Surname: Price

Biographical Sketch of Miles Price

Miles Price, of Wales, settled in Lincoln County, N. C., prior to the revolutionary war. He married a Miss Sharp, and had a son named Thomas, who was a soldier of the revolution. He married Isabella Sharp, and they had Elizabeth, Thomas, jr., Reese, Isaac, James, John, Isabella, and Ellen Zohn married Anna Barber, of North Carolina, and they had four children previous to their removal to Missouri, viz.: Elizabeth L., Cynthia, Miles S., and Thomas J. They came to Missouri and settled in Pike County in 1819, after which they had the following children Robert B., John H., Sallie

Slave Narrative of Samuel Watson

Interviewer: Lauana Creel Person Interviewed: Samuel Watson Location: Evansville, Indiana Place of Birth: Webster County, Kentucky Date of Birth: February 14, 1862 Ex-Slave Stories 5th District Vanderburgh County Lauana Creel 1415 S. Barker Avenue, Evansville, Indiana THE BIOGRAPHY OF A CHILD BORN IN SLAVERY SAMUEL WATSON [HW: Personal Interview] Samuel Watson, a citizen of Evansville, Indiana, was born in Webster County, Kentucky, February 14, 1862. His master’s home was located two and one half miles from Clay, Kentucky on Craborchard Creek. “Uncle Sammy” as the negro children living near his home on South East Fifth Street call the old man,

Slave Narrative of Ellen Swindler

Interviewer: G. Leland Summer Person Interviewed: Ellen Swindler Date of Interview: May 20, 1937 Location: Newberry, South Carolina Place of Birth: Newberry County SC “I was born on the Enoree River in Newberry County. Tom Price was my master. I married Nathan Swindler when I was about grown. My father and mother was Dave and Lucy Coleman. I had a brother and several sisters. We children had to work around the home of our master ’till we was old enough to work in de fields, den we would hoe and pick cotton, and do any kinds of field work. We

Biography of Cornelius Valleau Price

Cornelius Valleau Price, County Judge of Frontenac, and Surrogate Judge of the Maritime Court of Ontario, is a son of Thomas Price, a farmer, whose father was a U.E. Loyalist, leaving the Hudson Valley, N. Y., about the close of the American Revolution, settling in the County of Lennox, Ont. The family are of Welsh descent. Cornelius was born in the Township of Camden, County of Addington, the maiden name of his mother being Catherine Valleau, of a U. E. Loyalist family. Young Price worked with his father on the farm, more or less, till twenty years of age, receiving

Biography of Charles J. Price

Topeka had in Charles J. Price as a resident one of the most capable mining engineers of the country. His had been an experience very much out of the ordinary. Nearly forty years ago he was a mine worker in the Black Hill region. He had a practical working knowledge of the mincral sections of the northwest country. He spent a number of years as a mining engineer in South Africa, and probably no American citizen had a closer knowledge of the people, the industrial conditions, of South Africa than Mr. Price. While there he served with the rank of

Biography of Ralph Ray Price

Ralph Ray Price, professor of History and Civics in the Kansas State Agricultural College at manhattan, had a more than professional interest in the history of Kansas, since he is a native of the state and his people were factors in the pioneer life of the territory. Professor Price is of Scotch-Irish descent and one of his ancestors fought for American independenes in the Battle of Bunker Hill. He was born on a farm in Willow Springs Township of Douglas County, Kansas, ten miles south of Lawrence on March 6, 1872. For several years he had been out of the

Biography of Samuel Price, Rev.

Rev. Samuel Price was identified for many-years with Kansas, and his services and experlences make an important chapter in the life of the state. He was born in Ohio in 1827, his ancestors coming originally from Wales. He was reared and married near Barnesville, Ohio. For a number of years he was editor of the Barnesville Enterprise. In 1878 Rev. Mr. Price removed to Humboldt, Kansas, where he acted as a Methodist minister for three years. Afterwards he held various pastorates in other cities of Southern Kansas. For three years he was located at Wellington, after which he retired from

Biography of Lyttleton Price

Michigan has contributed its full share toward the intellectual progress of the new west. As many Michigan men are to be found in places of trust and responsibility, in the learned professions and in the higher circles of business, in the Rockies and beyond them, as men from any state in the Union. Lyttleton Price, who is part owner and manager of the Red Cloud and Solace groups of mines, is a prominent Idaho lawyer and politician, a resident of Hailey and a native of Macomb County, Michigan. He was born twenty miles northeast of Detroit, May 4, 1848, a

Biographical Sketch of Lemuel Price

Lemuel Price, of North Carolina, settled on the Boone’s Lick road, near Camp Branch, in (now) Warren County, in 1815. He came to Missouri the year previous, but as the Indians were very troublesome at that time, he remained in one of the forts until the following year, when he erected his cabin at the place mentioned above. It was the first habitation erected on Camp Branch. Isaac VanBibber, Patrick Ewing, Boone Hays, and Lewis Jones assisted in raising the cabin. Mr. Price had eight children James, Lamb W., Parthena, Margaret, Miles, Job, Caroline, and Alfonso. James married and moved

Biographical Sketch of John H. Price

Price, John H.; attorney-at-law; born, Youngstown, July 31, 1g78: son of Morgan and Margaret Davis Price: graduated, Raven High School, Youngstown, 1897; Mt. Union College, A. B., 1900; Western Reserve Law School and Ohio State University Law School, 1902; married, Cleveland, June 3, 1903, Flora Staats; issue, John H. Price, Jr.; Newman Staats Price, and Emily Louise Price; Spanish-American War, Siege of Santiago, 1898; lieut. of engineers; member Republican Executive Committee, 1906-1912; admitted to the bar in 1903; member law firm Price, Alburn & Daoust; chairman Republican Party, Cuyahoga County, and City Committees, 1906-1907; special counsel to Atty. General, 1909-1910-1911;