Biographical Sketch of Rev. J. L. Preston

Rev. Mr. Preston was born in the state of Tennessee in the year 1839. When he arrived at his majority he migrated to Tutis County, Texas, where he met Miss Mahala J. Caudle and they were united in marriage. He then moved to Hopkins County.

Eleven children were born to this union, eight of whom are living. They are all married, have homes and are doing well ; being good, substantial citizens of the county. Their mother is a hale hearty woman, possessed of great energy and an amiable disposition. Dr. B. J. Preston, a young physician of prominence, and who passed away at Emblem in this county, was their son. Rev. Mr. Preston served as a soldier, acting as a non-commissioned officer in the war. He was a brave and courageous officer. He is a Baptist preacher, walking upright before God and man, has great force of character, his religion being of that practical kind which by act more than by word demonstrates the reality of his profession and the sincerity of his convictions. He is well and widely known in the county, and stands ¢high in the estimation of the community.



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