Surname: Gibson

Biography of Liut.-Col. John M. Gibson

John Morison Gibson, Member of the Provincial Parliament of Ontario, representing the city of Hamilton, is son of the late William Gibson, of the township of Toronto, farmer, who came to this country in 1827, from Glamis, Forfarshire, Scotland, and who married Mary Sinclair, whose family belong to the township of Nelson, in the county of Halton, and cousin of the late David Gibson, of Yonge Street, near Toronto, who formerly represented North York in the old Parliament of Canada, and who was prominently associated with W. Lyon Mackenzie in the troubles of 1837. He was born on the 1st

Biographical Sketch of Isaac Gibson

Isaac Gibson, live stock and farming, was born in Clark County, Ind., December 8, 1814; came to Fairfield, Jefferson Co., Iowa, in 1851; kept a hotel, known as the Gibson House; also engaged in farming; in the spring of 1857, came to Tekamah; bought out a grocery, the only one in Tekamah. He had also bought a farm, which was managed by his sons, consisting of 540 acres. He closed out his store in about 1869 and engaged in real estate, live stock, and superintending his farm. His business now is principally livestock. Has been Justice of the Peace; was

Biography of John A. Gibson

JOHN A. GIBSON. No theme has greater interest to the biographer than that of pioneer times, and the life history of those who have passed through that trying period and have made their way to comfort and prosperity through hardships and privations, is appreciated by every reader. Such a history do we have in the life of the one whose name is given above and who has been a resident of this county since the age of ten years. Mr. Gibson was born in Giles County, Tennessee, December 14, 1824. His parents, John K. and Ann (Knox) Gibson, were natives

Stanford Chapman

Biography of Stanford Chapman

Missouri Few men have lived more quietly and unostentatiously than Mr. Stanford Chapman, and yet few have exerted a more salutary influence upon the immediate society in which they move, or impressed a community with a more profound reliance on their honor, ability and sterling worth. His life has not been marked by startling or striking contrasts, but it has shown how a laudable ambition may be gratified when accompanied by pure motives, perseverance, industry and steadfastness of purpose. Mr. Chapman came originally from Tennessee, his birth occurring June 3, 1825. He is the son of Benjamin and Mary (Cavett)

Biography of C. P. Gibson

C. P. GIBSON. Among the most noted and representative business men of the flourishing city of Ozark stands the name of C. P. Gibson, who is senior member of the firm of Gibson Bros., tobacco manufacturers. He is a man of keen business ability and his high reputation and material prosperity came as the reward of unusual natural abilities, industriously applied. Mr. Gibson was born in Tennessee, and is a son of John A. and Mary J. (Wilks Gibson, and the grandson of John K. and Ann (Knox) Gibson), natives of the State of North Carolina, but early settlers of

Biographical Sketch of L. P. Gibson

L. P. GIBSON. This worthy young man is no less prominent in business circles than was his father, is well and favorably known throughout the county, and has a host of warm friends. He is junior member of the firm of Gibson Bros., tobacco manufacturers, is strictly honorable in his business transactions and is far above the average man in business ability. From his excellent father he learned lessons of honesty, industry and prudence which have been his stepping stones to success. His birth occurred in this county on the 9th of October, 1857, and like his brother he was

Biographical Sketch of Joseph Gibson

Archibald Gibson, of Ireland, emigrated to America and settled in Virginia. He had a son named Joseph, who served in the war of 1812. Joseph married Susan Hudson, and settled in Lincoln County, Mo., in 1818. His children were Mary, Elizabeth, Archibald, Nancy, John, William, Patsy, Susan, Lucinda, and Malinda. Mr. Gibson was married the second time to the widow Caffer, whose maiden name was Matilda Wright: By her he had Rufus, Mary, Waller, Matilda, Martha, Richard, Emma, and Thomas J. Mr. Gibson died in Lincoln County in his 87th year. Archibald, Elizabeth, and John married and settled in Warren

Biographical Sketch of Guion Gibson

Guion Gibson came from Duck River, Tennessee, and settled in (now) Warren County in 1810. His children were Sarah, Rachel, Ellen, Samuel, Joseph, John, Polly, Guion, Jr., and James. Sarah married Thomas Kennedy. Rachel married Lawrence Sitter. Ellen married Phillip Sitter. Samuel married Tabitha Kennedy. Joseph married Elizabeth Armstrong. John married Polly Sitter. Polly Gibson married John Shrumb. Guion, Jr., married Saloma Sitter. James married Diana Sitter. James, John, and Guion, Jr., were rangers in Callaway’s company.

Biography of Nathan Adams Gibson

Nathan Adams Gibson has been an active representative of the legal fraternity in Muskogee for the past twenty-eight years and has been accorded an extensive and gratifying clientage. He is a native of Stanton, Tennessee, and a son of James K. and Rosa S. Gibson, the former a banker. His preliminary education was supplemented by study in Vanderbilt University of Nashville, Tennessee, which institution conferred upon him the degree of Bachelor of Arts in 1888 and that of LL. B. on the completion of a law course in 1890. In the latter year he was admitted to the bar at

Gibson, Larry Edward – Obituary

Enterprise, Oregon Larry Edward Gibson, 60, of Alder Slope, died Saturday, April 5, 2008, with family members at his side. Larry was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of brain cancer and died after a six-month fight and a short hospital stay. Larry was born in Portsmouth, Ohio, and raised in Fort Wayne, Ind., where he graduated from Bishop Luers High School in 1966. He continued his studies at Lewis University in Lockport, Ill., where he earned a BS degree in political science and history, with a teaching endorsement. He also served six years in the military policy in the