Biography of George West Flanders

George West Flanders, who lives on a small farm in West Concord, was born there, November 9, 1831. The great-grandfather was an extensive land-owner at Millville, and had possession of the water-power privilege of that section. His residence stood on the site now occupied by St. Paul’s School. At the close of his active life he left his land to be divided among his sons. His wife’s maiden name was Fowler. The grandfather, Richard Flanders, was engaged in interests connected with a mill. Afterward he purchased a farm in the west part of the town, and became a farmer. At first he had no barns on the land, and he stacked his crops in the open air. Later he was able to build a barn, and extend his property, which his sons further increased. He was ninety years old when he died. His wife, Mary Chandler (West) Flanders, had ten children. A brother of his was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.

John Flanders, the father of George, worked at the shoemaker’s trade, and was also occupied to some extent in farming. He was especially skilful in raising fruit and grafting trees. After receiving his education in the public schools of Concord, he began life about a century ago upon the property now in possession of his son George. Here he built the old homestead, and died in 1856, at the age of seventy years. On the training days of the old militia he was fife major of a regiment. His sons subsequently played the fife on similar occasions. He married Rachel Abbott, a daughter of Samuel and Mary (Story) Abbott; Louisa A., John W., William, Mary S., Daniel, Rachel A., Sarah A., George V., and George W. Louisa A., born August 17, 1812, died April 29, 1890. She was a housekeeper and school teacher, and lived at the homestead. John W., born February 10, 1814, died July 11, 1840. He was a printer, and became one of the proprietors and editors of the New Hampshire Statesman, published at Concord, N.H., by E. C. Flanders. William, born December 4, 1815, died February 7, 1871. He lived in Manchester, N.H., was a carpenter, machinist, and pattern-maker, was a Representative to the New Hampshire legislature, and served as a member of the Council of Manchester. In 1840 he married Harriet Sturtevant, of Barton, Vt., who died February 4, 1871. They had four children, of whom two died in infancy. Their son, George W., who was born February 9, 1845, and died in Somerville, Mass., February 17, 1889, married Mary A. Lane, of Suncook, N.H., in 1870. Edwin J., the only living child of William and Harriet Flanders, was born July 6, 1849. He was married in 1887 at Great Falls, N.H., to Mrs. Anna J. Brown. He is a carpenter, and lives in Lowell, Mass. Mary S. Flanders, born March 21, 1818, died August 29, 1889. She was a tailoress and housekeeper, and lived at the homestead. Daniel, born July 1, 1820, who died March 2, 1895, was a carpenter, machinist, and farmer, and lived in Manchester and Concord. He was first married June 8, 1845, to Martha Sturtevant, of Barton, Vt., who died January 6, 1868. Their only child, Charles W., born August 23, 1847, died May 3, 1895. On September 14, 1870, Daniel Flanders married Mrs. Emma F. Caldwell, who died April 10, 1889. Rachel A., born January 19, 1823, died February 19, 1886. She was a seamstress, housekeeper, and teacher, and lived at the homestead. Sarah A., born September 4, 1825, married April 25, 1850, N. J. Willis, who died in October, 1893. Two of her five children died in childhood. The others are: Anna A., born January 11, 1855; Marietta F., born September 18, 1857; and Emogene L., born March 17, 1860, who died April 15, 1876. Anna and Marietta live with their mother in Cambridgeport, Mass. Mrs. Willis is a well-known speaker at the Spiritualist Temple, Boston. George V. Flanders, born March 5, 1829, died August 24, 1831. George West Flanders received his education in the schools of Concord. Since the death of his father he has resided on the old homestead. He has been on the Board of Aldermen for two years, and in the early sixties he was a member of the City Council for three years. He was a member of the School Committee before 1860, and he has been Ward Clerk and Moderator for several terms. His political principles are Republican, and he cast his first Presidential vote for General Fremont in 1856.



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