McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book Q

Page 132

2 17 Jun 1871 James H. Lowry to P.P. Owens, J.M. Clementson, J.W. Rentfro, A.R. Porter, and Seth Edens, Trustees for the M.E. Church South to be built in Riceville.

3 28 Nov 1870 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Thomas Shipley, Mary and Robert B. Smith VS Uriah and William Shipley et als; lands of which Christopher Shipley died possessed sold to W.B.L. Reagan; title divested out of Thomas Shipley, Mary and Robert B. Smith, Uriah Shipley, William Shipley, the heirs of Randall Shipley dec’d whose names and residence are unknown, James H., Sarah, James, Joseph, Parolee, and Emeline Shipley, the minor heirs of Nehemiah Shipley decd whose names are unknown, Hannah Shipley, William Shipley son of David Shipley dec’d, Zlizabeth, Thomas C., and David R. Shipley, John T., Nehemiah, Sterling, Elizabeth, Frank, and Melton Smith.

5 22 Jun 1873. Corporation of Town of Athens, W. Gettys, Mayor, to M.A. Helm and Co. and J.J. Helm; parcel of ground fronting on Washington Street, running back with Hill Street.

5 13 Jul 1671 Thomas Davis to Sarah Beasley.

6 18 Jun 1370 Joel Dugger to Emanuel L. Dugger; his half interest in land in Buckhorn Valley which was willed to him by his father Daniel Dugger; acknowledged in Johnson Co.

7 8 Jun 1871 Henry McMahan and wife Margaret to Jacob Elder.

9 24 Jul 1871 Sam. P. Ivins to wife Louisa; for love; lot 99 in Athens which he had purchased 30 Apr 1859, using for the most part funds that were hers.

12 24 Dec 1869 John F. Sharp to L.M.C. Melton of Rhea Co.

13 3 Jun 1871 Ebenezer Divine of Barton Co., Mo., son and one of the heirs of John Divine dec’d late of McMinñ Co., to Ewing W. Carlock.

17 16 Sep 1867 Mahala J. Onley of Williamson Co., Ill, to Elizabeth Stafford; her dower in the Levi E. Onley land.

22 20 Aug 1866 Richard Wilson of Catoosa Co., Ga. to Lawrence Swaffor; land laid off to Jackson Smith, from and after the death of N.D. Smith, and the lifetime estate of heirs of said N.D, Smith, viz, John J. Smith, and Martha A. Smith and her husband John B. Smith, which was conveyed to him.

26 24 May 1869 Alexander McKenzie VS S.H. and James C. Cate, Ezekiel Bonner, Margaret and John E. Hutsell, Elizabeth and James Gregory, James B. and Calvin Bonner, Paralee and John Shearer, Martha and John Weir, Joseph and Sarah Walker, Elmore and Mary Brook, George F. Bonner by his regular Gdn. Joseph McCulley, William, James, John, and Thomas Gregory, by their Gdn. ad litem V.C. Allen; title to land divested out of complainant and respondents.

28 19 Aug 1871 J.M. Walsh to James Dixon of Bradley Co.

30 25 Aug 1871 William W. Alexander and wife Penelope Eliza to W.G. Horton and T.J. Cate; Deed of Trust for lots 43 and 44 in Athens, which they now occupy and which they recently bought from M.A. and J.J. Helm, together with the mansion, and also the lot at the corner of Washington and White Streets upon the public square, numbered new sty4.e 37, now occupied by E.A. Cobleigh as a drug store.

32 24 Aug 1871 Andrew J. Turner and wife Elvira to S.H. McWhirter.

32 7 Jan 1872. James H. Lowry to S.D. Stanfield, James Parkison, and James H. Lowry, Trustees of the M.E. Church; for the ministry and membership of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States of America.

33 31 Aug 1871 Mrs. Delilah G. Atlee, widow of Edwin A. Atlee, to James Patterson; land with exception of seven acres known as the Gettys Paper Mill seat, which was heretofore sold to Joseph Matthews.

36 28 Apr 1870 Elizabeth Stipe to B.F. Morgan and A.C. Stipe; her interest in five tracts of land conveyed to Henry Latham, in return for her support during her lifetime.

37 29 Sep 1857 George Reynolds to William E2nore of Blount Co.; 5 Sep 1871, Jacob P. Briant and Martin M. Hicks prove handwriting of witness Elisha Briant, who is dead.

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39 18 Jul 1871 James T. Fitzgerald and wife Sarah E. of Laclede Co., Mo .to Claiborne C. Neil of Jackson Co., Ore.; Power of Atty. to collect the interest of the said Sarah E. as one of the children of John Neil dec’d, late of McMinn Co.

39 15 Nov 1867 R.C., T.J., S.V., Emeline, Martha, Catherine, and Margaret Bates, heirs of William Bates dec’d., to Sterling C. Hambright; lot 90 in Calhoun.

40 25 Feb 1870 James B. Cooke to George Sherman; lot in or near the town of Athens, bounded on the E by the Forest Hill Academy.

41 8 Sep 1871 George Sherman to Town of Athens; beginning at SE corner of lot in above deed, running NE with College St. 24 feet, thence across my lot on a parallel with Nat Jones fence to Jones Street, thence with said Street SW 24 feet.

44 21 Jul 1871 G.M. and P.D.K. Bloom, and E.A. Watts and husband William R. Watts to Susannah, M.E., S.C., and H.W. Bloom; their undivided interest in land.

45 15 Sep 1871 D.C. Clark and wife Sarah A. formerly Coats, and William Cranfield and wife Mary S. formerly Coats heirs of William Coats dec’d, to J.J. Coats; land on which William Coats resided at his death.

46 24 Aug 1871 Sterling C. 1-{ambright to William P. Caldwell, both of Bradley Co.

47 25 Jan 1871 Jacob Dethero Sr. to son Jacob Dethero Jr., both of Bradley Co.; signed by Jacob Dethero and wife Nancy.

48 25 Sep 1871 F.M. Jack and wife M.E. to S.H. Jack.

49 25 Sep 1871 Samuel H. Jack and wife Mary L. to Lafayette T. McNabb and Noah Orton.

51 16 Aug 1871 W.G.B. Britt of Meigs Co. to Mrs. Elizabeth J. Collins.

51 3 Oct 1871 Corporation of town of Athens, W. Gettys Mayor, to N.E. Cobleigh; lot beginning on lot 34 of Haywood’s addition of said town, at corner of Washington and Hi1l Streets, and running SW with Washington Street 35 feet, to the lot now owned by him, thence across said lot, and parallel with Hill Street, down to Main Street, thence to the E corner of said lot, thence back to beginning; leaving Hill Street 30 feet in width, hit reserving 4 feet of said lot fronting Washington Street, that said street may be given its uniform width.

52 25 Jan 1869 James A. Armstrong to Robert A. and William Armstrong; his 1/7 interest in lands of father William P. Armstrong.

53 26 Sep 1871 Elizabeth Ann Armstrong to Robert A. and William Armstrong; her 1/7 interest in lands of father William P. Armstrong.

53 4 Oct 1871 J.M. Henderson to Eliza A. McDonald.

55 15 Sep 1871 E.E. Johnston of Polk Co. to H.C. Hurst; lot in Mouse Creek; deed to take place of deed which said Johnston made or should have made to E. Cate in 1859.

58 30 Oct 1871 William B. Dixon and wife Hannah R to Elizabeth Susannah Cowing, all of Athens.

61 26 Sep 1872. G.M., S.C., S., M.E., H.W., and P.D.K. Bloom to Eliza A. Watts and husband W.R.; their undivided interest in land excepting one half acre including the grave yard, which is hereby reserved for a graveyard.

65 4 Nov 1871 James and T.E. Cox to Laurett M. Cox; Thomas E. Cox quit claims to father James Cox his interest in land which the said James had deeded to him in return for his support during his lifetime, and said James Cox deeds to daughter-in-law Laurett the land, whereon Thomas It Cox now lives, in return for his support.

6s 16 Nov 1871 Moses Bonner to M.V. Reed of Polk Co.; lot in Calhoun; signed by Moses Bonner and wife Lorramie Loramiey .

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70 No date. John A. Erwin to S.H. McWhirter; one half or four shares in land; acknowledged 23 Nov 1871.

70 29 May 1871 James A., H.P., and William J. Ware, Alasaphene Thornton and husband William J. Thornton, all of McDonald Co., Mo., to Allen Ware of McMinn Co.; Power of Atty. to collect their share of estate of James Pearce, as heirs of Sarah I. Ware dec’d.

82 21 Aug 1871 John T. Hart and wife Mary M. to J.H. Ball of Bradley Co.; Deed of Trust.

88 23 Dec 1871 David H. and Isham Dennis to John C. Winton of Loudon Co.; six undivided shares of farm on which James Dennis now lives; attest: John and David H. Dennis.

90 1 Nov 1853 James L. Kinser to Nancy Rockhold; 12 Dec 1871, signature of witness Stephen Taylor, who is dead, is proven by David H. Dennis.

95 9 Nov 1871 Joseph M. Horton and wife Margaret Jane to Reuel B. McGaughey; their 1/9 interest in lot 5 in Athens, with a two-story house, with exception of 30 feet off of E side sold to William F. Keith; acknowledged in Fannin Co., Texas.

96 4 Jan 1872 Jacob H. Fisher and Wife Frances E. to James C. Lowry; Deed of Trust; land, where Fishers formerly lived, deeded to Frances It. by Chancery Court.

98 4 Jan 1872 Daniel C. Lowry and wife Mattie W. to James C. Lowry; Deed of Trust for lot 7 deeded to Daniel C. by Chancery Court.

99 3 Jan 1872 E.A. Taylor of Monroe Co. to Jesse Richerson of Loudon Co.

100 6 Jan 1872 Thomas J. Edgman to Thomas K. Edgman; his 1/20 interest in land.

101 10 Jan 1872 P.L. Dodson and wife Amanda to John Hill; their 1/5 interest in the Jonathan F. Pugh farm.

103 17 Jan 1872 George B. Richardson and wife Nancy to Pleasant M. Milligan.

111 7 Jan 1870 Heirs of Nathan Sullins dec’d partition land among themselves; Lazarus Dodson and wife Rebecca L., J.F.J. Lewis and wife Laura M., N.A. Cardwell, James Steed and wife Elizabeth Lizzie H. , James H. Cardwell, Timmie E. Cardwell, Armstead L. Mallicote and wife Mary R., the last nine named being heirs of Hazy Cardwell dec’d and entitled to her share; Morrice R. Sullins and T. Sullins deed part of land to Timothy Sullins; the Mallcotes acknowledged in Washington Co., Va.; the Lewis’ acknowledged in Knox Co.; the remainder, except James H. and Timmie E. Cardwell, acknowledge in McMinn Co., and those two do not sign.

113 20 Apr 1870 Samuel Watson of Davidson Co., Trustee or the Bank of Tenn., to Timothy Sullins; all of lots 67 and 68 in Athens, and some feet in addition on the northern boundary, adjoining property formerly owned by A. Cleage, now by P.C. Wilson and W. Gettys, and bounded on E by White St., on S by Bank Alley, on W by Church Alley, on N by boundary line as now enclosed between said lots and property of the Crawford heirs, and said Wilson and Gettys, being all the property now included Sn the enclosure of the Bank property; $4725.

117 20 Jan 1852 Edward Lee to Moses Joines; 9 Feb 1872, proven by witness Solomon Wilson, and by said Wilson and John H. Joines who prove handwriting off witness K.M. James, who is dead.

124 1 Jul 1868 Elizabeth and A.C. Stipe, B.F. Morgan and wife Sarah A. to A.C. Blevins and wife Catherine; land which they all bought.

127 29 Feb 1872 Rebecca Burns, widow, and M.L. Phillips and Theodore Richmond, Execs. of William Burns dec’d, to William W. Alexander; Richmond has recently moved to Chattanooga.

129 1 Mar 1872 Mary M. Reeder to Joseph, J.S., Asenath, and S.E. Matthews; lots 92 and 93 in Athens, situated on Main and Jackson Streets, fronting on the Public Square, known as the Athens Hotel property, and occupied by her until this day.

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130 29 Dec 1871 Susan and Zilpha Lee to H.C. and William L. Reynolds, and J.H. Joines, Trustees; one acre for building a school house.

134 18 Jan 1872 John W. Paris to Patsey Lewis formerly Paris; one acre with free access to the spring.

137 26 Mar 1872 A.B. Blankenship of Athens to James H. Huff of Red Clay, Whitfield Co., Ga.; “To whomsoever it may concern to know the object of this Indenture, Greeting: In this, and all transactions between men, may Justice ever reign supreme !”

139 27 Mar 1872 James R. Love and wife Julia Reagan Love, of Jackson Co., N.C., to Mira A. Reagan; for $9000., part of which is in 600 acres in Monroe Co., their 43 undivided interest in lands of James H. Reagan dec’d, the other 2/3 belonging to W.B.L. and James A. Reagan, heirs.

140 27 Mar 1872 Mira A. Reagan to her children, W.B.L. and James A, Reagan, and Julia H. Love; she has released her right of dower in estate of her husband James H. Reagan dec’d.

146 15 Jan 1872 John M. Ellis of Barry Co., Mo. to Ransom A. Ellis; his interest in estate of Ezekiel Ellis dec’d; acknowledged in Lawrence Co., Mo.

149 22 Aug 1871 Nancy Rockholt and children Thomas, Franklin, William, James, and Tolbert Rockholt to H.P. Ward.

154 26 Apr 1872 James A. Dixon and wife Martha C. of Bradley Co. to C.D.S. Wilkins.

155 24 Apr 1872 Henry Bradford to Mary K. Bradford; his 1/5 undivided interest in the home farm of James F. Bradford dec’d, about two miles from Athens on the great road leading from Athens to Benton.

155 24 Apr 1872 Fielding Bradford to James F. Bradford Jr.; his 1/5 interest as in above deed.

156 2 May 1872 John D. Dickson Dixon to Martha J. Dixon; his undivided half of land.

159 7 Jul 1868 Hamilton Pearce to Norvell M. Robinson, Thomas S. Garner, and Isaac P. Threadkill of Fulton Co., Ga.; 3/4 of the mineral interests in land in consideration of their labor bestowed and money spent to open and investigate a vein of minerals; said mineral interest to be developed in next three years or deed is to be void.

162 28 Oct 1871 James C. Carlock to Margaret Caroline, wife of Thomas J. Henderson Jr.

164 17 May 1872 Mark Grayson to Joseph Smith in trust for J.H. Smith; Deed of trust for the outfit known as Grayson’s Pavilion.

167 25 May 1872 Alexander Cleage to James M. Henderson; part of lot 95 in Athens, beginning at N corner of lot, fronting 28 feet on Main St., and running back the same width 79 feet on Jackson Street, and so as to include the brick store-house on the N corner now occupied by McKeldin, Dement, and Co., also to include the small brick building now occupied by T. Nixon Van Dyke as a law office.

168 24 Jan 1871 Montraville Reynolds to Thomas H. McGuire minor heir of William McGuire dec’d.

171 14 May 1872 Smith S. Robbins of Adams, Jefferson Co., N.Y. to Hiram H. Sage of Copenhagan, Lewis Co., N.Y.; Deed of Trust.

173 3 Jun 1871 Charles A. McDonald and wife Matilda S. of Monroe Co. to William B. Hamilton.

176 4 Jul 1872 Hugh P. Wilson to Laura Ellen Tennessee, Margaret Cornelia Elizabeth, and Stephen Frances Wilson, children of dec’d. son P.H. Wilson,

177 4 Dec 1871 Copy of County Court Decree: title divested out of Eliza Bunch, Thomas Rockholt and wife Caroline, Joseph Farris and wife Rachel, and Jane, Sarah, Mary, Henry, James, Elenor, Joseph, and Permelia Cof fman, and also the heirs of William Kinser dec’d whose names and ages are unknown, and also Phebe, Henry, James, William, and Ellen Kinser, all of whom are heirs of Henry Kinser dec’d.

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179 No date. William L. Fambro to John A. Lowry; for $15O., the right, of which I am the proprietor, to make eight pounds of butter from one gallon of sweet milk, in McMinn Co. only; acknowledged 24 Jul 1872.

180 16 May 1872 East Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia R.R. Co., R.T. Wilson, President, Mortgage to the United States; in latter part of 1865, the U.S. sold to the R.R. certain rolling stock, machinery, etc.

186 11 May 1872 Matthew Nelson and wife Rebecca Ann to Reuel B. McGaughey; their 1/9 interest in lot 5 in Athens.

187 29 Dec 1869 Alcy M. Dodson and husband Jesse, Sarah B. Dixon and husband James H., Martha A. Bloom and husband P.D.K., and Laura S. Dorsey and husband McKamy W. to Lewis H. and Jason M. Newman; their 1/7 part each undivided interest in homestead and other property of William Newman dec’d.

188 27 Dec 1871 Isaac M. Wilson and wife Eliza S. to Lewis H. and Jason H. Newman; their 1/7 part of homestead and other property of William Newman dec’d.

189 1 Aug 1872 J.M, Newman to Lewis H. Newman; his interest as in above deeds.

189 17 Jul 1872 James S. Shannon and wife Nancy to Bogan Cash.

192 6 Aug 1872 James Gettys to W.B. McKeldin; lot 108 in Athens on which the Hotel is located, known as the Horton Hotel property.

196 20 Aug 1872 Elizabeth Susanna Cowing to Lewis Stanton; acknowledged by Elizabeth S. Cowing and husband Joseph.

199 10 Apr 1872 George Deaderick and wife Bettie to John Evans; Deed of Trust.

206 9 Aug 1872 Charles V. Orton and wife Clarinda A. to Robert H. Erickson and wife Elizabeth.

208 11 Sep 1872 Alexander, Jemima, and John H. Cleage to Herman Warnecke; Deed of Trust; Alexander, John H., and Thomas A. Cleage are indebted to Julius Raht.

.217 12 Sep 1872 Henry S. Glover and wife Jeannette H. of Jasper Co., Ga formerly Jeannette H. Keith widow of William F. Keith to Jeannette H. Keith, daughter of Jeannette H. Glover formerly Keith and William F. Keith dec’d; for love.

218 17 Sep 1872 James K. Polk Witt and wife Margaret Ann to Thomas K. Edgman; their undivided interest in land.

219 14 Sep 1872 Lucy Rothwell to daughter Amelia Ann Rothweil; for love, and for care she has taken of me in my old age.

221 5 Oct 1869 Nancy Price formerly Coats and husband Dosey Price to J.J. Coats; their interest, as heirs, in lands of William Coats dec d.

222 28 Sep 1872 John H. Miller and wife Mary to W,J. Davis of Bradley Co.; Deed of Trust.

224 8 Aug 1872 John C. Gibson and wife W.M. to Mary Miller, wife of John M. Miller.

226 4 Oct 1872 Louisa A. Coats and J.J. Coats and wife Elizabeth to Richard Thomas.

227 3 Oct 1872 Lucy Pearce to Elijah Hutsell; signed by Lucy and husband John S.

229 11 Oct 1870 J.P. Howell, Rachel J. Whaley formerly Howell and husband Thomas F., J.H. Howell by his Atty. in fact Elizabeth Howell, all heirs of John Howell Sr. dec’d, to Samuel H. and John V. Howell; land sold by a proceedings had in Rhea Co. Circuit Court; land in McMinn Co. and partly in Meigs Co.; acknowledged in Rhea Co.

229 12 Oct 1870 John V. Howell to S.H. Howell of McMinn Co.; acknowledged in Rhea Co.; land of John Howell Sr. known as the Humphrey farm.

230 1 Oct 1872 Joshua Chapman and wife Susan N. to Aaron Waller.

239 19 Aug 1839 William Paris Sr. to Andrew J. Paris; 16 Oct 1872, witnesses identify the handwriting of witness J.F. Benton who is in Texas.

239 No date. A.J. Paris to John Leslie; signed by A.J. Paris and wife N.J.; acknowledged 16 Oct 1872.

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240 22 May 1871 Copy of Chancery. Court Decree: Isaac Stalcup et al VS James H. Stalcup et a1; title to land divested out of complainants and respondents, children of Moses Stalcup Sr.; Levi H. Stalcup buys the land.

242 15 Oct 1872 Jasper Ware of Pineville, McDonald Co., Mo. to Allen Ware; Power of Atty. to collect his part of estate of James Pearce.

244 8 Oct 1872 Lee Cate and wife flmanda to Greenberry Cate.

245 25 Oct 1872 Harvey and Jehu Jehue S. Fry, Execs. of Phillip Fry dec’d, to James L., David A., William J., Samuel S., Leonidas, John W, and Julia Low, heirs of William E. Low dec’d, late of McMinn Co.

247 25 Oct 1872 R.H. Paris to James Payne; Deed of Trust, for securing John J. Payne, Atty. “for his heirs to the William Paris estate and Sarah Vanzant.”

248 15 Oct 1870 A.J. Shelton to S.L, Caldwell, Clerk of the Shelton Grove United Baptist Church, two acres for the use of said church.

250 11 Sep 1872 William N. Paris to James Hickey of Roane Co.; Deed of Trust to secure note due to Mary I. and Nancy Lurana Hickey, daughters of said James.

253 26 Oct 1872 Hamilton P. Ware of Fannin Co., Texas to Allen Ware; Power of Atty. to collect his share of estate of James Pearce dec’d.

255 16 Nov 1872 Elias Lawson to David Lawson; his interest in lands of Hugh lawson dec’d; acknowledged in Hamilton Co.

258 28 Nov 1872 John W. Paris and wife Margaret to J.A. Turley.

259 28 Nov 1872 W.C. Vaughan to Henry Chesnutt; Deed of Trust; signed and acknowledged by W.C. Vaughan and wife Mary Ann.

263 7 Nov 1872 Alexander Cleage to C. Myra Crawford and her heirs.

264 29 Jun 1872 Isaac Leadbetter and wife Martha to William B. Pickens.

266 28 Nov 1870 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Title divested out of Joseph, Wi11iam H., and Granville Cecil, and Onslow G., Coleman C., and Leander Minzes.

268 28 May 1871 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: R.G. Blackburn, Adm. of Jesse Blackburn dec’d VS Mary Blackburn widow et al; title divested out of R.G. Blackburn, Susan A. and Thomas A. Case, Malinda B. Duggan, Margaret A. Blackburn, Eliza B. and R.E. Martin, and Mary Blackburn, heirs.

269 28 Nov 1872 Richard Swaffor to Malinda Swaffor; Deed of Gift of all his title to land.

270 7 Dec 1872 James A. Fuqua to William H. Briant; his 1/7 interest in house and lot No. 7 in Athens which descended to him from his mother Elizabeth J. Fuqua; lot in plan of lots laid off by H.B. Haywood.

271 19 Dec 1872 Charles A. Barnett and wife Louisanah formerly Armstrong to William and Robert A. Armstrong; their 1/7 interest in land of father William P. Armstrong.

273 16 Sep 1872 Chrisley Foster, Exec. of Thomas McCollum dec’d, to Eldridge Neil Col’d ; Franklin Co., Ill., Sarah McCullom widow, Joseph M. McCullom, and Alley Pearce formerly McCullom, children of Thomas McCullom dec’d, release their title to land.

276 29 Jul 1872 J.W. Lillard and wife Hattie S. to Henry El. Matlock; their ¼ interest, as heirs, in land of John C. Matlock which had been willed to him by John NatlockoSr., and after the death of Mrs. Mary Matlock.

277 11 Sep 1872 Timothy Sullins and wife Mary W. to Herman Warnecke; Deed of Trust to secure J.E. Raht of Bradley Co., property known as the Bank Building and now occupied by the Sullins.

279 10 Jan 1873 Humphrey L. Shults and wife Isabel to A.D. Scruggs; the Tandy S. Rice lots in Mouse Creek.

281 Jan 1873 John H. Wood and wife S.E. to E.M. Stalcup; their 1/12 interest in dower land of Nancy Stalcup.

282 5 Sep 1870 Copy of County Court Decree: land partitioned into three parts equal in value, one to Sampson Bishop, one to Robert Bishop, and one to James C., Robert T., Sarah D, John M.P., and Elizabeth Bishop, minor children of Mrs. Nancy Bishop and heirs of Thomas Bishop dec’d.

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284 20 Jan 1873 William H. Brock and wife Nancy E. to Wesley Anne of McMinn Co. and Elmore Brock of White Co.; his 1/9 interest in land of Blasengane Brock dec’d.

284 20 Jan 1873 James H. Huff of Whitfield Co., Ga. to .A.B. Blankenship; the store-house, residence, and lot in Athens that I bought from him 26 Mar 1872, it being the only property I ever owned in Athens.

285 7 Jan 1873 J.M. Clementson and wife Mary to Thomas and Charles Riggins.

287 15 Jan 1873 John D. Lowry Sr. and wife M.E. to William P. Wilson Jr. of Monroe Co.

291 11 Jan 1873 L.M.C. Melton to 0.P. Melton, a minor; money paid by John Melton dec’d; land subject to dower of widow of John Melton deo’d.

294 24 Dec 1872 Jacob G. Carmichael and wife Sarah Elizabeth J. to William Lasater,

296 31 Jan 1873 F.M. Brock to Elmore Brock of White Co.; his 1/9 interest in estate of father B. Brock dec’d.

297 7 Feb 1873 Isaac and C.C. Stalcup, and F.J. Etter and wife F.A. to E.M. Stalcup; their 1/12 interest in land of Moses Stalcup dec’d.

298 4 Jan 1873 F.A. Pettitt and wife S.E., and W M. Carson and wife M.E. to Mary Ann Carson; division of land, by mutual agreement, that was deeded to W.M., Sarah E., and Mary Ann Carson.

299 4 Feb 1873 Elijah Cate and wife Ellen to son John C. Cate; for parental love, for his services to us in our old age and business aid. to us for eight years since his majority, for his promise to pay judgment brought by David Cleage, for his promise to pay our daughter Martha E. McKamy; our homestead farm where we now reside, subject to our support during our lifetime.

304 21 Feb 1873 John Wallin and wife Emily of McMinn Co. and W.S. Foster and wife Mary P. of Polk Co. to J.A. Turley.

307 3 Feb 1873 James C. Lemons and wife Ann to Fannie J. Hawk and J.D. Porter.

310 12 Mar 1873 H. Cate and wife Maranda Tennessee of McNinn Co. to R.J. Cate of Bradley Co.

312 18 Jan 1870 Carroll Whiney and wife Hannah Eliza, Susan White, and Nancy Ann Caldwell, heirs of Barton White, of McDonald Co., Mo. to Ensley Wann of Benton Co., Ark.; Power of Atty. to attend to their business in McMinn Co.

314 28 Feb 1873 Andrew Hutsell to Charles L. Matlock; in consideration of a part of Ellen H. Matlocks legacy, wife of Charles L. Matlock.

319 18 Mar 1873 Smith 3. Robbins of Adams, Jefferson Co., N.Y. to Zelotus M. Brown of Rodman, Jefferson Co., N.Y.; mortgage of land in McMinn Co., the Cedar Springs Farm, and all the personal property on said farm, under control of A.H. Wilson, tenant; Brown has signed note as security for Robbing as Exec. of Alpheus Brown dec’d.

327 17 Oct 1872 Major L. Wallis and Matilda Wallis to James H. Magill; 8 Oct 1873, acknowledged by Matilda Roy formerly Wallis, and formerly the wife of Major L. Wallis.

328 27 Nov 1872 C.C. D’Arrnond and wife Emily C. to Williamson Erickson.

329 5 Apr 1873 Sampson Bishop and wife Elizabeth to son James Monroe Bishop.

331 4 Oct 1867 Stephen H. Crawley of Polk Co. to S.H. McWhirter.

334 20 Mar 1873 Thomas L.W. Arnwine of Meigs Co. to mother Sarah Arnwine of McMinn Co.; his interest in undivided land, in order that she may pass the remainder of her life in ease and comfort.

337 21 Apr 1873 A. McKinsey and wife Susan to A.C. Smith, in trust for William McKinsey Sr.

338 17 Nov 1872 William Knox and wife Tennessee of Bradley Co. to John Carver.

340 11 Apr 1873 Jefferson L. Carson and wife Miranda L. to 4.0. Montgomery; Deed of Trust.

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344 19 Apr 1872 C.C. Zachary of Monroe Co. to Isaac Benson of same.

344 8 May 1873 Isaac Benson of Monroe Co. to Charles Edgar Zachary, a minor child, born of Mrs. R,E. Zachary on 3 Nov 1871, now in the custody and possession of Mrs. R.E. Zachary of Knox Co.; the land in above deed.

347 15 Dec 1871 Jersey City, N.J.; M.B. McMahan and wife California V. release part of a vendor’s lien which John McMahan held on W.J.McMahan and conveyed to the grantors; acknowledged in Hudson Co., N.J.

350 2 Apr 1873 J.H. Eiffert to S.H. McWhirter; acknowledged in Canadian District, Cherokee Nation, before J.L. McCorkel, Clk., Abraham Woodall, Judge of District Court, Will P. Ross, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, at the Executive Office at Fort Gibson.

353 18 Apr 1873 Samuel W. Royston and wife Elizabeth to J.H. Gaut of Bradley Co.; Deed of Trust.

362 2 Jun 1873 James H. Charles and wife Caroline M. to Nancy B. Grant wife of J.M. Grant.

364 30 May 1873 D.M. McReynolds and wife Laura L. to William L. Rice.

364 24 May 1873 C.C. Stalcup and wife Lidia F. to W.L. Rice.

367 26 May 1868 Thomas Melton to Carrol Long, J.S. Knox, Alfred Morris, Ralley Chesnutt, and C.Y. Brown, Trustees for the joint stock company owning Oak Grove Academy; for respect for education; land near Wesleyanna Church.

367 No date. James H. Mitchell and wife Mary B. to J.C. Wilson; Deed of Trust; acknowledged 28 Jun 1873.

370 26 May 1869 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: David Hunt becomes the purchaser of land of Mary Hoyl dec’d; title divested out of heirs Sarah Alloway, and Lawson, Henderson, and Mary Hoyl, J.A.R. Grills, Sydney Smith, Robert and Martha Hoyl, Mary Mayfield, Taylor and Joseph Hoyl, Richard and Samuel Cannon.

371 14 Oct 1871 Mary Bird to Margaret Lattamore; acknowledged in Knox Co.

372 14 Dec 872 W.M. Kelley, Tax Collector, to Robert Browder; land of Tabitha Bolin, sold for 1866-7 taxes.

373 30 Jun 1873 John C. and Israel P. Smith of Cherokee Co., Texas to brother William R. Smith of McMinn Co.; Power of Atty, in consideration of trust and confidence, to sell their 1/10 interest each in land of father John Smith dec’d.

374 23 July 1873 Heirs of John Smith dec’d to James T. Smith; ten heirs are John C., Israel P., and William R Smith, Martha A. Axley and husband James W., Mary M. Norvell and husband Clinton L., Rebecca C. Hicks and husband John H., Joseph A.R. Smith, Cornelia F. Smith, James T. Smith the purchaser, and the children of daughter Nancy B. Lowry dec’d formerly Smith, who are John A., Mary L.A., Robert H., and Nancy E. Lowry; James C. Lowry signs but is not mentioned in the deed.

377 30 Jul 1873 Amanda N. Burger of Athens to W.B. Dixon.

377 1 Aug 1873 Samuel G. Chesnutt and wife Mary J. to Dr. Abijah Scruggs; lot in Mouse Creek known as the E. Dixon Tanyard; Deed of Trust.

378 26 Jul 1873 T. Nixon VanDyke to Corporation of Athens; in consideration that the town authorities have caused to be made a good post and plank fence to enclose what is now called Cedar Grove Cemetery, S of and adjoining Athens; or an acre, an oblong square, beginning two feet S of the SW corner of the Van Dyke burial lot, now enclosed by an iron railing.

380 11 Aug 1873 James H. White and wife Fidelia C. to M.T. Gratton of Preston, Fillimore Co., Minn.; mortgage.

384 24 Jul 1873 William Thompson and wife Mary J.S. of Warren Co. to John A.H. Thompson.

385 24 May 1873 William Harmon and wife Jane B. to T.L. Farrell.

387 19 Aug 1873 A.H. Barker and Nathan. Melton to Nathan Melton, Hugh Studdard, A.H. Barker, John Bookout, and A.R. Barker, Trustees of the Methodist E. Church; land surrounding the new Church known as Clark’s Chapel.

Page 140

390 24 Aug 1873. T.W. Brock and wife Delila to W.J. Brock.

391 24 Aug 1871 W.J. Brock and wife Martha M. to T. W. Brock.

395 28 Aug 1873 Marshal Lewis and wife 3.11. to M.V. Reid.

396 2 Aug 1873 W.D. and John M. Jackson to Lewis H. Newman, in trust for the use of Zion Hill Cemetery.

399 30 Jan 1866 John H. Weir of Sebastian Co., Ark. to Thomas J. Weir; his undivided interest in estate of John M.C. Weir dec’d and in same estate which had descended to P.B. Weir dec’d.

399 5 Sep 1873 John C. Winton of Loudon Co. to Mark and Creighton Dennis; his undivided interest as heir of William Richardson dec’d, being 6/8 interest.

402 9 Sep 1873 J.H. Magill and wife Sarah Jane to John H. Parker; Deed of Trust; indebted to George F. Parker of Bradley Co.

405 22 Aug 1873 Joseph Eblin and wife Zora to S.F. Dixon of Bradley Co.

412 28 Nov 1870 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: title to land divested out of Joseph F., Martha J., Alfred A., and Sarah A. Smith, subject to dower of widow Lucinda Smith.

414 27 Sep 1873 John A. Lowry to James C. Lowry; his interest in land of father T.J. Lowry dec’d.

415 17 Sep 1873 E.H. Benton and wife Mary E. and T.K. Thomasson to James E. McCanse; land known as the Logan farm.

420 24 Jan 1873 Elijah Cate to daughter Harriet L. Neil; for love.

421 7 Oct 1873 T.W. Burge of Monroe Co. to W.S. Gaston; one iron safe, desk, and other office furniture now in office of Burge & Gaston, situated over John Evans’ Barber Shop in Athens,

425 3 Oct 1873 Hugh P. Wilson and wife Nancy to J.B. Reed.

427 15 Oct 1873 Eusebous Maynor and wife Jincey to R.B. Thompson.

428 1 Jun 1873 George W. Saulpaw and wife Emeline S., Agreement with James M.Waldie, George B. Ewing of Bristol, Tenn., William Doyle of West Point, Ga., and Joseph H. Girad of Atlanta, Ga.; lease of flouring mill now owned by Emeline.

432 4 Nay 1871 Margaret Willis to James J. and S. Jane Pugh; part of the undivided interest of James Bonner’s heirs.

434 1 Nov 1873 Jesse A. Wilson and Elizaheth Wilson, and Jesse Wilson and Marutia Wilson to William McKenzie; land known as the Gregory farm; E1izaheth and
Marutia are wives of J.A. and Jesse.

436 6 Mov 1873 John L. Thompson and wife Martha to James Baker; Deed of Trust.

438 17 Nov 1872 Samuel H. Howell and wife Ruth J. to George W. Wallis; Howells acknowledge in Meigs Co.

443 8 Mar 1873 Thomas McGee, half brother and only heir of Joseph McClure dec’d and Nancy McClure, widow of Joseph McClure, to T.L. Farrell.

443 18 Nov 1873 R.B. Thompson and wife Mary A. to Charles V. Orton.

444 9 Sep 1873 John B. Kennedy and wife Martha J. to W.C. Wallis.

446 10 Dec 1873 Letha and John C. Rice, and L.C. and E.L. Rentfro to A.H. Rice; land decreed to Letha Rice.

447 5 Mar 1870 I.H. Cox and M. B. K. Cox to A.H. Rice; their claim to land owned and occupied by Letha Rice.

449 12 Dec 1873 Allen H. Rice and wife P.T. to R.B. Thompson.

450 27 Nov 1871 Copy of Chancery Court Decree; title to land divested out of Henry H. .and Betsy Sloop, Absolem Casey and his minor child Cordelia L. Casey, only child of Elizabeth Casey dec’d, Lafayette, Hugh L., and Eliza Sloop, Samuel Patterson and wife Malvina, George H. Sloop, Mary Ann Pinkerton, Thomas Hogan and wife Juletta, and James Gibbs and wife Susan C., and vested in Elizabeth Sloop, widow of John N. Sloop dec’d; lands of John N. Sloop dec’d.

Page 141

451 28 May 1873 Copy of Chancery Court. Decree: sale of lands of John Baker dec’d, subject to dower of his widow Mary now Mary Brock, to Benjamin F. Brock; title divested out of Callaway, Sarah, Elizabeth, Hamilton, Joseph, and James Baker, Solomon Bogart and wife Mary, Elbert Maginty and wife, R. Cobb and wife Catharine.

453 27 May 1872 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Mary J. Thomasson VS Emma E. and Louisa V. Thomasson; title divested out of all parties.

460 27 May 1873 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: sale of lands of Thomas Arnwine dec’d, colored, to Marshall Arnwine, and title divested out of heirs John, Lizzie, Charlotte, Robert, William, Anthony, Rose, Jesse, and Amanda Arnwine, and Jane Matlock formerly Arnwine.

461 4 Feb 1866 Charles Daugherty and wife Celia to Charles R. Daugherty.

462 Dec 1 1873 T.N. Epperson and wife Malinda S. to Gus Cate.

464 14 Feb 1873 William C. Randolph and wife Mahulda to Elizabeth J. Collins.

466 18 Dec 1873 Jonathan P. Edgman to S.G. Edgman; his 1/20 interest in lands of Thomas Edgman decd.

467 No date. Fatima Wells, Admx. of Benjamin Wells dec’d, to William G. Wilson; Deed of Trust for 2/9 parts of farm of William Prather dec’d, and also one grey mare, blind in both Eyes.

468 27 May 1872 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: title to lands divested out of Bird, Henry, and John Newman, Susan McPhail, Rebecca J. and J.B.. Kennedy, Sarah A. Newman, Emily C. and William Kiker, James F. Newman, Louisa and Joseph Redding, Lucinda Newman, Rebecca and George Croxton, Nancy E. and William Thompson, John and Cynthia A. Newman.

478 25 Nov 1872 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: sale of lands of James H. Melton dec’d subject to dower of widow Susan; title divested out of John N. Melton, Susan Melton widow, Aaron, Hulda, Allen H., and Martha A. Melton, Minerva B. and Henry Scybert, and Julia A. and Horace Baysinger.

484 27 Feb 1874 M.A. Helm and wife F.M. to A.B. Blankenship.

486 26 Feb 1874 L B. Blankenship and wife H.C. to M.A. Helm.

488 23 Apr 1873 Sarah J. Cooke of McMinn Co., by advise and consent of James B. Cooke of Chattanooga, to Thomas P. Duggan.

490 30 Sep 1873 Thomas O’Brien to Andrew J. Crawford; Power of Atty. to sell his undivided interest in store house and lot known as Crawford Corner, in Athens, bounded on W and N by Boyd, on S by Main St.., and E by White St.

491 23 Feb 1874 H.C. Hurst and wife E. I. to E.C. Edwards of Anderson Co.;E.I. Hurst acknowledges in Anderson Co.

492 11 Feb 1874 Joseph Cobb Sr. to son A.J.B. Cobb; for love.

493 11 Feb 1874 Joseph Cobb Sr. to daughters Susan, Josephine, and Ellen K. Cobb; for love.

493 11 Feb 1874 Joseph Cobb Sr. to daughter Louisanna Cobb; for love.

495 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Mary Wamack, Admx. of Samuel Wamack dec’d VS Henry, Ed., and C.T. Roberts, William Newton and wife Elizabeth, children of Watts Roberts dec’d.

496 16 Mar 1874 Sephrona Gibbs and husband M. or Dock Gibbs to Eliza A. Briant wife of William H. Briant.

498 13 Feb 1874 J.J. McConnell and wife C M. and daughter Fannie E., the latter engaged in business of milliners &C, under firm name of Mrs. C.M. McConnell and daughter, all of Knox Co., to J.S. Matthews; Deed of Trust for millinery and fancy goods now at their store house in Athens, on the Public Square.

Land, Land Records,

McMinn County TN,

Boyer, Reba Bayless. McMinn County, Tennessee Land Deeds. Copyright 2001. Provided to AccessGenealogy for perpetual free display.

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