
Davault, James M Sullivan Disallowed
Davenport, Isaac N Henderson Disallowed
Davis, Jerry W Greene Allowed
Davidson, Aaron Shelby Disallowed
Davidson, James F Giles Disallowed
Davidson, John W Coffee Allowed
Davidson, Mary A Coffee Allowed
Davie, Montgomery D Montgomery Disallowed
Davis William A [Judith] Williamson Disallowed
Davis, William A Davidson Disallowed
Davis, Caleb B Lawrence Disallowed
Davis, Charles T P Loudon Allowed
Davis, Charles T P & Nancy P Davis Loudon Disallowed
Davis, Daniel Knox Barred
Davis, Henry B Bradley Allowed
Davis, Jacob, Cain & Emmett Wilson Disallowed
Davis, James Bradley Allowed
Davis, James Grainger Disallowed
Davis, James James Allowed
Davis, Jane A M Davidson Disallowed
Davis, John Greene Allowed
Davis, John Morgan Barred
Davis, John, Sr. DeKalb Allowed
Davis, Nancy P Loudon Allowed
Davis, Tarrence Blount Disallowed
Davis, Thomas Greene Allowed
Davis, Thomas W Cocke Disallowed
Davis, Wiley J Hardeman Disallowed
Davis, William Monroe Disallowed
Davis, William G Jefferson Disallowed
Davis, Zachariah Marshall Allowed
Davy, Jacob Montgomery Disallowed
Davy, Jehu L Hardin Allowed
Dawson, Eliza M Shelby Disallowed
Dawson, Joshua F Loudon Disallowed
Dawson, Simeon A Knox Disallowed
Dawson, William H Monroe Disallowed
Day, Mary C Hamblen Allowed
Day, Ransom Grainger Barred
Deady, John Hamilton Barred
Dean, Abijah Monroe Allowed
Dean, Elijah Hargron Montgomery Barred
DeArmand, John Roane Disallowed
Dearston, Susan Greene Disallowed
DeBusk, James Claiborne Allowed
Delk, William R Bedford Disallowed
DeLooch, Josiah Shelby Allowed
Demike, William Robertson Disallowed
Dennis, Robert Bedford Allowed
Denny, Jacob E Hawkins Barred
Denton, Charles Monroe Disallowed
Denton, Dorcas Monroe Allowed
Denton, James P Jefferson Allowed
Derieux, Jesse B Knox Allowed
Derieux, Peter, Estate of Knox Disallowed
Derrick, Erastus L McMinn Allowed
Derrick;, Calvin Jefferson Disallowed
Deshong, L W Carroll Disallowed
Deveney, Martin Davidson Disallowed
Dews, Pink Davidson Disallowed
Dice, George W Jefferson Disallowed
Dick, Lemuel M Jefferson Allowed
Dickens, William T Gibson Disallowed
Dickey, Steward O Sevier Disallowed
Dickirman, Isaiah & M J Davidson Barred
Dill, Martin Carroll Disallowed
Dill, Marvel M Rutherford Allowed
Dillard, William L Polk Barred
Dinker, Patrick Giles Allowed
Dinwiddie, Thos H Carroll Disallowed
Dinwiddle, J H Jefferson Allowed
Dishner, Jacob Sullivan Allowed
Dixon, Robert A James Disallowed
Dixon, Thomas Y Decatur Barred
Dixon, William M McMinn Allowed
Dobbins, Archibald Monroe Monroe Barred
Dobbins, Watt, Estate of Hawkins see note
Dobson, David M Greene Allowed
Dobson, Isaac C Greene Disallowed
Dobson, Mary A Greene Allowed
Dodd, Benjamin N Davidson Disallowed
Dodd, Elizabeth Greene Allowed
Dodds, Kindred M McNairy Allowed
Dodson, Oliver McMinn Allowed
Dodson, Whit Giles Allowed
Dodson, William L McMinn Allowed
Doherty, Patrick Davidson Allowed
Dolan, John D Davidson Disallowed
Dollins, David B Giles Disallowed
Donkers, Henry Shelby see note
Donley, Owen Shelby Disallowed
Donley, William Monroe Disallowed
Donlvan, Michael, Estate Bradley see note
Donnaldson, Docia A Franklin Disallowed
Donnell, Robert W Sumner Allowed
Donnelly, John Davidson Disallowed
Donnelly, R H M Greene Allowed
Dooly, Mary J Shelby Barred
Dortch, Willia Blount Davidson Barred
Dotsen, George C Dickson Barred
Dotson, Cornelius Greene Barred
Douglass, Alexander Jefferson Allowed
Douglass, Asa Shelby Barred
Douglass, Mary L Tipton Disallowed
Downey, Jackson H Meigs Allowed
Doxey, John J Sumner Disallowed
Doyle, Thomas J Greene Disallowed
Drake, Estell M Greene Allowed
Drake, Henry C Davidson Allowed
Drake, Isaac E Sullivan Disallowed
Drake, Isaac W Humphreys Disallowed
Drake, J D Claiborne Allowed
Duff, James Grainger Allowed
Duke, Edmund F McNairy Disallowed
Duncan, A J Claiborne Allowed
Duncan, Andrew Blount Allowed
Duncan, Andrew J Davidson Disallowed
Duncan, Craven Morgan Allowed
Duncan, Isaac A Jefferson Allowed
Duncan, John H, Estate of Jefferson Allowed
Dungan, Charles L Rhea Allowed
Dunlap, James Blount Allowed
Dunlap, Matilda Blount Disallowed
Dunlap, Ripley E Henry Barred
Dunn, John Coffee Disallowed
Dunn, John R Rutherford Disallowed
Dunn, Joseph W Loudon Allowed
Dunn, Nancy Lauderdale Disallowed
Dunn, Thomas M Cheatham Disallowed
Dupuy, Nancy Shelby Barred
Dyer, Elizabeth P Fayette Disallowed
Dyer, John S Jefferson Allowed
Dyer, Pryor, II Grainger Barred
Dyer, Richard F Hawkins Allowed
Dysart, James P Marshall Barred
Dysart, R C, Estate Marshall Barred
Earnest, Benjamin F Greene Barred
Earnest, Harvy W Greene Disallowed
Earnest, Isaac, Estate of Greene Disallowed
Earnest, James O Greene Disallowed
Earnest, Jesse R Greene Allowed
Earthman, Iaaac Rutherford Disallowed
Easley, Alfred Grainger Disallowed
Easley, John G Grainger Disallowed
Easly, Allen Grainger Disallowed
Easly, Henry Grainger Disallowed
Eason, Samuel S Davidson Disallowed
Easterly, Jonathan Greene Allowed
Eastham, George W DeKalb Allowed
Eastridge, Ephraim, Estate Claiborne Allowed
Eastridge, Hiram Claiborne Allowed
Eaves, Dudley F Gibson Barred
Eberly, Hiram W Shelby Disallowed
Eblen, Isaac N Roane Allowed
Edger, William J J Jefferson Allowed
Edington, Samuel Monroe Barred
Edmondson, Samuel Lawrence Disallowed
Edmonson, William Giles Barred
Edwards, Gincy Sumner Disallowed
Edwards, Mary, Heirs of Shelby see note
Edwards, Nancy A Rutherford Allowed
Edwards, Nathaniel J Carroll Barred
Edwards, Redman G Shelby Barred
Elder, John H Sevier Disallowed
Elder, Joshua W Rutherford Disallowed
Eldridge, John H Loudon Disallowed
Eldrige, I E Bradley Disallowed
Elkins, James M Franklin Disallowed
Eller, John Sullivan Allowed
Elliot, Elizabeth Sumner Disallowed
Elliott, Alpha Tipton Allowed
Elliott, George M Jefferson Allowed
Elliott, N D, Estate of Shelby Disallowed
Elliott, Thomas A Rutherford Allowed
Ellis, Daniel Carter Disallowed
Ellis, Edward Knox Barred
Ellis, Edward, Sr Scott Allowed
Ellis, Isaac Greene Allowed
Ellis, John N Lincoln Allowed
Ellis, John W Greene Allowed
Ellis, Katherine Shelby Disallowed
Ellis, Margaret Greene Disallowed
Ellis, Robert L Shelby Disallowed
Ellis, William R Sevier Allowed
Ellis, Willie Bedford Disallowed
Elmore, Mary Jefferson Allowed
Elsea, John Sr Hamilton Allowed
Ely, Ellias Claiborne Barred
Embry, Emily S Maury Disallowed
Emert, Daniel M J Grainger Barred
England, John Fentress Barred
England, Valentine Claiborne Allowed
Enoch, Benjamin S Smith Allowed
Ervin, James Monroe Allowed
Ervin, William Roane Allowed
Erwin, David P Maury Disallowed
Erwin, Henry B Marshall Allowed
Erwin, W H Giles Allowed
Eslick, Mary Lincoln Disallowed
Esselman, Rebecca Giles Disallowed
Essman, William Shelby Barred
Ester, Martha Davidson Barred
Estes, James Hamblen Allowed
Estes, William Hamblen Barred
Etheridge, Mark Shelby Barred
Evans, Alexander H Bedford Allowed
Evans, James M Sevier Allowed
Evans, John E Obion Disallowed
Exum, Lucy Ann Weakley Allowed
Fain, Alexander Hawkins Disallowed
Fain, H Crawford Sullivan Disallowed
Fain, Hugh C Washington Disallowed
Fain, Thomas W Jefferson Allowed
Faison, P B Hardeman Barred
Fall, John T S Davidson Allowed
Falls, Andrew Hardin Allowed
Falls, John Fayette Barred
Falls, Robert K Hardin Allowed
Falps, John Claiborne see note
Fancher, Francis Sevier Allowed
Fann, James M Rhea Allowed
Fariss, Thomas J McNairy Allowed
Farley, John A Fayette Disallowed
Farmer, Amos, Estate of Meigs Allowed
Farmer, Sarah L Shelby Disallowed
Farr, Absalom T Blount Allowed
Farr, Poleman Gibson Allowed
Farron, Joseph J Haywood Disallowed
Faucett, Frances Hamblen Barred
Faught, Moses M Obion Allowed
Faulk, Jacob C Obion Disallowed
Faulkner, Margaret M Wilson Disallowed
Featherstone, Clement A Franklin Disallowed
Featherstone, Richard, Estate Franklin Allowed
Felkner, Samuel F Hamblen Disallowed
Fellers, Sarah G Greene Allowed
Fellers, Susan E Greene Allowed
Fellis, Frances Davidson Disallowed
Felts, James, Estate Loudon Allowed
Feltz, Louisiana E Shelby Barred
Fenton, William M Shelby Allowed
Fergeson, J R Giles Barred
Ferris, John S Franklin Disallowed
Fielding, Lieutitia Jefferson Barred
Fields, Alexander Henderson Barred
Fields, Elijah J & Rose Ann Davidson Disallowed
Fields, John G Obion Allowed
Finch, Edward Carroll Disallowed
Finney, Washington Rutherford Disallowed
Fish, Etheldred D DeKalb Barred
Fisher, Francis A Rhea Allowed
Fisher, George M Gibson Disallowed
Fisher, Henry, Estate of Rhea Allowed
Fisher, William Loudon Disallowed
Fitzgerald, Elijah James Allowed
Fitzgerald, James B Greene Disallowed
Fitzpatrick, Michael Shelby Disallowed
Flant, James Giles Barred
Fleming, Ruth A Maury Disallowed
Fletcher, John L Obion Allowed
Flieman, George W, Estate of Giles Allowed
Floyd, James W Bedford Allowed
Floyd, John Knox Allowed
Fly, Tipp Rutherford Disallowed
Fogg, Mary L Madison Disallowed
Fogg, Sarah L Giles Allowed
Fogg, Thos S Giles Disallowed
Foley, Timothy Shelby Disallowed
Fonerill, Valerious Sumner Disallowed
Ford, Thomas S Rutherford Disallowed
Forest, Baylus B Benton Barred
Forest, Henry Anderson Allowed
Forister, Mary Loudon Allowed
Forkner, Daniel Peter Monroe Allowed
Forman, J F Cocke Allowed
Forner, Cornelius Polk Barred
Forsythe, Darius, Estate of James Allowed
Fortner, Anna Polk Barred
Fortner, Levi F Polk Allowed
Foster, D W C Carroll Barred
Foster, Isaac C Obion Allowed
Foster, John Polk Disallowed
Foster, William McMinn Disallowed
Foust, Phillip F Rhea Allowed
Foust, Saml K Giles Disallowed
Foust, William P, Estate of [Letitia] Rhea Allowed
Foute, John A J Roane Allowed
Fowler, William F Greene Allowed
Fox, James, Sr Greene Disallowed
Fracker, George W Greene Barred & Disallowed
France, John Loudon Allowed
Francis, Henry C Weakley Allowed
Francis, John M Weakley Allowed
Frank, Robertson Monroe Allowed
Franklin, Benhamin F Jefferson Allowed
Franklin, D J Heirs of Jefferson Barred
Franklin, David J McNairy Disallowed
Franklin, Henry Sevier Barred
Franklin, J H Sumner Disallowed
Franklin, Mary Louisa Shelby Barred
Franklin, Ned Sumner Allowed
Franks, Isaac Davidson Disallowed
Frazier, Martin Sevier Disallowed
Frazier, Thos N Davidson Allowed
Freel, Rosetta Shelby Disallowed
Freeman, Benjamin R Hardin Allowed
Freeman, Edward Wilson Barred
Freeman, James J Hardin Allowed
French, Henry S Davidson Disallowed
French, Lucinda B Jefferson Allowed
French, Margaret Bradley Allowed
French, Moses Jefferson Allowed
Frey, Joseph Knox Barred
Friar, Thomas Claiborne Allowed
Friend, Ellen C Maury Disallowed
Friend, John O Maury Barred
Fritts, David Morgan Allowed
Fry, James, Estate of Madison Disallowed
Fry, Jesse Giles Disallowed
Fryar, James Hamilton Allowed
Fullen, Adam B Greene Barred
Fuller, Turner J Madison Barred
Fullwood, Samuel M McNairy Disallowed
Fulton, A J Claiborne Allowed
Fulton, Hugh Sevier Allowed
Furguson, Elijah Jefferson see note
Gaines, Albert M Giles Disallowed
Gaines, William N Montgomery Allowed
Gains, Nathan, Estate of [Goins] James Allowed
Galbrath, John H Davidson Allowed
Gallaher, John Washington Disallowed
Galyan, J P Loudon Barred
Galyon, John Jefferson Allowed
Galyon, Robert Jefferson Disallowed
Gamble, James Polk Allowed
Gamble, John Blount Disallowed
Gamble, Josiah Blount Allowed
Gamble, Moses Blount Disallowed
Gamble, Neill S B McNairy Disallowed
Gamble, Robert L Hamilton Allowed
Gamewell, Mary A Madison Disallowed
Gammon, Isaac Knox Allowed & Disallowed
Gann, Preston Hamilton Allowed
Gans, Isaac M Shelby Allowed
Gant, George W Jefferson Allowed
Gantz, John Jefferson Disallowed
Gardenhire, James T Hamilton Allowed
Gardner, James Williamson Disallowed
Gardner, Martha Ann Madison Disallowed
Gardner, Thomas McMinn Barred
Garner, Griffin Franklin Allowed
Garrett, William G Rutherford Disallowed
Garst, David Washington Disallowed
Gass, Samuel G M Jefferson see note
Gaunt, Elizabeth, Estate of Bedford Allowed
Gautt, Judson Maury see note
Gay, Louisa M Monroe Disallowed
Gee, James W Davidson Disallowed
Gee, Robert J Tipton Barred
George, Evan Fayette Allowed
Gerber, G Frederick Hamilton Allowed
Gerstle, Abraham Greene Allowed
Gettys, James McMinn Allowed
Gholson, Anthony Maury Allowed
Gholson, Aaron Maury Allowed
Gibbs, C H Obion Allowed
Gibbs, John Knox Allowed
Gibson, Elizabeth J Cumberland Barred
Gibson, Jeremiah D, Estate of Washington Allowed
Gibson, Joseph Giles Allowed
Giffin, Bartley Knox Disallowed
Giffin, Jerusha H Knox Disallowed
Gilbert, D A Lincoln Allowed
Gilbert, Samuel Shelby Barred
Giles, Cloe Carroll Barred
Giles, James M Monroe Allowed
Giles, Jesse, Estate of Carroll Barred
Giles, Thomas H Rutherford Allowed
Gill, James Smith Allowed
Gill, John P Gibson Allowed
Gill, Sarah E Maury Allowed
Gill, Winston W Bedford Disallowed
Gillespie, George L, Heirs of Rhea Allowed
Gillespie, James H Shelby Disallowed
Gillespie, John C Hamilton Barred
Gillespie, John H Franklin Allowed
Gillilan, James E Dickson Allowed
Gillis, Dugald P Hardin Barred
Gillispie, Robert L Washington Allowed
Gilmore, Sarah A Grainger Allowed
Ginn, James B [Grinn] Hardin Allowed
Givins, James, Estate of Monroe Disallowed
Glaleher, Michael Grundy see note
Glancey, John, Estate of Shelby Disallowed
Glassic, D W & Minnie Davidson Disallowed
Glaze, William B Washington Allowed
Gloster, Arthur B Fayette Disallowed
Glover, Samuel Sullivan Disallowed
Godfrey, Thomas Grainger Disallowed
Godsey, Thomas II Hamilton Disallowed
Goffin, James, Estate of [Coffin] Monroe Disallowed
Goffin, Susan E Monroe Disallowed
Goforth, John Sevier Disallowed
Goin, Wilson Cocke Allowed
Goins, Edward Claiborne Allowed
Gooch, Eliza A Rutherford Disallowed
Good, Solomon Greene Allowed
Good, William Greene Allowed
Goodall, Jane M Smith Disallowed
Goodman, Solomon P Grundy Disallowed
Goodrum, Nath’l E E McNairy Barred
Goodwin, Augustus B Madison Disallowed
Goodwin, John B Rutherford Disallowed
Goodwin, Lawson H Carter Disallowed
Goodwin, Robert E Carter Disallowed
Goostree, James W Davidson Allowed
Gordon, William Rutherford Disallowed
Gordon, William C Bedford Allowed
Gorrell, Joseph K Cocke Disallowed
Gose, Stephen Cocke Disallowed
Gossage, William W Franklin Disallowed
Gothard, William B Rhea Barred
Gott, John G Sullivan Allowed
Gotthardt, Charles Perry Disallowed
Goucher, Harriet V Hamilton Barred
Goucher, John W Hamilton Disallowed
Gowdey, Thomas, Estate of Davidson Barred
Gowing, James M Shelby Disallowed
Gragg, Joseph Marshall Barred
Graham, David Fentress Barred
Graham, James H, Estate of Bedford Barred
Graham, James R Coffee Disallowed
Graham, Sam R Carroll Allowed & R
Granger, Edward B Shelby Barred
Grant, Lavinia Hamilton Disallowed
Graves, John O Fayette Disallowed
Graves, Nathaniel Giles Allowed
Graves, Thomas J Fayette Disallowed
Graves, W H Carroll Disallowed
Gray, George S Franklin Disallowed
Gray, Boswell T Williamson Allowed
Gray, George L Franklin Disallowed & Allowed
Gray, Hamilton Roane Allowed
Gray, Isaac Franklin Disallowed
Gray, Matilda Washington Disallowed
Gray, Newton Cocke Allowed
Gray, William Hawkins Barred
Gray, William B, Estate of Hamilton Allowed
Gray, William Slaughter Davidson Disallowed
Green, Augustus P Hamilton Disallowed
Green, Fanny Shelby Disallowed
Green, James H, Estate Rutherford Disallowed
Green, Jane Washington Allowed
Green, Lucy N Shelby Barred
Green, Nathan Sullivan Disallowed
Green, William A Rhea Disallowed
Greener, John G, Estate Davidson Disallowed
Greenlee, George Grainger Barred
Greenlee, John Grainger Allowed
Greenlee, John Calvin Grainger Barred
Greer, David S Shelby Disallowed
Greer, George W Bedford Allowed
Greer, John F Cumberland Allowed
Greer, Thomas Gibson Barred
Greer, William Grainger Allowed
Greeson, David Hardin Allowed
Gregory, Andrew Davidson Disallowed
Grider, Frederick Grainger Allowed
Griffen, John Grainger Allowed
Griffin, Jefferson Knox Allowed
Griffin, Joseph W Davidson Allowed
Griffin, Mrs. Francis J Knox Allowed
Griffiths, George Loudon Allowed
Griffiths, John Loudon Allowed
Griffitts, William S Blount Disallowed
Grigsby, William Hamblen Allowed
Grimsley, Abraham Hamilton Allowed
Grissom, Isaac Fayette Barred
Griswold, William A Grundy Disallowed
Groom, William H Carroll Allowed
Gross, Jacob James Allowed
Gross, Mary Jane James Allowed
Grove, George H Grainger see note
Gryder, Joseph Loudon Allowed
Gundlach, Helmuth C Knox Disallowed
Gunn, Simpson Coffee Disallowed
Guthrie, George B F, Estate of James Allowed
Guthrie, James A P James Disallowed
Guy, Ella M Shelby Disallowed
Guy, Wilson E Williamson Barred
Gwinn, Andrew I Madison Allowed
Hack, William Shelby Barred
Hackney, Hiram W Knox Allowed
Hackney, Hiram W & Heiskell, Fredrick Knox Allowed
Haga, Eliza Washington Allowed
Hagan, Gideon M [Hazen] Knox Allowed
Hagood, Sarah A Hawkins Allowed
Hahn, Benjamin Fayette Barred
Hailey, Samuel R Bedford Allowed
Hale, Elijah M Hamilton Disallowed & Barred
Hale, Henry Jefferson Allowed
Hale, Hiram D Washington Allowed
Hale, John B Obion Barred
Hale, Smith H Washington Disallowed
Hale, Stephen P Monroe Allowed
Hale, Stephen S Gibson Barred
Hale, William K Washington Disallowed
Haley, John Rutherford Disallowed
Haliburton, Gloster Rutherford Barred
Hall, Ann Knox Barred
Hall, Caswell Bradley Allowed
Hall, Hinton Shelby Allowed
Hall, Jane Henderson see note
Hall, Jerry Loudon Allowed
Hall, Levicy Knox Allowed
Hall, M E Carroll Barred
Hall, Mary Bradley Allowed
Hall, Robert T Bedford Disallowed
Hall, Robert W Madison Allowed
Hall, Robert H Carroll Disallowed
Hall, Thomas, Estate of Knox Allowed
Hall, William E Haywood Barred
Hallum, Asbury, Heirs of Shelby Disallowed
Hambaugh, P C & Thomas F Pettus Montgomery Disallowed
Hamby, Joel M Scott Allowed
Hamill, David C Hamilton Barred
Hamilton, David P Gibson Allowed
Hamilton, Emeline Monroe Allowed
Hamilton, Joseph Carroll Allowed
Hamilton, Joseph Hamblen Disallowed
Hamilton, Joshua Sullivan Allowed
Hamilton, Robert N Loudon Allowed
Hamilton, Westley Fayette Allowed
Hammer, Thomas C Loudon Disallowed
Hammond, George, Estate of Maury Disallowed
Hammond, M M Madison Disallowed
Hammond, William Jefferson Allowed
Hammonds, Jesse N Giles Barred
Hampton, John P Fayette Disallowed
Hampton, William H Grundy Barred
Hanauer, Louis Shelby Barred
Hancock, Hull H Giles Allowed
Hancock, Nancy Bradley Allowed
Hancy, William McMinn Allowed
Handley, Henry [Hondley] Rutherford Barred
Hankins, Polly Ann O Lawrence see note
Hanlon, Sister Ann Davidson Disallowed
Hanmer, Horace H Davidson Disallowed
Hann, George Hamblen see note
Hann, Lewis M Greene Allowed
Hannah, Andrew Giles see note
Hannah, Samuel B Shelby Disallowed
Hans, James [Haws] Washington Disallowed
Hardiman, William J Giles Disallowed
Hardin, Caffrey M Sevier Allowed
Hardin, Cornelius Greene Allowed
Hardin, John C R Monroe Disallowed & Allowed
Hardin, Peter Marion Disallowed
Harding, Buril Davidson Disallowed
Harding, Elizabeth W Davidson Disallowed
Harding, George W Davidson Disallowed
Hardwick, F E Bradley Disallowed
Harlan, Benjamin Maury Disallowed
Harlan, Joseph Sumner Barred
Harlan, Peter H Sumner Disallowed
Harlon, Isaac Carroll Allowed
Harmon, Harrison C Greene Allowed
Harmon, John Greene Allowed
Harold, Elwood D & Francis M Bradley Disallowed
Harold, James W Greene Disallowed
Harper, Green Sumner Disallowed
Harper, James Knox Allowed
Harper, Jesse H Madison Allowed
Harrill, B J Monroe Disallowed
Harris, Crampton S Hamblen Disallowed
Harris, G K Montgomery Allowed
Harris, Henry C McNairy Allowed
Harris, J E T Washington Disallowed
Harris, Jeremiah G Davidson Disallowed
Harris, John N Bedford Allowed
Harris, John W Fayette Disallowed
Harris, John W, Jr Tipton Disallowed
Harris, Zeno T, Estate of Shelby Barred
Harrison, Aaron Williamson Allowed
Harrison, Benjamin T Loudon Allowed
Harrison, Henderson Rhea Allowed
Harrison, James B Giles Disallowed
Harrison, James F, Estate Loudon Allowed
Harrison, John B Obion Allowed
Harrison, John W, Estate of Roane Allowed
Harrison, William C Rutherford Disallowed
Harrison, William Sr, Estate of Williamson Disallowed
Hart, Henry C Henderson Barred
Hart, James Henderson Barred
Hart, John Bedford Allowed
Hart, Mary A Giles Disallowed
Hart, Roland J Shelby Disallowed
Hart, Solomon Carter Disallowed
Hartman, Joseph Greene Disallowed
Hartman, Thomas J Hamilton Allowed
Hartman, William G Carroll Allowed
Hartsell, Charles R Monroe Allowed
Hartsell, Isaac W Washington Disallowed & Allowed
Hartsell, William A Monroe Disallowed
Harvey, Michael Blount Barred
Harvy, D A Washington Disallowed
Harwell, Hannah Giles Allowed
Harwell, Logan D Giles Disallowed
Harwell, Parthenia P Lincoln Disallowed
Harwell, Thomas Giles Barred
Harwood, William G Gibson Disallowed
Hash, Charley Rutherford Barred
Haskins, Thomas S Loudon Allowed
Hass, E E Knox see note
Hassell, Margaret Sumner Disallowed
Hastings, James Bedford Allowed
Hastings, James P Henry Disallowed
Hastings, Mrs. Louarkh Bedford Disallowed
Hatch, John W Henderson Barred
Hatcher, Elijah L Blount Allowed
Hatcher, John McMinn Allowed
Hatcher, John L Humphreys Allowed
Hatfield, Ale Scott Barred
Hathaway, Ruth C DeKalb Allowed
Hatten, Gilbert H Weakley Allowed
Haun, Isaac Hamblen Allowed
Haun, Joel Hamblen Allowed
Haupt, J F Knox Disallowed
Hauser, Augusta Shelby Barred
Hawkins, Gregory, Estate of Monroe Allowed
Hawthorne, H T Claiborne Allowed
Hayes, Thomas H Rutherford Allowed
Haynes, E M Grundy Allowed
Haynes, Everett B Rutherford Disallowed
Haynes, James H Rutherford Allowed
Haynes, Josiah Claiborne Barred
Haynes, William R Williamson Disallowed
Hays, John F, Estate of Bradley Allowed
Hays, Joshua O Loudon Allowed
Hays, Nathaniel W Bradley Disallowed
Hays, Samuel I, Estate of Madison Barred
Hays, Susan C Bradley Disallowed
Hayse, William Claiborne Barred
Hayworth, Isaac F Jefferson Disallowed
Hayworth, Richard Jefferson Allowed
Head, Amanda M Washington Disallowed
Headrick, John D Blount Allowed
Headrick, Minerva T Sevier Allowed
Headrick, Nancy A & Nancy Hardin Sevier see note
Headrick, Salina & William Sevier Allowed
Heath, David N Grainger Disallowed
Heathcock, Newton J Gibson Barred
Hedgcoth, Bazzel Cumberland Allowed
Hefner, John P Marion Disallowed
Heiskell, Daniel Monroe Disallowed
Heiskell, Frederick S & Hiram W Hackney Knox Disallowed
Heiskell, Frederick S Knox Allowed
Helton, Abraham Bedford Barred
Helton, Austin Bedford Allowed
Helton, Cynthia Hemblen Disallowed
Helton, James Grainger Disallowed
Helton, Sylvester Sumner Disallowed
Henard, William J Hawkins Disallowed
Henderson, Albert G Rutherford Disallowed
Henderson, Calvin Rutherford Barred
Henderson, F H Carroll Disallowed
Henderson, Jamnel Warren Disallowed
Henderson, John, Estate Bradley Disallowed
Henderson, Rachel A Monroe Disallowed
Henderson, Samuel L Hawkins Disallowed
Henderson, Thomas Knox Allowed
Henderson, William Hamblen Allowed
Henderson, William A Bradley Allowed
Hendren, Hudson J Haywood Disallowed
Hendrix, Joshua Giles Barred
Hendrix, William C Giles Barred
Hendrixson, Joseph L DeKalb Barred
Heninger, William W Union Allowed
Henley, James H Bedford Disallowed
Henley, R W Gibson Disallowed
Henley, Thomas O Monroe Disallowed
Henry, Calvin Rhea Allowed
Henry, James A Henderson Disallowed
Henry, James M Bradley Allowed
Henry, John Jefferson Disallowed
Henry, John R Blount Disallowed
Henry, Samuel H Loudon Barred
Henry, William Carroll see note
Henry, William M Madison Barred
Henson, Henderson Loudon Barred
Herrin, Thomas Davidson Barred
Hessen, John Shelby Barred
Hessey, John H Franklin Allowed
Hessey, Robert H Franklin Allowed
Hester, H G Weakley Disallowed
Hewitt, Jesse T Shelby Disallowed
Hickey, David Knox Allowed
Hickman, Bates Bradley Barred
Hickman, Henry Rhea Barred
Hickman, James Davidson Disallowed
Hickman, John R Hamilton Disallowed
Hickman, Stephen Sevier Disallowed
Hickman, William T Sevier Allowed
Hickman, William A Hamilton Allowed
Hicks, George Madison Barred
Hicks, Henry C Sullivan Disallowed
Hicks, Jane Rhea Allowed
Hicks, Mary H Monroe Allowed
Hicks, Samuel Washington Disallowed
Hicks, W J Haywood Allowed
Higdon, Miles C Maury Disallowed
Higgins, F Davidson Barred
Hightower, R R Williamson Disallowed
Hightower, Sarah E Jefferson Allowed
Hilbert, John H Washington Disallowed
Hildebrand, David H Shelby Disallowed
Hill, Andrew J McNairy Barred
Hill, Daniel A McNairy Allowed
Hill, Jacob Madison Disallowed
Hill, James W McNairy Disallowed
Hill, Jethrie Jefferson Barred
Hill, John J Gibson Disallowed
Hill, John W Hamblen Disallowed
Hill, Louisa J Franklin Disallowed
Hill, Richard Haywood Disallowed
Hill, Richard McNairy Barred
Hinch, John C Bledsoe Allowed
Hines, Wiley J Franklin Disallowed
Hinkal, Abner L [Hankal] Washington Disallowed
Hinson, John W Henderson Disallowed
Hitch, Morris Shelby Barred
Hittson, Thomas Hancock Allowed
Hix, Joshua M Bedford Allowed
Hixon, James K Grainger Disallowed
Hixson, Henry G Hamilton Allowed
Hixson, Washington Hamilton Allowed
Hixson, Wilson Hamilton Allowed
Hobbs, James M Bedford Disallowed
Hobbs, Jesse Hamblen Allowed
Hobbs, Jesse B Hardin Allowed
Hobson, Nicholas Davidson Barred
Hodge, James Maury Allowed
Hodge, Jane C Williamson Disallowed
Hodge, Logan S Jefferson Allowed
Hodge, Sarah A Maury Disallowed
Hodges, Calvin M Sevier Disallowed
Hodges, Ganum C Jefferson Disallowed
Hodges, Granville Claiborne Allowed
Hodges, Jacob E Grainger Disallowed
Hodges, James C Jefferson Disallowed
Hodges, John Jefferson Disallowed
Hodges, Lewis Claiborne Allowed
Hodges, Preston Claiborne Allowed
Hodges, Roland Washington Disallowed
Hodges, William R Knox Barred
Hogan, Anderson Giles Disallowed
Hogan, W R Obion Allowed
Hoge, Wallace N & Ellen I Bradley Allowed
Holahan, Eugene J Shelby Disallowed
Holt, John Sullivan Disallowed
Holland, Martin Shelby Disallowed
Holland, Saml J, Estate of Franklin Disallowed
Holliday, George F Marshall MS/TN Disallowed
Holloway, James Davidson Allowed
Holloway, Joseph Morgan Allowed
Hollowell, Joseph Rutherford Disallowed
Hollowell, Oliver Shelby Disallowed
Holly, Ezekiel Knox Allowed & Disallowed
Holmes, G J Carroll Barred
Holston, James E Hamblen Disallowed
Holt, Henry Williamson Disallowed
Holt, Isaac B Bedford Allowed
Holt, John M Hamblen Disallowed
Holt, Joseph B Gibson Barred
Holt, Thomas Williamson Disallowed
Hoodenpyle, Robert Sequatchie Disallowed
Hooker, John Loudon Allowed
Hoover, Frederick A Rutherford Disallowed
Hoover, Harris B Jackson Allowed
Hoover, Noah Sullivan Allowed
Hopkins, John H Gibson Barred
Horbell, Catharine Rutherford Barred
Hord, Coleman F Coffee Allowed
Horn, David McNairy Allowed
Horn, James F, Estate of Henderson Allowed
Hornbuckle, Hiram McNairy Barred
Horner, Pleasant Hamblen Allowed
Horr, R C [Hon] Haywood Allowed
Horton, Elmore R Franklin Allowed
Horton, Margaret Williamson Disallowed
Hoskins, George C Jefferson Disallowed
Hoss, Landon C Knox Barred
Houk, Henry Sevier Disallowed
Houk, Hopkins L Sevier Allowed
House, Julia A Rutherford Barred
House, Mary I Weakley Allowed
House, Nicholas Rutherford Disallowed
Houser, Finley A Lawrence see note
Houston, James H Monroe Allowed
Houston, Robert W Bedford Allowed
Houston, W A Fayette Allowed
Howard, Allison James Allowed
Howard, John Monroe Allowed
Howard, John R McMinn Allowed
Howard, Samuel Henderson Disallowed
Howard, Thomas Lawrence Disallowed
Howard, William P Madison Allowed
Howell, James Dickson Allowed
Howell, Jesse, Estate of [William Howell] Hamblen Allowed
Howell, John G Jackson Disallowed
Howell, John H Grainger Disallowed
Howell, Sylvanus, Estate Knox Allowed
Howell, William A Jefferson Allowed
Howington, James W Davidson Disallowed
Howland, John F Rutherford Barred
Howland, John F Shelby Barred
Howry, Lewis Hamblen Disallowed
Hubbard, Marty Jane Jefferson Disallowed
Huddleston, Israel F McNairy Disallowed
Huddleston, John F, Sr Union Allowed
Huddleston, Lafayette Union Disallowed
Hudgens, Hampton White Barred
Hudlow, Martha F Bedford Disallowed
Hudson, Richard G [Hubbard] Morgan Disallowed
Huff, Joseph Monroe Barred
Huffaker, Christopher Bradley Allowed
Huffaker, George Knox Allowed
Huffar, Pleasant A Coffee Allowed
Huffine, Benjamin Loudon Disallowed
Huffine, Daniel Roane Allowed
Huffine, Ephraim D James Allowed
Huggins, William S Coffee Disallowed
Hughes, Enoch M Loudon Allowed
Hughes, Henry C Weakley Allowed
Hughes, Indiana E Shelby Disallowed
Hughes, John Carter Allowed
Hughes, Martha W Madison Disallowed
Hughes, William C McNairy Disallowed
Hughey, Robert Bedford see note
Hughey, Robert & Buchanan, Thos W Lincoln Allowed
Hukill, Richard Shelby Disallowed
Hull, Isaac Hamblen Barred
Hull, Isaac Jefferson see note
Hullitt, John W Sumner Allowed
Humble, Benjamin F Warren Allowed
Humble, George W Carroll Disallowed
Humble, Jacob Carroll Allowed
Humbord, William R Jefferson Disallowed
Hume, David P Jefferson Disallowed
Humes, Anthony Knox Allowed
Humphreys, Alfred C Monroe Allowed
Humphreys, Jesse Washington Disallowed
Humphreys, John James Allowed
Humphries, Richard Washington Allowed
Humpreys, Samuel A Blount Disallowed
Humpston, John W Jefferson Disallowed
Hunt, Elizabeth Franklin Barred
Hunt, Fannie T Shelby Disallowed
Hunt, Francis M Maury Disallowed
Hunt, Mary S Tipton Disallowed
Hunt, Sarah Shelby Barred
Hunt, Smith H Hamblen Disallowed
Hunt, William Bradley Allowed
Hunter, Addison P James Disallowed
Hunter, H H, Estate of Giles Barred
Hunter, James N Madison Disallowed
Hunter, Robert N Rutherford Disallowed
Hurst, Lynna E Hardin Allowed
Hurst, Daniel R Hardin Allowed
Hurst, Fielding McNairy Allowed
Hurst, John L McMinn Allowed
Hurst, Robert Fentress Barred
Hurst, William Marion Allowed
Hurt, Berry F Shelby Disallowed
Hurt, Fannie M Madison Disallowed
Hurt, Mary A Davidson Disallowed
Hurtt, Sarah Morgan Allowed
Hutchinson, George Dickson Disallowed
Hutsell, Andrew McMinn Disallowed
Hutton, Josiah C Blount Allowed
Hyde, Thomas J Davidson Disallowed
Hyde, Wesley H Gibson Barred
Hyder, Pleasant M Putnam Barred
Hyder, W F M Carter Disallowed
Hynes, Bernard Davidson Disallowed
Hysinger, Jacob Bradley Allowed
Ingram, David J Loudon Disallowed
Ingram, Sandford Roane Allowed
Inman, Alexander Monroe Allowed
Inman, John B Madison Disallowed
Irwin, John Madison see note
Irwin, Mark W Jefferson Barred
Irwin, William B, Estate of James Disallowed
Isaacs, Solomon Shelby Disallowed
Isbel, Sarah A Monroe Disallowed
Isbell, Nicholas H Fayette Disallowed
Ivens, William S Monroe Allowed
Ivie, Benjamin W Weakley Barred
Jackson, A B Hamilton Allowed
Jackson, A G, Sr Knox Allowed
Jackson, Frances A Hamilton Disallowed
Jackson, German Humphreys Barred
Jackson, Henry C Davidson Disallowed
Jackson, James A Davidson Allowed
Jackson, James J Hamilton Allowed
Jackson, John H Loudon Allowed
Jackson, John Y Giles Barred
Jackson, Jonathan Hamilton Allowed
Jackson, Thomas N Rutherford Barred
Jacobs, Elizabeth Monroe Disallowed
Jacobs, John, Estate of Monroe Disallowed
James, Amos Henry Allowed
James, John D Davidson Disallowed
James, Joseph H Monroe Barred
Jamison, Sarah W Rutherford Disallowed
Janeway, Isaac B Knox Allowed
January, Sallie H, Estate Rutherford Barred
Jarnagin, Nelson Grainger Allowed
Jarnagin, Russell Grainger Disallowed
Jarrett, Thompson Rutherford Disallowed
Jefferson, Richard Knox Allowed
Jenkins, Calvin E Bedford Allowed
Jenkins, David Monroe Allowed
Jenkins, Hiram, Estate of Rutherford Barred
Jenkins, Jennie & Nannoma Rutherford Allowed
Jenkins, John Loudon Allowed
Jenkins, Joseph Hawkins Barred
Jenkins, William Bedford Allowed
Jennings, D F Claiborne Allowed
Jennings, Peter Davidson Disallowed
Jennings, Robert Grainger Allowed
Jernigan, Mary E Davidson Disallowed
Jeter, William M McNairy Allowed
Jetton, Lafayette Rutherford Barred
John, Andrew Bradley Disallowed
Johnson, Major Willis Lawrence Barred
Johnson, Anthony W, Jr Davidson Disallowed
Johnson, Claibourn Grainger Barred
Johnson, Demcy Knox Allowed
Johnson, Dudley G Fayette Disallowed
Johnson, George M Williamson Disallowed
Johnson, Henry Washington Disallowed
Johnson, Jacob Sumner Disallowed
Johnson, James Williamson Disallowed
Johnson, Joel Jefferson Disallowed
Johnson, John H Roane Disallowed
Johnson, John L & Looney, Absalom Knox Disallowed
Johnson, John O Rhea Allowed
Johnson, John R Rutherford Disallowed
Johnson, Jonathan, Estate Sevier Barred
Johnson, Joseph R Hawkins see note
Johnson, Lilbourn Hawkins Disallowed
Johnson, Lewis F Loudon Allowed
Johnson, Luther M Maury Disallowed
Johnson, Mary B [Johnston] Fayette Barred
Johnson, Nancy Roane Allowed
Johnson, Sanford Hawkins Disallowed
Johnson, Sarah Henderson Allowed
Johnson, Thomas Davidson Disallowed
Johnson, Thomas Jefferson Allowed
Johnson, Thomas J Haywood Disallowed
Johnson, Uriel [Johnston] McMinn Allowed
Johnston, Samuel M Loudon Allowed
Johnston, F G Monroe Barred
Johnston, Joseph A Loudon Barred
Johnston, Josephine Franklin Allowed
Johnston, Susan O Madison Barred
Johnston, William F [Johnson] Loudon Allowed
Jolly, Charles T Jefferson Allowed
Jolly, Elizabeth Jefferson Allowed
Jolly, William Hamblen Barred
Jones, Alexander Hamilton Disallowed
Jones, Alfred, Estate of Sumner Allowed
Jones, Caleb B Fayette Barred
Jones, Charles L Franklin Disallowed
Jones, D P Carroll Barred
Jones, Daniel Claiborne Allowed
Jones, Daniel S Hamilton Allowed
Jones, Edward Shelby Allowed
Jones, Eli A Grainger Allowed
Jones, Elijah Grainger Allowed
Jones, Emma J Madison Disallowed
Jones, Furney D Claiborne Allowed
Jones, George W Madison Allowed
Jones, Hannah Roane Allowed
Jones, Henderson T Henderson Allowed
Jones, Henry J Shelby Barred
Jones, Henry M Washington Allowed
Jones, J B Grainger Allowed
Jones, James L Bradley Allowed
Jones, John DeKalb Allowed
Jones, John Greene Allowed
Jones, John D Loudon Allowed
Jones, John M Knox Disallowed
Jones, John R Fayette Disallowed
Jones, John W Franklin Barred
Jones, Joseph Loudon Allowed
Jones, Joseph D Loudon Disallowed
Jones, M V Bradley Disallowed
Jones, Marion D Haywood Disallowed
Jones, Marrell H Henderson Barred
Jones, Mary Hamilton Allowed
Jones, Matthew, Estate of Henderson Allowed
Jones, Morgan Madison Disallowed
Jones, Nathaniel W Maury Disallowed
Jones, Pleasant J Hamblen Barred
Jones, Rebecca Madison Disallowed
Jones, Redrick Yancy Loudon Allowed
Jones, Reuben S & William A Brown Shelby Barred
Jones, Richard B Madison Barred
Jones, Richard C Rutherford Barred
Jones, Ross, Estate of [Daniel] Monroe Allowed
Jones, Rufus Loudon Disallowed
Jones, Saml L Franklin Barred
Jones, Thomas C Fayette Barred
Jones, William Hardeman Disallowed
Jones, William Jefferson Allowed
Jones, William H Obion Disallowed
Jones, Willie Baker Fayette Barred
Jones, William Grainger Barred
Jones, William R Blount Allowed
Jordan, Edward L Rutherford Allowed
Jordan, Saml B Davidson Allowed
Jordan, William Davidson Barred
Joyner, Giles D Morgan Disallowed
Joyner, Hugh Sumner Barred
Joyner, Micajah Henderson Barred
Julian, George Bradley Allowed & Disallowed
Julian, Isom Bradley Allowed
Julian, Solomon Loudon Allowed
Julian, William C Loudon Allowed
Kagley, Joseph Blount see note
Karr, John H Grainger Disallowed
Kearley, William Cumberland Barred
Keaton, C W Carroll Disallowed
Keeble, Joseph Rutherford Barred
Keeble, Richard Blount Allowed
Keebler, Joseph Washington Allowed
Keebler, Samuel Washington Allowed
Keegan, Mary E Shebly Barred
Keelen, Floridore A Madison Barred & Disallowed
Keen, Gilbert P Blount Allowed
Keener, Leroy S Knox see note
Keesee, Thomas W Maury Allowed
Keeton, Harrison Scott Allowed
Keith, Alexander H McMinn Disallowed
Keith, Charles M McMinn Allowed
Keith, George W Morgan Allowed
Keith, James N Franklin Barred
Keith, Moses M Franklin Disallowed
Keith, Nicholas Rhea Allowed
Kelley, Ann J Cocke Allowed
Kelley, Julia F Rhea Disallowed
Kelley, Nathan McMinn Allowed
Kelley, Wylie Cocke Disallowed
Kelly, Clarissa Rutherford Disallowed
Kelly, Mack Claiborne Allowed
Kelly, Peter Madison Disallowed
Kelly, Polly Hawkins Allowed
Kelly, James J Rhea Allowed
Kelso, Nancy J Monroe Allowed
Kemp, George R Hardin Allowed
Kendrick, Elihu E Maury Barred
Kennedy, Alexander Blount Allowed
Kennedy, Marcus L Hamilton Allowed
Kennedy, Samuel Jefferson Disallowed
Kennedy, Samuel J [Kennerly] Franklin Disallowed
Kennedy, Susan Williamson Barred
Kennedy, William Knox Allowed
Kenner, W D Hawkins Allowed
Kennerly, John P Franklin Disallowed
Kenney, Benjamin Shelby Disallowed
Kenney, George E Greene Disallowed
Kerby, Calvin A Hardin Allowed
Kerby, John McNairy Barred
Kerby, William W McNairy Dismissed
Kerr, Alexander Dickson Disallowed
Kerr, Andrew R Maury Barred
Kerr, John Shelby Disallowed
Ketron, John W Sullivan Barred
Key, James Blount see note
Keys, Elizabeth Washington Disallowed
Keys, James M Washington Disallowed
Keys, William Knox Disallowed
Kibert, John Claiborne Barred
Kibler, Montgomery Bradley Allowed
Kibler, Samuel Bradley Barred
Kidwell, Henderson Grainger Allowed
Kidwell, Rufus J Hamblen Disallowed
Kiggins, William Loudon Allowed
Kile, W W Loudon Allowed
Kilgore, Stephen Grundy Allowed
Kilmartin, Rodger Lincoln see note
Kimbro, Elizabeth V Davidson Disallowed
Kimbro, John B Rutherford Disallowed
Kimbrough, Elisha Monroe Barred
Kimbrough, Jacob C Monroe Allowed
Kimbrough, John C Shelby Barred
Kimbrough, John M Monroe Disallowed
Kimmons, Thomas, Estate of Bedford Barred
Kincaid, John, Estate of Fayette Barred
Kincheloo, James, Estate of Hawkins Barred
King, Charles Shelby Allowed
King, Elizabeth, Estate of Hawkins Disallowed
King, George Knox Barred
King, Henry McNairy Disallowed
King, Henry A Gibson Allowed
King, Hiram Hawkins Disallowed
King, Ira W Smith Barred
King, Jeremiah Carroll Allowed
King, Ransom Carroll Barred
King, Robert Hawkins Barred
King, Sarah C Knox Allowed
King, Stephen Loudon Allowed
King, William H Sevier Allowed
Kinningham, Ira Franklin Allowed
Kinningham, William M, Estate of Franklin Allowed
Kirby, George McMinn Allowed
Kirby, James L Bradley Allowed
Kirk, Abraham B Greene Allowed
Kirk, James, Estate of Greene Disallowed
Kirk, Rebecca E Greene Allowed
Kirkland, James M Monroe Disallowed
Kirkland, Jesse R Monroe Barred
Kirkpatrick, David Hawkins see note
Kiser, Robert Henderson Disallowed
Kite, Martha Hawkins Allowed
Kite, Pinckney Hawkins Disallowed
Kitts, Henry Grainger Allowed
Klepper, John B Washington Disallowed
Klepper, Joseph Carter Disallowed
Kline, James A Loudon Barred
Knight, Matilda Franklin Allowed
Knight, Rebecca Madison Disallowed
Knight, Thomas, Estate of Rhea Allowed
Knott, Andrew Knox Allowed
Knowles, Edward Henderson Allowed
Knox, James Loudon Disallowed
Konns, John Giles Disallowed
Kreis, Deitriek Morgan Allowed
Kreis, John Morgan Disallowed
Kyes, John Monroe Barred
Kyle, E J Carroll Disallowed
Lacy, Demetrius Madison Barred
Lacy, Hugh R Madison Disallowed
Lacy, John Bedford Barred
Lacy, John W [Lucy] Carter Disallowed
Ladd, Amos Polk Disallowed
Ladd, D L, Estate of Roane Allowed
Ladd, Samuel N Roane Allowed
Ladd, Thornton G Tipton Disallowed
Lahay, John Davidson Barred
Lamb, S D Carroll Barred
Lamon, John Hamilton Allowed
Lamon, John (Igones Ferr) Hamilton Allowed
Landers, Rachel McMinn Allowed
Landrum, William H Carroll Barred
Lane, Edward R Loudon Allowed
Lane, J J, Estate of Loudon Disallowed
Lane, J W Loudon Allowed
Lane, James P & M A Blount Allowed
Lane, John S Hamblen Barred
Lang, Jacob Washington Allowed
Langan, Thomas Humphreys Allowed
Langham, Ransom Maury Disallowed
Langley, Ephraim Morgan Disallowed
Langston, Martin Bradley Allowed
Lanier, Hetty Shelby Barred
Lanier, John C Shelby Barred
Lanier, William B Haywood S
Larkin, John Shelby Disallowed
Larkin, Samuel Davidson Allowed
Larkin, William Franklin Allowed
Larrance, Jonathon Jefferson Disallowed
LaRue, J C Cocke Disallowed
Lasley, Martin V Hamilton Allowed
Lassiter, Hance Carroll Disallowed
Laster, Robert E Coffee Allowed
Latture, Jacob Sullivan Allowed
Lauderdale, James Sumner Disallowed
Laughlin, James McNairy Allowed
Laughlin, Thomas, Estate Loudon Allowed
Laughlin, William W McNairy Allowed
Law, William Grundy see note
Laws, G. L Henderson Barred
Laws, John W Carroll Barred
Lawson, Ardelia A Bradley Allowed
Lawson, Calaway H Hawkins Allowed
Lawson, Preston Hawkins Allowed
Lay, Emeline Hardeman Barred
Lay, James Claiborne Barred
Laycook, John S Carroll Allowed
Layman, George Jefferson Disallowed
Layman, James Jefferson Allowed
Laymance, Isaac J Morgan Barred
Lea, Lorenzo Fayette Barred
Lea, Harmon G Grainger Barred
Lea, Isaac R Bradley Allowed
Lea, Mrs. F A Madison see note
Leahy, James Davidson Disallowed
Leatherwood, Aquilla Polk Disallowed
Ledford, Wesley Polk Barred
Lee, Alexander Monroe Barred
Lee, Augustin B Loudon Barred
Lee, Charley, Estate of Bradley Allowed
Lee, Ephraim Blount Disallowed
Lee, Isaac, Estate of Bradley Allowed
Lee, James Grainger Barred
Lee, John Gibson Disallowed
Leek, Thomas Davidson Allowed
Leeper, Saunders M Loudin Allowed
Leeper, William K Knox Allowed
Leftwich, William W Knox Barred
Legard, John A J Sullivan Disallowed
Leger, Archibald Hancock Allowed
Leinart, John Anderson Disallowed
Lement, Samuel D Knox Barred
Leming, John Monroe Allowed
Lennon, Rebecca Jefferson Allowed
Lenoir, Albert S, Estate of Loudon Allowed
Lenoir, Catharine F Loudon Barred
Lenton, William Lauderdale Barred
Lentz, James, Estate of Bedford Allowed
Leonard, L B Haywood Barred
Lesley, Andrew, Estate of Sullivan Allowed
Levan, Thomps T Grundy Disallowed
Levi, George Hamilton Allowed
Lewallen, Anderson S Scott Barred
Lewis, Abner D Fayette Disallowed
Lewis, David, Estate of Meigs Allowed
Lewis, Ezekiel, Estate of Davidson Disallowed
Lewis, John E Haywood Disallowed
Lewis, Mary A Loudon Disallowed & Allowed
Lewis, Mary A Sumner see note
Lewis, Nicholas Knox Disallowed
Lewis, Susan K Loudon Disallowed
Lewis, W R Wilson Disallowed
Lewis, William Carter Disallowed
Ligon, Mrs S A Obion Barred
Lillard, Albert Sumner Disallowed
Lillard, Benjamin, Estate Rutherford Barred
Lillard, William Rutherford Barred
Lillard,Abraham F Marshall Disallowed
Lindsey, David M Monroe Allowed
Line, Matterson Hamblen Allowed
Linn, Amelia Grainger see note
Linn, Robert Jefferson Disallowed
Linn, W H Monroe Allowed
Lipscomb, Ann D, Estate Franklin Disallowed
Lipscomb, Jane L Franklin Disallowed
Lipscomb, William C Franklin Disallowed
Literal, Harriet Giles Disallowed
Little, Arthur, et al Montgomery see note
Littlepage, Mary J Madison Disallowed
Littleton, Mary E Loudon Disallowed
Litz, Joel & Lucinda Sullivan Disallowed
Livingston, Charles H Polk Barred
Livingston, Ned [Edward] Knox Disallowed
Locke, Benjamin F Tipton Disallowed
Locke, Franklin Rhea Allowed
Locke, James W Lawrence Allowed
Lockhart, John N Jefferson Allowed
Logan, David M Marshall Allowed
Long, James Grainger Disallowed
Long, James Hamblen Allowed
Long, James Hawkins Barred
Long, John Grainger Disallowed
Long, John Hamblen Allowed
Long, John D Grainger Disallowed
Long, John S James Disallowed
Long, Levi Grainger Allowed
Long, Phillip Jefferson Allowed
Long, Robert Hamblen Allowed
Long, Sacharissa M Maury Disallowed
Long, William P Grainger Disallowed
Longmire, John L Washington Disallowed
Looney, Absalom & Johnson, John L Knox Disallowed
Looney, William Knox Allowed
Loop, Lewis Davidson Allowed
Lord, Easter Knox Disallowed
Lord, Sarah Knox Allowed
Lott, John McNairy Allowed
Love, Ebzan Hamblen Allowed
Love, Mason M Washington Allowed
Love, Robert B Gibson Barred
Lovegrove, Jordan Washington Disallowed
Lovelady, George Hamilton Allowed
Lovelady, Gideon Hamilton Disallowed
Low, Alfred B Greene Allowed
Low, William H Bradley Allowed
Lowe, Alfred Prior Rutherford Disallowed
Lowe, Joseph Loudon see note
Lowe, William, Estate of Rutherford Disallowed
Lowery, Daniel, Estate of Loudon see note
Lowery, Susan Monroe Disallowed
Lowry, A M McMinn Barred
Loyd, Ervin Hardin Allowed
Lucan, Foster G & John Davidson Allowed
Lucas, Nimrod F Humphreys Barred
Luck, Silas M Shelby Disallowed
Lusk, James Grundy Disallowed
Luttrell, George James Allowed
Luttrell, James C Knox Allowed
Lyle, John Washington Disallowed
Lyles, Hiram Smith Disallowed
Lynch, Henderson Greene Disallowed
Lynch, James R Hardeman Allowed
Lynn, Charles, Heirs of Sullivan Barred
Lynn, John Tipton Barred
Mabry, Wiley Knox Allowed
Mack, Daniel Davidson Barred
Maddox, Thomas Jefferson Barred
Madox, Silas Putnam Barred
Madry, Elizabeth Giles Disallowed
Madry, John P Giles Disallowed
Magill, Nathaniel Monroe Allowed
Maguire, Mary [McGuire] Shelby Barred
Mahan, Alexander James Allowed
Mahan, William Hamilton Allowed
Mahon, Theresa Shelby Allowed
Major, John S Cheatham Disallowed
Malatista, Nicolla Shelby Disallowed
Malloy, Ellen P Shelby see note
Malone, Benjamin J Madison Barred
Malone, Ellas Giles Disallowed
Malone, John Giles Barred
Malone, Murdoch M Giles Disallowed
Malone, Nancy Polk Barred
Malone, Stephen M Tipton Disallowed
Maltsbarger, Catharine Greene Allowed
Maney, James Rutherford Barred
Maney, Silas Rutherford Allowed
Mangum, Susan M Shelby Barred
Manley, Wilson Jefferson Allowed
Manly, Absalom Grainger Allowed
Manly, Joseph Davidson Disallowed
Manly, Wilson Grainger see note
Mann, William Hamblen Disallowed
Mansfield, John Grainger Allowed
Many, Jack Rutherford Barred
Maples, Andrew J Bradley Allowed
Maples, Gideon M Sevier Allowed
Maples, James Sevier Allowed
Maples, Malicia C Sevier Allowed
Maranville, Riley P Blount see note
Marcrum, Henry Gibson Disallowed
Marks, Carrol M Giles Barred
Marks, Lewis B Giles Barred
Markum, Frank Lincoln Disallowed
Marr, Duncan Montgomery Barred
Marsh, D H, Estate of Hardeman Allowed
Marsh, Henry Bradley Allowed
Marsh, Henry Washington Allowed
Marsh, Thos E Blount Allowed
Marshall, Coleman Jefferson Disallowed
Marshall, Enoch Hamblen Allowed
Marshall, Gilbert Davidson Allowed
Marshall, John H Giles Allowed
Marshall, Nancy Tipton Barred
Marshall, William Meigs Barred
Martin, Edward Davidson Barred
Martin, Elisha, Jr Roane Allowed
Martin, Elisha, Sr, Estate of Roane Allowed
Martin, Elizabeth Franklin see note
Martin, Gust Rutherford Barred
Martin, Henry A Washington Disallowed
Martin, Ira B Giles Disallowed
Martin, Isaac A Rhea Allowed
Martin, James R Roane Disallowed
Martin, John Davidson Disallowed
Martin, John D Shelby Allowed
Martin, John W Lincoln Barred
Martin, Martha L Monroe Allowed
Martin, Martin B Gibson see note
Martin, Patrick M Davidson Allowed
Martin, William Rutherford Allowed
Martin, William D Lauderdale Barred
Martin, Zachariah James Allowed
Mask, Jesse Madison S
Mason, Joseph T Shelby Disallowed
Mason, Joseph, Estate of Rutherford see note
Mason, Martha M Shelby Disallowed
Mason, Thomas J Loudon Allowed
Massengill, Jane M Jefferson Disallowed
Massey, William Carroll Disallowed
Matheany, Asa Weakley Barred
Mathes, John P, Estate of Jefferson Barred
Mathis, John Hamblen Disallowed
Matlock, John W McMinn Allowed
Matthews, E L Rutherford Disallowed
Matthews, Jane Franklin Barred
Matthews, John J Madison Disallowed
Matthews, Joseph Loudon Allowed
Matthews, Stephen Loudon Allowed
Matthias, Elizabeth Davidson Barred
Maultsby, Thomas A Giles Disallowed
Maxey, E Weakley Allowed
Maxwell, Robert W McMinn Allowed
Maxwell, Thomas Hardin Disallowed
May, Frederick Jefferson Disallowed
Mayers, Jasper L Bledsoe see note
Mayes, John Grainger Allowed
Mayes, Noble Irvin Monroe Disallowed
Mayfield, Daniel Rutherford Allowed
Mayfield, Robert C Williamson Allowed
Mayhan, James A Davidson see note
Mayo, Blackmore H Loudon Allowed
Maynor, Pleasant, Estate Davidson Allowed
Mayo, Mary C Monroe Disallowed
Mayse, James D Claiborne Barred
Mayse, Samuel Hawkins Disallowed
Mayse, Sterling Claiborne Barred
McAdams, James Bedford Allowed & Barred
McAdams, John Bedford Disallowed
McAdams, Thomas C Washington Barred
McAfee, William J Gibson Disallowed
McAlexander, Sebert H Madison Barred
McAlhany, Hugh Grainger Allowed
McAllister, John Bradley Allowed
McAndrew, Joseph Bradley Allowed
McArthur, William A Carroll Disallowed
McBride, Morris Hardin Disallowed
McCall, Henry Carroll Disallowed
McCall, Henry Knox Barred
McCall, John Henderson Allowed
McCall, Joseph W Carroll Disallowed
McCampbell, Elizabeth Knox Allowed
McCarter, J J P Carroll Barred
McCaslin, William H Monroe Allowed
McCauly, Thomas, Estate Loudon Allowed
McClain, Charels D Shelby see note
McClanahan, Alex Hamblen Allowed
McClary, Jacob L Polk Allowed
McClay, Robert Davidson Barred
McClung, John Monroe Disallowed
McClure, Elizabeth Montgomery Dismissed
McClure, Louisa Montgomery Barred
McCollum, Abner Carroll Disallowed
McConkey, James Monroe Disallowed
McConnell, Alexander W Shelby Disallowed
McConnell, Alford Blount Disallowed
McConnell, John Obion Barred
McConnell, Moses Blount Allowed
McConnell, Newton Blount Allowed
McConnell, W E Bradley Disallowed
McCord, William G Giles Disallowed
McCormick, Martin Shelby Disallowed
McCoy, James Dyer Barred
McCroskey, John S Sevier Allowed
McCroskey, Mary M Sevier Allowed
McCroskey, Robert H. Loudon Allowed
McCroskey, William R Sevier Disallowed
McCuistion, Samuel S Jefferson Disallowed
McCullough, Isaac Marshall Barred
McCullum, Malcolm, Estate Shelby see note
McDaniel, Eli Grainger Allowed
McDaniel, John Claiborne Barred
McDaniel, Lewis Jefferson Disallowed
McDaniel, William B Claiborne Allowed
McDaniel, William G Grainger Disallowed
McDermott, Albert Monroe Allowed
McDermott, John Rutherford Disallowed
McDermott, Thomas Monroe Allowed
McDonald, Alexander James Allowed
McDonald, Benj J Hamilton Barred
McDonald, Edward, Estate Hamilton Allowed
McDonald, Ellen Shelby Allowed
McDonald, John M Giles Disallowed
McDonald, Leah Greene Allowed
McConnell, James Maury Disallowed
McDonough, John P Rutherford Disallowed
McDowell, John Fayette Disallowed
McElroy, Andrew M Rutherford Allowed
McElwee, Thomas B Rhea Allowed
McEwen, Clarissa Davidson Disallowed
McEwen, John J Davidson Disallowed
McFadden, Hallie Rutherford Disallowed
McFarlin, Benjamin Bedford Allowed
McGavock, John Davidson Barred
McGee, Marion J Henderson Allowed
McGee, Robert Sumner Allowed
McGee, Samuel Sumner Disallowed
McGhee, Barclay, Estate Monroe see note
McGhee, Charles Monroe Allowed
McGhee, Richmond Loudon Allowed
McGhee, Robert, II Hamblen Barred
McGill, Eli T Davidson Disallowed
McGinley, John N Blount Allowed
McGough, Minerva J Obion Disallowed
McGowan, Ann B Hardeman Disallowed
McGraw, John P Maury see note
McGreedy, D A Davidson Allowed
McGregor, Isaac Tipton Barred
McGregor, Mary E O Tipton see note
McGrew, George W Giles Allowed
McIntosh, Neill M Giles Allowed
McKay, Felix J Davidson Disallowed
McKeeham, William A Greene Disallowed
McKenna, Robert Shelby Allowed
McKenna, Samuel Shelby Disallowed
McKenney, Alfred Hawkins Allowed
McKenney, Charles J Hawkins Allowed
McKinna, Patrick Gibson Disallowed
McKinney, James P Henderson Disallowed
McKinney, John F Shelby Barred
McKinney, Margaret Hamblen Allowed
McKinney, Temperance E Lincoln Disallowed
McKnight, David M Gibson Disallowed
McKnight, John K Hardin Disallowed
McKnight, William Jefferson Disallowed
McKnight, William J Rutherford Allowed
McLean, William M Jefferson Disallowed
McLendon, Margaret J Monroe Barred
McMahon, James Greene Allowed
McMahon, William V Haywood Disallowed
McMannaman, Mary Shelby Disallowed
McMillan, Edward W Shelby Barred
McMillan, James Giles Disallowed
McMillion, H P Giles Disallowed
McMurphy, Michael Sumner Barred
McMurray, B R Blount Allowed
McMurray, Margaret Sevier Allowed
McMurray, V T Obion Disallowed
McNabb, John Blount Barred
McNees, Elibu Greene Allowed
McNees, Jacob Greene Allowed
McNeil, Eleans H Humphreys Disallowed
McNeily, Thomas, et al Montgomery see note
McNish, William Jefferson Allowed
McPherson, James A Rhea Allowed
McPherson, John Bradley Allowed
McPherson, William H Davidson Allowed
McQuiddy, John, Estate of Bedford Disallowed
McRee, Robert C Hamilton Disallowed
McReynolds, Stephen Hamilton Allowed
McRoy, Lively, Estate of Hamilton Barred
McSpadden, Marshall W Jefferson Allowed
McSpadden, Samuel Jefferson Allowed
McStone, William, Estate of Grainger Allowed
McVey, Joseph P Hardin Allowed
McWilliams, David Sequatchie Disallowed
McWilliams, John Sequatchie Allowed
Mead, Jared Blount Allowed
Meals, Lewis M Carroll Allowed
Meath, Patrick G Shelby Barred
Meddors, Amy Rutherford Barred
Medlin, Bainster Hamblen Disallowed
Medlin, Gray B Haywood Disallowed
Medlin, Robert Haywood Allowed
Meek, Franklin M Hamilton Disallowed
Meek, Marcus D Jefferson Allowed
Meguiar, William Robertson Barred
Melton, Henry Henderson Disallowed
Melton, James H, Estate of McMinn Barred
Melton, John N McMinn Disallowed
Melton, Joseph Warren Disallowed
Mendenhall, Francis M Shelby Barred
Mendenhall, Joseph R Jefferson Allowed
Mendenhall, William F Jefferson Allowed
Mercer, Joseph F Greene Barred
Merrill, Barbara Tipton Disallowed
Merritt, James P Rutherford Allowed
Metison, Levi Bedford see note
Meyer, Isaac A Shelby Disallowed
Michael, Elijah Jefferson Disallowed
Milam, A J, Estate of Davidson Disallowed
Miles, Ashley Sevier Disallowed
Miles, Hosea Lawrence Disallowed
Milian, R L Henderson Allowed
Millard, Elkanah A Sullivan Barred
Miller, Adam Knox Allowed
Miller, Alexander Y Hamilton Disallowed
Miller, Christopher Jefferson Allowed
Miller, Daniel Davidson Allowed
Miller, Francis M Knox Barred
Miller, Isaac L Rutherford Disallowed
Miller, James M Cumberland Allowed
Miller, John Grainger Disallowed
Miller, John I Franklin Disallowed
Miller, Julius McMinn Allowed
Miller, Moses D, Estate of Hamilton Allowed
Miller, Napoleon Madison Disallowed
Miller, Robert S McNairy Barred
Miller, Samuel H Washington Allowed
Miller, Sarah Greene Allowed
Miller, Solomon Rutherford Allowed
Miller, Washington W Maury Barred
Miller, Wesley Knox Allowed
Milliger, James Davidson Disallowed
Million, Joseph Bradley Allowed
Mills, Branson Jefferson Allowed
Mills, Richardson, Estate of Monroe Disallowed
Millsaps, Jesse Blount Allowed
Mincy, Samuel Grainger Barred
Minich, Isaac Hamblen Barred
Mink, James E Claiborne Allowed
Minter, Levina Rutherford Disallowed
Minton, John Loudon Allowed
Mires, Benjamin T Sumner see note
Mitchell, Aquilla Grainger Allowed
Mitchell, C G Rutherford Allowed
Mitchell, David Rutherford Allowed
Mitchell, G B [Breenbury Mitchell] Grainger Disallowed
Mitchell, G G Gibson Barred
Mitchell, George T Gibson Barred
Mitchell, Hansel Rutherford Allowed
Mitchell, James H Grainger Allowed
Mitchell, John Grainger Allowed
Mitchell, John B James Disallowed
Mitchell, John W Warren Disallowed
Mitchell, Joshua T Lauderdale Barred
Mitchell, Martha, Estate Bradley Allowed
Mitchell, Moses C Gibson Barred
Mitchell, Samuel D James Disallowed
Mitchell, William Rutherford Allowed
Mitchum, W E Carroll Barred
Mizer, Michael Blount Allowed
Moffit, James Davidson Disallowed
Moles, James Hancock Disallowed
Molitor, Francis Shelby Disallowed
Mongle, James H Washington Disallowed
Mongold, Fred E Washington Disallowed
Montgomery, Milton Franklin Disallowed
Montgomery, Robert S Bedford Allowed
Moody, Robert E Sullivan Disallowed
Moody, Thomas B Grainger Disallowed
Moody, Valentine Sullivan Barred
Mook, John T Blount Allowed
Moon, Pleasant B Bedford Allowed
Moon, R G Carroll see note
Mooney, A M, Mrs. Davidson Disallowed
Moore, Alexander Davidson Allowed
Moore, Charles Loudon Disallowed
Moore, David [Daniel] Meigs Disallowed
Moore, Edwin L Weakley Disallowed
Moore, George Washington Dickson Barred
Moore, George M McNairy Barred
Moore, James Hamblen Allowed
Moore, James G Shelby Disallowed
Moore, Jane Giles Disallowed
Moore, Jane Rutherford Barred
Moore, John A Tipton Disallowed
Moore, Joseph H Weakley Disallowed
Moore, Levi Sullivan Allowed
Moore, Manuel Williamson Allowed
Moore, Robert G Carroll Allowed
Moore, Robert P Hamblen Barred
Moore, Saml J Hamblen Disallowed
Moore, Stativa Shelby see note
Moore, Susannah A Wilson Disallowed
Moore, Wiley Maury Allowed
Moore, William Hamblen Barred
Moore, William Robertson Dismissed
Moore, William F Maury Disallowed
Moore, William H Davidson Disallowed
Moorman, Madison B Davidson Barred
Morelock, Nathan Greene Disallowed
Morelock, Thomas Greene Disallowed
Morgan, Daniel Bedford Allowed
Morgan, Elias H Rhea Allowed
Morgan, Fannie Rutherford Disallowed
Morgan, J M Grainger Barred
Morgan, Jane S Davidson` Disallowed
Morgan, John K Grainger Barred
Morgan, Lewis Polk Barred
Morgan, Louis Rhea Allowed
Morgan, Rufus James Allowed
Morgan, Thomas Bedford Allowed
Morgan, W H T Davidson Allowed
Morgan, Washington Rhea Barred
Morphis, William A Henry Barred
Morphus, T G Gibson Barred
Morran, Morris J Davidson Disallowed
Morris, Benjamin Allen Robertson Barred
Morris, Benjamin F Carroll Barred
Morris, Nancy Morgan Barred
Morrisett, Richard M Hamblen see note
Morrison, James H S Claiborne Allowed
Morrow, Samuel R Fayette Allowed
Mort, John Jefferson Allowed
Morton, Jane Williamson Barred
Morton, Thomas McNairy Allowed
Moseley, Samuel H Sumner Barred
Moser, Jacob Monroe Barred
Moser, John Monroe Barred
Moser, Phillip Monroe Barred
Moses, Henry C Giles Disallowed
Mosier, L H Morgan Allowed
Moss, Benjamin A Hamilton Allowed
Moss, Edmond Shelby see note
Moss, Griffin T Sullivan Disallowed
Moss, Hardy McMinn Allowed
Moulden, J W Jefferson Disallowed
Moulden, William Jefferson Disallowed
Mount, Humphrey Blount Allowed
Mowery, Adam Loudon Barred
Muirhead, Caroline R Rutherford see note
Muller, John P Hamilton Barred
Mullins, Rebecca Gibson Barred
Mullins, Richard P Sullivan Barred
Murdock, William M Hamblen Disallowed
Murfree, Edmund Rutherford Allowed
Murfree, Martha S Rutherford Disallowed
Murfree, W L Rutherford Disallowed
Murphey, William James Allowed
Murphy, Patrick Shelby Barred
Murphy, William Davidson Allowed
Murr, David Washington Barred
Murray, W W Carroll Disallowed
Murrell, M R Grainger Disallowed
Muse, Daniel C, Estate of Madison Allowed
Myers, Lesley Rhea Barred
Myer, Myer B [Meyer] Davidson Disallowed
Myers, Jacob Greene Allowed
Myers, Jacob & John T Greene Allowed
Myers, James Greene Allowed
Myrick, John Weakley Barred
Mysinger, Samuel Hamilton Disallowed
Nail, Abraham H Bledsoe Allowed
Nail, John Haywood Disallowed
Nance, William L Davidson Barred
Nancy, Hugh Hardin Disallowed
Nance, P P Grainger Barred
Napier, William C Davidson Disallowed & Allowed
Narramore, Fielding M Cumberland Allowed
Nash, John Henry Barred
Nash, Joseph C & Emma Davidson see note
Nash, William Hamilton Disallowed
Nave, John H Knox Allowed
Neal, George Wilson Disallowed
Neal, William, Estate of Giles Disallowed
Needham, George B Grainger Disallowed
Needham, Nancy Grainger Allowed
Neal, Louisa Shelby Disallowed
Neeld, William P Lincoln Barred
Neeley, John J Rutherford Allowed
Neeley, William Horton Meigs Allowed
Neeper, Lee Blount Allowed
Neil, John Jefferson Disallowed
Neil, John (colored) Jefferson Disallowed
Neil, William Jefferson Allowed
Neilson, Thomas Jefferson Disallowed
Nelson, Benjamin A Bedford Disallowed
Nelson, David Knox Allowed
Nelson, Elisha Gibson Disallowed
Nelson, George A Davidson Disallowed
Nelson, John W Jefferson see note
Nelson, Nathan Washington Allowed
Nelson, Samuel B Rutherford Disallowed
Nenney, William B Jefferson Barred
Nesbitts, B H Carroll Allowed
Netherland, George W, Estate of Sullivan Disallowed
Netherland, Robert G Hawkins Disallowed
Newell, Jane, Estate Shelby Barred
Newhouse, Thomas D, Heirs of Gibson Barred
Newland, William A Hardeman Allowed
Newman, Alexander A Monroe Allowed
Newman, David G Jefferson Allowed
Newman, Edward Knox Allowed
Newman, Esquire Sumner Allowed
Newman, James Sevier Allowed
Newman, Jane K Jefferson Allowed
Newman, Jonathan Jefferson Disallowed
Newman, Mary Bradley Allowed
Newman, Vance Sevier Allowed
Newsom, Ella K Shelby Barred
Newsom, J P Madison Allowed
Newsom, Joseph, Heirs of Davidson Disallowed
Newton, Lytle Madison Disallowed
Nicholas, James Rutherford Barred
Nichols, Chas W & Mahala E Hamilton Barred
Nichols, Wyatt F Jefferson Allowed
Nickens, James Cheatham Disallowed
Neil, James H Bedford Allowed
Neil, William Jefferson Allowed
Neil, Samuel Hawkins Allowed
Noe, David S Hamblen Disallowed
Noe, James C Grainger Disallowed
Nolen, Z C Haywood Disallowed
Norman, C A Bradley Allowed
Norman, John Carroll Barred
Northern, Alfred Jefferson Allowed
Northern, Francis M Jefferson Allowed
Northern, James Jefferson Allowed
O’Brien, B M G Carter Allowed
O’Brien, Marion M Davidson Allowed
O’Conner, Catharine Shelby Disallowed
O’Neal, James M Bedford Allowed
O’Neal, John Montgomery Disallowed
O’Neill, Arthur Shelby Allowed
O’Neill, James H Shelby Allowed
Oakley, Eunice, Estate of Franklin Disallowed
Oakley, James S Franklin Disallowed
Oakley, Stanford P Rutherford Disallowed
Odell, Samuel C Jefferson Disallowed
Odell, Sarah E Maury Allowed
Oden, Thomas H Williamson Disallowed
Odom, William Sumner Disallowed
Oldham, Lucretia E Jefferson Barred
Oldham, Samuel, Estate of Haywood Barred
Olive, Howell Henderson Allowed
Oliver, Henry Giles Disallowed
Oliver, John W Maury Disallowed
Oliver, Richard Washington Allowed
Oliver, Samuel Giles Disallowed
Oliver, Skipworth M Fayette Disallowed
Oliver, Thurston W Gibson Barred
Onley, William T McMinn Allowed
Ordway, Charles N Davidson Disallowed
Orme, Willen T Cumberland Disallowed
Orne, William P Shelby Disallowed
Orr, W F Polk Disallowed
Orten, James Monroe Allowed
Osment, Mary A Bradley Allowed
Osment, Pinkney Bradley Allowed
Owen, William C McMinn Disallowed
Owen, William C Davidson Disallowed
Owens, Charles Monroe Allowed
Owens, James C Williamson Disallowed
Owens, Pleasant Hamblen Disallowed
Page, George W Wilson Barred
Page, James W Weakley Barred
Pair, Andrew Bradley Allowed
Palmer, Alexander Sullivan Barred
Palmer, James L Gibson Barred
Palmer, John McNairy Allowed
Pangle, Mary A Hamblen Disallowed
Pannel, Thomas A Jefferson Disallowed
Parham, Elizabeth Cumberland Allowed
Parham, Margaret F Lincoln Disallowed
Parham, Ruth Weakley Allowed
Park, George B Greene Disallowed
Park, George Carroll Allowed
Park, James Greene Allowed & Disallowed
Park, Samuel Gibson Allowed
Park, William Maury Disallowed
Parker, Allen Hamilton Allowed
Parker, Elbert Knox Allowed
Parker, Isaac T Giles Barred
Parker, James C Carroll Disallowed
Parker, Jane M Gibson Barred
Parker, Jesse Weakley Barred
Parker, John C Knox Disallowed
Parker, Mary K Loudon Barred
Parker, Nathan Gibson Allowed
Parker, Priestley E Henderson Disallowed
Parker, Priestly E Carroll Allowed
Parker, William Claiborne Barred
Parkison, Daniel, Estate of McMinn Allowed
Parkison, James McMinn Allowed
Parks, Alexander C Polk Barred
Parks, Asberry Giles Disallowed
Parks, Lewis Sullivan see note
Parks, Susanna Bradley Disallowed
Parrish, M A Davidson Disallowed
Parrott, Anderson Hamblen Barred
Parrott, Joseph, II Grainger Allowed
Parsons, J Campbell Blount Allowed
Parsons, James McMinn Allowed
Parsons, S Grundy Allowed
Pate, William, Estate of Williamson Disallowed
Paton, Anthony Davidson Allowed
Patrick, Marion Jefferson Disallowed
Patterson, Hence Polk Barred
Patterson, James Grainger Allowed
Patterson, John Nelson Giles Barred
Patterson, Levi T Roane Allowed
Patterson, Samuel Grainger Disallowed
Patterson, Simon Sumner Allowed
Patterson, Simpson A Giles Disallowed
Patterson, Thomas, Estate Grainger Disallowed
Patterson, William II Claiborne Allowed
Patton, Benjamin Coffee Allowed
Patton, James C B Washington Disallowed
Patty, Raffail McMinn Allowed
Payne, A T W Monroe Disallowed
Payne, Alex M Washington Disallowed
Payne, Charles,
Estate of [Ann B.] Robertson Disallowed
Payne, George W Grundy Barred
Payne, George W Monroe Allowed
Payne, Jacob W Knox Allowed
Payne, Joseph Coffee Disallowed
Payne, Thos Hamblen Disallowed
Pearce, David McMinn see note
Pearce, Samuel Sullivan Disallowed
Pearson, Mary J Monroe Allowed
Pearson, Peter Henderson Allowed
Pearson, Shadrack Carroll Allowed
Peck, Joseph F Obion Allowed
Peck, Lydia Jefferson Allowed
Peek, William Gibson Disallowed
Peeples, Samuel Weakley Barred
Pence, Elizabeth Sullivan Disallowed
Pender, Thomas C James Allowed
Pendleton, James M Rutherford Allowed
Penix, John G Henderson Disallowed
Penn, Lutisha B Shelby Disallowed
Penn, William Shelby Barred
Penney, George W Hamilton Allowed
Penney, Isoni Hamilton Allowed
Pennington, John, Estate Monroe Disallowed
Penny, Elizabeth James Disallowed
Penticord, Harvey Sumner Allowed
Peoples, D W F Washington Allowed
Peregoy, John P Washington Allowed
Perkeypile, Ralph Blount Allowed
Perkins, Elanor A Shelby Disallowed
Perkins, George G Madison Allowed
Perkins, Nicholas T Jr Haywood Disallowed
Perrit, W P, Estate of Tipton Disallowed
Perritt, Johnson Carroll Disallowed
Perry, John S Fayette Barred
Perry, Willis Maury Barred
Perry, William F Gibson Disallowed
Pesterfield, John Bradley Allowed
Peters, Edd Rutherford Allowed
Peters, George B Shelby Disallowed
Peters, George W Washington Allowed
Petrtigrew, John M McNairy Disallowed
Pettit, Maria L Shelby Barred
Pettitt, Jane Bradley Allowed
Pettus, Thomas F Montgomery Disallowed & Dismissed
Pettus, Thomas F & P C Hambaugh Montgomery Disallowed & Dismissed
Petty, George W Hawkins Allowed
Petty, Horatio Sevier Allowed
Peyton, Bailie Sumner Allowed
Phagan, John P Jefferson Allowed
Phelan, James G Gibson Disallowed
Phifer, John P Loudon Allowed
Phillips, Andrew Fayette Barred
Phillips, Chas F Carroll see note
Phillips, Columbus P Henderson Disallowed
Phillips, Elizabeth T, Estate of [Martha] Franklin Disallowed
Phillips, Isaac [Margaret] Hamblen Disallowed
Phillips, John M Bedford Barred
Phillips, Jonathan, Estate Scott Allowed
Phillips, Smith Roane Allowed
Phillips, William T Hamblen Disallowed
Pickens, Thomas Blount Allowed
Picket, Edward D Sequatchie Barred
Picket, Jesse Sequatchie Disallowed
Pickler, James W Gibson Allowed
Pierce, George W Jefferson Disallowed
Pierce, James Rhea Allowed
Pierce, John Hamilton Allowed
Pilant, Susan Knox Allowed
Pile, Brian Sullivan Barred
Pile, William, Sr Fentress Barred
Pillow, Elizabeth T Maury Allowed
Plischke, Augustine Shelby Disallowed
Pinckley, Clark Carroll Barred
Pinckley, William C Carroll Barred
Pincky, Scott Carroll Disallowed
Pinion, MC Grundy Allowed
Pittard, Grandison Giles Disallowed
Plunk, Calvin McNairy Allowed
Poe, Ansel Hamilton Allowed
Poe, John, Estate of James Allowed
Poindexter, C C, Estate of Fayette Disallowed
Poindexter, Raliegh Fayette Disallowed
Pointer, William H Maury Barred
Polk, Adam Maury Barred
Polk, Sarah Davidson Disallowed
Pollard, William Jefferson Disallowed
Pool, Archibald P Hardin Allowed
Poor Farm Grainger Barred
Poor, Baxter M Claiborne Allowed
Pope, Cordy, Estate of Madison see note
Pope, John, Estate of [Adelia] Shelby Disallowed
Porter, Nimrod, Estate of Maury Disallowed
Porter, Harvy H Loudon Disallowed
Porter, Madison Franklin Disallowed
Porter, Mary L Carroll Barred
Porter, Melvin Loudon Allowed
Porter, P H & Saml Brockman Montgomery Barred
Porter, William B McMinn Allowed
Porter, William W Monroe Allowed
Posey, William P Lauderdale Disallowed
Postal, William C Shelby Barred
Poston, B F Montgomery Disallowed
Poteet, Barnard M Polk Barred
Powell, John Franklin Disallowed
Powell, John Gibson Barred
Powell, John M Shelby Allowed
Powell, William J Bedford Disallowed
Powers, John W Hamilton Allowed
Prater, James M, Estate of Loudon Barred
Price, Edmund Washington Disallowed
Price, Elizabeth Franklin Allowed
Price, John Morgan Disallowed
Price, Major A Wilson Allowed
Prichard, Reuben T McMinn Allowed
Prichett, William T Washington Disallowed
Priddy, James M Henderson Disallowed
Priddy, John H Shelby Disallowed
Priddy, Piety Shelby Disallowed
Primm, Charles H Williamson Allowed
Primrose, John G Bedford Allowed
Prince, Eliza Sumner Disallowed
Pritchard, Barbara M Blount Allowed
Pritchard, John H Carroll Allowed
Pryor, Andrew J Jefferson Disallowed
Pugh, James T Hardeman Barred
Pullen, Eaton Hamblen Disallowed
Purseley, Mack Wilson Barred
Purseley, William B Wilson Barred
Pursley, Catharine Obion Disallowed
Pursley, Noel M Obion Disallowed
Pursley, Wilson Y Obion Allowed
Putman, John R Maury Allowed
Putnam, A W Davidson Barred
Putnam, F E & M W Davidson Barred
Putnam, Waldo W, Heirs of Coffee Disallowed
Quarles, Mary Jefferson Disallowed
Quillen, Jackson L Hamblen Barred
Quin, Robert Fayette Disallowed
Rackard, Michael Knox Barred
Rackard, Thomas E Knox Allowed
Radcliffe, William S Obion Barred
Rader, Reuben M Greene Allowed
Ragan, Bennett W [Regen] Gibson Disallowed
Ragon, Jesse S James Allowed
Ragsdale, William Obion Disallowed
Raisin, James H Loudon Disallowed
Rambo, Enos H Greene Allowed
Ramsey, Edmund Bradley Disallowed
Ramsey, James H Shelby Barred
Ramsey, John W Bradley Allowed
Ramsey, Richard W Shelby Allowed
Randles, Henry Sevier Allowed
Randles, John B Sevier Barred
Randles, Malissa Sevier Barred
Randles, William M Jefferson Allowed
Rankin, Elizabeth Jefferson Allowed
Rankin, James Jefferson Allowed
Rankin, John D, Estate of McNairy Allowed
Rankin, Josiah E Jefferson Allowed
Rankin, Patrick M Jefferson Allowed
Rankin, William, Estate of Jefferson see note
Rankin, William B Greene Allowed
Ransom, Benjamin F Bedford Disallowed
Ransom, Joseph Rutherford Barred
Rash, Eliza S Shelby Disallowed
Rawlings, John A Sevier Allowed
Rawlins, John A Franklin Barred
Rayl, Nancy H Hamblen Disallowed
Rea, John T Giles Barred
Read, Jane Henderson Allowed
Read, William A Henderson Allowed
Read, William B Haywood Disallowed
Reagan, Malinda McMinn Allowed
Reagin, M P Franklin Barred
Reavis, Elijah R Weakley Allowed
Rector, William K Claiborne Allowed
Redman, John F Williamson Disallowed
Redman, John, Estate of Monroe Allowed
Redman, Martin F Morgan Allowed
Redman, Uriah, Estate of Hamilton Allowed
Redmond, Andrew J Marion Allowed
Reed, Daniel I Hamblen see note
Reed, Hugh J James Allowed
Reed, J C P Giles Disallowed
Reed, Robert J Carroll see note
Reed, Robert W. James Allowed
Reed, Wyatt Jefferson Allowed
Reeder, Nathaniel B Warren Barred
Reese, George A Jefferson Disallowed
Reeser, Isaac J Greene Disallowed
Reeser, John Greene Allowed
Reeser, W F Greene Allowed & Disallowed
Reeves, Harry Fayette Barred
Reeves, Solomon G Bedford Allowed
Register, Arthur Hickman Disallowed
Reid, William Grundy Disallowed
Reiney, George S Gibson see note
Renfro, H J Grainger Allowed
Reno, William Loudon Barred
Rentfro, James H Grainger Allowed
Rentfro, Jerusha Grainger Barred
Replogle, Frederick A Madison Disallowed
Reynolds, Charles DeKalb Disallowed
Rhea, Matilda Loudon Allowed
Rhea, William Monroe Allowed
Rhine, Solomon G Shelby Disallowed
Rhodes, James P Henderson see note
Rhodes, John M Henderson Allowed
Rhodes, Richard V Haywood Allowed
Rhodes, Silas A Marshall Barred
Rhoton, John F Jefferson Disallowed
Rice, Austin, Jr Loudon Allowed
Rice, David Madison Disallowed
Rice, John H Bedford Allowed
Rich, George W Grainger Allowed
Rich, Joseph Grainger Allowed
Rich, Josiah N Grainger Allowed
Richards, S H Monroe Disallowed
Richardson, David A Marshall Barred
Richardson, James Claiborne Allowed
Richardson, Mary E Fayette Barred
Richardson, Thomas T Maury Barred
Richesin, J W Loudon Barred
Richesin, Jane Monroe Disallowed
Ricketts, Mary H Humphreys Allowed
Riddle, Linton Franklin Disallowed
Rieves, Thomas J Maury Disallowed
Riley, John D Hawkins Disallowed
Rimel, George, Estate of Sevier see note
Rimmer, William Jefferson Allowed
Ripley, David S, Estate of Greene Disallowed
Ripley, Margaret Greene Allowed
Ripley, Silvester B Greene Disallowed
Risner, Andrew J Decatur Barred
Rivers, Braxton, Estate of Giles Barred
Rivers, Elizabeth Gibson Disallowed
Roach, Andrew Knox Disallowed
Roach, Eaton Fayette Allowed
Roach, John Grainger Allowed
Roach, William S Grainger Allowed
Roadman, M A Cocke Disallowed
Robb, Harvey W Sumner Disallowed
Robb, Mack Sumner Allowed
Robbins, Milo Grundy Allowed
Robbins, William Scott Allowed
Roberts, Catherine A Gibson Barred
Roberts, Emerson Hamilton Allowed
Roberts, John C Claiborne Disallowed
Roberts, John D Williamson Disallowed
Roberts, John W. Knox Disallowed
Roberts, Leathy Polk Allowed
Roberts, Phillip Grainger Barred
Roberts, Thomas B Hamilton Allowed
Robertson, Henry G Hardin Disallowed
Robertson, James Loudon Allowed
Robertson, James D Bradley Disallowed
Robertson, James F McNairy Allowed
Robertson, Laura B Davidson Barred
Robertson, W D Davidson see note
Robinett, John Marion Allowed
Robinson, George M Madison Disallowed
Robins, Joseph L McNairy Allowed
Robinson, Drewsilla Fayette Barred
Robinson, Elisha D Loudon Allowed
Robinson, J R Monroe Allowed
Robinson, John E DeKalb Disallowed
Robinson, John W Loudon Allowed
Robinson, Margaret [Robertson] Stewart Disallowed
Robinson, Michael Bedford Allowed
Robinson, Nonroe Shelby Disallowed
Robinson, Raburn Blount Allowed
Robinson, Richard T Loudon Allowed
Robinson, Thomas Henderson Allowed
Robinson, Titus Knox Allowed
Robinson, William Monroe Disallowed
Robinson, William R DeKalb Disallowed
Rockholt, James Henry Shelby Barred
Roddy, William Blount Allowed
Rodemer, Anna Sumner Allowed
Rodes, Dangerfield Giles Allowed
Rodes, Mrs J E Giles Disallowed
Rodgers, John Giles Allowed
Rodgers, Mary Williamson Disallowed
Roe, Benjamin F Gibson Barred
Roe, Jasper N Gibson Disallowed
Roe, John A Gibson Disallowed
Rogers, A G, Estate of Carroll Disallowed
Rogers, Amanuel H Bradley Allowed
Rogers, Henry Hamilton Allowed
Rogers, Henry R Montgomery Disallowed
Rogers, James Humphreys see note
Rogers, James W Hamilton Allowed
Rogers, John McMinn Allowed
Rogers, John C Hamilton Allowed
Rogers, Thomas Monroe Allowed
Rogers, William H Blount Allowed
Roland, Luke Monroe Allowed
Roland, Mary, Estate of Shelby Barred
Roland, Rachel McMinn Allowed
Roller, John, Estate of Sullivan Allowed
Rosaman, John W Madison Disallowed
Rose, Alex S P Fayette Disallowed
Rose, George W Smith Disallowed
Rose, Linesy Knox Disallowed
Rose, Manuel Giles Barred
Rose, Mitchell Loudon Allowed
Rosenblatt, P G Greene Allowed
Ross, Jabez L Knox Allowed
Ross, Kenneth M Hardin Barred
Ross, Wiley C Weakley Allowed
Ross, William Greene Disallowed
Rosson, David W Hardeman Disallowed
Roth, G A Montgomery Barred
Roulston, Hugh L W Marion Allowed
Routh, Ellen Grainger Allowed
Rowe, John M Carroll Disallowed
Rowland, Amos Carroll Allowed
Rowland, Ebin Carroll Allowed
Rowland, Thomas, Estate of Carroll Allowed
Rowlett, James C Rutherford Disallowed
Roy, Harrison Monroe Disallowed
Royston, Cyrus A Washington Disallowed
Royston, Margaret F Greene Disallowed
Rubel, James A Knox Disallowed
Rucker, Jordan Rutherford Barred
Rucker, Susan Rutherford Allowed
Rudder, John W Greene Allowed
Ruemekort, Henry Davidson Allowed
Rule, George J Knox Allowed
Runion, George W Blount Allowed
Runyan, Simeon P James Allowed
Runyon, Oliver P Knox Allowed
Ruohs, Joseph Hamilton Disallowed
Rushing, John R Humphreys Barred
Russel, Andrew H Lincoln Disallowed
Russell, A L Obion Barred
Russell, James Marion Disallowed
Russell, Priscillia, Heirs of Marshall Allowed
Russell, Thomas Loudon Allowed
Russell, William M Rhea Allowed
Russey, Benjamin F Franklin Allowed
Russey, J M Franklin Disallowed
Russom, John W McNairy Barred
Rust, Alexander H Gibson Barred
Rust, George B Gibson Disallowed
Rust, Isaac Grundy Disallowed
Rust, O R Carroll Barred
Rutherford, Benjamin F Tipton Disallowed
Rutledge, Benjamin Sullivan Allowed
Rutledge, William J Maury Barred
Ryan, James Davidson Disallowed
Ryan, Patrick Davidson Disallowed
Ryon, W S Morgan Disallowed
Saffell, Charles P Morgan see note
Saffell, Thomas F Sevier Allowed
Salts, J W Washington Disallowed
Sample, William Monroe Allowed
Samples, William B & Catherine Bradley Allowed
Sampson, Charles N Sullivan Disallowed
Sampson, Jonathan T Monroe Disallowed
Samsel, Elizabeth Grainger Disallowed
Sanders, Byron L McNairy Barred
Sanders, Loamma Marshall Allowed
Sanders, Martha A Hawkins Allowed
Sanders, Patrick Davidson Allowed
Sanders, William C Giles Allowed
Sandford, Caroline Tipton Barred
Sandusky, James Scott Disallowed
Sanford, George W, Estate of [Jones] Rutherford Disallowed
Saulpaw, George W McMinn Disallowed
Saunders, Abraham Sumner Allowed
Saunders, Hubbard H Sumner Disallowed
Saylor, Abraham Washington see note
Scales, James H C Bedford Disallowed
Scanlon, Elizabeth M Shelby Allowed
Scates, Susan C Weakley Allowed
Schimmler, John Davidson Allowed
Schooler, Ananias Loudon Disallowed
Schute, Phillip C [Shute] Davidson Barred
Scobey, John B, Estate of Wilson Disallowed
Scott, Adam Shelby Allowed
Scott, Albert Knox Disallowed
Scott, Albert McNairy Allowed
Scott, Alfred Davidson Barred
Scott, Hamilton S Claiborne Barred
Scott, Hubert P Fayette Barred
Scott, James Blount Barred
Scott, James McNairy Allowed
Scott, Julian F Morgan Allowed
Scott, Mitchell Shelby Barred
Scott, William E Blount Barred
Scrivener, Thomas, Estate of Davidson Allowed
Scruggs, John, Estate of Monroe Disallowed
Scurlock, George W Shelby Allowed
Seater, William D Obion see note
Seaton, Philip Sevier Disallowed
Seawright, Nancy Shelby Disallowed
Seay, Eli A Rutherford Disallowed
Segraves, Moses Henderson Allowed
Sehorn, Alfred Bedford see note
Selcer, Absalom Hamilton Allowed
Self, Harrison Greene Allowed
Self, Thos F Greene Allowed
Sellers, Hardy S Carroll Disallowed
Sellers, Samuel Jefferson Allowed
Settle, Benjamin, Estate Fayette see note
Settle, Sarah P Fayette Allowed
Sevier, David Sullivan Disallowed
Sevier, Mary C Roane Allowed
Sewell, Gaston, Estate of Claiborne Allowed
Sexton, Emanuel Scott Allowed
Sexton, Richard Shelby Disallowed
Sexton, Robert Scott Allowed
Seymore, H C, Estate of Davidson see note
Seymour, Margaret Union Disallowed
Shackleford, Jacob J Greene Disallowed
Shadden, Alexander M Jefferson Disallowed
Shadden, Elisha M Giles Disallowed
Shadrick, Rufus Hamilton Allowed
Shadwick, Alexander Hamilton Allowed
Shaffner, Loton Bedford Allowed
Shanks, Henry, Estate of Hawkins Allowed
Shannon, James T Williamson Allowed
Shannon, P H, Estate of Hamblen Disallowed
Shannon, Thomas S [James D] Monroe Allowed
Sharp, Francis Union Allowed
Sharp, Graham B Bedford Allowed
Sharp, James B Jefferson Allowed
Sharp, Mary D McMinn Allowed
Sharp, Susan S Franklin Disallowed
Shaver, John W Humphreys Allowed
Shaw, Ebenezer, Estate of Maury Allowed
Shaw, Nell A Haywood Barred
Shearin, Patrick Bedford Allowed
Sheddan, William Jefferson Disallowed
Sheddan, Wilson Jefferson Disallowed
Sheefy, Magdalene A Washington Disallowed
Shell, Andrew Sullivan Allowed
Shelton, Eli J Weakley Barred
Shelton, George P Fayette Barred
Shelton, Isaac R Shelby see note
Shelton, Jacob Grainger Allowed
Shelton, James T McMinn Barred
Shelton, John Giles Barred
Shelton, Samuel Rutherford Disallowed
Shepherd, Martha, Estate of Sumner Disallowed
Sheppard, Jesse Maury Allowed
Sheppard, Reeder B Shelby Disallowed
Sherman, Albert Haywood Allowed
Sherman, John L Haywood Allowed
Sherrell, John S Giles Disallowed
Sherrell, Samuel Giles Disallowed
Sherretz, Alexander A [Shererty] Knox Allowed
Sherrod, John H, Estate of Henderson Allowed
Sherry, Patrick Shelby Allowed
Sherwood, Rebecca C Hawkins Allowed
Shields, Carter Greene Barred
Shields, Samuel Grainger Allowed
Shipley, Sarah Sullivan Allowed
Shipmen, Alexander Greene Allowed
Shirley, Patrick A Grainger Barred
Shivers, Jesse M Hardeman Disallowed
Shoat, Jason Monroe Barred
Shoemaker, Calaway McMinn Allowed
Shoemaker, Henry Scott Barred
Shropshire, James Grainger Disallowed
Shultz, George Claiborne Disallowed
Shumate, William J Williamson Allowed
Shute, Lee Sumner Barred
Siebert, Frederick Shelby Disallowed
Sikes, Jessie, Estate of Rutherford see note
Sills, Henry E Shelby Disallowed
Simmerly, Jeremiah Blount Disallowed
Simmons, George, Estate of Franklin Disallowed
Simmons, George W Carroll Barred
Simmons, Jeremiah B Fayette Disallowed
Simmons, Lavinia Giles Disallowed
Simmons, Susan Franklin Allowed
Simms, P L Lawrence Disallowed
Simms, William & Bledsoe, L Y Haywood, Disallowed
Simonton, William Lawrence Disallowed
Simpson, D L Knox Disallowed
Simpson, George B Greene Disallowed
Simpson, Jesse Knox Allowed
Simpson, John Rutherford Barred
Simpson, Margaret W Sullivan Barred
Simpson, Samuel Humphreys Allowed
Simpson, Sanford C Loudon Allowed
Simpson, Willis H McNairy Allowed
Sims, George W Gibson Disallowed
Sims, John G Bedford Barred
Sims, Mary S Rutherford Barred
Sinclair, Henry C Williamson Allowed
Sinnott, Della C & Adine Wooldridge Shelby Disallowed
Sisk, Daniel J Franklin Barred
Sivels, Jeptha McMinn Allowed
Sively, Thomas Jefferson, Estate of Hamilton Allowed
Skeen, Moses Jefferson Disallowed
Skelton, Alexander Hawkins Disallowed
Slagle, William Knox Barred
Slaton, Thomas Jefferson Allowed
Sloan, James Dickson Disallowed
Small, George Lincoln Barred
Smallin, Jefferson Monroe Barred
Smalling, Duke W Washington Allowed
Smallman, David T Hamblen Disallowed
Smallwood, Churchwell B McNairy Allowed
Smith, A H Carroll Disallowed
Smith, Allen K, Estate of Hamilton Allowed
Smith, Annie Rutherford Disallowed
Smith, Charles White Barred
Smith, Charles C Grainger Allowed
Smith, Daniel C., Estate Hamilton Allowed
Smith, David Hamilton Barred
Smith, Francis J Maury Disallowed
Smith, Frederick Davidson Disallowed
Smith, George Hamblen Disallowed
Smith, George F Marion Allowed
Smith, George W Roane Disallowed
Smith, George W Rutherford Disallowed
Smith, Green & Leanah Rutherford Barred
Smith, Hannah Franklin Disallowed
Smith, Henry Sumner Disallowed
Smith, Henry S Sevier Allowed
Smith, Isaac Bradley Allowed
Smith, Isom Lincoln Allowed
Smith, James A Hamilton Allowed
Smith, Jonathan H & Rebecca A Bradley Allowed
Smith, John Bradley Allowed
Smith, John A Henderson Allowed
Smith, John A Union Disallowed
Smith, John T Washington Allowed
Smith, John W Carroll Disallowed
Smith, John Y, Estate of [William L] Roane Disallowed
Smith, Joseph F Davidson Disallowed
Smith, Joseph H Haywood Barred
Smith, Joshua Hawkins Allowed
Smith, Lucy Davidson see note
Smith, Mary Washington Disallowed
Smith, Mrs. Musadora A Lincoln Barred
Smith, Nathaniel Greene Allowed
Smith, Neil A Madison Barred
Smith, Peter Hamblen Disallowed
Smith, Robert Madison Disallowed
Smith, Robert F Bedford Allowed
Smith, Samuel Hamblen Disallowed
Smith, Thomas A Henderson Allowed
Smith, Thomas J Carroll Disallowed
Smith, Thomas M Marion Allowed
Smith, Thomas, Sr Marion Allowed
Smith, Wade H Hawkins Allowed
Smith, William M Maury Barred
Smith, William M Monroe Allowed
Smith, William P Lincoln Disallowed
Smith, William T Knox Disallowed
Smith, Zack Giles Disallowed
Smithson, John G, Sr Giles Disallowed
Smithson, John S McNairy Barred
Snapp, Wendel D Washington Disallowed
Snead, William H Shelby Barred
Sneed, John Carroll Allowed
Snider, Daniel, Jr Monroe Disallowed
Snider, James M Monroe Allowed
Sniteman, Christian Hamilton Disallowed
Snodgrass, Allen W Hamblen Disallowed
Snodgrass, James Jefferson Barred
Snodgrass, William H Jefferson Allowed
Snoffard, Aaron Bledsoe see note
Somerville, Helen R Tipton Allowed
Somerville, Joseph B Haywood Barred
Somerville, Thomas T Tipton Disallowed
Soper, James Sumner Disallowed
Southern, William F Shelby Barred
Sovern, Susan Giles Disallowed
Spah, Fedel Madison Disallowed
Spahr, Aaron M Sullivan Disallowed
Spain, Ann Davidson Barred
Sparks, A L Loudon Barred
Sparks, Isaac Carroll Allowed
Speed, Joseph F Haywood Allowed
Spellings, J M Carroll Disallowed
Spellings, W J C Gibson Disallowed
Spencer, William Hardin Disallowed
Spencer, C Haywood Allowed
Spitzer, Henry H Knox Disallowed
Spivey, Holloday Hamilton Allowed
Springer, Hosea Carroll Disallowed
Sprolls, Elizabeth Sullivan Disallowed
Sprolls, Jonathan Sullivan Allowed
Squibb, John Greene Allowed
St. Clair, Susan Shelby Allowed
Staggs, James, Estate of Sumner Disallowed
Staggs, Thomas Sumner Disallowed
Stailey, Sarah Ann Shelby Disallowed
Stakeley, Abraham Monroe Barred
Stakeley, John C Monroe Allowed
Stamps, Asa L Bedford Barred
Stamps, D B Franklin Disallowed
Stamps, Daniel Haywood Allowed
Standefer, Isaiah Claiborne Disallowed
Standefer, Joseph Claiborne Barred
Staples, B F, Estate of Morgan Allowed
Staples, Michael A Roane Disallowed
Staples, Millin Morgan Allowed & Disallowed
Starkey, Frederick A Coffee Allowed
Starnes, John E Hawkins Allowed
Steele, Abner A Marshall Allowed
Steele, Samuel Greene Disallowed
Steele, William A Rhea Allowed
Steed, Collier A McNairy Allowed
Stephen, David H Monroe Allowed
Stephens, Andrew Franklin Allowed
Stephens, Henry Monroe Barred
Stephens, James G Scott Disallowed
Stephens, John Cumberland Barred
Stephenson, A W Gibson Barred
Stephenson, Sarah A Maury Allowed
Sterling, Michael C Knox Allowed
Sterling, Michael E Blount Disallowed
Stevens, Martha A Davidson Disallowed
Stevens, Tarah H Polk Barred
Stevens, Thomas Cumberland Barred
Stevenson, William J Fayette Allowed
Stevenson, William W Bradley Disallowed
Stewart, Calvin E, Estate Fayette Disallowed
Stewart, James Gibson Allowed
Stewart, James Shelby Allowed
Stewart, Joseph T Polk Barred
Stewart, Robert Fentress Barred
Still, William Madison Disallowed
Stine, Abraham Sullivan Barred
Stockbridge, Mary C Greene Allowed
Stockley, Lucy J Shelby Disallowed
Stokes, John M Bedford Allowed
Stone, Benjamin J, Estate of McMinn Allowed
Stone, Hendley Hardeman Allowed
Stone, Jeff M Lincoln Disallowed
Stone, John L Sequatchie Disallowed
Stone, Michael H Grainger Disallowed
Stone, Oliver P Knox Disallowed
Stone, Robert Claiborne Barred
Stone, Wiley F Marshall Barred
Stone, William, Estate of James see note
Stone, William H, Estate of Hardeman Allowed
Stones, W E, Mrs Davidson Disallowed
Story, Ann Bell Bedford Barred
Story, Catharine Henderson Allowed
Story, F M Bedford Allowed
Story, Rebecca J Bedford Barred
Stout, Josiah Shelby Barred
Stovall, Ancell M Franklin Disallowed
Stovall, H D Obion Disallowed
Stowe, L C Weakley Allowed
Strain, Thomas D Shelby Barred
Strain, W I Washington Disallowed
Strain, William S Washington Disallowed
Strange, Edmund Tipton Barred
Street, Park Williamson Disallowed
Streeter, James Shelby Disallowed
Stringfellow, William Hardeman Disallowed
Strong, Francis M Bedford see note
Stroud, Thomas Grainger Allowed
Stublefield, Wyatt (Hamblen Co) Jefferson Disallowed
Stull, George T Fayette Barred
Sturm, Frederick Sullivan Allowed
Subblett, Newton Rutherford Barred
Sublett, John F Franklin Barred
Sullivan, John Giles Disallowed
Summer, William Morgan Barred
Summers, B P Houston Barred
Summers, James P Grundy Disallowed
Summers, Walter W Bedford Barred
Summers, William F Sumner Disallowed
Summitt, Joseph Monroe Barred
Sumner, William Davidson Allowed
Sutton, Calvin, Estate of Bradley Barred
Sutton, John W Sevier Allowed
Sutton, Wesley Bedford Allowed
Sutton, William Monroe Barred
Swagerty, William R Cocke Disallowed
Swain, Mary M C McNairy Disallowed
Swan, Andrew H & D P Knox Allowed
Swann, Edward D Franklin Allowed
Swann, John C Jefferson Allowed
Swanson, Richard Sr Williamson Barred
Sweat, Isaiah McNairy Disallowed
Sweat, Terrell McNairy Allowed
Sweeney, Pyrene C Davidson Disallowed
Sweeton, Mary E Franklin Allowed
Swift, Eliza A Fayette Allowed
Swing, George W Bedford Disallowed
Swing, Jacob Bedford Allowed
Sykes, Henry O Fayette Allowed
Taffe, Irwin H Shelby Barred
Talbert, William T Cannon Allowed
Talbott, John Jefferson Allowed
Talbott, Ross, Estate Jefferson Disallowed
Talent, Aaron P Knox Disallowed
Talent, James Blount Allowed
Tallent, John Blount Allowed
Tallent, Wily B James Allowed
Talley, Benjamin F Gibson Disallowed
Talley, James Hamblen Disallowed
Talley, Nancy Hardin Allowed
Talley, Robert Shelby Disallowed
Talley, Shadrach Greene Disallowed
Tally, William Hamilton Allowed
Tanner, James M Cumberland Barred
Tapp, Isaac Claiborne Disallowed
Tarpy, Thomas Humphreys Allowed
Tate, David N Grainger Disallowed
Tate, James Coffee Barred
Tate, Mary I Jefferson Disallowed
Tate, Washington Coffee Disallowed
Tatum, Sion McNairy Disallowed
Taylor, Abner, Estate of Madison Dismissed
Taylor, Allen Sumner Barred
Taylor, Benjamin B Rutherford Disallowed
Taylor, Caswell C Carter Allowed
Taylor, Cleveland B Monroe Allowed
Taylor, George M Hawkins Allowed
Taylor, Henry L Lincoln Disallowed
Taylor, Hugh B Gibson Disallowed
Taylor, James H, Sr Giles Disallowed
Taylor, James P Monroe Allowed
Taylor, James P Sumner Allowed
Taylor, John H Davidson Barred
Taylor, Jonathan Weakley Disallowed
Taylor, Martha W Tipton Disallowed
Taylor, William H Washington Disallowed
Teague, Evan L Henderson Allowed
Teague, James A Henderson Barred
Teague, Jasper N Henderson Allowed
Teague, Lander A Henderson Barred
Tedford, James M McNairy Allowed
Telford, George W Washington Disallowed
Thomas, Archibald R Madison Disallowed
Temple, Harwell Madison Barred
Temple, Jordan Blount Allowed
Temple, Leonard A, Estate of Bedford Allowed
Templeton, John Hawkins Barred
Tenery, John E Giles Disallowed
Terrill, A T Henderson Disallowed
Terry, James C Davidson Disallowed
Terry, James D Marshall Disallowed
Terry, William McMinn Disallowed
Test, Benjamin F Haywood Allowed
Thacker, James L Loudon Barred
Thacker, Shepherd Hardin Allowed
Thomas, Aaron Sevier Allowed
Thomas, Adam Bradley Allowed
Thomas, Berkeley Reed Shelby Disallowed
Thomas, Bird Hamilton Allowed
Thomas, Burton Rutherford Barred
Thomas, Cooper McMinn see note
Thomas, Elam F Fayette Disallowed
Thomas, Elizabeth Carroll Barred
Thomas, Henry M, Estate Sevier Allowed
Thomas, Jeremiah N Sevier Disallowed
Thomas, John F Coffee Allowed
Thomas, John H Henderson Disallowed
Thomas, Mary A & William Maury Disallowed
Thomas, Richard G Haywood Barred
Thomas, Shadrack Haywood Allowed
Thomas, Wilkin Shelby Barred
Thomas, William S Carter Disallowed
Thomason, Joel Loudon Barred
Thomason, John Scott Loudon Barred
Thomason, John W Monroe Disallowed
Thompson, Amos Blount Allowed
Thompson, Ann, Estate of Rutherford see note
Thompson, Annie B Shelby see note
Thompson, Archibald Hamblen Allowed
Thompson, Catharine Grundy Allowed
Thompson, Ephraim McNairy Disallowed
Thompson, Frederick A Maury Disallowed
Thompson, Gideon B Bradley Disallowed
Thompson, Gideon D Roane Disallowed
Thompson, Harvy Loudon Allowed
Thompson, James A Bedford Allowed
Thompson, James P Warren Barred
Thompson, John J A Knox Allowed
Thompson, Joseph R Rutherford Allowed
Thompson, Mary Jefferson Allowed
Thompson, Newcome Bedford Allowed
Thompson, Robert L Blount Allowed
Thompson, Sarah E Washington see note
Thompson, Waddy Shelby see note
Thornburg, Samuel Jefferson Allowed
Thornburgh, Al Jefferson Allowed
Thornburgh, Benjamin C Jefferson Allowed
Thornburgh, O A Jefferson see note
Threadgill, Allen J Henderson Allowed
Thurman, Calvin Y Polk Allowed
Thurman, E C, Estate of Carroll Allowed
Thurman, Oliver M Warren Disallowed
Thurston, Phineas Loudon Barred
Thweatt, Richard H Giles Disallowed
Tilford, Ann T Rutherford Disallowed
Tilghmon, Thomas O Wilson Disallowed
Tillery, Thomas P, Estate of Meigs Allowed
Tinsley, Brackin Sevier Allowed
Tipton, A J Carter Disallowed
Tipton, Jacob J Monroe Disallowed
Tipton, John B Loudon Allowed
Tisdale, Lewellen T Tipton Disallowed
Tittsworth, Charlotte Jefferson Allowed
Tittsworth, James O Jefferson Barred
Tittsworth, John B Sullivan Disallowed
Tompkins, James T, Estate of Wilson Disallowed
Toof, Elizabeth Shelby Disallowed
Torbert, Andrew W, Estate of Monroe Disallowed
Tosh, L M Carroll Disallowed
Townley, James B Monroe Barred
Townsend, Peter Shelby Disallowed
Townson, Joseph Giles Disallowed
Travis, Ephraim Jefferson Barred
Travis, Mary A Grundy Disallowed
Traylor, Hilas F Rutherford Disallowed
Traynor, Richard Davidson Allowed
Trent, E A Davidson Disallowed
Trent, William G Grainger Barred
Trevillian, Thomas C Weakley Barred
Trew, Thomas H Loudon Allowed
Trice, Allie A Montgomery Disallowed
Trigg, Joseph W Franklin Disallowed
Trigg, Mrs. L A T Rutherford Barred
Trim, Anderson Bradley Allowed
Trotter, Isham A Shelby Barred
Trotter, John A Sevier Disallowed
Trotter, William H Sevier Allowed
Tuck, Elizabeth Loudon Barred
Tucker, Edward J Fayette Disallowed
Tucker, James Fayette Disallowed
Tucker, Lizzie Fayette Allowed
Tucker, Needham C Bedford Disallowed
Tucker, Wiley Bradley Allowed
Tullock, John M Blount Allowed
Tunget, T R C Giles Disallowed
Turner, Ann Eliza Fayette Disallowed
Turner, Henrietta Y Fayette Barred
Turner, John Jefferson Barred
Turner, Madison Rutherford Disallowed
Turner, William P H Lawrence Disallowed
Turner, Wilmarth E & Ransom B Wilson Disallowed
Turner, William M McNairy Allowed
Twohig, Patrick Shelby Barred
Tyer, Mitchell Montgomery Disallowed
Underdown, Gilbert W Knox Allowed
Underwood, James Sevier Disallowed
Underwood, Nimrod Roane Allowed
Underwood, Thomas Sevier Disallowed
Urban, Henry M Giles Allowed
Utlers, Alexander Gibson Disallowed
Vallentine, Ellick Rutherford Barred
Van Buren, Martha O Shelby Disallowed
Vance, E R Wilson Barred
Vance, James Jefferson Barred
Vance, James H Sullivan Allowed
Vance, John, Estate of Jefferson Disallowed
Vance, Samuel, Estate of Jefferson Disallowed
Vancleave, Jasper N Carroll Disallowed
Vandergriff, Joseph Hamilton Allowed
Vandergriff, Mahala Hamilton Barred
Vandergriss, James Grainger Allowed
Vandike, Henry Jefferson Allowed
Vanhook, John R Dickson Disallowed
VanHuss, William Hamblin Allowed
VanPelt, John E Fayette Disallowed
Vantreese, William Madison Disallowed
Vanwhoser, Samuel Jefferson Allowed
Varnell, Josiah Sevier Allowed
Varner, Allen Hamilton Disallowed
Varner, Daniel Loudon Allowed
Varner, George Hamilton Disallowed
Varner, Madison Hamilton Allowed
Vaughan, Adaline Davidson Allowed
Vaughan, H L Sumner Barred
Vaughan, Turner Wilson Disallowed
Vaughn, John Hamilton Allowed
Vaughn, Robert Y McMinn Barred
Vaughn, Sarah Grundy Barred
Veal, Thomas McNairy Barred
Venerable, Daniel Hawkins Allowed
Verhine, E H Obion Allowed
Vermillion, Isaac N Claiborne Barred
Vestal, C M Greene Allowed
Vester, James M Davidson Disallowed
Vester, William Davidson Barred
Vincent, J E Weakley Allowed
Vineyard, G B Grainger Disallowed
Vineyard, Jacob Grainger Allowed
Voorhies, Garrett D Maury Disallowed
Waddell, David W Washington Disallowed
Waddell, Samuel D Washington Disallowed
Wade, Levi Rutherford Disallowed
Wade, William E Gibson Barred
Waggoner, Cornelius Davidson Allowed
Waggoner, H B Davidson Allowed
Waggoner, Wilkins W Benton Barred
Wair, William K Davidson Disallowed
Waits, Thompson Hardin Barred
Wakefield, Joseph N Franklin Disallowed
Wakefield, Thomas J Macon Allowed
Walker, C E Monroe Barred
Walker, Charles Knox Allowed
Walker, E W Henderson Disallowed
Walker, Eli Jefferson Allowed
Walker, H O Loudon Disallowed
Walker, Haywood Shelby Barred
Walker, Henry Hamblen Barred
Walker, Henry J Williamson Barred
Walker, James G Grainger Allowed
Walker, John P Rhea Allowed
Walker, Joseph Bedford Disallowed
Walker, Lawrence W Sumner Disallowed
Walker, Samuel Blount Allowed
Walker, Sarah Sevier Allowed
Walker, Thomas Hamblen Disallowed
Walker, Thomas McMinn Allowed
Walker, Thomas Sevier Allowed
Walker, Thomas, Estate Grainger Disallowed
Walker, Winton N Hamblen Barred
Wallace, Ethelbert S Sumner Allowed
Wallace, Harbert Sumner Disallowed
Wallace, James E Bedford Barred
Wallace, Joseph Putnam Barred
Wallace, Riley Grainger Allowed
Wallace, Samuel, Jr Monroe/Sumner Allowed
Wallace, William Hawkins Allowed
Wallace, William H Shelby Barred
Wallace, William H Sumner Disallowed
Waller, Amanda T Fayette Disallowed
Walsh, James H Hamblen Barred
Walt, R P Shelby Disallowed
Walters, Israel Grainger Allowed
Walters, John Washington Allowed
Walters, Laban L Williamson Allowed
Walton, Timothy Davidson Allowed
Ward, James Rutherford Barred
Ward, John J Obion Allowed
Ware, Jane E Haywood Disallowed
Ware, John D Haywood Disallowed
Warenell, Charles Grainger Disallowed
Warner, Terisa Davidson Allowed
Warren, John T & Peyton S Gibson Disallowed
Warren, Samuel Franklin Disallowed
Washburn, West H Humphreys Barred
Wasson, Richard F Rutherford Barred
Waterman, Nelson Rutherford Disallowed
Watkins, John M Jefferson Disallowed
Watkins, Mary & Robert James Allowed
Watkins, Samuel B Rutherford Allowed
Watkins, Samuel S James Allowed
Watson, Goodwin Grainger Disallowed
Watson, John G Henderson Allowed
Watson, John M Hamilton Disallowed
Watson, Nimrod W Hardin Disallowed
Watson, Samuel Shelby Disallowed
Watson, Thomas S Sumner Allowed
Watson, William K Jefferson Allowed
Watterson, Calvin Hawkins see note
Waugh, Albert A Jefferson Allowed
Waugh, James W Carroll Barred
Wayland, Felix G Knox Barred
Wayland, Felix G. Blount Allowed
Wayman, Charles Loudon Allowed
Weas, Michael, Estate of Hamilton Disallowed
Weatherley, Robert McNairy Barred
Weatherly, James M Madison Disallowed
Webb, Benjamin Sullivan Barred
Webb, Henry Giles Allowed
Webb, James C Davidson Barred
Webb, James E Rutherford Dismissed
Webb, James G Davidson Barred
Webb, James W Gibson Barred
Webb, John R Monroe Allowed
Webb, William Monroe Allowed
Webb, William R Monroe Allowed
Webster, Cleveland Bedford Barred
Webster, Cyrus & Thornton Chafin Maury Allowed
Webster, Margaret R Maury Disallowed
Webster, Nancy McNairy Allowed
Webster, Robert P Bedford Barred
Weddington, Clemmontine Franklin Disallowed
Weir, Beverly Bradley Allowed
Weisgerber, Jacob Knox Allowed
Welch, Henry A Madison Allowed
Wellborn, A C Shelby Disallowed
Wellford, Elizabeth H & Jane HT Jackson of Miss Shelby Barred
Wells, Daniel J Hardeman Disallowed
Wendel, Aaron Rutherford Allowed
West, John J Loudon Allowed
West, John N Grainger Allowed
West, John, Estate of Madison Barred
West, Saml A, Estate of Giles Allowed
West, Samuel Grainger Allowed
West, William C Grainger Allowed
Westar, Elias Grainger Allowed
Wester, James L Grainger Allowed
Wester, William C Grainger Disallowed
Western, Pleasant Hamblen Allowed
Wheeler, J A Gibson Disallowed
Wheeler, Jesse M, Estate of Bedford Allowed
Wheless, Susan A Davidson Barred
Wherry, John J Sumner Disallowed
Whitaker, John H Putnam Allowed
White, Carr B Giles Allowed
White, Catharine Grundy Barred
White, Charles T Grundy Allowed
White, Clark C Shelby Disallowed
White, Elbert A Shelby Barred
White, James Hawkins Disallowed
White, James M Shelby Disallowed
White, James, Estate of Washington Disallowed
White, M A Bradley Allowed
White, Mahlon Hawkins Allowed
White, Martha Monroe Allowed
White, Meady Hardin Barred
White, Mrs. Thomas C Giles Allowed
White, O P Henderson Disallowed
White, Richard Rutherford Barred
White, Samuel M Hamblen Barred
White, Sanford M Giles Allowed
White, Sarah L Humphreys Disallowed
White, Stephen Grainger Allowed
White, William Hawkins Disallowed
White, William McMinn Allowed
White, William H Obion Allowed
White, William R Giles Allowed
White, William C, Estate of Giles Allowed
Whitehorn, Joseph N Carroll Allowed
Whitlock, Sherwood Loudon Allowed
Whittemore, William B Davidson Disallowed
Whitten, James M Hardeman Allowed
Whitworth, Ezekiel Madison see note
Widner, Jacob Sevier Allowed
Wiggans, Elijah Monroe Allowed
Wiggin, Norris J Shelby Disallowed
Wiggs, Martin H Madison Barred
Wilder, China Carroll Allowed
Wiley, Addie Maury Disallowed
Wiley, Thomas A Franklin Disallowed
Wilhite, William M Knox Barred
Wilhoite, William Knox Barred
Wilkerson, Caesar Rutherford Barred
Wilkerson, George W Franklin Allowed
Wilkerson, Thomas Coffee Allowed
Wilkes, Amelia Maury Allowed
Wilkins, Washington Tipton Barred
Wilkinson, Cassandra Rutherford Barred
Willard, E A Sullivan see note
William, Gaston D McNairy Disallowed
Williams, Alfred O Lawrence Disallowed
Williams, David P Haywood Allowed
Williams, Elijah S Loudon Barred
Williams, Gideon J Shelby Barred
Williams, Green B Sumner Disallowed
Williams, Harvey S, Estate Franklin Disallowed
Williams, James S Williamson Disallowed
Williams, James W Obion Allowed
Williams, John Giles Allowed
Williams, John S Maury Disallowed
Williams, John W Bedford Allowed
Williams, Joseph J Dickson Barred
Williams, Joseph R Shelby Barred
Williams, Nathaniel T Washington Allowed
Williams, O D, Estate of DeKalb Allowed
Williams, Powell W Shelby Allowed
Williams, Robert C Carroll Barred
Williams, Roland D Hickman Disallowed
Williams, Samson B DeKalb Barred
Williams, Samuel DeKalb Barred
Williams, Samuel Hamilton Barred
Williams, Silas H Claiborne Barred
Williams, Susan S Davidson Disallowed
Williams, Thomas P Carroll Disallowed
Williamson, Anthony Madison Barred
Williamson, George S Wilson Disallowed
Williamson, Joseph Giles Disallowed
Williamson, Lewis T Madison Disallowed
Williamson, Mr. & Mrs. James M Shelby see note
Willingham, Thomas J Haywood Disallowed
Willis, William W Haywood Allowed
Willoughby, James G Hardin Allowed
Willoughby, John, Estate of Greene Allowed
Willoughby, M W A Sullivan Allowed
Wilson, Alexander H Bradley Disallowed
Wilson, Alfred Giles Disallowed
Wilson, David W Meigs Allowed
Wilson, Frank Giles Disallowed
Wilson, Grandison Giles Disallowed
Wilson, Henry T Henderson Barred
Wilson, Hezekiah McNairy Barred
Wilson, John Loudon Disallowed
Wilson, Oscar Blount Allowed
Wilson, Richard Monroe Allowed
Wilson, William C James Disallowed
Wilson, William D Madison Barred
Wilson, William T Weakley Allowed
Winborne, Margaret L Fayette Barred
Windham, Margaret Sumner Barred
Winkler, Abraham Bradley Allowed
Winn, KJBL Shelby Barred
Winslow, Robert B Greene Allowed
Winters, James Hamilton Allowed
Winton, James, Jr. Grundy Disallowed
Wise, William D Haywood see note
Wiseman, Joseph M Franklin Barred
Wiseman, Wilson D Franklin Barred
Witt, James James Disallowed
Witt, Mary I Jefferson Barred
Witt, Nat Meigs Allowed
Witt, William R, Estate of Polk Disallowed
Wolfenbarger, Peter Union Allowed
Wood, Eliza Sullivan Disallowed
Wood, Eliza Washington see note
Wood,William H & George Shelby Allowed
Wood, George K, Estate of Carroll Allowed
Wood, J E Gibson Disallowed
Wood, James McMinn Barred
Wood, Samuel O Meigs Allowed
Wood, William Jefferson Allowed
Wood, William J Wilson Disallowed
Wood, William P Giles Disallowed
Wood, William H Shelby Allowed
Woodard, Benjamin Cheatham see note
Woodrough, Hall Rutherford Barred
Woods, Andrew J Jefferson Disallowed
Woods, John McNairy Allowed
Woods, Montgomery Hawkins Disallowed
Woodside, Joseph Maury Allowed
Wooldridge, Adine, & Della Sinnott Shelby Disallowed
Woolen, A T M Carroll Disallowed
Woolfolk, Julia C Madison Barred
Wooten, Thomas Grundy Allowed
Word, Edmond Bedford Allowed
Workman, Andrew M Washington Disallowed
Worsham, Columbus C Giles Barred
Worthington, Hugh Davidson Disallowed
Worthy, George Monroe Disallowed
Worthy, J H Monroe Disallowed
Wray, Willis B Williamson Disallowed
Wright, William Hamblen Disallowed
Wright, Demarcus L Morgan Allowed
Wright, John Hamblen Disallowed
Wright, John Hawkins Disallowed
Wright, John Franklin Dickson Disallowed
Wright, Mary Maury Barred
Wright, P G Carroll Allowed
Wright, Paul Thompson Shelby Barred
Wright, Sarah Davidson Disallowed
Wright, Thomas Henderson Allowed
Wyant, Benjamin F Shelby Disallowed
Wyatt, Addison Sullivan Allowed
Wyley, James J Humphreys Disallowed
Wyninger, John Giles Disallowed
Wyrick, Samuel Bradley Allowed
Yancey, Martha L Shelby Disallowed
Yancy, Edward G Giles Disallowed
Yancy, Edwin T Fayette Barred
Yandell, Eliza B Fayette Disallowed
Yarborough, James H Davidson Allowed
Yarbrough, Samuel Humphreys Allowed
Yarnell, Daniel Hamilton Disallowed
Yarnell, Daniel, Estate of James Disallowed
Yates, Allcey Gibson Allowed
Yearwood, Thomas Monroe Disallowed
Yell, Francis M Coffee Allowed
Yett, John C Sevier Allowed
Ycuff, William Loudon Allowed
Yoakum, Aaron Claiborne Disallowed
Yoakum, George Claiborne Allowed
Yoe, Pryor F Jefferson Disallowed
Yost, William K Sullivan Disallowed
Young, Asa B Monroe Allowed
Young, B J Henderson Disallowed
Young, Catharine Greene Allowed
Young, Strobridge Washington Disallowed
Young, William Blount Allowed
Young, William Conn Monroe Allowed
Young, William Bedford Allowed
Young, William H Blount Barred
Zachery, Gilbert Grainger Allowed
Zerkel, Reuben Jefferson Allowed
Zigler, Jacob, Estate of Meigs Allowed
Zobrish, Barnhard Morgan Allowed

Civil War,


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