Surname: Fairfax

Mason Machine Works - Mason Machine Works, Taunton, Massachusetts, 1899 Catalog

Ancestors of William Mason of Taunton, Massachusetts

It is to the life and paternal lineage of the late William Mason of Taunton that this article is directed, he being a direct descendant from one of the old pioneers and Indian fighters of this section in its early settlement – Major John Mason, of Pequot fame, from whom William Mason’s descent is through Daniel, Peter, Japhet, Japhet Mason (2) and Amos Mason.

Richard Dexter Genealogy, 1642-1904

Being a history of the descendants of Richard Dexter of Malden, Massachusetts, from the notes of John Haven Dexter and original researches. Richard Dexter, who was admitted an inhabitant of Boston (New England), Feb. 28, 1642, came from within ten miles of the town of Slane, Co. Meath, Ireland, and belonged to a branch of that family of Dexter who were descendants of Richard de Excester, the Lord Justice of Ireland. He, with his wife Bridget, and three or more children, fled to England from the great Irish Massacre of the Protestants which commenced Oct. 27, 1641. When Richard Dexter and family left England and by what vessel, we are unable to state, but he could not have remained there long, as we know he was living at Boston prior to Feb. 28, 1642.

Biographical Sketch of George Henry Fairfax

George Henry Fairfax, born in 1796, in England, was a direct descendant of Sir Thomas Fairfax, the first Lord. He resided in London, England, later came to America, settling first in Canada, and later in Geneva, New York, where he died.

Biographical Sketch of George Henry Fairfax

George Henry (2) Fairfax, youngest son of George Henry (1) Fairfax, was born in London, England. He settled in Geneva, New York. He became a successful merchant in the course of time, having a wall paper store in the old Dunn property at the corner of Castle and Geneva streets. In politics he was a Whig and later a Republican. In religion he was a Methodist. He married Elizabeth Dunn, of Geneva, daughter of Thomas Dunn. Children: Thomas H., Willis T., George S., Charles W., Franklyn.

Biography of Charles Washington Fairfax

Charles Washington Fairfax, son of George Henry (2) Fairfax, was born in Geneva, December 2, 1862. His education was received in the public schools of his native place, graduating from the Geneva Union and Classical School. While in school he worked mornings and evenings in his father’s store, and like many other Geneva boys worked in the nurseries in the spring and autumn. After leaving school he worked as clerk in his father’s store. In 1880 he formed a partnership with his brother, George S. Fairfax, who at that time returned from the west, and the firm took over the

Biography of Sir Thomas Fairfax

Sir Thomas (2) Fairfax, son of Sir Ferdinando Fairfax, was the third Lord Fairfax. He married Ann Vere, daughter of Lord Vere, and died in 1671 without male issue. He was succeeded by Henry Fairfax, of Oglethorpe, who married Frances Barwick, of Tolston, Yorkshire. He was the son of Henry Fairfax, the second son of Sir Thomas (1). and he left children : 1. Thomas, fifth Lord Fairfax, whose eldest son Thomas, sixth Lord Fairfax, died in Virginia without issue in 1781 ; whose second son Henry, fifth Lord Fairfax, died without issue in 1734; whose third son Robert, seventh