Copy of Orders

Coppie of orders


You are to proceed with y command to hihewasey if the Cattel Should not be arrive when you come there, you are to wait till they Come up, then you are to efcort them to this place, you are charged abuve all things to take great care of y men, incase of an attack from any of our Enemies Indians, I leave that intirely to y. good conduct, out you most take the best method you can for the preservation of y. men for the good of his majesty Service and to prevent any confufsion amongst them for one pted in those places you could not easly rally again, then you would be in danger, fight without giving way to them, Let them be what number they will, Given under my hand at Fort Loudoun Jully the 1 1757

Signed Ray Demere

To Ensign Joseph Loyd

if the Cattel Should not be there when you arrive Send imediately an Exprefs to acquaint he that has the charge of em, that you are waiting for them to escort then over the hills


you are to proceed to Keowee with the command that I have ordered, when you arrive there, you are to See all publick Store designed for this Guarrison, as well as anything else belonging to the Officers Out of that fort and excort them here, if you hear of Capt. Paul Demere coming up, his bagage or of any Store being on the path for this Guarrison you are to wait few Days, in order that everything may come up together and __________your convoy, as to any other Service that may offer I leave that to y good management and conduct for the good of his Majestys Service, Giving under my hand at Fort Loudoun, July the 11. 1757

Signed Ray Demere

To Lieut P. howorth

The commisary has appointed people to bring up what belongs to the publick, if they are there in time they most be prefer’d.

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Lyttelton, William Combe Baron Thomas Lyttelton. Letters of the Late Lord Lyttelton. Philadelphia: Moses Thomas. 1812.

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