Surname: Moffat

Biography of David Halliday Moffat

David H. Moffat, one of the empire builders of the great West, was born at Washingtonville, Orange County, N. Y., in the year 1839. He died in New York City on March 1S, 1911. He was the youngest child of David Moffat and Catherine Gregg Moffat. The life of David H. Moffat can be properly termed one of the romances of the great Middle West, for he was connected with almost every important development between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains, particularly in the vicinity of Denver. He commenced his business career as a clerk in a New York

Biography of William Moffat

One of the prominent families at Pembroke is that of the Moffats, who came from Haddingtonshire, Scotland, in 1834, and after spending six years at New Edinburgh, adjoining Bytown, now Ottawa, moved to Pembroke in the autumn of 1840. At that date the principal settlers here were Peter White, Campbell, Arhuna and John Dunlap, James Jardine and Hugh Fraser. Here Alexander Moffat built a grist mill and laid out the village of Pembroke into lots, and was engaged in manufacturing flour until his death in April, 1872. He also built a woolen mill. He was the first postmaster here, being

Biography of Lieut-Col. James Moffat

James Moffat, Lieutenant Colonel and Brigade Major No. 1 Military District, Ontario, dates his birth at Lanark, Scotland, December 16, 1820, his parents being James and Rachel (Harrower) Moffat. He received a fair business education, farmed in his early youth, learned a trade, and, in 1841, immigrated to the New World, working at his trade nearly two years, in New York City, and a short time in Lockport, same State. In 1844, he found his way into Canada, tarrying a little time in Toronto, and, in 1845, settling in London, which has been his home since that date. He early