Letter from Thomas D. Love to John Blair

Letter from Thomas D. Love to John Blair

Dear Sir: Elizabethton, Tenn, Jan. 20th, 1829.

I have discerned from the newspapers Fifth Census, or enumeration of the people is about to be taken. What method will be adopted by Congress for taking, has not appeared in the papers that I take. Should a different plan be thought advisable by Congress to take the enumeration, than the old method of taking it, towit: by the marshals of the different states under the instructions of the Secretary of the United States, and the authority of doing it be place in other, men, then, in that event, I would take it as a particular favor that you would aid me by your influence to procure me and office in that business, if you should think I am capable and worthy of such an appointment; but should the old method be sanctioned by the wisdom of Congress, which it likely will be the case, than as I presume you are acquainted with the men of East Tennessee, I would be very thankful if you would give my your assistance to procure me the Office of this County of Carter for that purpose. Perhaps, you could get H. White to aid you in the business, as I should suppose his influence would be of great benefit in that case, as he must be acquainted with the Marshall of the District. There are other honorable gentlemen belonging to our representation on Congress that would, Perhaps, cheerfully assist you were you to use your influence with them in procuring the appointment of me. The reason that I am thus urgent on you, I take you for my particular friend, and believing as I do, that your assistance, if properly exerted, would be sufficient to procure me the appointment. I therefore hope that you will apply your influence to the best possible advantage in my favor, which will ever place me under lasting obligations to you to render similar services should it ever be in my power.

I want you, as soon as you receive this letter, to write me on the subject, and also, to recommend me to the Marshall General. Get as many of the members of Congress to assist you in the business as possible. Their names on the recommendations would be of great advantage to me in obtaining the Office. I have twice in my life time assisted in taking the enumeration of the people of the United States, and ought to understand something of the duties of that Office. Whatever assistance you may think proper to give on the occasion to me will be cheerfully accepted by me, while I remain in hast,

Your most obliged and humble servant,

Thomas Dillard Love,


Honorable John Blair( MC)

City of Washington, D.C.

Blair, Love,

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