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  1. trying to track down the Rentfrow line in Tennessee. I’ve found alternet spellings , Rentfro, Renfrow, renfro.
    Nancy Rentfrow marriage license to M.N. Howard 1877, Lauderdale, Co

  2. Karen Brousil (Walker)

    I am searching for my great grandfather’s information. The last known record I have is his son/my grandfather (James E Walker), husband to Katherine Rebecca Hulsey. James E Walker was born in Tennessee and died in 1969. If you have any information, I would love to hear back! I have a few memories of him from when I was very young. I believe he must have died in the early 80s.

  3. Joyce Casalicchio DiSanto

    I have tried to find Alexander Ellis Hawk, and Sarah Salina Phipps, but no names come up to make the connection. the ones I found that you said was not the right one has the names of my relatives that I knew as a child. so I am confused on this new information. I found this on the 1930’s census records. I can’t find anything on the new names you gave me. how would I find the info. you found? could you tell me the website ? again Thank you. ..

  4. Joyce Casalicchio DiSanto

    I am in search of my great grandfather George H Hawk. Cherokee by blood, card# 7806, Roll # 18311, resided in Grundy or Coffee County Tenn. Married to Mattie L.( Gilliam) from Alabama. children were Henry, Vivian, and Woodrow,. Mattie married Gilbert Nunley had 4 kids, Lucille married Carl Meeks ( first cousin) Eugene, Christine ( Casalicchio) , my mom,and Alvin. I have only gotten to this much info. and don’t know how to peruse any other information necessary to locate the tribe he was from or how to then get registered as a American Indian. If anyone can direct me or help me in anyway to find my heritage. Everyone has passed away now and this is all I know. The family names were Oliver as well. hope to hear from someone.

    1. Hi Joyce, George Hawk, Roll #18311 and Card #7806 resided in Indian territory (Sequoyah District, Oklahoma) not Tennessee. His parents were Jack and Mary Hawk and he was born in 1874. When he was enumerated for the Dawes Roll as a full-blood Cherokee he was located at Fort Leavenworth as a prisoner (1902) and had been there since 1901. George H. Hawk, of Grundy County, TN is a child of Alexander Ellis Hawk and Sarah Salina Phipps of Coffee County, and was born in 1876. He is listed in multiple census throughout his life as white. Unfortunately, it does not look like your George H. Hawk is the same as the George Hawk listed in the rolls.

      If you have family stories of a Native American connection in your heritage then I suggest you start with Alexander Ellis Hawk and Sarah Salina Phipps and precede backwards in your family tree.

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