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Surname: Robson

1921 Farm Map of Audubon Township, Audubon County, Iowa

1921 Farmers Directory of Audubon Iowa

Abbreviations: Sec., section; ac., acres; Wf., wife; ch., children; (), years in county; O., owner; H., renter.   Allexander, David. Wf. Clara; ch. Alice, Frank and Mable. Anita, R. 1. R. 160 ac., sec. 33. Isabell Duthie. Alt, Wm. Ch. Ruth, Raymond and Marie. P. O. Exira, R. 4. O. 50 ac., sec. 7; O. 275 ac., sec. 8 (8.) Anderson Bros. P. O. Adair, R. 3. R. 80 ac., sec. 12;O. 40 ac., sec. 1. (45.) Owners, G. A. Anderson and Andrew Anderson. Anderson., Chris. Wf. Alvilda; ch.Nels and Elsie. P. O. Exira, R. 4. O. 161.51 ac., sec. 31.

Fils de Quebec cover

Sons of Quebec 1778-1843

The Sons of Quebec (Fils de Québec) were written by Pierre-Georges Roy and published in 1933 in a four volume set. They provide a series of short biographies of one to three pages of Quebec men from 1778-1843. Warning… this manuscript is in French!

Slave Narrative of Tena White

Interviewer: Martha S. Pickney Person Interviewed: Tena White Location: Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina Everybody in the town of Mt. Pleasant, Christ Church Parish (across the Bay from Charleston) knows “Tena White, the washer,” “Tena, the cook,” “Maum Tena” or “Da Tena, the nurse”—the same individual, accomplished in each art, but best as a nurse. The house where Tena lives is the second in a row of Negro houses. The writer, calling from the gate, was answered by Tena, a middle-sized woman of neat figure. As the writer ascended the steps a friendly cur wagged itself forward and was promptly reproved

Biography of Walter Robson

Walter Robson, a former representative of Pottawatomie County in the Legislature, is a man of large and important business interests in and around Westmoreland. His chief business is farming, but whether as a farmer, legislator, merchant he had played a forceful and virile part in every one of his numerous interests. Reared in Kansas from early infancy, Mr. Robson was born at Wilmington in Will County, Illinois, February 26, 1875. His father, John Robson, is and for many years had been a prominent factor in Pottawatomie County and is still living on his farm two miles northeast of Westmoreland. He

Biographical Sketch of John Robson

John Robson, grandfather of Edward B. Robson, owned a farm at Seneca, Ontario county, New York, with the cultivation of which the was occupied during the active years of his life.

Biographical Sketch of William N. Robson

William N., son of John Robson, was born in the town of Seneca. New York, in 1822, on the homestead farm. This later passed into his possession and he was engaged in its cultivation until his death. He married Katherine J. Smith, who is still (1910) living on the old homestead.

Biography of Edward B. Robson

Edward B., son of William N. and Katherine J. (Smith) Robson, was born in the town of Seneca, Ontario county, New York, November 19, 1867. He received the advantages of an excellent business and classical education. At first he was a pupil in the district school. then at the Canandaigua Academy and the Geneva High School, and finally received his business training at Eastman’s Business College, from which institution he was graduated in 1891. During his early years, while he was still a student, his spare time was employed in assisting his father in the cultivation of the homestead farm,

Biographical Sketch of James A. Robson

James A. Robson has honored his town no less than himself by being appointed to several of the highest legal offices in the state. He is the son of John and Isabella (Telfer) Robson, and was born in Gorham, Ontario county, New York, January 1, 1851. He attended the district school of Gorham until 1865, when he was a student for one year at the Haveling high school, at Bath, New York, and the Canandaigua Academy in 1867-68. He then matriculated at Yale University, from which he was graduated in 1873 with the degree of Bachelor of Arts, and then