1756, October, Direction for the Day for the Fortiffication

1__Every Sargent of the provincials are to have ____men (____ the English by themselves under Sargents ______ Germans by themselves under Sargents) which 18 men the Sargent are to oversee, & every Sargent are to have a List of his men, in which lift is to be ____, the christian & firname & alfo tool of every man, the Edays mornings & noons of his Labour & the Days mornings & noons of his abfense, he is to fee everyone Delivering his tool (after The D____ discharges thm) to the guard he is to have his list continually about him, that the Ingeneer at anytime can inffist to see whotor his men are prefent, his is alfo to _______ every Saturday evening a List of his men of there working Days of the whole weelk to the Engeneer.

2__The Sargant of the Regulars, who overfees the Soldiers working in the Fortiffication is to do the same as above.

3__The carpenter mafter Sthepienson is alfo to do the Same & to add in his list what work hath ben don of his carpenters, squarers & Sayers in the week.

4__it has ben observed that people are __out there____for whole Days working ___fort leafe his work___is set about by the Ingineer’s Direction,

5__the carpenters are to fet up the Smiths Shop, Whilfe there is a great want for making feveral tools, or ols the work will be stopt.

6__550 pallisadors are to be made by the carpenters, to furround the pleace of the fort in order to have a Shelter against and Enemy.

Wm DeBrahm

To Capt. Raymond Demere
Comander of his Majesties Troops in the Cherokees

Lyttelton, William Combe Baron Thomas Lyttelton. Letters of the Late Lord Lyttelton. Philadelphia: Moses Thomas. 1812.

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