McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book M

Page 84

31 1856 Nancy Peck, widow of Elliott Peck dec’d, formerly of McMinn Co. but now of Murray Co., Ga., to Washington W. Peck formerly of McMinn Co. but now of Murray Co., Ga.; her dower in land where Elliott lived and where she lived until Dec 1854.

32 10 Sep 1853 A.R. Byington and wife Mary J. to Wesley Gaston.

34 19 Feb 1857 John Smith to William A., James C., John D., and Sarah J. Fain.

35 10 Feb 1858 John M. Crow of Bradley Co. to Mary Duncan; acknowledged in Bradley Co. before John H. Payne., D.C.

37 30 Oct 1854 Holloway Powers to David R. McCuistian and George H. Powers; land with exception of 25 acres in a square where the new house stands, which is reserved to Holloway for his lifetime.

38 9 Nov 1855 George H. Power to David R. McCuistian; his undivided interest in land purchased from Holloway Power in his lifetime.

39 9 Feb 1858 John F. Power to Lewis Stanton; Deed of Trust for land and property; Kelsey H. Power has become his endorser on note.

(42a) {This deed is not copied in the book, but is inserted between pages 42 and 43. It is written in red and brown ink and has plats of the land sold.}

(45) 7 Sep 1857 Charles a. Proctor to William Russell Proctor of Philadelphia, Pa.

46 9 March 1858 Carroll Long to John A. Long in trust for the use and benefit of Carroll’s wife Nancy and her children Sarah S. and Elizabeth F. Long and any other children which she may have; whereas my wife Nancy S. Long formerly Nancy S. Oury was at the time of her marriage possessed of slaves and land.

47 1 Feb 1858 Charles Cate to John M. Monds, B.A. Prophet, Michael C. Reynolds, A.G. Derrick, and Julius Miller, Trustees for the Methodist Protestant Episcopal Church, South, Mars Hill meeting house; $1.00; one acre on which said meeting house is now situated; land to be used for a church and also for a public school for the benefit of the public and convenience of the neighborhood.

46 9 Mar 1858 Carroll Long to John A. Long in trust for the use and benefit of Carroll’s wife Nancy and her children Sarah S. and Elizabeth F. Long, and any other children which she may have; whereas my wife Nancy S. Long formerly Nancy S. Oury was a t the time of her marriage possessed of slaves and land.

47 25 Jul 1857 William George, Clk. Of County Court, to E. Sawtell; Bill of Sale for female servant named Margaret who was sold by me as Clerk on 20 Dec 1856, under a decree of Court for distribution among the heirs of Burnt F. Seay dec’d.

48 12 May 1851 Bank of Tenn. to East Tenn. & Ga. R.R. Co.; lots 15 and 16 and part of lot 14 of the out lots laid out from the lands donated by the Legislature to Athens, about 4 ½ acres, to be used for a depot and station purposes, and if not so used, to be reconveyed to the Bank.

50 15 Dec 1857 L.C. and J.W. Rentfro to East Tenn. & Ga. R.R. Co.; 2 1/2 acres embracing the whole line of rail road running through the land formerly owned by Robert Rentfro dec’d.

52 8 Jan 1858 Austin Fry of Monroe Co. to William H. Ballew; Deed of Trust for land and personal property; is indebted to A. McKeldin, his partner in merchandising, said partnership dissolved in 1853.

57 25 Jun 1857 Levi Swinford and wife Nancy Emeline of Williamson Co., Ill., heirs of Mordica Rucker dec’d, late of McMinn Co., to Joseph C. Rucker; Miriam Rucker is Gdn. For said Joseph C., another heir of Mordica; their 1/9 interest; by John T. Loudon, their Atty. In fact.

58 20 Jun 1857 Same Grantors as in deed on page 57, above, to Miriam M. Rucker by her Gdn. Miriam Rucker; same conditions.

59 16 Jun 1857 Same Grantors as in deed on page 57, above, to Silas N. Rucker, one of the heirs of Mordica Rucker dec’d.

21 Feb 1855 Chancery Court Decree, Ex parte petition: Martha M. Martin, John W. Smith, Mark Roberts and wife Emily, adult heirs of Nathaniel Smith dec’d. and James C., Laura, and Texana Smith minor heirs by their Gdn. Mary M. Carr; since the institution of this suit, Martha M. Martin has married William Wright of Texas; 140 acres of Nathaniel Smith dec’d and also 60 acres of Stephen Smith dec’d. sold to Charles Metcalfe.

page 85

69 5 Feb 1858 John Arnwine to Thomas Lyons Williams Arnwine and Fleming Mellville Matlock Arnwine, his grandchildren, and minor heirs of his son Alburtis Arnwine dec’d; land, for love.

73 6 Dec 1855 Elijah Cate to Thomas L. Cate for the use and benefit of Elijah’s daughter Sarah Elizabeth Sherman and her female children, born or yet to be born; two slaves; for parental love.

83 24 Nov 1857 A. Barb to F.M. Barb; land, for $300, paid in work and labor done.

84 29 May 1858 Delilah Thompson to William W. Porter.

86 1 May 1858 James P. Senter and wife Nancy Jane to Henry Matlock; Bill of Sale for slaves.

89 17 Jun 1858 Alston Boyd to Spencer B. Boyd, both of Polk Co.; his interest in estate of Philip Cooper dec’d, as one of the children of Jincy Boyd dec’d.

90 30 Jan 1854 William Tunnell to Jesse Tunnell; his interest as heir of John Tunnell dec’d.

91 26 Jan 1858 John Hunt and wife Margaret N. (W.) Of Georgia, Keziah M. Tunnell, Elijah A. Edons (Eton, Eaton) and wife Nancy M., James Roberts and wife Esther Catharine, of McMinn Co., to Jesse Tunnell.

9 Nov 1857 John H. Leuty and wife Elizabeth to Alexander Cleage; Bill of Sale for slaves; acknowledged in Cass Co., Ga.

104 2 Apr 1857 David M. Lewis and Jane Haggar to Sarah Lewis for her lifetime and after her to H.E. and J.M.A. Lewis.

105 15 Nov 1857 Wm. H. Walker to Wm. H. Walker; Power of Atty. to sell land.

108 No date. William Houston Walker to Rodeman Hurst; being lawfully authorized by Power of Atty. to execute said deed.

109 3 Jan 1858 James Willson to John N. Delzell; four lots in town of Mouse Creek.

110 Dec 1856 County Court Decree: John Armstrong, Exec. and Malinda J., William Baker, and Sarah Catharine Armstrong, minor heirs of Andrew Armstrong dec’d by their present Gdn. David Cantrell; land sold May 1853 to Christian E. Mountcastle, and now the notes are paid and title divested out of said three heirs.

114 11 Aug 1858 Daniel W. Robinson to Kesia Tunnell as trustee for the use of Easter Catherine Roberts, who is the daughter of John Tunnell dec’d.

119 18 Jun 1857 Martin A. Kenneday of Meigs Co. to George W. Marler Jr.

123 10 Aug 1858 George H. Power to Alexander C. Robeson; Power of Atty. to make settlement with C.C. Robeson or any one having control of the estate of Robert W. Hamilton dec’d for the distributive share of my wife Martha Jane Power, and to invest such funds for her sole benefit.

125 14 Aug 1858 James McClarney to Frankling, John L., and Henry L. Guffy.

128 6 Jan 1858 John R. Porter to John L., Thomas F., and Henry L. Guffy

129 8 Jul 1858 Daniel C. Kenner of Bradley Co. to Lewis N. Shelton of La.; acknowledged in Bradley Co. before H.H. Rucker, Clk.

134 28 Jul 1858 Elizabeth Ashe to L.E. Cantrell and R.A. Firestone; her dower interest in land of her husband J.R. Ashe dec’d.

136 1856 Joseph Rabern to James J. Rabern; a fraction of his quarter of land.

141 1 Sep 1858 Dimmon Dorsey Jr. to A.C. Robeson as trustee for M.J. Power and Mrs. Rebecca Buttram.

142 25 Aug 1858 Peter K. Whetsell to Lucinda E. Whetsell; his one half interest in the Gibbs Hotel and lot 108 in Athens.

143 20 Aug 1858 Thomas L. Hoyl of Bradley Co. to heirs of Lemuel J. Paris.

147 23 Oct 1857 John S. Reed to S.W. Reed; his 1/14 interest in undivided land as one of the heirs of Jeremiah Reed dec’d, subject to widow’s dower.

148 6 Feb 1858 James Alexander McBroom and wife Margaret S. to N..M. Crockett;

151 20 Jun 1857 Levi Swinford and wife Nancy Emeline of Williamson Co., Ill., heirs of Moridca Rucker dec’d, to Hilton H. Burk and wife Sarah C., they being also heirs; interest in land and their 1/9 interest in personal property; also their interest in lands set aside by Chancery Court to Hamiton L. Wason and wife Rachel M. Wason.

156 1 Nov 1858 Charles R..Gardner to A. Burk; Deed of Trust for “one Camera used for taking likenesses together with all the chemicals, plates, and cases, borders, and preservers thereunto belonging, for carrying on said business. Also the head dress and camera stand, & also three sheets, twelve yards of dark cambric, developing & fixing solution, the bath, and bath holder, one gutta percha dish, and two gutta percha funnels, also two buckets, and two trunks. Also one vice for clearing plates.

168 6 Nov 1857 Richard Stanley of Meigs Co. to Martin Bunch.

169 4 Apr 1853 County Court Decree: E.P. Bloom and Samuel Firestone, Execs. of Mathias Firestone dec’d VS Mary Ann and Mathias Firestone, minor heirs of Mathias Firestone dec’d, defended by their Gdn. James C. Firestone, and Sarah E. and Mary E. Cobbs, minors defended by their Gdn. Joseph Cobbs; by the Will of Mathias Firestone dec’d the interest of the proceeds from the sale of lands is to be applied to educating Mary Ann and Mathias Firestone, minor heirs, until the expiration of ten years from the date of his death, at which time a specified legacy is to be paid to each of the following parties, to wit, 1st William Firestone, 2nd Alfred Firestone, 3rd James Douglas and wife Elizabeth, 4th Martha, David, Mary, and Sarah Cobbs, heirs of Joseph and Sarah Cobbs and 5th John Firestone.

174 13 Sep 1858 Eliza C. Duggan to Allen Moore.

187 22 Dec 1858 John Hill of Murry Co., Ga. to Elizabeth Marr.

189 15 Mar 1855 Jessee R. Grigg of Green Co., Mo. to Samuel Grigg; his undivided half of land left to him and Samuel by Joel Grigg dec’d; acknowledged in Green Co., Mo.

192 20 Nov 1858 Allen Boone, Exec. of Samuel Hardy dec’d, to William Edgemon.

193 30 Dec 1858 William S. Edgemon to Joseph B. Reed of Meigs Co.

198 17 Jan 1859 Isaac W. Fyffe to Eli Helums; Deed of Trust for the shares of two heirs of the lands of Isaac W. Fyffe Sr., his own and the one that he purchased from William Mee and wife Sarah E.

203 19 Aug 1856 Chancery Court Decree: David Crockett, Exec. of John Crockett dec’d, and Nelson Crockett VS James Crockett; at sale, Nelson buys the 1/8 undivided interest of deponent James Crockett in the lands of John Crockett dec’d, to take effect after William Crockett, the grandchild of said John Crockett dec’d, who is now about 14, shall reach 21.

207 12 Jul 1856 John Thomas to Cyrus Zimmerman; his interest in land near Athens, it being the land upon which the Athens Foundry and Machine Shop now stands, near the East Tenn, & Ga. R.R.; land and lots sold to the bargainers; acknowledged in Bradley Co.

210 10 Jan 1859 M.B. McMahan, Trustee for George Horn, to John L. Atlee; acknowledged in Knox Co. before William Craig, Clk., J.N. Craig, D.C.

212 21 Feb 1859 Benjamin Wells, Adm. of John Grisham dec’d, to Henry Walker.

(212a) {This instrument of writing including plat which appears to be the original, is inserted between pages 212 and 213.} 25 Jan 1859 Processioning and survey of lands of Louis F., John G., and William H. Briant, by running the line between their land and that of H.H. Turner, corner of Henderson and James Carter land, corner of Susan Carter land.

213 21 Feb 1859 John Arnwine of McMinn Co., and one of the heirs of Albartus Arnwine, late of Cherokee Co., Texas, now dec’d, to Alford W. Arnwine of Cherokee Co., Texas; Power of Atty. to collect his share of lands, property, and 23 slaves in Texas.

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217 28 Feb 1859 Emaline Witt to Lee Cate; her 1/12 interest in land, for and in consideration of $12.50 with interest from 27 Aug 1844 to 28 Feb 1859.

220 24-May 1855 John Morris to Isaac Morris.

221 22 Nov 1858 Cyril Carpenter to Dan Carpenter.

224 3 Jun 1858 Thomas J. and Isaac A. Lowry, two of the heirs of Isaac Lowry dec’d, to John D. Lowry, James Lowry, John D. Fain, and Christian Shell, trustees of New Bethel Presbyterian Church; two acres and 149 ½ poles including the shed erected for a place of preaching; land was sold by Isaac Lowry in his lifetime but no title was made; T.J. and Isaac A. Lowry have purchased rights to land from the other heirs.

225 3 Jun 1858 Thomas J. and Isaac A. Lowry to Thomas Stephens, William Laseter, and Monterville Reynolds, School Commissioners of 4th Township, 1st Range, East of the Meridian; for the promotion of learning and for the establishing of a site for a school; land…near the Baptist Church.

227 18 Jun 1855 Benjamin Isbell to Mathias Cox, Isaac Stalcup, and John Lowry, School Commissioners of 4th Township, 1st Range East of the Meridian; one acre, for the promotion of learning and for the establishing of a site to build a school house on, with free access to the Spring; this deed is made in place of one made about 1833 which is lost.

229 22 Apr 1851 Christian Peters, Sheriff, to Tandy S. Rice; land belonging to the heirs of N. Jarnagin dec’d , sold 1850 for unpaid taxes; witness Milton P. Jarnagin proves deed, 10 Mar 1859, and William Lowry Sr. proves handwriting of William F. Keith, the other witness, who is now dead.

231 11 Mar 1859 Cyrus Zimmerman to Furgus M. Kilgore; one half the land on which the Athens Foundry and Machine Shop stands, and lots adjoining, near the town of Athens, as laid down in the survey by H.B. Haywood, Engineer, on file in the Register’s office.

232 15 Mar 1859 Alexander D. Keyes to Washington R. Grubb; lot 27 on the plan of my lots laid off between Athens and the E.T. & Ga. R.R., said plan registered in Book L, page 539, said lot 27 adjoining lot 27 ½ sold, and now occupied by a turn table for said rail road.

233 3 Mar 1859 James Gettys of Meigs Co. to Daniel Horton; lots 71, 72, 75, and 76 in Athens, on which John L. Bridges’ livery stable is erected.

234 11 Feb 1858 J.H. Magill to Mary E. Shadden; lot no. 3 on Railroad Street in town of Mouse Creek, on which said Mary E. now lives.

236 30 Oct 1851 James W. Crawford and wife Susan M. to Martin Paine; their interest in land.

245 23 Feb 1859 James F. Newman to Garrett Newman.

247 22 Oct 1858 James Hawkins of Polk Co. to William McKenzie; land…line between Benjamin and John Hawkins.

248 19 Dec 1855 James Calaway Triplett to Elisha Melton, Thomas Melton, and Hugh Studdard; his entire interest, being 1/4, in undivided land.

249 23 Aug 1855 Chancery Court Decree; Ex parte, Theodore H. McCullie and Mary Dixon, Execs. of William T. McCullie dec’d, and John Dixon, and William P., Henry A., James J., Mary E., Alice H., and John H. McCullie, all heirs of William T. McCullie dec’d by their regular Gdn. Alfred Swafford; land sold to Adolphus P. McClatchy.

250 15 Apr 1859 Chancery Court Decree: Elizabeth Coffman, widow and admx. of G.P.F. Coffman dec’d VS Margaret N., William B., and Sarah E. Coffman, heirs of G.P.F. Coffman, and David Weir and William Thompson; in 1855 G.P.F. Coffman died intestate, having been in partnership with David Weir in ownership of lands and a mill.

252 9 Jul 1857 Mary M. Bryan (Bryant) and James C. Rucker, both by their Atty. P.B. Bryan, to Silas N. Rucker; all are heirs of Mordica Rucker dec’d.

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253 9 Jul 1857 Same Grantors as in deed on page 252, above, to Miriam Rucker, Gdn. of Miriam Matilda Rucker and Joseph C. Rucker, heirs of Mordica Rucker dec’d.

254 19 Apr 1859 Planters Bank of Tenn., O. Ewing, Pres, and D. Weaaver, Cashier, of Davidson Co, to W.G. and Daniel Horton, Merchants trading under name of W.G. Horton & Co. in Athens, lot 94 on which their houses and store now stand.

255 12 Apr 1859 John Small to Albert G. Small.

259 5 Mar 1855 James Cox to Thomas E. Cox; land, except for 20 acres including the house of said James Cox, out buildings, and Spring, to be the property of said James Cox and his wife for their lifetime; for $600., and in consideration of Thoms E Cox’s good care and attention to James and his wife during their natural life.

260 6 Dec 1856 Charles Russell to Luke Peak of Meigs Co.

262 2 May 1859 James C. Rucker of Wise Co., Texas, one of the heirs of Mordica Rucker dec’d, to Hilton H. Burk and wife Sarah C., also heirs; his interest in estate which was assigned to the Burks by Chancery Court, and also his 1/9 interest in personal effects, and also his interest in estate of John Rucker dec’d as heir of said Mordica.

263 2 May 1859 Same Grantor and conditions as in deed on page 262, above, to William A. Rucker, also an heir.

264 10 Dec 1856 Circuit Court Decree: Russell S. Lane, Adm. and heir of Tidence C. Lane dec’d and Elizabeth Lane, widow of Tidence C. Lane dec’d VS John F. Lane by his Gdn. ad litem Willie Lowry, and Mary Jane Rowan by her Gdn. F.M. Rowan, John H. and William C. Shelton by their Gdn. James W. Shelton, all heirs of Tidence C. Lane dec’d; land sold to Russell S. Lane with Russell and John F. Lane as his securities.

266) 7 May 1859 Stephen Bedford formerly of McMinn Co. but now of De Soto Parish, La., to Isham W. Farmer.

268 7 May 1859 Stephen Bedford of De Soto Parish, La., to Phillip P. Owens; money to be paid by W.D. and W.A. Buckner who are now mnors, and when paid, Owens is to relinquish his title.

274 18 Apr 1859 Robert N. McEwen and Elizabeth R. Nice, Execs. of William G. Nice dec’d, to John L. Bridges; Elizabeth acknowledged in Henry Co.

280 9 Dec 1858 John Arnwine to Marshall Arnwine; Bill of Sale for a little negro boy named William, 8 months old, “to pay to my six Soninlaws named in my last Will and Codicle”

280 1 Sep 1848 John Arnwine to Marshall Arnwine; Bill of Sale for slave; witnesses Nancy Arnwine, James H. Dover, James M. Dodd; 17 Jun 1859, witnesses Dodd and Nancy Garrison formerly Nancy Arnwine prove deed.

283 25 Feb 1859 Chancery Court Decree: Charles Metcalfe VS Margaret J., Charles P., and George C. Metcalfe, minors, and J.P. Lynch, and Bank of Tenn.

284 Mar 1859 County Court Decree: Starke D. Grills VS William G., Martha L., and Margaret J. Grills, Samuel L. Knox and wife Mary E., adult heirs of Harriet W. Grills dec’d and Thomas J., Sidney L., Emaline E., Jasper E., and Dicy A. Grills, minors by their Gdn. ad litem James Baker; land, except that sold by Jackson Smith in his lifetime, and land reserved according to the Will of Jackson Smith dec’d, sold to Alexander H. Keith.

287 27 Apr 1859 Mortimore F. Johnson of Monroe Co. to William R. Stewart; acknowledged in Meigs Co., before J.J. Lillard, Clk.

288 16 Feb 1858 Robert B. (P.) Smith to Charles A. Pickens; his undivided interest in estate of father Joseph Smith, having been advanced by his father in his lifetime.

291 12 Dec 1856 Joseph N. Smith to Charles A. Pickens; his undivided interest, as heir, in estate of Joseph Smith dec’d.

292 8 Jan 1855 Nimrod N. Smith and wife Margaret L. and Robert A. Stephenson (Stephens) and wife Matilda C. formerly Smith, all heirs of Joseph Smith dec’d to Charles A. Pickens; their undivided interests in estate of Joseph Smith dec’d, the father of Margaret L. and Matilda C.

293 9 Jul 1859 James M. Henderson, Adm. of A.D. Keyes dec’d, to A. Jackson Irvin as trustee for Sarah Wilson and her heirs.

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295 16 Jul 1859 East Tenn. & Va. R.R. Co., Samuel B. Cunningham, Pres., and A.G. Graham, Trustee, to Richard Norris & Son, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Deed of Trust for entire income received for said Company by the East Tenn & Ga. R.R. Co. at Dalton, Chattanooga, or elsewhere along the line, for 18 months; Company is indebted to said Norris & Son about $25,000. for two locomotives.

296 16 Feb 1859 Samuel R. Glenn and wife Mary Ann, Alexander Jarvis and wife Susan J., heirs of Betsey Cox dec’d, Edward Anderson and wife Sarah, all of White Co., to John W. Glenn of same; Power of Atty. to receive all the estate due them as heirs of James Wilson dec’d.

300 5 Apr 1859 George W. Longley and wife Mary of Bang Co., Mo. to Simeon E. Browder of Polk Co., Tenn.; Quit claim to their interest in estate of Simeon Eldridge now dec’d; acknowledged in Bang Co. at town of Casville.

302 1 Jun 1859 James Gettys of Meigs Co. to Jacob W. Gilbert; lots 116 and 117 in Athens on which the tan yard is situated, formerly occupied by said Gettys.

303 22 Apr 1859 Stephen Hill to John Hill.

311 29 Mar 1859 Martha Stewart to Stephen Hill; her dower in land.

312 23 Mar 1859 Henry C., William R., and Giles W. Stewart to Stephen Hill.

313 8 Aug 1859 Joseph Moore and wife Jesten to John J. Helm.

317 22 Sep 1856 Henry C. Peck of Gentry Co., Mo., heir of Elliott Peck dec’d of McMinn Co., to Washington W. Peck, of originally Cherokee, now Murry Co., Ga.; his interest in land where his father Elliott Peck lived and on which Elliott Peck’s widow Nancy lived until the Fall of 1854; acknowledged in Gentry Co., Mo.

318 17 Aug 1854 Circuit Court Decree: James Wilson in his own right and as Adm. of James Wilson dec’d, Sarah Wilson widow, and William P. Wilson, Russell Miller and wife Jane, W.W. Peck and wife Dialtha VS Thomas W. Cunningham and wife, William Vaughan and wife, and James Henry an infant heir of said James Wilson dec’d by his Gdn. ad litum James Forrest; dower allotted to widow Sarah, and James Wilson is high bidder for the home farm and slaves; “then follows an exhibit of a book kept by James Wilson dec’d”.

322 29 Aug 1859 James D. Sewell to Francis M. Sewell of Meigs Co.

324 18 Sep 1858 Isaac B. Kimbrough and wife Mary Ann Eliza, lawful heirs of Nancy W. Thompson, to Duke W. Kimbrough; their undivided interest in real estate of Nancy W. Thompson, to take effect at her, Nancy W. Thompson’s, death, in land devised to Nancy W. Thompson by William H. Cooke, except that portion which Mary Ann Eliza sold to R.F. Cooke before her marriage; acknowledged in Monroe Co.

329 27 Aug 1859 John B. Eldridge to William L. Rice, Gdn. of the minor heirs of John Matlock dec’d; Order, to said Rice, as one of the Adms. of Simeon Eldridge dec’d, father of John B.; acknowledged in Bradley Co.

331 1 Sep 1859 Charles Metcalfe to C.L. King and Thomas B. McElwee; $21,000.; land on big Mouse Creek, including all the mills, factories, machines, buildings, and water privileges, that Metcalfe has heretofore enjoyed upon said land.

335 2 Sep 1859 Thomas B. McElwee and C.L. King to Hugh McElwee, the one fourth undivided interest in the property in deed on page 331, above.

337 1 Sep 1857 Thomas B. McElwee to M.L. Phillips; the 3/8 undivided interest in property in deed on page 331, above

339 18 Feb 1851 Chancery Court Decree: Mary E.P. Lide VS Ann V. Netherland widow of J.W. Netherland dec’d, and Gdn. of Virginia, Margaret, James, Josephine, Cornelia, Ann Eliza, John P., and Catharine Netherland, children of James W. Netherland dec’d, and William F. Keith and James Forrest, Adms. of James W. Netherland dec’d; at sale, James W. Netherland had bought reversionary interest of Mary E.P. Lide, widow of John W. Lide, acting as agent for Mary E. P. Lide.


Pag 342 7 Sep 1859 Simon Hoexter and Michael Wolf, Article of Agreement; they have entered into partnership as retail merchants in Athens, Hoexter furnishing the money and Wolf the work, for one year; acknowledged in Bradley Co.

349 22 Sep 1859 A.M. Benton and wife Mary Ann formerly Firestone to John Benton and Carter W. Cobb; Power of Atty. to receive their share, as heirs, of estate of Mathias Firestone dec’d from Samuel Firestone, Gdn. & C.

350 5 Sep 1859 Hugh P. and John W. Wilson to John J. Helm.

352 18 Aug 1852 Chancery Court Decree: Theodore H. McCallie and Mary Dixon and her husband John Dixon, Execs. of William T. McCalllie dec’d VS William P. Johnson, John L. McCarty, John Scarborough, John W. Smith, Mary M. Carr and husband ____ Carr, Martha M. Martin and husband _____ Martin, Samuel H. Smith, Emily Jane Robinson and ______ Robinson, and James, Laura C., and Amelia T. Smith, heirs of Nathaniel Smith dec’d, and William P., Henry A., James J., Mary E., Alice H., and John H. McCallie, by Gdn. ad litum Theodore H. McCallie.

357 23 Sep 1859 Peter K. Whetsell to Daniel Horton; Gibbs Hotel property.

358 23 Sep 1859 E.S. Brown and wife L.E. Brown to Daniel Horton; their interest in Gibbs Hotel property.

364 20 Aug 1857 Chancery Court Decree: David Cleage, Allen Butler, and James Lamar, Adms. of Z. Lamar dec’d, and Eva Lamar, widow, and Francis and Nancy Lamar, heirs VS Amon and Mary Lamar, children, and Eliza A.F. Small and James Thomas Snider, grandchildren of said Lamar dec’d, by their Gdn. ad litem; there being seven heirs.

369 13 Aug 1857 John Murphey of McMinn Co. and William Murphey of Whitfield Co., Ga. to Walter Mansell of Bradley Co., Jacob and Williamson Erickson both of McMinn Co.

374 5 Sep 1859 John W. and Henry Matlock, Adms. of Albartus Arnwine dec’d to C.H. Guthrey.

381 27 Apr 1837 John Mathews of Bradley Co. to Tandy Rice; 25 Aug 1859, Mathews acknowledges deed in Hamilton Co.

385 1 Dec 1856 County Court Decree: Thomas Grisham and Benjamin Wells, Adms. of John Grisham dec’d, and Thomas Grisham in his own right, James W. and Elijah Grisham, Elizabeth McCrary and husband Robert McCrary, Mary Ann Pharless and husband Samuel Pharless VS Martin Vanburen Grisham, Joseph Grisham, Jane Wyrick and husband Oscar Wyrick.

388 19 Nov 1857 Levi, A.Clark, John, Thomas L., and Daniel H. Hoyl, Jemima Maston, David L. Hoyl, Thomas P. Wells and wife Margarett, Williams Mayfield and wife Narcissa, and Thomas H. Jones and wife Susan, heirs of the late John Hoyl dec’d, to John A. Long.

393 5 Sep 1859 Christopher and Edward M. Ricks to Henry Nelan.

400 4 Sep 1855 Thomas and Esther Crabtree to William J. Green.

401 5 Sep 1855 William J. Green to Thomas and Esther Crabtree.

405 28 Jun 1859 William Foster to the heirs of Andrew Foster dec’d, Betsey Eliza his wife, and John H.C., Mary R., Chrisley A., Emily, James W., Margaret M., children of the dec’d.

414 23 Dec 1859 J.T. McCarty of Meigs Co. to William B. Johnston.

417 16 Jul 1859 William B. Clark to Oswell M. Liner and James M. Waldon, Trustees of the Hiwassee United Baptist Church; for the love and affection I have for the worship of God; five rods of land beginning on the SW corner of the meeting house lot near the river. 419 14 Sep 1854 Moses Cunningham to Gabriel L. Medaris of Meigs Co.

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422 1 Nov 1854 Mary M. Carr, John W. Smith, Martha M. Martin, Mark Roberts and wife Emily J., by their Atty. in fact Mary M. Carr, James C., Laura, and Texana Smith by their Gdn. Mary M. Carr, heirs of Nat Smith dec’d to Charles F. Keith; in 1853 Keith and Nathaniel Smith made a joint purchase of land known as the Forest Hill farm, the object of said purchase being to secure a home free of charge for the teacher of Forest Hill Academy.

423 7 Jan 1859 James E. Rucker and wife Elizabeth, John, James, and Jathan Gregory, R. M. Hamrick and wife Martha, Alfred Cate and wife Mary, William B. Erwin and wife Sarah, Jesse Rucker and wife Mervinda, to Benjamin Gregory; titled “Tapley Gregorys Heirs”.

428 19 Oct 1859 Archibald J. Peck of Solano Co., Calif. to Washington W. Peck of Ga.; his interest, as one of the children, in estate of father Elliott Peck dec’d and in dower of mother Nancy Peck; acknowledged in City and County of Sacramento, Calif.

429 6 Oct 1856 County Court Decree: Mary, Laury, and Penelope Jones by their Gdn. Nancy Fore, and Elizabeth Ann Keith by her Gdn. Alexander H. Keith; sale of land which had been decreed to the complainants by Will of Penelope E Irvin dec’d.

431 30 Apr 1859 Helen M. Fyffe of Grainger Co., John McMahan and wife Margaret T. formerly Moore, to Samuel P. Ivins.

432 28 Nov 1859 William G. Thompson of Rockingham Co., Va. to Solomon D. Henkel of Shenandoah Co., Va.; acknowledged in Rockingham Co.

435 21 Apr 1855 David W. Beavers to Thomas C. Odom of Meigs Co.

436 28 Jan 1860 H.C. Peck to Washington W. Peck of Ga.; his 1/8 interest in estate of father Elliott Peck dec’d and in dower of mother Nancy.

437 8 Sep 1857 William C. Owen and wife Jane, heir of Jeremiah Reed dec’d to James B. Reed; their 1/14 part of estate subject to widow’s dower.

439 2 Dec 1859 Bennett Shelton to A.J Shelton

441 16 Aug 1859 Chancery Court Decree: Sarah R. Willson and husband James Willson VS John C., David M., Hugh L., and Nancy S. McReynolds, minors defended by their Gdn. John McReynolds; Coleman C. McReynolds late of Cass Co., Mo. died intestate in 1850, leaving Mary McReynolds his widow, who has also since died intestate, and Sarah R. Willson, the Complainant, and the Respondents his children; since the death of Mary McReynolds, all of said heirs have been brought to Tenn. to live, and John McReynolds has been appointed Gdn. by Bradley Co., Court.

447 18 Feb 1857 Chancery Court Decree: Martin M. Hicks, Adm. of Joseph Smith dec’d VS Delilah Smith widow, and other heirs of Joseph Smith dec’d; land sold to Clinton Norville

449 10 Nov 1859 James F. Newman to Henry Newman; his interest in estate of father Bird Newman.

451 6 Mar 1860 Clinton L. Norvill Jr. to John F. and Asbury R. Norvilll; Clinton purchased land of Joseph Smith dec’d and the Grantees aided him in paying for same.

453 21 Dec 1858 Isaah S. Garrison to James H. Reagan; his interest in estate of Phillip Fry dec’d, it being the share of heirs David D. Dean and wife Delila, which he had purchased.

454 20 Feb 1860 Chancery Court Decree: S.K. Reeder, Exec. of Rachel Kinder dec’d VS James B. Rudd.

455 5 Feb 1858 Alexander H. Deaderick, Exec. of William H. Deaderick dec’d to William H. Howard; William H. Deaderick died 30 Oct 1857.

459 8 Feb 1860 William McCaslin of Monroe Co. to John McCaslin.

464 15 Mar 1860 James B. Rudd to H.H. Rudd; Deed of Trust for lot on which said James B. and his father William Rudd now live.

465 13 May 1851 Thomas R. Rudd to McEwen & Gillespie; his interest in land, including widow’s dower, upon which his father the late Joseph Rudd lived and on which his mother Susan Rudd now lives.

page 92 PAGE 92

469 20 Mar 1860 Henry Walker to T.W. Warren; Lot No. 4 in the plan of lots laid off by A.D. Keys on the NW side of Athens, beginning at the corner of Mrs. Martha Ann Meredith on W side of street leading from the public square towards the Depot, running thence SW to the alley opposite or E of the Foris Hill Academy, thence NW.

473 30 Jan 1860 R.M. Lillard of Monroe Co. to Elmore Brock.

476 5 Feb 1859 G.W. Kirksey to A.J. Kirksey.

487 12 Apr 1860 J.L., A.B., and W.P. Medaris to M.A. Cass, Thomas Maston, and N.M. Crockett; Deed of Trust of horses.

489 21 May 1859 New Orleans, La., Second District Court: Petition of John Charles Barelli of New Orleans that he has administered as testamentary executor of the late Lewis Neville Shelton dec’d, and whereas he is universal Legatee under the nuncupative will….and whereas there are no legacies under particular title left by said deceased, but only two conditional charges imposed upon the estate with which your petitioner is willing to comply, he prays that he be acknowledged and recognized contradictorily with Wiliam H. Hunt, Esq., attorney of the absent heirs, as the universal Legatee….and as such to be in possession of all the property belonging to the estate; Petition granted, P.H. Morgan,
Judge; P.S. Wittz, Clk.; M.M. Cohen, Commissioner for Tenn. at New Orleans. {This is titled: Allen Shelton, Commissioner, John C. Barelli.}

491 18 Apr 1860 Moses Snider to James A. Houston; Deed of Trust for his interest in a Title Bond made to him 7 Feb 1860 by R.M., Susan, and Sarah J. Saffell, and J.C.M. Bogle and wife Elizabeth C. formerly Saffell, the title to be made when Sarah J. and Elizabeth C. reach 21.

503 11 May 1860 Samuel J.A. Frazier, B.K. Mynatt and wife Mary E. of Knox Co. to C.F. Gibson.

504 2 Apr 1860 Armsted H., Samuel P., William H., and David T. Wilson to Samuel Wilson; their undivided interest in land.

506 4 Mar 1860 Richard C. Jackson to Thomas H. Callaway and Euclid Waterhouse, of Murray Co., Ga.; one fourth part of the undeveloped mineral interest in land.

510 5 May 1860 James C. Maples of Cherokee Co., Texas, to William B. Reynolds of Cleavland, Bradley Co., Tenn.; Power of Atty, to receive his part of estate of his father William Maples late of McMinn Co.; acknowledged in Cherokee Co., Texas.

514 2 Apr 1860 Thomas Wilson to daughter Cyntha Wilson, and at her death to son Thomas J. Wilson, and at his death to his children; deed for slave, for love and affection.

515 30 Aug 1859 Allen Butler to daughter Nancy Price formerly Butler, wife of A.J. Price.

516 11 Jan 1859 Clarinda Mitchell to James H. Mitchell.

(518) 11 Jun 1860 Alexander H. Keith, Adm. of Nancy Fore dec’d, to Julius Miller. 519 Corporation of the Town of Athens, Tenn.: Election inspectors Daniel Horton, James Baker, and John F. Slover certify that at an election held in Athens at the Court house on 9 Jun 1860, a majority of the votes were cast in favor of incorporation. Petition of the “inhabaitance” of Athens; the boundaries to be the same as shown and specified in the original plan of said town, to wit- Commencing at N corner of Lot No.__ known as Hornsby’s lot, running with the street SW to the W corner of Lot No.__ known as the old Academy lot, so as to include the Athens Female College property, and the lots and residence of E. Rowley thence with the street SE to the S corner of Lot No.___ known as Turners lot, thence NE with the street to the E corner of Lot No. known as Bakers lot, so as to include the lot and residence of E.A. Atlee, thence NW to the big spring lot, thence NE with

page 93

520 25 Apr 1860 James Massingale Sr. to James C. Massingale Jr.: Land including the house where said James C. now lives.

524 23 Jan 1860 Hiel Buttram, Exec. Of James Hicks dec’d to Danie Hicks.

525 13 Sept 1853 Wilson Baker of Meigs to Jonathan Thomas; the third part of land that Alexander Baker lived and died on.

527 10 Feb.1859 James Thomas of Rhea Co to Jonathan Thomas.

531 7 Feb.1860 Samuel Firestone to Thomas F. Martin and wife Presha Martin: for love and natural affection.

532 8 Aug. 1860 Polk Co.,Tn Reuben F. Mastin of McMinn Co. to Charles A. Proctor of Fitchburghe, Mass, his one eighth undivided intrest in the Turtletown lands belonging to the estate of Thomas W. and Jemima Mastin dec’d; the lands being in Polk Co.

535 30 Jun 1860 Mortimer F. Johnson of Monroe Co. to David L. Campbell of Meigs Co.

542 16 Jan 1839 Jacob Sharp to son Hiram Sharp; 24 Jul 1860, witness Union Graves proves deed in Laclede Co., Mo. before John L. Henderson clk., P.H. Edwards, Judge; 18 Aug. 1860, the hand writing of witness Nathan Richardson, who went beyond the limits of Tenn, in 1839 and is reputed to be dead, is proven.

544 9 Feb. 1859 C.L. Owen to French Pickell of Roane Co.

546 25 Jun 1860 Daniel W. Robinson to Archabald Blizard; lot adjoining Athens on its Western limits, partly fronting Washington St.

551 20 Aug. 1860 William C. Peak and wife Nancy P. of Meigs Co. to Charles L. Matlock; their one undivided fifth interest in dower land of Sarah Matlock widow of William Matlock dec’d.

562 17 Aug 1860 Hyram K. Hedgecoth of Cumberland Co. to T.C. Henly, truste for J.W. Blackwell; Deed of Trust for still and fixtures.

566 7 Aug. 1860 William C. Mc.Lin and wife Nancy A. formerly Lassater, of Collin Co., Texas, to John Smith of McMinn Co.; Power of Atty. to collect monies due Them from William Lassater, Adm. of estate of her father Willy Lassater Dec’d, or from the Chancery Court Clerk; acknowledge by Hurst 2 Oct 1860.

569 No date. Roadman Hurst to M. Ancient Shipley; acknowledged by Hurst 2 Oct. 1860.

570 4 Oct. 1860 John A. McCrosky to David P. McCrosky; his undivided fifth interest in lands belonging to the heirs of William McCorsky dec’d.

573 Oct 1860 Daniel W. Robinson to George W.Bridges, who is security for his debt to Sloupe and Dodson, Commissioners of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Athens; Deeds of Trust for personal property.

575 23 Jun 1860 J. Hamilton Hale and wife M.L. to William D. Vandyke; their inter-est in the purchase money arising from the sale of land by decree of Chancery court at Athens in case of Lois Deaderick and others VS H.M. Campbell and others, known as the Gibbs Farm, acknowledged in Hawkins Co.

576 12 Oct 1860 Leah Henry to Hugh P. Wilson, trustee for Gideon Cate, Deed of trust for oxen and wagon.

Page 94

578 23 Aug 1860 Chancery Court Decree: William B. Porter, Adm. of A. L. Sharp dec’d VS Mary D. Sharp widow, and Mary Elizabeth, William B., Alexander, John B., and Locky M. Sharp, minor heirs.

579 10 Oct 1860 Bennet Cooper and Mary Robinson, Marriage Contract: Cooper f Bradley Co.; each party to retain all property witch they respectively owned, especially $6400. in cash and one share in estate of Wyley Lasetter dec’d which belongs to Mary Robinson.

587 15 Oct 1860 Silas Sivils to Mahala Sivils.

588 25 Oct 1860 Daniel W. Robinson to George W. Bridges: Deed of Trust for 10,000 bricks, more or less, and 2000 ft. of lumber consisting of rafters. Plank and other timber, all of which is now lying on the lot upon which the old Cumberland Church originally stood; he is indebted to Sloop and Dodson , Commissioners of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

590 10 Aug 1860 William Yearwood to son Thomas Yearwood; for love and for extra work and labor performed; Deed of Gift of slave given him to him in 1847 and of blacksmith tools, but William to have use of during his life, if he wishes; nothing shall be so construed as to prevent son Thomas from receiving his equal portion of the remainder of estate with other heirs. 594 5 Oct 1853 Nancy Cantrell to L.E. Cantrell; her interest in estate as widow of Gabriel Cantrell dec’d, and also interest which she purchased of son W.J. Cantrell

595 6 Jan 1859 Charley McGinty Alexander Cantrell of Webster Co. Mo. to Leemaster E. Cantrell; his interest in land of his father Gabriel Cantrell dec’d; acknowledged in Webster Co.

596 4 Nov 1856 Robert H. T. Cantrell of Webster Co.,Mo. to Lemaster E. Cantrell; his interest in land of father Gabriel Cantrell dec’d ; acknowledged in Webster Co.

598 2 Jan 1854 Thomas H. and James R. Cantrell of Dade Co., Mo., to Lemaster E. Cantrell; their interest in land of father Gabriel Cantrell dec’d; acknowledged in Dade Co.

600 13 Nov 1860 James W. Bridges of McMinn Co. agreement with James W. Hanson of Fannin Co. ,Texas; Bridges agrees to take charge of about 1000 head of cattle and about 60 head of houses, of said Hanson, in Erath Co. , Texas, to have control by 1 May 1861; Hanson to pay expenses of Bridges and family from Jefferson, Texas to Erath Co.

605 23 Nov 1860 Jacob W. Gilbert to George R. Gilbert of Marietta, Ga.; Deed of Trust.

610 7 Nov 1826 John K. Farmer to Sarah Wiles; Title bond to a lot a SW end of Athens, on S side of the new street which I have laid off to run through my land, it being the second lot from the commons, on that side of the new street; to make deed so soon as I obtain a right form the commissioners to the land; 2 Jul 1829, Sarah Wiles assigns bond to Edy Lusk; 13 Nov 1860, Edy assigns bond to Jackson Grubb.

611 13 Nov 1860 Edy Lusk to Jackson Grubb; lot, as in bond on page 610, “Upon which I have lived and held in peaceable adverse possession for the last thirty years.

614 11 Dec 1860 Charles Metcalfe and L. R. Hurst, trustees for the Christian Church at Athens, to Richard C. Jackson; south half of lot No. 20 in Athens.

619 10 Dec 1860 Grandville C. Williams and wife Margaret C. to A.C. Robeson; Deed of Trust for on half of an undivided interest in land.

20 Aug 1859 A. C. Robeson, Trustee of Martha J. Power, to Margaret C. Williams; on sixth part of land, the same as in deed page 619.

Page 95

635 4 Feb 1833 Starling Camp to William T. McCallie; 8 Jan 1861, handwriting of witness T.H. McCallie and Andrew Defore, who have both removed beyond the limits of the state, is proven.

638 17 Feb 1857 Chancery Court Decree in division of lands among the heirs of Mordica Rucker dec’d; dower to widow Miriam, and tracts set apart to heirs Miriam M. Rucker, Joseph C. Rucker, Silis N. Rucker, William A. Rucker, Hillton H. Burk and wife Sarah C., Hamilton Wasson and wife Rachel M.; case is entitled: Heirs of Mordica Rucker dec’d, Silias A. Rucker, Hamilton Wasson and wife Rachel, Hilton H. Burk and wife Sarah C. VS Miriam Rucker widow, William A. Rucker by Gdn. William Burk, Joseph and Miriam M. Rucker by Gdn. Miriam Rucker, Livi Swinford and wife Nancy, P.B. Bryan and wife Mary, James C. Rucker, heirs of Mordica Rucker dec’d.

647 9 Apr. 1860 T. S. Brown of Bradley Co. to Martin Bunch.

648 7 Jan 1861 County Court Decree: C.A. Armstrong, Adm. of William and Sarah Armstrong dec’d, Samuel Armstrong Gdn. of Thomas, Montgomery, Francis, David, and Joseph Armstrong, minor heirs of said William and Sarah Armstrong VS John R. Howard.

650 26 May 1860 Joseph S. Yoder to Miss Sarah Walker.

652 Feb 1861 John Heckler of Roane Co. to Robert hackler; his one undivided fourteenth of land.

654 2 Jul 1860 W. M. Taylor and wife M.M. formerly Spermen, Henry A. Taylor and wife Nancy E. formerly Spermen, William H. Webb and wife J. A. formerly Spermen, all of Grayson Co., Texas, to J.W. Gibson; acknowledged in Grayson Co.

656 1852 Joel Roberts and wife Mary, and John Marquis Sperman, all of Dallas Co., Texas, to Jacob Sligar, who sells to Joseph W. Gibson; acknowledged in Dallas Co. 7 Jun 1852.

658 10 Apr. 1852 Elizabeth, Sarah, and R.T. Spearman, and Charles R. Basket to Jacob Sligar; whereas Westly Spearman, late dec’d of McMinn Co., at the time of his death left living a widow Elizabeth Spearman, and the following children, his heirs: Sarah Spearman John M. Spearman, Mary Spearman who has since intermarried with Joel Roberts Robert S. Spearman, Lorenzo M. Spearman, Susannah Spearman who has since intermarried with Rice Basket, Jamima, Malinda, and Nancy Spearman.

670 7 Jan 1861 James H. Lasater of Marion Co., Oregon, to John Smith of McMinn Co.,; Power of Atty. to collect monies due him as heir of Wiley Lasater dec;d ; acknowledged in Marion Co.

680 Mar 1861 Hervey McHan and wife Margaret J. of Whitfield Co.,Ga. To James R. lasater of same; Power of Atty. to proceed to Tennessee and collect their share of estate of Wiley Lasater dec’d, they being heirs of Jonathan Lasater dec;d, who was an heir of Wiley Lasater dec’d.

683 20 Mar. 1861 James Gregory to the Methodist Episcopal Church, for the love and affection I entertain for the Church and Education; to the Commissioners that are or may be appointed for bulding a meeting house, also that all denominations shall have the privilege of worshipong in it, also for a school house 1 ½ acers in District 3, from the farm where I now reside.

685 27 Nov 1860 William B. Broomfield of Monroe Co. to John Hill of same.

693 10 Apr 1861 William Teague to daughter Sarah Teague; for love and affection and Sarah agrees to care for father if he becomes helpless.

694 11 Apr 1861 Laura S.Patty and husband George O. Patty to Thomas A. Cleage; Deed of Trust.

699 12 Apr 1861 William Lowry of Bradley Co. to James S. Bridges.

701 25 Mar 1861 Miss Ailcy E. Pridmore of Bossier Parish, La. Appeared at office of Rial A. Lancaster, a Notary Public of Claiborne Parish, La. In Minden, appoints her brother William M. Pridmore of Bossier Parish, who is in Tenn., as her Atty to transact her business.

702 7 Nov 1860 Joseph Hamilton to Louisa M. Gilbert.

Page 96

706 15 Feb William H. Deaderick of Galveston, Texas, to U.L.York; his interest in ten acres.

707 25 Feb 1859 Thomas S. Deaderick of Wharton Co. Texas, to U.L. York; his interest in ten acres; acknowledged before Solomon J. Thomas, Clk.; certified by Joseph H. Deaderick, Chief Justice of Wharton Co.

708 7 Nov1860 Robert H. Deaderick of city and State of New York, to U.L. York; his interest in ten acres.

710 7 May 1861 U.L. York records the last three deeds, made by the brothers of his wife Mary, a daughter of Dr. William H. Deaderick dec’d, “they and her father intending the same to secure a permanent home for my said wife…now therefore I accept said title as trustee….and hold said land and the appearances for the sole use of my said wife”.

717 Dec 1860 David R. Crockett and Margaret E. Crockett to N.M. Crockett; “all our interest that we have as collateral heirs of John Crockett dec’d”.

718 29 Aug1860 William A. Stephens to Jasper N. Stephens; his undivided half interest in town lots in Mouse Creek.

719 18 May 1860 J.G.Dent of Hamilton Co. to James H. Reagan; Bill of Sale for slaves.

722 5 Aug 1861 Allen Wear to Charles Staples, John Hoyl, and E.W. Hyden, School Commissioners; one acre to include the school house and spring.

723 27 Jun 1861 Williams Mayfield to Jese M. Hill; “by virtue of the title in me vested by deed of trust for use and benefit of Jese M. Hill, by my mother, the late Penelope Mayfield (deceased) do make and convey to the said Jese Hill, he being of the age of twenty one years”.

724 2 Jan 1861 Mallisa Dixon to James Forrest; Deed of Trust for the slot she lives on at Mouse Creek; Eli Dixon is her security on notes.

725 27 Jul 1859 C.E. Mountcastle to J. A. Long, Thomas Melton, Hugh Studdard, W. R. Long, Nathan Melton, C.E. Mountcastle, and R.M. Mastin, Trustees for Wesleyana Methodist Church, South; $ 25.00′ one half acre.

731 No date. S.N. Rucker, Reservation. “I hereby declare my intention to have reserved to my own use as a homestead Such a part of my premises Known as the Harkrider farm….according to the law of said State reserving the homestead of each head of a family…”; acknowledged 30 Aug 1861.

733 11 Aug 1861 James Culton of Bradley Co. to John McMahan.

734 8 Dec 1854 George L. Gillespie and William S. McEwen of Roane Co. to Robert N. McEwen; $1.00; all their interest in lands in McMinn and Monroe Counties, belonging to them and the said Robert N. McEwen.

737 20 Dec 1860 James H. Peace to John Vaughan of Rhea Co.

738 10 Jan 1861 Joshua Ewing of Lee Co. , Va. To daughter Jane D. Caldwell wife of Alfred Caldwell of McMinn Co.; for love and affection; Deed of Gift of slave; acknowledged in Lee Co. at Jonesville.

739 24 Dec 1860 Sarah Shults, an heir of Olevia Shults dec’d, to H.L. Shults; her undivided interest in land.

740 May 1858 Humphrey L. Shults to J.F. Shearman, John L. Delzell, David Neil, W.A.___, E.___, trustees for a school; one half acre, for the purpose of establishing a good, permanent, and lasting school near the depot at Mouse Creek, as my subscription to said school.

746 4 Nov 1861 Clemuel Gregory to Elija N. Gregory; $200.

747 4Nov 1861 Clemuel Gregory to Syntha Ann Gregory; $200.

751 22 Sept 1858 James R. Barnett and wife Sarah A. Barnett, James H. Dugan and wife Mary E., John Young and wife Elizabeth J., James R. Barnett Gdn. of Mary A., John W., Sarah E., Margarett M., and Louisa E. Boulding (Bauldins, Bauldings, Baulding), minor heirs of Nancy A. Baulding dec’d formerly Barnett, Joseph Coker Gdn. of John T. and D__na C. Barnett, minor heirs of William C. Barnett dec’d, Leucinda Barnett widow of Charles C. Barnett dec’d, and Abram B. Coker Gdn. of Charles Willson Coker, minor heir of Luvena A. Coker dec’d, all of Hamilton Co., Ill., to William C. Barnett of McMinn Co.; Power of Atty. to sell land; witness C.S. Vise, M.F. Lowry; acknowledged in Hamilton Co., Ill

Page 97

763 18 Apr. 1856 Sterling P. Camp of Bradley Co to John M. Workman.

764 30 Feb. 1855 Chancery Court Decree; John Hambright Adm. of Sterling Camp dec’d, Kisiah Hambright, W.C. Porter and wife Margaret, Mary Bates, Sarah M. McKnight, and Thomas Camp sons-in-law and daughters of Sterling Camp. James Knox and wife Nancy A., Sterling P., Elizabeth T., Mary Jane, Thomas J, and John D. Camp, minors by their Gdn. Mary Camp, son-in-laws, sons, and daughters of John Camp dec’d VS William Camp; land sold by decree Aug. 1852 and rights of complainants and respondent divested from them.

765 12 Dec. 1861 William H. Newman to Tabitha Bowlin (Bolin) and her heirs, the wife of William Bolin.

771 20 Dec. 1860 John Webb of Monroe Co. to Benjamin F Sanders.

772 21 Dec. 1861 Caleb Smith to Mary A. Carson and her heirs, to wit, William M. and Sarah E. Carson; part of his farm.

781 7 Jan. 1862 William W Porter to Sarah McNutt.

782 7 Jan 1862 William W. Porter to J.R. and W. F. McNutt.

786 28 Mar 1861 Andrew J. McMahan to Caswell L. Walker of Cherokee Co NC .

787 10 Jan 1857 William White to Andrew Jackson McMahan ; for love and affection.

788 30 Jul 1861 Duke W Kimbrough to Duke H and Robert F. Kimbrough; land that was allotted to him by the heirs of William H. Cooke dec’d , including a part of what was originally Starr’s Reservation .

794 21 Jan 1862 J. Hamilton Hale of Hawkins co to T. Nixon Vandyke, gdn. of Henrietta M. Campbell.

799 4 Nov 1861 L.M. Spearman, Joel Roberts and wife Mary formerly spearman, Jeremiah W. Davis and wife Sarah A. formerly Spearman, Charles R..Basket and wife Susan formerly Spearman, all of Grayson Co, TX , to J.W. Gibson of Polk Co, all their interest in land.

Land, Land Records,

McMinn County TN,

Boyer, Reba Bayless. McMinn County, Tennessee Land Deeds. Copyright 2001. Provided to AccessGenealogy for perpetual free display.

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